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BC Horse training

BC Horse Training is excited to now offer a range of agistment packages to suit your requirements. Located 15 minutes drive from Bunbury in Benger/Brunswick, our private property is newly established with safe electric fencing, stocksafe pipe gates and paddock shelters currently under construction for the summer months. Feeding programs are tailored to suit each individual horse requirements and a variety of feed options are available by request.

Starting horses undersaddle with education tailored to owners requirements

All horses started undersaddle with us learn to: walk, trot and canter comfortably undersaddle, have a good understanding of basic lateral work- turn on the forehand, hindquarters and basic leg yeilding, tie up, stand to be washed down, farrier, saddled and rugged etc. Basic bush riding with or without company on the road and local Pine Plantation and the last two weeks of training is discipline specific for example: Dressage basics for dressage horses or hacks, Racehorses are ridden in an exercise pad and have been worked around our local track at Bunbury etc, All-rounders are exposed to a bit of everything.

Pre-Training Offered to the Racing Industry

Jogging up, fitness programs and first race preparation/basic barrier preparation.

Re-education for Troubled and Older Horses

Educating includes Re-mouthing, Basic Flat work, Basic Lateral movements and Bush riding along with discipline specific training.

Floating Education for Young and Problem Horses
Willing to train to owners requirements. Self loading is encouraged. General handling also provided as part of this service.

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