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Inglis Premier Yearling Sale 2018

(+) Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip5$540,000$108,000Full Sale Details
340 Colt - Written Tycoon x DepasseB: Blue Sky Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$145,000
96 Colt - Titanium Force by RubickB: R Le Grange / J Soh$130,000
97 Colt - The Pugilist by Fighting SunB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$120,000
302 Colt - Mr Causeway by ZebedeeB: McDonald Racing$100,000
208 Colt - Charge Forward x WaldB: Blue Sky Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$45,000
(+) Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld9$1,005,000$111,667Full Sale Details
147 Colt - Cheptegei by TavistockB: Busuttin Racing / Cameron Cooke Racing$200,000
404 Colt - Treaty Of Seville by Shooting to WinB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd / Darren Weir Racing$180,000
382 Filly - Pouting Lips by HinchinbrookB: Blue Sky Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$140,000
74 Colt - Street Boss x SelectingB: Price Bloodstock Management Ltd$110,000
9 Colt - Aerozoom by Deep FieldB: Anthony Freedman Racing$100,000
124 Filly - Makfi x Run to the MoonB: Proven Thoroughbreds / Pride Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
439 Filly - Crimson Petal by Bel EspritB: Wylie Dalziel Racing / P Moody$70,000
296 Filly - So You Think x Catching MoonbeamsB: N Jenkinson / M Dunn$60,000
186 Colt - Dissident x TelloraB: Highline Thoroughbreds / Ohukia Lodge$45,000
(+) Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas4$610,000$152,500Full Sale Details
113 Colt - Pure Legend by Written TycoonB: Carmel Size Racing$300,000
14 Filly - Miss Elena by ToronadoB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock$185,000
276 Colt - Nicotera by NicconiB: G Duryea$85,000
 374 Filly - Star Witness x ExabaaB: Aria Lodge$40,000
(+) Basinghall Farm, Nagambie3$255,000$85,000Full Sale Details
210 Colt - Written Tycoon x WantonlyB: Highline Thoroughbreds / Ohukia Lodge$100,000
179 Filly - Odaline by Street BossB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$85,000
30 Colt - Kuroshio x RefugeB: Horse Feng Bloodstock$70,000
(+) Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ6$407,500$67,917Full Sale Details
 154 Colt - All Too Hard x Mary d'OrB: Form Bloodstock$180,000
 21 Colt - Atlante x Queen of PopB: Boomer Bloodstock (FBAA) / Murray Thoroughbreds$70,000
 352 Colt - Sacred Falls x Dulcine'eB: Your Highness Bloodstock$50,000
 349 Colt - Per Incanto x DreamlifeB: John O'Shea Racing Pty Ltd$40,000
 483 Filly - Tavistock x Lilly BelleB: A Forsman$37,500
 47 Filly - Gypsy Danger by Charm SpiritB: Balius Farm$30,000
(+) Blue Gum Farm, Euroa25$3,310,000$132,400Full Sale Details
137 Colt - Bishop Rock by Fastnet RockB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$400,000
265 Filly - Sepoy x Beauty WorldB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA)$400,000
391 Colt - Mossman x Flying GigiB: Price Bloodstock Management Ltd$230,000
202 Filly - Ragnars Bride by Brazen BeauB: Sheamus Mills Bloodstock (FBAA)$210,000
314 Colt - Beau Zoom by Brazen BeauB: Parnhams Racing Stable$160,000
126 Colt - Beehunter by ToronadoB: T Ireland$155,000
319 Filly - Ginny Ann by WarB: Wilde Racing Pty Ltd $150,000
362 Filly - Reappear by DissidentB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$150,000
11 Colt - Sartorial Splendor by Brazen BeauB: John Sadler Training Services Pty Ltd$130,000
429 Filly - Sessions x IhtsatuneB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$120,000
448 Colt - Zoustar x Just MeilleB: Tony Noonan Racing$120,000
73 Colt - Big Hearted by Hallowed CrownB: K Chittaseni / Waterford Bloodstock Ltd (BAFNZ)$120,000
213 Filly - Chivargo by Deep FieldB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$110,000
248 Filly - Sebring x Artistic LassB: Elite Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$100,000
3 Filly - Excused by Medaglia d'OroB: Lindsay Park Racing$100,000
406 Colt - Think 'n' Fly by So You ThinkB: Colm Santry Bloodstock Pty Ltd$100,000
121 Colt - Fiorente x Reachin' OutB: P L Bloodstock$100,000
138 Colt - Toronado x BoracayB: Wilde Racing Pty Ltd$85,000
67 Colt - Reset x Sea TerraceB: Bluegrass Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA) / Gelagotis Racing$80,000
497 Colt - Dinga by SafeguardB: Wilde Racing Pty Ltd$80,000
433 Filly - Turffontein x InksterB: Michael Trotter Racing$60,000
338 Filly - Uncle Mo x DelyaraB: Anthony Cumming Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$60,000
143 Filly - Distant Promise by DissidentB: L M & P J Macdonald Pty Ltd$55,000
279 Colt - Deep Breath by ChoisirB: Melbourne Bloodstock$20,000
264 Filly - Hallowed Crown x Beautiful SoulB: M Ashby$15,000
(+) Bombora Downs, Bittern2$205,000$102,500Full Sale Details
546 Colt - Entente by DundeelB: Shaun Dwyer Thoroughbred Racing Pty Ltd$105,000
64 Colt - Scantoon by Written TycoonB: GM Begg Racing / Rohan J Hughes Thoroughbred Services$100,000
