Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday January 12
Horse (Dam)
6g Proud Sky (Claiomh Solais)
3g Empathy (Galapagos Girl)
5g Nopele (Storm Bubble)
5g Barabas (Jazzmatazz)
4g Future Event (North Pole Dancer)
5m Lucid Kiss (Kissable)
5m Saignon (Rosa Marada)
6g Marbel Duke (My Tinkerbel)
4m Minyinga (Rue De L'amour)
5m Smart As (Donna Intelligente)
4g Speedy Dragon (Innovation Girl)
6g Polar Vortex (True Seduction)
5g Tumultuous (Boisterous Lady)
3g Burning Success (Lots Of Success)
5m Inverness Express (Castlebalthasar)
6g Mazaz (Ice Mint)
6g Otouto (Libor Lady)
5m Set To Sparkle (Fruit O' The Vine)
3g Richest (Class Of Gold)
6g Damagic (Goldam)
3g Kemalpasa (Yarra Bank)
6m Madam Makfi (Victim Of Love)
4m Sally's Realm (Sally's World)
4g Mazzaro (Chocaholic)
6g Oamaru Owl (Wise As An Owl)
4g Can La (Falls County)
4g Debseraa (Just Like A Woman)
6m Morse Code (Really Reputable)
4g Oh Why (Just Be Cos)
7g The Bandito (Reputedly)
5g Mr Drew (Queens Grace)
5g Dances With Dragon (Around The Clock)
4g Live And Free (Patrimonium)
4m Supera (Sopra Tutto)
5g Wrinkly (Kylie Nadine)
3g Zesto (Kyllaros)
4h Chauffeur (Mirror Mirror)
3g Logan River (Regrowth)
5g Onslaught (Patronage)
5g Silentz (Inthemix)
4g Turnberry (Dyna Slam)
6m Egyptian Symbol (Our Egyptian Raine)
5g Hugo The Boss (Dressed)
5g Mr Markou (Live In Black)
4g Fair Sonari (Sonari)
3g No Ties (Posh Chic)
4g Ted Talks (Magnesium)
4g Waisake (Kincia)
3c Star Fall (Snow Bell)