Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday July 20
Horse (Dam)
4g Rock Sonic (Margaret River)
3g Unique Journey (Grand Journey)
7g Admiral (Pirate Queen)
4m Kaz Bar Ruby (Grimhild's Revenge)
5m Princess Anacheeva (Princess Of Oz)
3g Zaratite (Zarakiysha)
6g Pelethronius (Enrich)
4m Grande Casadora (Diana Cazadora)
6g Stride Out (Miss Campbell)
2f Kasita (Hidden Treasure)
4g Prezado (Nerrin Twister)
3f Tejaan (Hamasat)
3f Ship Of Dreams (Yantar)
3f Anneofpaisley (Paisley Street)
5g Mahratta (Ponte De Lima)
5g Wilde Gem (Little Gem)
4g Finnick (Triple Latte)
3f Foxy Bella (Acrylic)
5g I Can Hear Music (Mia Cat Dancer)
7g Lokum (Franjelica)
3f Ivy Lane (Monaliesha)
2g Kelvin (Sheer Royalty)
6g Hidden Thunder (Brilliant Thunder)
7m Power From Within (Tonality)
5g Silvera (Silver Tiara)
4m Park Hussler (Madison Park)
5g Westbrook Warrior (Princess Laya)
4g Invincible King (Ithacan Queen)
2f Islands (Bella Maddelena)
2g Star Of Michelin (Conca Bella)
5g Hattan Man (Kitty Manhattan)
3f Snowchino (Classical Snow)
4m Taniko (Counterpane)
6g Unbiased (The Fairest)
3g Yulong June (Whateverwhenever)
6m Nicco's Lass (Yorkshire Lass)
4m Shokora (She's Cherryrype)
3g Trevelyan (Dandesha)
4g Oh Why (Just Be Cos)
3g Poet's Landing (Moravany)
3f Miss Markle (Prospect Royale)
5g Suliman (Red Mariete)
6g One Of The Kind (Commands A Smile)
4m No Effort (Hold The Lion)
2c Sai Fah (Rongonui)
2c Huntly Castle (Friday Hussy)
4g Our Mantra (Truly Elegant)
5g Wu Gok (Lipari)
8g Molongle Chief (Future World)
3f Sizzling Sun (Soak Up The Sun)
4g Sparky Lad (Lady Hepburn)
3f Sylvia's Mother (Found The One)
5g Auric Gold (Cats Galore)
7m Felicette (Solar Antiquity)
3f Moonan Joyce (Moonan Kathleen)
4m Annalova (Miss Pavlova)
4g Sirius Suspect (Sirius Miss)
2g Winnington (Eminent Speed)
8g Shamal (Mistrale)
4g Izzy Good (Looksgoodinblack)
6g Zoutenant (Tenant's Tiara)
3g Jackpot Jay (Ab Fav Di)
3f Haut Brion Her (One In A Million)