(+) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW3$550,000$183,333Full Sale Details
271 Colt - Zoustar x Bionic GirlB: Spicer Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd / Noorilim Park Thoroughbreds$360,000
46 Colt - Zoustar x RosarinoB: Parnhams Racing Stable$110,000
381 Colt - Zoustar x FascinatingB: Elite Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$80,000
(+) Bucklee Farm, Greta West5$370,000$74,000Full Sale Details
95 Colt - Simulated by DanerichB: Darren Weir Racing$125,000
58 Colt - Street Boss x Sacre CoeurB: Waterford Bloodstock Ltd (BAFNZ)$75,000
371 Colt - Street Boss x EscarpmentB: F & M Edwards$75,000
205 Filly - Bernardini x VintnerB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$50,000
241 Filly - Our Guardian Angel by ToronadoB: B Mitchell$45,000
(+) Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester6$820,000$136,667Full Sale Details
176 Colt - I Am Invincible x Swinging BabeB: M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd / Aquis Farm$300,000
69 Filly - Dissident x Seaside HomeB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$150,000
52 Colt - Sebring x Royal LineupB: Wexford Stables / Andrew Williams Bloodstock$130,000
65 Colt - I Am Invincible x Scarlet VanharaB: Lindsay Park Racing / Andrew Williams Bloodstock$100,000
253 Colt - Translator by HelmetB: N.A. Blackiston Thoroughbred Racing Pty Ltd$75,000
484 Colt - Brazen Beau x LimoncelliB: M G Cornish & D L Gaskin Racing Stables$65,000
(+) Chatswood Stud, Seymour1$50,000$50,000Full Sale Details
295 Colt - Shifty Shamus by Shamus AwardB: M Laurie$50,000
(+) Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA10$717,500$71,750Full Sale Details
211 Colt - Star Witness x War AttitudeB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd$105,000
4 Colt - Mercurial Turn by Written TycoonB: Wattle Bloodstock$100,000
117 Colt - Wiseman by ZebedeeB: Lindsay Park Racing$90,000
136 Colt - Dalakhani x BellacomB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$90,000
203 Filly - Foxwedge x Villa LanteB: C McDonald$90,000
41 Colt - Pierro x Rock SuccessB: Lyndhurst Farm / Sweetbriar$80,000
48 Colt - Dissident x RosebrookB: Kiltannon Stables Ltd$70,000
 427 Colt - Zebonet by ZebedeeB: Tony Noonan Racing$40,000
274 Colt - Rubick x BlancheeB: Anthony Freedman Racing $30,000
234 Colt - Dalakhani x AlnwickB: Bennett Racing / Alexander Racing$22,500
(+) Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen2$260,000$130,000Full Sale Details
238 Colt - Barcali by ZoustarB: Busuttin Racing$170,000
166 Colt - Reward for Effort x Street LoverB: R Le Grange / J Soh$90,000
(+) Devon Park Stud, Lilydale2$115,000$57,500Full Sale Details
168 Colt - Stellar Fella by SebringB: Ken Keys Racing$100,000
342 Filly - Reset x Devon PrincessB: B Watkins$15,000
(+) Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley3$270,000$90,000Full Sale Details
156 Colt - So You Think x Morning LightB: Laming Racing$120,000
226 Filly - So You Think x Aerate's PickB: G Boyd$100,000
452 Filly - Eezedar by EpauletteB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$50,000
(+) Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke9$1,225,000$136,111Full Sale Details
488 Filly - Fastnet Rock x LonhspressoB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock$400,000
392 Colt - Zoustar x Flying HulaB: Magus Equine$250,000
193 Filly - Shamus Award x Tonza RossaB: Proven Thoroughbreds / Alexander Racing$135,000
22 Colt - Deep Field x Queen of QuiltsB: Enigma Farm$130,000
252 Colt - Gallant Run by Not a Single DoubtB: Victoria Peak Bloodstock$80,000
283 Colt - Zebedee x Burgundy NotesB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd$80,000
364 Filly - Great Ambition by ToronadoB: D Takahashi$50,000
419 Colt - Foxwedge x Here de SpeakerB: Michael Hickmott Bloodstock$50,000
535 Colt - Ines Sky by DomesdayB: Lohan Equine / D Loh$50,000
(+) Flinders Park Stud, Flinders5$500,000$100,000Full Sale Details
334 Filly - Foxwedge x DefrockB: Salanitri Racing $200,000
425 Filly - Hummalong by Hallowed CrownB: Redgum Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
523 Colt - Call Me Theroux by RubickB: R Montague$90,000
7 Colt - Smart Missile x PassilenteB: G Benson$70,000
308 Filly - Smart Missile x Clever ClogsB: Luke Oliver Racing$40,000
(+) Gilgai Farm, Nagambie19$2,240,000$117,895Full Sale Details
83 Colt - Toronado x She's Got GearsB: Hawkes Racing / Cameron Cooke Bloodstock$340,000
160 Colt - Managua by PierroB: Blue Sky Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$250,000
170 Filly - I Am Invincible x SummerblissB: Wylie Dalziel Racing / Darren Weir Racing / P Moody$180,000
405 Colt - Sebring x GioeB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$170,000
59 Filly - I Am Invincible x SanceliaB: A Bott / G Waterhouse / Blue Sky Bloodstock P/L (FBAA)$170,000
369 Filly - Smart Missile x EpingleB: Dermot Farrington$140,000
514 Colt - Krayzelburg by Olympic GloryB: Paul Perry Horse Training Pty Ltd$140,000
76 Colt - Choisir x SencirclesB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock / Mt Hallowell$130,000
