Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Sunday January 13
Horse (Dam)
4g Einstein's Cross (Starrystarrynight)
3f Swanky Lass (Chic And Easy)
2f Done By Me (Theregoessnowball)
3f Tulum (Shylight)
3f Love Squirrels (Mrs Vanderbilt)
5m Zhenya (Z'vinsky)
4m Magnikka (Sinikka)
6m Magnus Magic (Elusive Burst)
7g Stratocaster (Very Musical)
5g Golden Spark (Shes Her Own Posse)
6m Rosover (Rosita's Gem)
6m Bella Court (Belle Chantecler)
6g Tarbert (Greenmount Belle)
3g Sword In Stone (Spirit Of Sandford)
4h Devil's Rain (Stream Royale)
4g Many Rewards (Many Facets)
2f Probabeel (Far Fetched)
3g Horn (Sucker Punch)
3f Vintage Stock (Phillipa Glass)
6m Love Trade (Fleeting Love)
3f Make Mine Hennessy (Danish Princess)
10g Wollartant (Creative Chimes)