Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Sunday October 20
Horse (Dam)
4m Devoted Star (Favourite Star)
4g Broadway Success (Broadway Express)
4g Iresign (Eye For Fun)
6g The Great Artiste (Star Of Brocco)
8g Proxy (Secret Women's Biz)
9g Isorich (A Little Naughty)
6g Mr Lumieres (Zakynthos Star)
4g Aussie Nugget (Anticipation)
6g Wirnpa (Living Spirit)
7g High Quality (Quality Centraux)
4g Golden Sixty (Gaudeamus)
5g Big Fortune (Divine Lady)
6g Discovered (Homecoming Queen)
4g Solarize (Sunrise Over Sea)
4m West Wind (Zephyr Song)
3g The Carpenter (Pinot Girl)
(2) Rubick
3g Designated (Blitzem Belle)
3g Old Mick (Destiny Girl)
6g Alfstar (Family Matters)
6g The Pharoah (Win Here Win There)
3f Marise (Natural Woman)
4m Wish I Might (Magic Curvacious)
4g Tormund (Cranleigh)
4g Tavis Court (Keep Her Free)
4g Times Ticking (Laoghaire)
4m Excise Free (Hidden Dreams)
3c Darleb (Shamtastic)
3c Ashton Blair (Ilithyia)