277 Colt - Toronado x BookapartyB: MC Kent Racing Stables Pty Ltd$110,000
165 Filly - Missallure by DissidentB: Wylie Dalziel Racing / Darren Weir Racing / P Moody$110,000
286 Colt - Kiptanui by Deep FieldB: Cameron Cooke Bloodstock Pty Ltd$100,000
106 Colt - Sir Menaduke by TurffonteinB: R Watson$60,000
446 Colt - Piscean by StarspangledbannerB: Daniel Williams Thoroughbreds$60,000
376 Filly - Namimo by ChoisirB: Lindsay Park Racing$55,000
477 Colt - Sebring x LavenhamB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $50,000
258 Colt - Stand To Attention by StarspangledbannerB: Baystone Farm / Malua Racing$50,000
104 Filly - Substantial by UnencumberedB: A Purcell$50,000
81 Colt - Sebring x SherineB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $45,000
228 Colt - Deep Field x AhhhhB: Griffiths Racing / Peter Ford Thoroughbreds (FBAA)$30,000
(+) Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW4$340,000$85,000Full Sale Details
187 Filly - Pierro x Temple DivineB: Electra Bloodstock$140,000
114 Colt - Deep Field x SpurcificB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock$80,000
201 Filly - She's Readytoreign by More Than ReadyB: Electra Bloodstock$70,000
91 Filly - Schill Be A Star by Artie SchillerB: Bjorn Baker Racing Pty Ltd $50,000
(+) Glenelg Park, Euroa4$470,000$117,500Full Sale Details
321 Colt - Hallowed Crown x Crown of CoureuseB: Dean Hawthorne Bloodstck (BAFNZ) / P Morgan$170,000
421 Colt - Smart Missile x High AboveB: P L Bloodstock$125,000
492 Filly - Brazen Beau x LumicB: Northwood$115,000
80 Colt - Brazen Beau x She Has ArrivedB: Laming Racing$60,000
(+) Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre8$1,015,000$126,875Full Sale Details
229 Colt - Mighty Valor by SnitzelB: R Yiu$325,000
539 Filly - Cabochon Lil by SebringB: Kendrick Racing Pty Ltd$160,000
246 Filly - Eclair Breeze by Shooting to WinB: Phillip Stokes Racing Pty Ltd / T Li$150,000
54 Filly - Win Fall by Shooting to WinB: Henry Dwyer Racing$150,000
93 Filly - More Than Ready x Silent RushB: D Owsnett / David Pfieffer Racing$85,000
560 Colt - Navarre by SebringB: Busuttin Racing$85,000
502 Colt - Dundeel x MamahuhuB: P Vella$30,000
516 Colt - Dundeel x Miss IguacuB: Belhus Racing Stables$30,000
(+) Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW1$80,000$80,000Full Sale Details
329 Filly - Shamus Award x Dane JuliaB: S Sukrin$80,000
(+) Grenville Stud, Whitemore, Tas2$160,000$80,000Full Sale Details
390 Filly - Written Tycoon x Flying DivaB: Luke Oliver Racing$80,000
250 Filly - Stratum x Asylum SeekerB: World Wide Bloodstock$80,000
(+) Harvey Park, Werribee2$100,000$50,000Full Sale Details
556 Colt - Toronado x Ole RoseB: Kiltannon Stables Ltd$70,000
217 Filly - Dream Ahead x You're BeautifulB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$30,000
(+) Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ1$150,000$150,000Full Sale Details
20 Colt - Dirty Deeds by DundeelB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$150,000
(+) Highgrove Stud, Darling Downs, Qld1$140,000$140,000Full Sale Details
119 Colt - Fastnet Rock x QuaintlyB: Chevaux Bloodstock$140,000
(+) Hilldene Farm, Hilldene6$670,000$111,667Full Sale Details
86 Filly - Sophia's Choice by Fastnet RockB: Holloway Equine Australia / Robert Kingston Racing$240,000
344 Colt - All Too Hard x DorabellaB: M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd / L Wilkinson$110,000
182 Filly - Shooting to Win x Tambo's JewelB: Godolphin Australia Pty Ltd$110,000
280 Filly - Stellar Witness by Star WitnessB: McKeever Bloodstock Ltd$95,000
301 Colt - Investible by Not a Single DoubtB: Kendrick Racing Pty Ltd$60,000
297 Filly - Choisir x CentafaithB: Gelgagotis Racing / Regal Bloodstock$55,000
(+) Hillside Thoroughbreds, Nagambie5$540,000$108,000Full Sale Details
260 Colt - Zoustar x Bang OnB: Moody Racing Pty Ltd$160,000
307 Filly - La Pietra by PierroB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock / Ford Thoroughbreds$160,000
394 Colt - Deep Field x FreestyleB: A Millard$80,000
347 Colt - Sebring x DowingaB: Horse Feng Bloodstock$70,000
123 Colt - Regardsmaree by So You ThinkB: M Schiavello$70,000
(+) Kedarona Stud, Catani1$95,000$95,000Full Sale Details
180 Filly - Fighting Sun x Symphony StringsB: Mitch Freedman Racing$95,000
(+) Kornong Station, Streatham1$110,000$110,000Full Sale Details
 255 Filly - Addictions by Brazen BeauB: Northwood$110,000
(+) Kristenvale Stables, Shepparton1$80,000$80,000Full Sale Details
 256 Colt - Reward for Effort x BallymoonB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd$80,000
(+) Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella12$1,387,500$115,625Full Sale Details
449 Colt - Battlecruiser by SnitzelB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd / M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd$300,000
215 Filly - Dissident x Write CheekB: Spicer Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd / Darren Weir Racing$180,000
89 Colt - Baracus by Brazen BeauB: Triple Crown Syndications$150,000
