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442 Filly Tiddly (Thewayyouare x Absinthe)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
471 Colt Falkirk x Ballina Kate
  Buyer: Psd$22,000 Res$30,000
473 Filly Iloveyoujust (Thewayyouare x Barrachdail Lass)
  Buyer: Psd$18,000 Res$20,000
477 Colt Thorn Park x Bella Dormello
  Buyer: Mrs MJ Murdoch
506 Colt Cuzzie Charlie (Thewayyouare x Caernarfon)
  Buyer: NZB as agent
510 Colt LIM's GREETING (Guillotine x Carnival Girl)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
527 Filly Thewayyouare x Chita Rivera
  Buyer: Withdrawn
548 Colt Newswire Free (Thorn Park x Courtly Fashion)
  Buyer: Karaka Agistment Centre
565 Colt Winaswewish (Thorn Park x Deceit)
  Buyer: Michael Stedman Bloodstock
574 Filly Mastercraftsman x Diamantaire
  Buyer: Waikato Bloodstock
592 Colt Thewayyouare x Ella's Cat
  Buyer: Mr PK Ho
593 Colt Any Suggestion x Elsa
  Buyer: Withdrawn
595 Colt Hymatsu (Mastercraftsman x Elyzabel)
  Buyer: Phil Cataldo Bloodstock
605 Colt Sharp Blade (Guillotine x Evolution)
  Buyer: Psd$18,000 Res$20,000
612 Filly Savabeel x Fibber
  Buyer: Psd$16,000 Res$20,000
624 Colt Guillotine x French Kiss
  Buyer: Mr SR Autridge
627 Colt Mastercraftsman x Fuji Belle
  Buyer: Mr GN Richardson / Mr B Ainsworth
635 Colt Erector (Mastercraftsman x Gin Dartre)
  Buyer: Aquanita Racing
641 Colt WELL DONE (Falkirk x Gold Cloud)
  Buyer: Psd$27,500 Res$30,000
653 Colt Prince Mambo (Thewayyouare x Grace Park)
  Buyer: Go Racing
665 Colt Justaway (Thewayyouare x Hecuba)
  Buyer: Mr S Richards
677 Colt Our Luck Dragon (Falkirk x Hymn for Her)
  Buyer: Mr G Hennessy
707 Colt Unicorn (Thorn Park x Kashira)
  Buyer: NZB as agent
736 Colt Falkirk x Late for a Date
  Buyer: John Foote Bloodstock
737 Colt Guillotine x Leeu
  Buyer: Wallace Thoroughbreds
751 Colt Park Roller (Thorn Park x Livonia)
  Buyer: John Chalmers Bloodstock
786 Colt Thewayweare (Thewayyouare x Mia le Fay)
  Buyer: Proven Thoroughbreds
803 Colt Jean's Way (Thewayyouare x Monica Hall)
  Buyer: Mr LR Beckett
823 Colt Win-Win Baby (Thewayyouare x New Victoria)
  Buyer: Wallace Thoroughbreds
844 Colt HENRY THE EIGHTH (Guillotine x Our Sportsgirl)
  Buyer: Mr RM Donnison
861 Colt KIRKUS (Falkirk x Poet's Corner)
  Buyer: Anna Scott Racing
874 Colt Highland Park (Volksraad x Prompt Payment)
  Buyer: Mr AC Forsman
875 Colt Thewayyouare x Psalms
  Buyer: Psd$19,000 Res$20,000
890 Colt Imperial Gallantry (Guillotine x Reflection)
  Buyer: 888 Bloodstock
891 Filly Disclosure (Volksraad x Revelations)
  Buyer: Mr TJ McKee
906 Filly Hardassah (Exceed and Excel x Sachina)
  Buyer: Miss N Young
908 Colt Hachoir (Guillotine x Sakura Cluden)
  Buyer: Scott Richardson Bloodstock
984 Colt King Oberon (Savabeel x The Faerie Queene)
  Buyer: NZB as agent
988 Colt Silver Rod (Guillotine x This Time Rodney)
  Buyer: Go Racing
1005 Filly Falkirk x Tycoon Babe
  Buyer: Withdrawn
1020 Colt Falkirk x Victoria Falls
  Buyer: Psd$12,000 Res$15,000
1051 Colt Proactive (Thewayyouare x Zolata)
  Buyer: Anthony Freedman Racing / Michael Wallace B/S