Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Sunday June 16
Horse (Dam)
8g Balrov (Kirov Ballet)
4g Varekai (Miss Behaviour)
5g Kulnura (Fly My Butterfly)
4g Confluence (Rambling River)
5g He Ekscels (Serendipity)
3f Woman Of Gold (Courting Destiny)
4m Excaro (Carolina Pines)
4g Good Beauty (Lush Liaison)
3g Young Harry Cool (Young Doctor)
7g Great Treasure (Russian Belle)
4g Elite Legacy (Social Register)
3g Howlowcanyougo (Limbo Down)
4m Veganza (Brazeeliana)
4g Star Boy (Cubana Moss)
4g Modernistic (Illusional)
3g Sanction King (Zillion Roses)
2g Star Surprise (Ferocious Katy)
3c Ka Ying Master (Make Me Dream)
3f Mapili (Tzu Hsi)
4g Not Usual Talent (Compact Pussycat)