363 Colt - Brazen Beau x EmilydelagoB: Upper Bloodstock$110,000
175 Colt - Written Tycoon x Swift SandsB: Anzac Lodge$95,000
2 Colt - Supreme Belief by So You ThinkB: Luke Oliver Racing$90,000
183 Colt - Choisir x Tango ExpressB: O'Gorman Racing Pty Ltd$90,000
25 Filly - Lil' Angel by WandjinaB: Darren Weir Racing$80,000
35 Colt - Reset x RhodamineB: Farmhouse Holdings Pty Ltd$80,000
423 Filly - Written Tycoon x Hot NovelistB: Carbine Thoroughbreds/Robert Hickmott$80,000
372 Filly - Written Tycoon x EscobarB: Spicer Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$72,500
61 Colt - Brave Enough by Street BossB: L Wilkinson$60,000
(+) Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore22$2,670,000$121,364Full Sale Details
375 Filly - World Awaits by Written TycoonB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$225,000
130 Colt - Frankie Blue Eyes by TavistockB: First Light Racing / Busuttin Racing / P Willetts$180,000
144 Filly - Savabeel x FranklyB: Dynamic Syndications$180,000
145 Colt - Savabeel x Girls on TopB: S Baertschiger$180,000
146 Colt - Savabeel x HeydayB: Enigma Farm$170,000
149 Colt - Tavistock x Lady FashionB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $170,000
44 Colt - Pins x RomancingB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd$160,000
322 Colt - Crystal Beau by Brazen BeauB: C McDonald / D Romanelli$160,000
37 Colt - Tides Of Jupiter by LonhroB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$145,000
72 Colt - Exceed and Excel x Secret LiaisonB: Enigma Farm$125,000
200 Filly - Walking Flying by TavistockB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$120,000
495 Filly - Magnus x LuxapalB: DJ Bowman Racing$120,000
361 Colt - Nature Boy by Ocean ParkB: L M & P J Macdonald Pty Ltd$110,000
118 Colt - Toronado x PhosphorescenceB: Luke Oliver Racing$100,000
490 Colt - Sacred Falls x LowlandB: T Pike$100,000
454 Filly - So You Think x Keeping ScoreB: Ledger Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
263 Filly - Lettie Lutz by StratumB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd / Bluegrass Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$95,000
157 Colt - Savabeel x Natural RhythmB: A Purcell$50,000
189 Colt - Whiskey Boss by Street BossB: M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd$50,000
272 Filly - Ocean Park x BirdB: Merrynvale Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$50,000
230 Colt - Dissident x AkageraB: Cloud 9 Thoroughbreds$40,000
275 Filly - Bless Her by Street BossB: TD Wilson$40,000
(+) Merrivale Farm, Gooram3$410,000$136,667Full Sale Details
 285 Filly - Zoustar x CadenziaB: Jason Warren Racing Stables Pty Ltd$220,000
 534 Colt - Zoustar x MorwellB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock / Ford Thoroughbreds$120,000
 538 Colt - Written Tycoon x My DonnatellaB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock / Ford Thoroughbreds$70,000
(+) Merton Creek Thoroughbreds, Merton1$80,000$80,000Full Sale Details
315 Filly - Choisir x Corton CharlemagneB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$80,000
(+) Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA11$1,690,000$153,636Full Sale Details
528 Colt - Snitzel x Miss With AttitudeB: Darren Weir Racing / John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd$450,000
26 Colt - Zoustar x Ravenous LassB: China Horse Club Racing Pty Ltd$340,000
498 Colt - Sebring x Madame FlurryB: Kennewell Racing Pty Ltd$210,000
24 Colt - Dawn Passage by Dawn ApproachB: A Bott / G Waterhouse / Blue Sky Bloodstock P/L (FBAA)$150,000
120 Colt - Rebel Raider x Queen's KissB: L M & P J Macdonald Pty Ltd$110,000
355 Colt - Shamus Award x Eagles DestinyB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $90,000
458 Colt - Dalasan by DalakhaniB: L M & P J Macdonald Pty Ltd$80,000
519 Filly - More Than Ready x Miss OttoB: Boom Racing Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd / Gollan Racing$75,000
152 Colt - Reset x Magic MiladyB: JJ Gordon Bloodstock Consultants (FBAA) / N Ryan Racing$75,000
282 Colt - Helmet x Buckle My ShoeB: JM Bloodstock$65,000
476 Filly - Crowned Lizzie by Hallowed CrownB: DJ Bowman Racing$45,000
(+) Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie8$1,055,000$131,875Full Sale Details
343 Filly - So You Think x DezignB: Randwick Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA)$270,000
402 Colt - Toronado x Gem of GemsB: M Man$200,000
459 Colt - Hostage Of War by EpauletteB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd / Darren Weir Racing$150,000
243 Filly - Score by Written TycoonB: John Sadler Training Services Pty Ltd$130,000
299 Colt - So You Think x ChampagneB: First Light Racing / M Payne / P Willetts$120,000
162 Colt - Toronado x StealapipeB: Laurel Oak Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$70,000
554 Colt - Reset x Oh SusannahB: P L Bloodstock$65,000
110 Filly - Monteil by More Than ReadyB: Robert Price Racing$50,000
(+) Moorookyle Park, Smeaton4$405,000$101,250Full Sale Details
