Serpentine Rural Supplies

SRS (Serpentine Rural Supplies) lies in the foothills of the Darling Range in the country town of Serpentine. Whilst catering mainly for the growing population of “hobby farmers”, SRS also supplies townsfolk thru to large landholders, a huge range of goods and services.

Roy and Veronica Dekker have been in the stockfeed business some 15 years. They have overseen the business grow from a one shed outlet to what is now a 3 shed enterprise and a broadacre farm which supplies quality hay. As the business is primarly stockfeed, this goes well with the families interest in horses, dogs, cats and poultry.

The rest of the team at SRS consists of Rachel Dekker, Kala Jerret, Ian Macloud, Donna and Michael Baldry. These are the friendly people you will hear on the telephone or across the counter.

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