Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Friday June 14
Horse (Dam)
3f Texan Lass (Miss Shamrock)
3f Shamal Lass (Sulmita)
4g My Blue Jeans (Flinders Island)
3f Wonderful Riri (Tsarina Wonder)
3f Gemmahra (Dream Machine)
3f Lucky Siren (Lacada Siren)
3g Axel (Josephines Fortune)
6g Behrooz (Cats Whiskers)
2g Eiger (Jungfrau)
4g Beeokay (Genaba)
3g Refire (Up State)
5m Lady Davone (Nikey Davone)
5m Abbey Kay (Abbey Tralae)
4m Jeddah Aheadah (Strawberry Malt)
3g Visconti (My Southern Bell)
3g Cinquedea (Roma Kabeel)
4g Sacred Rebel (Pandoro De Lago)
5m Hold On (Tit Tat Tooee)
4m Fertile Soil (Cupid Shuffle)
6g Superten (Blue Fairy Wren)
6g Skin Deep (Fuji Girl)
9g Delacroix (La Madelina)