66 Colt - Written Tycoon x ScottattitudeB: Michael Hickmott Bloodstock$120,000
161 Colt - Malibu Moon x Stars to ShineB: Worldwide Bloodstock$110,000
324 Colt - Toronado x Current AffairB: Luke Oliver Racing$90,000
212 Colt - Written Tycoon x We BelongB: Kiltannon Stables Ltd$85,000
(+) Musk Creek Farm, Flinders9$930,000$103,333Full Sale Details
262 Colt - Bilbao by Written TycoonB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$240,000
414 Colt - Toronado x Happy EmpressB: Craig Carmody Racing Stables$150,000
412 Colt - Wandjina x GuelderB: Agile Thoroughbreds$140,000
453 Filly - Pierro x Keep de RoseB: J Blacker$100,000
537 Colt - Dissident x MumtaazahB: Lohan Equine / M C Tam$70,000
169 Filly - Brazen Beau x SublimityB: Malua Racing / C Decorsey$70,000
270 Filly - Stratessa by StratumB: Henry Dwyer Racing$70,000
399 Filly - Toronado x FustaanB: Northwood$50,000
482 Filly - Written Tycoon x LiaisonsB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$40,000
(+) Noorilim Park, Arcadia5$390,000$78,000Full Sale Details
450 Colt - All Too Hard x Kamarla RoseB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $100,000
491 Colt - Brazen Beau x LucidaB: Harvet Thoroughbreds$90,000
133 Colt - Confusion by So You ThinkB: MJ Williams Thoroughbred Training / Sheamus Mills Bloodstock (FBAA)$70,000
225 Colt - Mahogany Bay by Dream AheadB: Paul Perry Horse Training Pty Ltd$70,000
545 Filly - Piccadilly Street by Street BossB: S Wilde$60,000
(+) Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa5$337,000$67,400Full Sale Details
173 Colt - Dundeel x Swan RiverB: Pride Racing Pty Ltd$120,000
511 Colt - Tavistock x Millenium StarB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$105,000
400 Colt - Adelaide x GailB: Melbourne Bloodstock$60,000
411 Filly - Hampton Court x Gripsholm CastleB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$40,000
416 Colt - Hallowed Crown x Helluva PartyB: Ezybonds No. 1 Syndicate$12,000
(+) Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ4$410,000$102,500Full Sale Details
465 Colt - Win Easy by HinchinbrookB: O'Gorman Racing Pty Ltd$110,000
468 Colt - Proisir x Lady GraceB: P Payne$100,000
496 Colt - Super Easy x LycmeB: Pride Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
150 Colt - Tavistock x Layla RoseB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$100,000
(+) Rangal Park Stud, Euroa2$160,000$80,000Full Sale Details
 78 Colt - Danerich x Seven Year ItchB: Henry Dwyer Racing / Randwick Bloodstock Agency P/L (FBAA)$100,000
 396 Colt - Choisir x French TangB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd$60,000
(+) Riversdale, Scone, NSW1$80,000$80,000Full Sale Details
478 Filly - Deep Field x LawmakerB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd$80,000
(+) Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre19$2,096,000$110,316Full Sale Details
550 Filly - Invincible Lotus by I Am InvincibleB: Cloud 9 Thoroughbreds$400,000
312 Colt - Order Of Valour by WandjinaB: Henry Dwyer Racing$220,000
111 Colt - Destinato by DissidentB: Triple Crown Syndications$150,000
132 Colt - Savabeel x SwanseaB: First Light Racing / P Willetts$150,000
23 Colt - Starspangledbanner x RahveelB: Bahen Bloodstock$145,000
408 Colt - Rubick x Golden PedigreeB: Cloud 9 Thoroughbreds$130,000
164 Colt - Snowfire by Star WitnessB: Hawkes Racing$120,000
313 Filly - Dissident x Cool SheetsB: A Ottobre$120,000
68 Filly - Starspangledbanner x Sean Baile MorB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$100,000
440 Filly - Dissident x Jesse's DreamB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$100,000
27 Colt - Starspangledbanner x RecentlyB: M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd$80,000
49 Filly - Sebring x Rosemont FlyerB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$80,000
85 Filly - Smart Missile x She's PretentiousB: Mick Huglin Racing$60,000
479 Filly - Strapping Conquest by More Than ReadyB: Ferguson Bloodstock$50,000
447 Colt - Goldenrod by StarspangledbannerB: Brian McGrath Racing$50,000
38 Colt - Starcraft x River ExpressB: K Harris$50,000
351 Filly - Ocean Park x Due DiligenceB: Dream Thoroughbreds / Bluegrass Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA) / Freedman Racing$36,000
510 Filly - Starspangledbanner x MileyB: R Holleran$30,000
543 Filly - Starspangledbanner x My Secret LuvB: Grand Syndicates Victoria$25,000
(+) Rushton Park, Tatura13$1,255,000$96,538Full Sale Details
470 Filly - Avon River by Fastnet RockB: Godolphin Australia Pty Ltd$500,000
336 Filly - Written Tycoon x DeleganceB: Alexander Racing / McKeever Bloodstock$115,000
442 Filly - Brazenpine by Brazen BeauB: Triple Crown Syndications$110,000
112 Colt - Al Maher x Sovereign MissB: Boomer Bloodstock (FBAA) / L Smith$90,000
432 Filly - Sacred Thoughts by Sacred FallsB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$80,000
158 Colt - Maserartie Bay by Artie SchillerB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$60,000
 493 Colt - Glock by Shooting to WinB: Nolen Racing$60,000
461 Colt - Epaulette x Kirra SandB: John Hyam Racing / Cameron Cooke Bloodstock$50,000
