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MM National Yearling Sale 2008

(+) Alanbar Lodge2$22,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 2342 Colt - Danasinga x Mucho DineroB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$15,000
 2457 Colt - Iglesia x Southern WaveB: PAUL ROCKE$7,000
(+) Almavale Bloodstock Pty Ltd3$19,000$6,333Full Sale Details
 2371 Colt - Street Master by Street CryB: JOHN ALFONSO$14,000
 2465 Filly - Dubai Destination x Spirit of a StarB: BAYANI COCHING$4,000
 2243 Colt - Stromberg Carlson x Glory Unto TheeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Ampulla Lodge1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 2247 Colt - Gold Jim by Made of GoldB: DAN O'DONNELL$12,000
(+) Ascot Racing Syndicate2$240,000$120,000Full Sale Details
 2181 Colt - Hussation by HussonetB: DAN MORTON$140,000
 2515 Filly - Googolplex by Tiger HillB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$100,000
(+) Bahloo Lodge1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 2237 Filly - Quest for Fame x Gaelic HonourB: FRED LEVERINK$5,000
(+) Bahrinna1$80,000$80,000Full Sale Details
 2345 Filly - Show a Heart x Myrtle BeachB: ALAN BAILEY$80,000
(+) Ballard1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 2437 Filly - Cariad by SequaloB: KEN TURNER$30,000
(+) Baramul Stud18$560,000$31,111Full Sale Details
 2102 Colt - PEYTON by Encosta de LagoB: GRAEME ROGERSON$200,000
 2483 Colt - Flying Gerry by General NediymB: GRAEME ROGERSON$100,000
 2464 Colt - Successful Spin by MossmanB: ASCOT BLOODSTOCK$45,000
 2458 Filly - Mosscedes by MossmanB: MICHAEL GERAGHTY$43,000
 2195 Colt - Blue Ali by DanasingaB: LES ROSS$25,000
 2256 Colt - King Cugat x Happy PlayB: STANLEY TAN$25,000
 2363 Colt - Eminent Roi by King CugatB: PAT DUFF$23,000
 2384 Colt - King Cugat x Polo LoungeB: GRAEME ROGERSON$23,000
 2390 Colt - SABRE JET by MossmanB: DAVID GARDINER$20,000
 2109 Colt - King Cugat x Abbey LadyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$11,000
 2302 Colt - King Cugat x LefkasB: WASHPOOL THOROUGHBREDS PTY LTD$10,000
 2333 Colt - Super Guru by King CugatB: TERRI RAE$10,000
 2424 Colt - King Cugat x SecretaireB: BARRY BUTLER$10,000
 2442 Filly - King Cugat x SingB: DING PANGILINAN$10,000
 2119 Colt - King Cugat x AmistosaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
 2138 Colt - King Cugat x Best PromiseB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
 2130 Filly - King Carlos by King CugatB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
 2528 Colt - Mossman x What Women WantB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Beechwood Stud1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 2534 Colt - Tiger Hill x Willow GoldB: WASHPOOL THOROUGHBREDS PTY LTD$22,000
(+) Booralie Stud1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 2271 Filly - Not a Single Doubt x Inner MagicB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
(+) Bridgeview Stud7$226,500$32,357Full Sale Details
 2212 Colt - Natai Beach by HussonetB: GEORGE MOORE BLOODSTOCK$180,000
 2521 Filly - Paper Tigress by Hold That TigerB: PAT DUFF$22,000
 2499 Colt - Silent Le Touch by UntouchableB: PAT DUFF$16,000
 2291 Colt - Over x Kuaka LadyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$3,000
 2399 Colt - No Change Please by GranderaB: GARY COLVIN$2,500
 2258 Colt - Dubai Destination x Hawaiian QueenB: ASCOT BLOODSTOCK$2,000
 2209 Filly - Over x EmeliaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Brooklyn Lodge4$159,000$39,750Full Sale Details
 2385 Filly - Fastnet Rock x PortraitB: SERENE LODGE$54,000
 2292 Colt - Brave The Way by FalbravB: BAILEY RACING AUSTRALIA$50,000
 2198 Colt - Rough Dance by DanzeroB: JAYVEN SEE$30,000
 2419 Filly - Jolie Dame by DehereB: C E CONNERS$25,000
(+) Brown Place1$6,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 2127 Colt - Bachelor Duke x Avenue of DreamsB: MICHAEL W OWEN$6,500
(+) Corella Stud1$70,000$70,000Full Sale Details
 2191 Colt - Falvelon x Daring MinstrelB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$70,000
(+) Donnybrook Bloodstock3$182,000$60,667Full Sale Details
 2388 Colt - Commands x PreviewB: DAN O'DONNELL$120,000
 2349 Colt - Nimmo by ResetB: GRAEME ROGERSON$42,000
 2325 Gelding - Money Flies by Secret SavingsB: GARY COLVIN$20,000
(+) Egmont Park Stud2$26,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 2423 Colt - Untouchable x SayonaraB: JAMIE BAYLISS$17,000
 2226 Colt - Lucky Owners x Festivale BayB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$9,000
(+) Eliza Park6$217,000$36,167Full Sale Details
 2383 Colt - Galimar by GalileoB: GRAEME ROGERSON$50,000
 2436 Filly - Mrs Smith by Dubai DestinationB: NEWMARC BLOODSTOCK PTY LTD$40,000
 2452 Colt - Fastnet Rock x SorrentoB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$40,000
 2346 Colt - Delago Brom x My Sweet PamelaB: E THOROUGHBREDS$36,000
