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Lustre Lodge

Our mission is to provide Quality, Convenience & Friendly access to your horses - without charging like a wounded bull.

Lustre Lodge, is a proven Group 1 producing broodmare farm, specialising in the high level care of your broodmares, foals and yearlings - particularly for people who prefer having their horses close to Sydney.

Set on over 60 acres of high quality pastures, every paddock enjoys post and rail fencing to provide the safest of environments for your valuable horses. We have two full time staff members who live on the property to supervise your horses around the clock. Every horse is handfed and inspected a minimum of twice a day and the horse''s diet''s are customised to meet the exact needs of each horse.

We are located close to Sydney and are only a few minutes off the F3 freeway, nestled between the beautiful Yarramalong and Dooralong valleys. Lustre Lodge is strategically located between Sydney and the Hunter Valley which has the benefit of keeping transport costs down.

Lustre Lodge has been painstakingly designed and built to specifically cater for broodmares and thoroughbred breeding. We offer a complete year round service and you can rest assured that your mare will be given the best possible care and attention and all at very competitive prices.

Feel free to make a time to drop in and inspect the farm.

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Quality - Convenience - Affordable

Quality - Convenience - Affordable