Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday February 29
Horse (Dam)
5m Dawn Dawn (Dawned)
2f Hard Rock Girl (Rock Of Fortune)
4m Sarzana (Sara's Choice)
3g Tongariro (Pele)
5g Bajan (Dancing Elegance)
2f Kisukano (Kiss For Gran)
3c The Odyssey (Jessica's Hope)
6g Nopele (Storm Bubble)
5m Oyster (Aphrodisiac)
6g Barkala (Rainbow Arch)
5g Glam Rock (Glamorous Girl)
6g Bellator (Bella Balcanny)
3g Devil's Choice (Sheer Fantazee)
3g Centaur (Naughty Date)
4g Iron Eagle (Flying Firebird)
4g Trumbull (Pride And Passion)
5m Walkin' By (Saw Her Walkin By)
4g Papa Jo (Nobody's Girl)
4g Dishy's (Cellar Edition)
5g Le Drama (Satirical Lady)
3g Sherwood Forest (Chasing Mammon)
4g Star Tsar (Zarzuela)
6g Mervyn (Chancery Court)
6m Manaya (Hot 'n' Breezy)
5g The Presenter (Classic Jewel)
2g Mishani Rebel (Mishani Forbidden)
5g Overcoming (Causeway Charm)
4g King Klaus (Khasahn)
5m Mystic Eyes (Allowable)
3f Lonsdale Lady (Rosmopolitan)
3g Moshkenny (Kilkenny Cats)
4g Quackerjack (Quack It)
5m Out Of The Park (Under And Over)
3f Goldneala (Personification)
4g Suburbia (Metropolitan)
8g Elzinga (Curzon Dancer)
5g Te Akau Shark (Bak Da Chief)
3f Angel Rock (Speed Queen)
4m Sherpa Lass (Highest Honour)
2g Rothfire (Huss On Fire)
5g Ferocious (Wynnstay Avenue)
4m Shy One (Apple Martini)
3f Dance Around (One Last Tango)
4m Sylvia's Mother (Found The One)
4g Think It Over (Personal Service)
4g Tequila Time (El Milagro)
3g Mr Malek (Tina)
4m Tee Cee Coup (Chai Latte)
5g Salsamor (Hula Bar)
3g War Pride (Hasta La Brahma)
4m Global Factor (Around The World)
4m Star Factor (Predicted)
7g Space Time (Autumnconcerto)
3g The Tyler (Jyler)
3f Wandabaa (Mabkhara)
4g Chicago Cub (Jester's Girl)