'E for Effort '- Broodmare Owners Please Read
Media Release - Thursday August 9

 Day in, day out, how much effort do you make when attempting to save money? Sometimes you're happy if you can save a few dollars here and there, sometimes it's tens or hundreds of dollars. But what if we told you, as broodmare owners, with a relatively small amount of effort you could potentially save yourself thousands.

Many Australian and New Zealand broodmare owners would class themselves as "commercial breeders", implying the breeder's aim is to make a profit. In the first instance you must generate revenue, however, for your business to prosper it is equally as important to watch your expenses. Each year, the major annual expense for broodmare owners are usually stallion service fees. Agree?

Randwick Bloodstock's, The Stallion ShareMarket offers broodmare owners an alternative source for securing stallion nominations. This platform gives you the opportunity to buy stallion nominations from those people who have annual access to a stallion, namely stallion shareholders and breeding rights holders. Each year, a small quantity of these people will find themselves in a position where they are unable to utilise that season's annual nomination.

A number of these nomination sellers will take the view that a small return on the nomination is better than watching it sit idle and generate no return. We've seen numerous instances where some broodmare owners have been able to save themselves as much as $15,000 on a shareholder/breeding right's holder nomination purchase, while most buyers will rarely fail to save between $1,000 to $5,000. If you could save yourself a minimum of $1,000 by sending a couple of emails and/or making a few phone calls, would you make the effort? It just wouldn't be good business practice if you didn't, especially if you want to make money.

Apart from saving money, a buyer may also be able to negotiate favourable payment terms and conditions. For example, 30th June or 31st July payment, or payment on a Live Foal. These stallion nominations are negotiable instruments and a buyer is welcome to stipulate whatever price, payment terms and conditions they require. Obviously, the sellers need to agree, but with some negotiation, a deal can usually be struck.

For several years, Randwick Bloodstock has offered the ability to bring sellers and buyers of stallion nominations together via The Stallion ShareMarket page which can be viewed on the company's web site. Current listings include nominations in All Too Hard, Artie Schiller, Casino Prince, Defcon, Dissident, Divine Prophet, Eurozone, Extreme Choice, Foxwedge, Golden Archer, Inference, Kiss and Make Up, Nostradamus, Odyssey Moon, Outreach, Overshare, Pariah, Press Statement, Pride of Dubai, Reliable Man, Shooting to Win, Sizzling, Sooboog, Star Turn, Star Witness, Swear, Tarzino, Tosen Stardom, Turffontein, Wandjina and Winning Rupert. 

In most cases, there is one nomination for sale in each stallion, while there are multiple nominations for sale in a number of others, adding extra incentive to try and secure a great package deal should you so desire. Furthermore, some sellers have already indicated they are happy to sell with payment due on a Live Foal.

The opportunities are there for the taking. Are you prepared to make the effort?

For more information please visit www.randwickbloodstock.com.auor contact Brett Howard on 02-4938 0011 or randwickbloodstock@bigpond.com