Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday June 15
Horse (Dam)
3g Hardcore (Lychee)
2f Jeweliana (Bianca Jewel)
7m Lucyinrio (Forever Tango)
4g Super Swoop (Carolina Bella)
4g In Two Minds (Elusivity)
2g No Apology (Opening Ceremony)
4m Dream Project (Miss Courteous)
3f Strawberry Blonde (Peace Alliance)
3f Lady Ringo (Natural Glamour)
5m Pat's Girl (Patricia Joan)
3g Red Dynamo (Diva In Red)
3f River Bird (Amber's Crown)
3f Larbaud (Poet's Wish)
3g Happy Star (Carlton Queen)
5g Hephaestus (Moussaieff)
4m Sweet Hannaford (Dorothy Dinosaur)
3g Phaistos (Latona)
5g A Good Plan (Strategic Choice)
5g Jelani Express (Transaction)
7g Husson's Shout (Star Of Danetime)
3g Nick The Skip (Kiss 'n Chase)
6h Grinner (All Smiles)
5m Moment Of Hope (Elegant Jewel)
6m Precipitate (Pray For Reign)
6g Eschiele (Upper Echelon)
6g Heroism (Preserve)
2f Satin Socks (Satin Shoes)
3g Jacko's A Natural (Oh So Natural)
8g Gallante (Crazy Volume)
3g The Wrangler (Shanghai Dancer)
4m Nicci's Gold (Gold Licence)
6m Nicco's Lass (Yorkshire Lass)
5m Queen Of Kingston (Chloe Rose)
4g Hanger (Do Ra Mi)
5m O'Princess (Pinot Gris)
5m Single Zero (Roulette Wheel)
10g Gagarin (Flying Chance)
3g Acrobat (Turf Fire)
4m Bold Lady (Kings Perfection)
4g Astir (Dara Seans)
4g It Ain't All Honey (All Saints Girl)
5g Real Machine (Elmira)
5m Sornja (She's Just Dreamy)
5g Makuba (Stop And Stare)
4g Tempesta Rossa (Curtain)
3g Cosmic City (Accidentallyinlove)
4g Metagross (Tootsie Zynsky)
5m Saxon Princess (Bay Of Smiles)
2f Secretly (Helena's Secret)
3f Bayou (Bacchanal Woman)
4g Mulk (Riptide)
3g Our Prom King (Finishing School)
6g Three Rar (Shake Shake Shake)
6g Milne Bay (Proud Star)
3g Lots Of Coin (Morethanapenny)
4m Smartypy (Star Of Pyrmont)
4g Snipstream (Star Chamber)
3c Morrissy (Extension Of Time)
4g So You Win (Rhode Island Red)
3f Spirit's Choice (Deb's Choice)
3g Cooper (Iron Maid)
3g Blue Comet (Keyarna Blue)
3f Mumms Jewel (Champagne Jewel)
4g Sasko (Saskia Belle)
7g Well Spoken Man (Strawberry Jane)
3g Combattant De Rue (Dexcellent)
3f Tysonic (Transonic)
7m Coonowrin Ruby (Coochen Jenny Wren)
4g Upper House (Bureaucratese)
4m Pure Colour (Colour Wheel)