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Spring Carnival Racehorse Sale results for OWNERS,


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225 G Delago Spirit (Delago Brom x Angel's Spirit)
  Buyer: G Wilkins QLD
189 G Esprit de Danse (Invincible Spirit x Wiradancing)
  Buyer: G Stewart SA
196 G Spartan Idol (Show a Heart x Never Late)
  Buyer: Adrian Britt NSW
145 F Tarcoola Jewel (Perugino x Comic Dame)
  Buyer: L Williams NT
148 F Imposing Way (Hemingway x Yangtse River)
  Buyer: G Wilkins QLD
199 G Cenotaph (Dehere x Oubladee)
  Buyer: Matthew Brown VIC
211 F Princess Carolina (More Than Ready x Rosa Carolina)
  Buyer: Sirron Enterprises VIC
193 G Latin Beat (King Cugat x Top Station)
  Buyer: D Di Cesare VIC
159 F Gracious Curves (Generous x Keralia)
  Buyer: T Lichti VIC
198 G Street Parade (Kenfair x Di Yvette)
  Buyer: Commercial Bloodstock Services
149 F Cosmic Cowgirl (Western Symphony x Cosmic Light)
  Buyer: G Daltorio NSW
195 G Jugstar (Jugah x Flicka's Star)
  Buyer: W Beale VIC
214 F Genuine Lady (Genuine x Lady Mantice)
  Buyer: Karyn Brewster VIC
210 F Ottens (Fasliyev x Rather Yallah)
  Buyer: Rhonda Mangan VIC
231 G Sarteano (Tobougg x Lady Ascot)
  Buyer: B Howden VIC
235 G Turfiste (Catbird x Lady Elaine)
  Buyer: M Weir VIC
219 F Oasis Belle (Desert Sun x Norbella)
  Buyer: Christine R Jeffrey VIC
216 F She Wolf (Distant Music x Promised Laugh)
  Buyer: Catherine Leahy VIC
192 G Mull of Kinstar (Rubiton x Kinstar)
  Buyer: M Keegan VIC
160 F Pheisty Princess (Hemingway x Pebble)
  Buyer: R Button SA
220 F True Target (Delago Brom x True Peace)
  Buyer: Peter Russell VIC
221 F Look Missy (Xaar x Hucktooie)
  Buyer: Gray, P D & P M QLD
234 G Ramas Gift (Sequalo x Fort of Silver)
  Buyer: Peter McCarthy VIC
239 G Nimbleman (Viscount x Agile)
  Buyer: Noel & Rosemary McKenna VIC
233 G The Rich List (Honours List x Princess Ella)
  Buyer: P Gray QLD
224 G Cinderellas Prince (Show a Heart x Belle of the Ball)
  Buyer: Collin Fletcher VIC
222 G El Zahia (Perugino x Tuscany Girl)
  Buyer: Rachael Milburn QLD
191 G Malawa (Archway x Sockane)
  Buyer: Ernie Francese VIC
208 F Hellfire Angel (Desert Sun x Halo Troienne)
  Buyer: N McKenna VIC
236 G Jetronic (Testa Rossa x Fair Contessa)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
203 C Alexandrite (Brilliant Leader x Countess Laura)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
202 G Atlantis Miracle (Zeditave x Melody Allegro)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
200 G Pneumatics (Genuine x Swirling)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
197 G Ain't No Mountain (Montjeu x Queen Caelia)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
147 F Flinders Green (Quest for Fame x Hooch)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
146 F Dare to Defy (Commands x Corshay)
  Buyer: Passed $4,500 Reserve $6,000