Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday June 6
Horse (Dam)
4m Western Pride (Western Jewel)
4m Princess Cordelia (Confederate Rose)
2g Ready To Bolt (Vital Page)
4g Chapada (Diamantina Dior)
4g Caliburn (Theatre Buff)
4m Lexi's Choice (Romantic Zariz)
7g Patch Adams (Dorothy Dinosaur)
7g Patche Gift (Northwood Lass)
5g Prezado (Nerrin Twister)
4g Dealmaker (Sport Chic)
5g Bon Aire (Flying Spice)
6g France's Boy (Ooh La Leilah)
5g Connoisseur (Preserve)
5g Silentus (Silent Actress)
4g Mangione (Symphony Strings)
5g Creedence (Boracay)
6g Prospectors Helmet (Husson Circle)
5g Rosherville (Parriwi)
3g Lombardo (Swinging Babe)
7g Heza Magic Man (Transparent Lover)
8g Just Kappy (Double Spirits)
3g Chilli Prawn (Space Bubble)
3f She's Our Rippa (Derippa)
3f Delta Eagle (Star Class Eagle)
5g Magic Town (A City Girl)
3g Minted (Fashion)
5g Tocco D'Oro (Ephemera)
5g Verdancy (Cosmic Challenge)
3g Opacity (Twilight Granita)
3c Persan (Ofcourseican)
5g Terwilliker (Hurtle Myrtle)
5g Missed Out (Peggy Fusaichi)
2c Achiever (Lady Circles)
3f Feeling Thorny (Rose Of Chaparral)
4g Our Alicia's Lane (Viennese Beauty)
3g Hickson (Tessie Girl)
2f Standoff (Fidele)
6g Stellar Power (Time Alone)
3f Cafe Royal (Your Life Style)
3g Snazz 'n' Charm (Miss Charming)
3f Starlover (My Secret Luv)
3g Time For Don (Patricia Joan)
3g Autocratic (Ballet D'Amour)
3f Wandabaa (Mabkhara)
5g Wallach (Zeftabaa)
2f Written Beauty (Beauty World)
4m Zoulou Dancer (Go Again)