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Breednet - Media Release - Monday, 9 January 2017
Equine International Airfreight (EIAF) is proud to announce the opening of an Australian Government approved quarantine facility in England, which will present owners with a professional and competitive option to transport horses from the United Kingdom to Australia.

EIAF already has an established quarantine facility in Europe, from which it has safely transported horses out of the region for quite some time, but the approved farm in England really opens up the playing field for those with horse interests in the United Kingdom that are Aussie bound.

"EIAF has formed an association with the highly reputable BBA Shipping and The Equine Logistics Company in the United Kingdom which will now allow EIAF to vie for the 300 plus horses that currently make the journey from the UK to Australia each year," EIAF's Managing Director, Cameron Croucher, points out.

"Where once a monopoly existed, this now gives clients a much more competitive and price sensitive edge, whilst providing a great level of experience and professionalism that is vital for the safe transport of horses.

"The quarantine facility - Blackhorse Farm - is a boutique property based in Newmarket, the heart of England's equine population. Spread over 30 acres of lovely, pastured land with safe fencing, Blackhorse Farm has turn out paddocks, a horse walker and lunging ring, outdoor arena and isolation stables.

"Managed by Leanne Needham, Blackhorse Farm specialises in the movement of thoroughbreds, sport and polo horses - all breeds actually - and is an ideal quarantine facility which was immediately approved when inspected recently by the Australian Department of Agriculture.

"EIAF has always aligned itself with credible, experienced shipping operators and has a close association with one of the world's leading shipping companies in Europe with Guido Klatte.

"This new association with BBA Shipping and Equine Logistics Company really opens up the field though and, most importantly, provides owners with a viable alternative - both in terms of services and pricing. Up until now there has been no competition in this market place and that is about to change for the better, particularly for the clients.

"Without competition, people end up paying a premium, but now the landscape will change."

For further information, please contact:

Cameron Croucher (Equine International Airfreight) +61 2 8817 0300 or cameron@eiaf.com.au
Kevin Needham (BBA Shipping) +44 1638 665 021 or kevin.needham@bbashipping.com
Lydia Boult (Equine Logistics Company) +44 1798 867 301 or lydia@equine-logistics-company.com
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