Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Saturday February 9
Horse (Dam)
4g Domination (Attunga Rose)
6g Prior Engagement (Cosmic Dust)
5g Manuel (Girl Hussler)
4m Melody Belle (Meleka Belle)
6g Le Juge (Mambo Light)
3f Sogni (Omniyah)
7m Grand Peril (Grand Attraction)
3g Mishani Hustler (Mishani Sinner)
4m Femtometre (Nuclear Force)
3f Foxpack (Twelve Pack Shelly)
5g Pip's Pick (Take All Of Me)
5g Carocapo (Smytzer's Rose)
4m Dama Zorro (Kicken Vixen)
7g Taxihome (Success Etoile)
3f Miss Sara (Diamonds'n'pearls)
6m Say Madam (Divine Destiny)
5g Morvada (Carnegie Minstrel)
5g Zontario (Splendid Tiara)
4m Rondinella (Valpolicella)
2f Harlow (Joan's Girl)
5g Beau Dancer (Pointe Dancer)
4m Mikimoto (Stormy Nova)
4m Talapus (De Sweet Soca Song)
4g Boom Boy (Temple Girl)
2g Jericho Missile (Onecatstoomany)
3g Parko (Certitude)
3f The Great Boombino (Swing And Miss)
6m Applause A Star (Defrere's Venture)
4g Mister Ward (Battle Maiden)
6g Taponisme (Tapinsky)
4g Want To Bolt (Encosterette)
4g Red Devil (Southern Smile)
3g Chicago Cub (Jester's Girl)