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Karaka May Sale results for Valachi Downs


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313 F Rip Van Winkle x Silk Chardonnay
  Buyer: Willow Stables
450 M Marcelle (No Excuse Needed x Proustian)
  Buyer: Mr CL Mirams
384 M Al Vandaam (Rip Van Winkle x Almadaam)
  Buyer: Mr T Sargent
139 C Rip Van Winkle x Dover Beach
  Buyer: Mr N Gillman
298 F Tavistock x Rialto Bridge
  Buyer: Mr PA Willetts
177 C Rip Van Winkle x Harmonize
  Buyer: Mr PA Willetts
165 C Rip Van Winkle x Gardone
  Buyer: Miss L Knight
395 M Castellani (Pins x Little Gem)
  Buyer: Horse Feng Bloodstock
333 C Rip Van Winkle x Tasha Aimee
  Buyer: Longacres Stud
288 C Rip Van Winkle x Pow Wow Jane
  Buyer: Mr JP St Guillaume
102 F Rip Van Winkle x Brilliant Glow
  Buyer: Teviotdale Racing
506 M The Beckett (Spartacus x Enchanting)
  Buyer: Psd, Res $500
504 M Teresa (Darshaan x Morina)
  Buyer: Psd, Res $1,000
466 M Paris Hilton (Pins x Pageant)
  Buyer: Psd, Res $1,000
404 M Darcey Bussell (Rhythm x Quietly Lucky)
  Buyer: Withdrawn
382 M Almadaam (Swain x Tayibah)
  Buyer: Psd, Res $1,000
334 C Contributer x The Beckett
  Buyer: Psd, Res $30,000
259 C Rip Van Winkle x On the Move
  Buyer: Withdrawn
74 F Vespa x Almadaam
  Buyer: Psd, Res $1,000