331 Filly - Zousonic by ZoustarB: D Lewis$50,000
407 Colt - Red Lion by Written TycoonB: B Cain$45,000
 219 Filly - Epaulette x ZakuroB: John Hyam Racing / Cameron Cooke Bloodstock$40,000
 172 Colt - Bad Moon Rising by Into MischiefB: J Hickmott$30,000
90 Colt - Reset x ShylightB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$25,000
(+) Shadowbrook Bloodstock, Cannons Creek2$430,000$215,000Full Sale Details
350 Filly - Written In Roses by Written TycoonB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$250,000
278 Filly - Miss Madonna by ZoustarB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$180,000
(+) Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW12$1,117,000$93,083Full Sale Details
50 Colt - Sebring x RosslagoB: S Baertschiger$210,000
348 Colt - Meteorite by Deep FieldB: Suman Hedge Bloodstock / McEvoy Mitchell Racing$190,000
557 Filly - Stardayz by ZoustarB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$150,000
214 Colt - From The Navy by HinchinbrookB: S Baertschiger$120,000
455 Colt - Ring Of Honour by TavistockB: Lindsay Park Racing$90,000
10 Colt - Flinders by AdelaideB: Star Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$80,000
422 Colt - Sizzling x HollywellB: Nolen Racing$65,000
365 Filly - Encostar Glory by Olympic GloryB: Paul Perry Horse Training Pty Ltd$60,000
521 Filly - Charm Spirit x Miss PelearB: Boomer Bloodstock (FBAA)$50,000
540 Filly - Island Countess by HinchinbrookB: Wylie Dalziel Racing / P Moody$42,000
181 Filly - Deep Field x TabliopeB: JM Bloodstock$40,000
445 Filly - Silent Act by Smart MissileB: B Watkins$20,000
(+) Springmount, Romsey11$1,170,000$106,364Full Sale Details
289 Filly - Shih Tzou by ZoustarB: MC Kent Racing Stables Pty Ltd / D Farrington$240,000
131 Colt - So You Think x StregaB: Lindsay Park Racing$200,000
99 Filly - Brazen Beau x Sistine PrincessB: Ontrack Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$150,000
174 Filly - Swift Serenity by EpauletteB: Lindsay Park Racing$100,000
530 Colt - Reward for Effort x Montana HiltonB: Price Bloodstock Management Ltd$100,000
128 Colt - Rising Archie by Dawn ApproachB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd / Darren Weir Racing$90,000
506 Colt - Your Song x MelodramaticB: Lindsay Park Racing$80,000
501 Colt - Reddisun by More Than ReadyB: Milluna Bloodstock Pty Ltd$70,000
53 Filly - Callme Miss Maisie by Street BossB: S Leoni / Jason Warren Racing$50,000
435 Colt - Verrazano x Irish EditionB: Salanitri Racing$50,000
294 Filly - Hallowed Crown x CasigrisB: F & M Edwards$40,000
(+) Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington6$445,000$74,167Full Sale Details
233 Colt - Dissident x AlessandraB: Upper Bloodstock$110,000
562 Filly - Oaksastar by ZoustarB: Triple Crown Syndications$90,000
84 Colt - Number One Star by Star WitnessB: Alexander Racing / McKeever Bloodstock$80,000
245 Colt - Steel Pier by PierroB: Boom Racing Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd / Gollan Racing$65,000
357 Filly - Sigrid by Brazen BeauB: P Cox$60,000
129 Colt - Reset x Sister EarthB: T Luke / Busutin Racing$40,000
(+) Sun Stud, Kerrie16$1,390,000$86,875Full Sale Details
31 Colt - Magnus x Rego's GirlB: F & M Edwards$160,000
385 Filly - Tapit x Fee Fi Fo FumB: D Koh$150,000
236 Colt - Tapit x Amature's PrizeB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$140,000
485 Filly - Magnus x Little ArtistB: J Williams$125,000
207 Filly - Backpedal by ToronadoB: Sheamus Mills Bloodstock (FBAA)/ Andrew Noblet Racing$120,000
92 Colt - Fighting Sun x SignoretB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$115,000
227 Colt - Fastnet Rock x AffairoftheheartB: G Johnstone$90,000
185 Filly - Paraphernalia by Redoute's ChoiceB: Dermot Farrington Bloodstock/ Michael Kent Jnr$80,000
171 Colt - Judicator by Fighting SunB: D Farrington$70,000
317 Colt - Bel Esprit x Costa MesaB: JM Bloodstock$70,000
337 Colt - Menzel by MagnusB: M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd$60,000
34 Filly - Zoffany x ResplendentB: Griffiths Racing / CB Bloodstock$60,000
249 Filly - Grey Mink by LonhroB: Redgum Racing Pty Ltd$55,000
259 Filly - The Wow Signal x BanderillaB: Spicer Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$50,000
105 Colt - Fighting Sun x Social GlowB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $25,000
384 Filly - More Than Ready x FastbackB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$20,000
(+) Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey26$3,650,000$140,385Full Sale Details
300 Colt - Rubic Honour by RubickB: G Ryan$420,000
63 Colt - Oslo by PierroB: James Harron Bloodstock Pty Ltd$400,000
346 Colt - Written Tycoon x Dowager PrincessB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd$250,000
398 Colt - Magnetism by MagnusB: Lindsay Park Racing$240,000
311 Filly - Akashinga by ZoffanyB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock / Mt Hallowell$180,000
235 Colt - Sacramento by PierroB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$160,000
