Daily Summary

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Note: (1) denotes First Season Sire, (2) denotes Second Season Sire
Results for Sunday January 6
Horse (Dam)
3f Frosted (Miss Anatina)
4m Tolai Meri (Pekan Flight)
5g Nopele (Storm Bubble)
3g Cozhecancan (Sleeplessinseattle)
4g Evil Roadster (Flying Dialogue)
4g Ka Ying Star (Casual Glance)
3f Angel Of Leon (Sevenspanishangels)
6g Captivated Point (Tribal Conquest)
3f Merit Dream (Dreamburg)
4g Golden Four (Gingerbread)
4g Time Lord (Mary Agnes)
4g You Am I (Miss Ducati)
3g Follow Me (Star Over Kansas)
3g Read The Riot Act (Petite Angel)
6g Effortless (Addicted To Wealth)
7g Wijaya (Magical River)
6m Katiem Marie (Yanna Marie)
4g Explicitly (For Your Eyes Only)
6g Strike Action (Afterburn)
6m Carnelian (Strictly Personal)
4g Tavito (Rio Nugget)
4g Mitrust (Millie Rose)
6g The Full Bloom (Break Of Dawn)