Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Sunday August 19
Horse (Dam)
5g Cliff (I'm So Classical)
4g Triple Choice (Three Cheers)
3f Luxurial (Murials Spirit)
4g Ted's Dream (Her Lyin' Eyes)
6g Malachi Crunch (Supreme Minstrel)
5m Essaka (Blonde Bombshell)
6g Spur Me On (Fleur De Chine)
7g Big Blue (Board Meeting)
5m Red Pearl (Pearl Goddess)
11g Caroun (Carlitta)
6m Isadora Twinkle (Zakynthos Lodge)
5g Soul Revival (Sleek'n'sassy)
8g Rougeau (Culturalrevolution)
4g Little Fish (Red Fish Blue Fish)
5m Evanesce (Rena's Lady)
4g Dashtorush (Limoncelli)
4g Paddington (Permissive)
4m Ultraviolet (Cutie Express)
5g Trust Me (Further)
12g Sea King (Ocean Princess)
5m Rapture Miss (Rap Tale)
11g Kipkeino (Awesome Annie)
8g Shalmaneser (Lady Nikolay)
8g Bigredmoon (Danceonthemoon)
4g Mr Axle (Scilla)
9m Old Countess (The Governess)