100 Filly - Seatonic by SebringB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock / De Burgh Equine$150,000
94 Colt - Sebsilk by SebringB: Jason Warren Racing Stables Pty Ltd$150,000
325 Colt - Rebel Typhoon by DissidentB: Ellerton Zahra Racing$120,000
393 Colt - Smart Missile x FramboiseB: Lyndhurst Farm / Sweetbriar$120,000
489 Colt - Magnus x Love's HereB: W Hunter$120,000
115 Filly - Written Tycoon x SpurnB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$115,000
389 Filly - Flostar by ZoustarB: McDonald Racing$110,000
40 Filly - Dissident x Rock RobsterB: Blueblood Thoroughbreds (Australia) Pty Ltd$110,000
135 Colt - So You Think x Bella PrincessB: Bluegrass Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA) / Eden Racing$100,000
36 Filly - Written Tycoon x Rhythmic RossaB: S Cameron$100,000
267 Filly - Fastnet Rock x BelleluiaB: Jane Baker Racing Stables$100,000
218 Colt - Charm Spirit x Z' HonorB: Henry Dwyer Racing$100,000
140 Colt - Reset x ChevaleresseB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd$90,000
444 Filly - Judgement by StarspangledbannerB: Lindsay Park Racing$90,000
304 Filly - Gloraya by Olympic GloryB: Paul Perry Horse Training Pty Ltd$85,000
499 Colt - Foxwedge x MagnesicB: W Hunter$80,000
62 Filly - Caledonia by Redoute's ChoiceB: J Edwards $75,000
198 Colt - Reward for Effort x Tulla ExpressB: Price Bloodstock Management Ltd$75,000
345 Colt - Helmet x DorkyB: S Baertschiger$60,000
520 Colt - Reward for Effort x Miss OutstandingB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd / Darren Weir Racing$50,000
(+) Swettenham Stud, Nagambie14$1,570,000$112,143Full Sale Details
98 Colt - Exceed Rock by Exceed and ExcelB: M G Price Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd$280,000
269 Colt - Forbidden Palace by Not a Single DoubtB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$250,000
368 Colt - True Serendipity by ToronadoB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$160,000
480 Filly - Indiscretion by SebringB: Wylie Dalziel Racing / P Moody$155,000
430 Colt - Prince Of Sussex by ToronadoB: Carringbush Park Pty Ltd$145,000
494 Colt - Sweeping The Board by ToronadoB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$95,000
305 Colt - Toronado x Circus PolkaB: Woburn Farm$80,000
420 Colt - Toronado x Hidden EnergyB: G Mahomed$80,000
418 Colt - The Wow Signal x Here de PrincessB: P L Bloodstock$75,000
548 Filly - Intellective by ToronadoB: MJ Williams Thoroughbred Training / Sheamus Mills Bloodstock (FBAA)$70,000
309 Colt - Toronado x ClorindaB: Proven Thoroughbreds / Pride Racing Pty Ltd$50,000
8 Filly - Toronado x Path of LoveB: Cameron Cooke Bloodstock/Wendy Kelly Racing$50,000
474 Colt - I'm On Break by ToronadoB: O'Gorman Racing Pty Ltd$45,000
526 Filly - Toronado x Miss Valley RoadB: Flemington Bloodstock$35,000
(+) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington11$838,000$76,182Full Sale Details
148 Colt - Dundeel x Killarney HeightsB: M Pilkington / McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$180,000
541 Colt - Via Capo by Street BossB: G M Begg Racing / Domain Thoroughbreds / Rohan J Hughes Thouroughbred Services$135,000
330 Filly - Written Tycoon x Das MachenB: Eden Racing Pty Ltd$120,000
224 Colt - Emthree by Deep FieldB: Highline Thoroughbreds / Ohukia Lodge$100,000
28 Filly - Dissident x Reckless AssassinB: E Jusufovic$80,000
196 Colt - Unencumbered x Trail of SecretsB: D Seldon$72,000
517 Colt - Zoustar x Miss KistlerB: Malua Bloodstock$50,000
388 Colt - All Too Hard x Flamingo DancerB: Smart Racing Stables Pty Ltd $30,000
536 Colt - Positive Tension by Written TycoonB: Flemington Bloodstock$30,000
563 Colt - Our Free Spirit by UnencumberedB: Tony Noonan Racing$26,000
549 Colt - Foxwedge x NoplacelikehomeB: Gippsland Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$15,000
(+) Two Bays Farm, Flinders11$1,472,000$133,818Full Sale Details
232 Colt - Kubrick by Shooting to WinB: Star Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$250,000
436 Filly - Class Act by Not a Single DoubtB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA) / Champion Thoroughbreds$220,000
303 Filly - I Am Eloquent by I Am InvincibleB: First Light Racing / Busuttin Racing / P Willetts $220,000
358 Colt - Lodestar by ZoustarB: Colin Little Racing Pty Ltd$140,000
469 Filly - Electrifying Lady by ZoustarB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$130,000
524 Filly - Zoustar x Miss SingoB: Proven Thoroughbreds / Alexander Racing$130,000
561 Filly - All Too Hard x Our Miss JonesB: MC Kent Racing Stables Pty Ltd$95,000
544 Colt - Eurozone x Mythical PlayB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$90,000
206 Colt - Snitzel x Viva ValariaB: J & I Bloodstock Ltd$80,000
242 Filly - Zoujea by ZoustarB: O'Brien Thoroughbreds (Aust) Pty Ltd$75,000
13 Filly - Stryker x PleatsB: GBT Thoroughbreds$42,000
(+) Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW9$1,060,000$117,778Full Sale Details
12 Filly - All Too Hard x PiacenzaB: Bahen Bloodstock$240,000
