Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday October 19
Horse (Dam)
8m Money Ad (Quintessentially)
5m Nayvadius (Turnitonmissy)
4g Clarion (Battle Queen)
3g Kiss Me Later (Kiss Me Quick)
3f Luana (Kahala Dreams)
4m Van Gaal (Louis Leggs)
3f Pretty Brazen (Pretty Penny)
6m Pearlescence (Kellys Ocean Jewel)
4g Mexican Yell (Grito)
6g Plaisir (Princess Tyla)
5m Swizeler (Kagami)
7g Stride Out (Miss Campbell)
8m Bridget Town (Golden Satchel)
3f Xilong (Pane In The Glass)
7m Denman Dreaming (Exceed Expectation)
5g Deprive (Defrock)
5m Maid Of Ore (Feisty Rose)
6m Sweet Treat (Flinders)
3g Alqaab (Taghrooda)
6m Copper Fury (Uptown Lass)
3c Equinox (Our Ella Belle)
4g Micawber (Dilly Dally)
6g Magnitude Lad (Koorong Avenue)
5g Charles (Hidden Angel)
4m Dawson Diva (Gold Coast Girl)
3c Baileys (Mother's Milk)
7g Reverend John (Salvado Street)
4g Narda Shar (Sweet Sugar)
7g The Inflamer (Fantastic Flo Jo)
7g Eaton (Chorus Of Angels)
8m Mia Host (Four Seasons)
5m Miss Hanson (Guide)
4g Octane (Soorena)
5g The Consigliere (Perpugilliam)
4g The Frontier (Thirty Rock)
3f Zac Attack (Hussy By Choice)
9g Keep The Magic (Lady Kaapusine)
4m Queen Of Manhattan (Manhattan Transfer)
6g We Just Love It (Husniyah)
3f Magic Mistress (Gibraltar's Gift)
4m Emkay Zel (Gemmas Joy)
6g Hattan Man (Kitty Manhattan)
4m Lygia (Magical Mist)
5m Fabergino (Miss Razyana)
7g Montauk (Diamond Cove)
6g Ready For Danger (Element Of Danger)
7g Time Stalker (Stellas Delight)
5g Little Fish (Red Fish Blue Fish)
6m Belle Fascino (Playing For Keeps)
4m Tutta La Classe (Cantsaymydadsname)
5g Meazza (Floor Show)
6g Removal (Enemy Dragline)
5g Boyer (Belle Chantecler)
5g Dobell (Just Go With It)
5m Purely Royal (Prospect Royale)
5m In Your Element (Your Lion Eyes)
6m Carwelkin (Sound Of Music)
2g Rothfire (Huss On Fire)
3c Yes Yes Yes (Sin Sin Sin)
5g Hush Writer (Star Of Sapphire)
5h Mer De Glace (Glacier Blue)
6g Yukon Gold (Pride)
3f Countess Queen (Always Discreet)
3g Indy Car (Zulia)
4m Special Recruit (Gourmet Garage)
5g Splitz (Snow Blitz)
3f Boomtastic (Xaar Boom)
3g Weja (Tiger Tess)
4m Pleasure Bomb (Evening Pleasures)
6g Polar Blast (Driven Snow)
4h Dreamreacher (Lieserl)
7g Silver Art (Further)
2f Time Is Precious (Rose Of Sharon)
5g Bart (Spottswoode)
3c Thought Of That (Hold Me Closer)
2c Boom Daddy (Daddys Little Girl)
4g Testigo Estrella (Madam Redoute)
6g Whoosh (La Piazza)
6g Opera Tickets (Opera Serenade)
3f Irubi (Crown Ruby)
3g Papa John (Oh Barbie)
3f Wandabaa (Mabkhara)
4m Pindi Pride (Princess Pindi)
4g Sir Mambo (Lady Mambo)
4m Jentico (Swift Sands)
4h Loudaz (Manzanilla)
7g Ruth's Boy (Ellepin Gal)
5g Lyrical Prince (Quality Impulse)
5g Zofonic Dancer (Goddess Of Wisdom)
4m Unsettling (Maria Di Castiglia)