Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Thursday February 7
Horse (Dam)
4g The Crown Prince (Ballroom Crown)
4m Lacey Lynx Pack (Lacey Lonhbreak)
5g Damn Fine (Princess Qualo)
5g Management Star (Bella Rosalia)
4g Picken (Baby Boom)
6g What Else But You (Fortune Princess)
4g Dashing Image (Reflected Image)
5g Kijito (Outofafrika)
3f Times Time (Long Lashes)
6g Tarbert (Greenmount Belle)
3g Twinspier (Impulsive Dream)
5g Kilowatt (Princess Latifah)
3g Solar Wai Wai (Cape Princess)
6g Cash Strapped (Kitty Cash)
4g Cordyceps (Enciamo)
4m Terrorfilo (Black Terror)
3f Gracie Belle (Alexandra Gardens)