Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Sunday February 10
Horse (Dam)
6g Agree To (La Redoute)
5g Golden Authority (Gold Amber)
3f Bellastar (Off The Planet)
4g Tokyo Bullet (Rich Addiction)
4m Non Paear (Countess Ricardo)
4g Westlink (Comedy Express)
3g Legenda (Diamond Cove)
8g Onward (Flag Of Pride)
3f One Point Lady (Natural Thunder)
3f Bedtime Stories (Inside Story)
4m Equiseta (Devonshire)
7g Douro (Morgalicious)
4g The Big Show (Furocitee)
8g High Hopper (Jumburran Star)
4g Prince Of Gems (Rivers Secret)
3f Squeezable (Our Squeezer)
5m Flikpix (Surf Candy)
6g Ammerland (A Material Girl)
6g Richcity Fortune (Dancescape)
6m Magnus Magic (Elusive Burst)
5g Subtle Grey (Subtle Miss)
6g Messiah (Bannerkens)
5g Sir Snugalot (Snuglet)
4g I Am Power (Bridge Note)
5m Magic Ink (Magic Of Success)
5g Crazy Culprit (Crazy Deputy)
4m Rosesay (Rose Of Lonhro)
6m Grinding Hard (Shavano's Honour)
4g Kristensen (Rock Success)
4g Lean Perfection (Suzy Rocks)
4m Semari (Kumari)
4g Super Star (Highland Daughter)
5m Lucienne (Wings Of Pegasus)
6g This Kid Rocks (Princess Karen)
4g Enrichment (Lovingthelimelight)
3g Coby Oppa (Amazing Tale)
11g Umaluka (Miss Maluka)