377 Colt - Mr Deadline by More Than ReadyB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd / Blue Sky Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$220,000
125 Colt - All Too Hard x Sacha RoyaleB: Upper Bloodstock$150,000
532 Colt - All Too Hard x More RadiantB: Upper Bloodstock$100,000
209 Filly - All Too Hard x Walk in the ParkB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock / D Eustace / De Burgh Equine$100,000
261 Filly - Lijiang by More Than ReadyB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$80,000
163 Filly - More Than Ready x StellamacB: Tricolours Racing & Syndications Pty Ltd$70,000
409 Colt - Husson x Golden StatueB: Upper Bloodstock$50,000
43 Filly - All Too Hard x Roman TreasureB: World Wide Bloodstock$50,000
(+) Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg3$280,000$93,333Full Sale Details
29 Filly - Zoustar x Red RaptureB: Slade Bloodstock Pty Ltd$110,000
462 Colt - Cheval De Frise by Reward for EffortB: Luke Oliver Racing$110,000
428 Filly - Cardice by Brazen BeauB: Colin Little Racing Pty Ltd$60,000
(+) Windsor Park Stud, Cambridge, NZ3$250,000$83,333Full Sale Details
221 Colt - Heirborn by Charm SpiritB: Bahen Bloodstock / Anthony Freedman Racing $125,000
326 Colt - Shamexpress x D.J. LightningB: O'Gorman Racing Pty Ltd$80,000
247 Filly - Cielo Stellato by Charm SpiritB: G Stellato$45,000
(+) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden26$4,150,000$159,615Full Sale Details
192 Filly - Atame by ZoustarB: R Anderson$320,000
555 Filly - Zoulah by ZoustarB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$320,000
177 Colt - Leo by I Am InvincibleB: James Harron Bloodstock Pty Ltd$260,000
19 Colt - Written Tycoon x PuppetryB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$230,000
15 Filly - Zoupino by ZoustarB: Kennewell Racing Pty Ltd / Group 1 Bloodstock$220,000
239 Colt - Zounami by ZoustarB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$220,000
257 Filly - Rowsthorn by Written TycoonB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$220,000
460 Colt - Written Tycoon x Kim ClassicB: R Yiu$200,000
199 Colt - Written Tycoon x UmgetonB: O'Brien Thoroughbreds (Aust) Pty Ltd$170,000
401 Filly - I Am Invincible x GeishaB: Shane Nichols Racing$160,000
553 Filly - Writeoff by Written TycoonB: Astute Bloodstock / Lindsay Park Racing$150,000
197 Colt - Written Tycoon x True EmotionsB: Shane Nichols Racing$150,000
354 Filly - Zoustar x Dutch RomanceB: Champion Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$150,000
101 Colt - Hinchinmose by HinchinbrookB: John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd / Darren Weir Racing$150,000
18 Filly - Written Tycoon x Puppet ShowB: L McGill$140,000
194 Colt - Zoustar x Too DiscreetB: Gai Waterhouse Racing / Bluesky Bloodstock (FBAA)/ Mount Hallowell Stud$140,000
410 Colt - Zende by Brazen BeauB: United Syndications$140,000
82 Filly - Rich Hips by Written TycoonB: First Light Racing / Busuttin Racing / P Willetts$130,000
441 Filly - Written Tycoon x Jive LadyB: Kennewell Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
417 Filly - My Bluewings by ZoustarB: Meagher Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
481 Filly - Written Tycoon x Leisure PassB: L McMaster$100,000
320 Colt - Mayan by NicconiB: McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
383 Colt - Wolf Whistle by The Wow SignalB: T O'Sullivan$80,000
415 Filly - La Chevalee by Written TycoonB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock$80,000
504 Colt - Stratum x MeekB: Paul Perry Horse Training Pty Ltd$65,000
266 Filly - Miss Tycoon by Written TycoonB: Parnhams Racing Stable$55,000
(+) Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW8$2,070,000$258,750Full Sale Details
552 Colt - Our Castaway by I Am InvincibleB: Blue Sky Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)$400,000
318 Colt - I Am A Hit by I Am InvincibleB: Dean Hawthorne Bloodstck (BAFNZ) / P Morgan$330,000
335 Filly - I Am Invincible x Defy the OddsB: Form Bloodstock$300,000
527 Colt - Snitzel x Miss VandalB: Gelagotis Racing / Bluegrass Bloodstock Pty Ltd (FBAA)/ Regal Bloodstock$300,000
151 Colt - The Borough by PierroB: Paul Perry Horse Training Pty Ltd$280,000
380 Filly - Oriental Lily by HinchinbrookB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$260,000
437 Colt - Smart Missile x IseemagicB: Triple Crown Syndications$120,000
45 Filly - Zoffany x Romany FlyerB: Ciaron Maher Bloodstock / P Moody / W Dalziel$80,000
(+) Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour4$226,000$56,500Full Sale Details
102 Filly - Toronado x SixtyfourB: Boomer Bloodstock (FBAA) / L Smith$70,000
328 Colt - So You Think x DallethB: P L Bloodstock$65,000
139 Colt - So You Think x Cassini ContestB: Waterford Bloodstock$65,000
79 Filly - Hampton Court x Shake it UpB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$26,000
(+) Yulong Park, Bayles1$280,000$280,000Full Sale Details
 378 Filly - Mightily by Not a Single DoubtB: Andrew Williams Bloodstock$280,000