Aquis Sino Proven Chinese Syndications
Breednet - Media Release - Monday, 9 January 2017
One of Australia's most established and reputable racehorse syndicators PROVEN THOUROUGHBREDS, headed by the respected Jamie Walter, has joined forces with Asian-focused Queensland stud farm, Aquis Farm, to establish Aquis Sino Proven Chinese Syndications .

This exciting new syndication business will be focused on the emerging Chinese language speaking community in Australia and abroad, particularly in China and Hong Kong. It will combine the extensive experience and professionalism of the Proven Thoroughbreds' syndication business with the contacts, knowledge and networks of the Aquis Farm business to create a unique syndication opportunity that:

*produces alldocumentation and writtencommunications in the Chineselanguage
*produces weeklyreports in spoken Mandarin
*provides secure and easy paymen tfacilities for international transactions
*utilises traditional Feng Shui principals in the selection of racing colours and horse names
*holds owner functions and events in a way tha tallows Chinese speaking owners to get to know their horse and the industry to the fullest effect.

ProvenThoroughbreds Proprietor Jamie Walter said "All the Chinese syndicate horses will be prepared by leading trainers in Australia. They will be personally managed by myself and the Aquis Farm team to ensure this first experience of horse ownership for the Chinese will be of a high standard to hopefully increase the prospect of re-investment in the Australian Racing Industry over time. Whilst syndicate shares will be available to all, the underlying focus of this aspect of our business will be to attract initial interests from new players in the Chinese speaking community both here and abroad."

Justin Fung, CEO of Aquis Farm, said"There are some incredibly big players from China investing in our industry, however, they are like the microscopic tip of an iceberg and we want with this venture to attract the masses rather than the elite."

Fung went on to say that,"We cannot expect every new investor to be a billionaire or to dip his toe in the water with multi-million dollar investments. Rather, our aim with this joint venture istofacilitate ahigh number of new entrants into themarket, gaining an opportunity to experience the wonderful Australian Racing Industry product, whilst also and most importantly developing trust in Australian players - with positive experience and trust will come much bigger investments."

"We believe we have the syndication partner who can take a long term view of this opportunity and seek to develop it with the long term game in mind. Aquis Farm will take a strong interest in each horse to be syndicated by  Aquis Sino Proven Chinese Syndications to ensure our interests are aligned with our clients and thereby encourage the growth and prosperity of their interest and investment." said Fung when seeking to partner with Jamie Walter and Proven Thoroughbreds.

Walter commented that, "In Australian racing, we have a top-class product combining buoyant racing with a burgeoning, world renowned breeding industry. As a syndicator, I'm excited to join with Aquis Farm in presenting Australian Racehorse Ownership to the greater Chinese market. We've seen some big international players investing here in recent years but this is principally aimed at developing interest from the broader Chinese speaking community. Introducing a whole new group of owners to the Australian Horse Racing Industry and in a Chinese friendly way, is a challenging, though alluring prospect."

Proven Thoroughbreds is one of the most experienced and enduring syndicators in the Australian market having commenced in 2001. Originally centred exclusively on the Warwick Farm stable of Jamie's brother, the late Guy Walter, the Proven Thoroughbreds team now has 70 horses trained in four states and has produced Group winners like Sir Moments, Tremec and Adorabeel in recent seasons.

Aquis Farm is the exciting and dynamic premier thoroughbred breeding and racing facility with a vision and distinct focus on the Asian sector - the golden future of the Australian horse racing and breeding industry. Aquis Farm's rapid impact on the industry is largely a labour of love reflecting the Fung family's passion for the sport.

The new joint venture will be active at all yearling sales in 2017 commencing at the Magic Millions January Sale and will be seeking, initially, moderately priced colts and fillies as part of the new venture.

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