Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday April 20
Horse (Dam)
5g Tightlign (Street Law)
4m Rainmoth (Miss Daea)
3g Pullman Brown (Miss Fascinator)
4g Future Time (Swanky Showoff)
8g Grand Armada (Pirate Queen)
3f On Fire (Kuitpo Blaze)
6g Proane (Prophet Jewel)
4m Uptown Lilly (Cross Town)
5m With A Bit Of Dash (Storm Esprit)
4g Velago (Doubleblack Velvet)
5g Jittery Jack (Little Honeypot)
6g Righto (Yes We Can)
7g Settlers Creek (Three Sisters)
6g Malachi Crunch (Supreme Minstrel)
5g King Solomon (Peacock Sally)
3g Goten (Miss Ogilvie)
6g Polar Vortex (True Seduction)
4g Cunning Moves (Dance To My Tune)
3f Tantivy (Chloe)
4m Platform (Flying Angel)
3g Valour Road (Melba Avenue)
3g Yokai (Bashaayer)
6g Casiraghi (Bella Princess)
5g Yeezy (Dialogue)
5m Pretty Glass (Generous Tristana)
5m Sunday Hustler (Sundays Girl)
4g Sir Pippin (Golden Delicious)
7g Majinika (Bettabon)
7g Choi Oi (She's A Rocker)
3g Howlowcanyougo (Limbo Down)
3f Ladyada (Madison County)
6g Heroism (Preserve)
3g Billy Bob (Scottawin)
6g Sporting Image (Flying Angel)
5g Slam Dunked (Lucy's Doubt)
7g Union Jukebox (Elegant Rhapsody)
6g Sinamore (Just A Sin Away)
4h Mahalangur (But Beautiful)
6g Tyrannize (Queen Sabeel)
4m Marzemino (Florimont)
4g Peppino (Corton Charlemagne)
4h Pierata (November Flight)
5m It's My Time (Cantley Lane)
4m Red Deck (Lady Red)
7g Visual Image (Belle Asteri)
6g Road To Redemption (Sonia Blade)
2f Gem Of Scotland (Star Of Kristle)
3f Santa Catarina (Discreet Evening)
5g Savapak (Queen Of Lions)
3c The Chosen One (The Glitzy One)
2f Clairvue Missy (Missy Longstocking)
5g Wu Gok (Lipari)
3g Jack Junior (Princess Gisella)
3f Sakura (Cherry Lodge)
4g Splitz (Snow Blitz)
5m Dabke (East Anglia)
4m Sinnamon Lane (Country Dane)
3c Morrissy (Extension Of Time)
4g Bart (Spottswoode)
4m Kiwi Ida (Empress Ida)
3f Maiden Grace (Imogen Grace)
6m Sirius Witness (Sirius Miss)
5g Street Life (Mimiele)
3g Besters (Rustic Rossa)
2f Take Tea (Tramontana Lass)
5g Theatre Tickets (Little Diva)
4g Meet Mr Taylor (Victim Of Choice)
3g Mistake (Run Girl Run)
3f Double Bubble (La Viscomtessa)
3f Dance Music (Fast Flowing)
6g Kahuna (Lady Somers)
5g Zaaladd (Dangerous Mission)
8g Zed Em (Dont Kick My Float)