 2415 Colt - The Vlahoose by AlannanB: JOHN BROCKLEBANK AS AGENT$26,000
 2213 Colt - Tecate by Encosta de LagoB: RUSSELL ROYLANCE$25,000
(+) Ellalong Farm3$118,000$39,333Full Sale Details
 2506 Colt - Chinese Logic by TobouggB: JASON WILLIAMS$60,000
 2471 Colt - Show a Heart x Stanton HillB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$40,000
 2151 Filly - Footstepsinthesand x Brocco to BlameB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$18,000
(+) Emerald Thoroughbreds12$300,500$25,042Full Sale Details
 2472 Filly - Starspun by Encosta de LagoB: ANDREW RAMSEY$80,000
 2426 Filly - Lady Selene by SavabeelB: BRYAN GUY$40,000
 2416 Filly - Rock of Gibraltar x Russian FlairB: WILLIAM KAJEWSKI$30,000
 2386 Colt - Barredo by ReenactB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA$25,000
 2512 Filly - Our Serena by Fantastic LightB: PAT CAREY$24,000
 2287 Filly - Tarmist by TaimazovB: WADHAM PARK BLOODSTOCK PTY LTD$22,000
 2308 Colt - Bel Esprit x Los AngelesB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$20,000
 2115 Colt - Rhythm x AloisaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$20,000
 2121 Filly - Talktoanangel by FootstepsinthesandB: DAREN J SMITH$20,000
 2132 Filly - Dream Of Jeannie by Lucky OwnersB: P & T VIGOUROUX RACING$9,000
 2380 Colt - Zeditave Plus by ZeditaveB: WILLIAM KAJEWSKI$8,000
 2466 Filly - Theatricalshowgirl by Pure TheatreB: MARK M DUNBAR$2,500
(+) Emirates Park Pty Ltd7$110,000$15,714Full Sale Details
 2520 Filly - Cash Reserve by Secret SavingsB: ROGERSON BLOODSTOCK$30,000
 2410 Filly - Fantastic Light x RoadrunnerB: SERENE LODGE$22,000
 2347 Colt - Czarwho by Charge ForwardB: PETER STRONG$21,000
 2225 Filly - Secret Circus by Secret SavingsB: LORNA ROBERTS$20,000
 2522 Filly - Secret Savings x VistarenaB: PAUL JOHN & JENNIFER MAREE O'L$8,500
 2505 Filly - Beautiful Crown x Tropical SplendourB: SERENE LODGE$7,000
 2524 Colt - Denon x Watch 'n' WinB: KENMORE LODGE$1,500
(+) Esker Lodge2$26,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 2320 Filly - I Get That A Lot by UstinovB: PAUL ROCKE$20,000
 2402 Colt - Handsome Playboy by Handsome RansomB: MICHAEL FLANIGAN$6,000
(+) Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 2148 Filly - Often Wrong by PiccoloB: SERENE LODGE$14,000
(+) Evergreen Stud Farm2$100,000$50,000Full Sale Details
 2238 Colt - Certino by Not a Single DoubtB: BLUE SKY THOROUGHBREDS$80,000
 2439 Filly - King Charlemagne x ShoweryB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$20,000
(+) Glen Avon Lodge1$13,500$13,500Full Sale Details
 2392 Colt - Markane x Prospect LadyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$13,500
(+) Glenlogan Park9$278,000$30,889Full Sale Details
 2234 Filly - Hyacinths'n'honey by Show a HeartB: HELEN PAGE$57,500
 2134 Filly - Raewyn Coup by MossmanB: COUPLAND/PITMAN$50,000
 2261 Filly - Show a Heart x HeptathlonB: SERENE LODGE$37,500
 2413 Colt - Star Show by Show a HeartB: BARRY MILLER$36,000
 2155 Colt - Falvelon x CaesarsB: JIM JONES$35,000
 2176 Filly - Surpasser by FalvelonB: ACTION THOROUGHBREDS PTY LTD$32,500
 2106 Colt - Mossman Blitz by MossmanB: K & G DOUGHTY$25,000
 2136 Colt - Sassafras Boy by Show a HeartB: MARYANNE BROSNAN$3,000
 2328 Colt - He's Trouble by FalvelonB: NEIL STRONG$1,500
(+) Gunnawyn Park1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 2227 Filly - Piccolo x Festive FlightB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Guntawang Stud4$40,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 2405 Filly - Key Of The Nile by UntouchableB: JOHNSTON HOULAHAN BLOODSTOCK$25,000
 2467 Colt - Untouchable x SpritzerB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$5,500
 2537 Filly - Johannesburg x WoodlandB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$5,500
 2116 Colt - Untouchable x Alpine RiverB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$4,000
(+) Hill Haven1$42,000$42,000Full Sale Details
 2334 Colt - Onetimeatbandcamp by Fastnet RockB: SERENE LODGE$42,000
(+) Ilala Stud2$69,500$34,750Full Sale Details
 2188 Filly - Dancing Duo by AmalfiB: BRYAN GUY$65,000
 2454 Colt - Mister Webster by Mull of KintyreB: REBECCA NAIRN$4,500
(+) Ironbark Ridge Thoroughbreds1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 2495 Filly - Pinned by PinsB: SERENE LODGE$30,000
(+) Jonel Park Thoroughbred P/L1$29,000$29,000Full Sale Details
 2290 Colt - Dancing Royal by Spinning WorldB: ASCOT BLOODSTOCK$29,000
(+) Kilto Park2$63,000$31,500Full Sale Details
 2389 Colt - Captain Clayton by DanbirdB: PAUL WILLETTS$62,000
 2427 Colt - Brief Truce x SentimentB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Kingdale Lodge3$69,000$23,000Full Sale Details
 2351 Colt - La Tar Lad by LatarmissB: AQUANITA RACING P/L$50,000
 2529 Filly - Creme Latte by LatarmissB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 2463 Filly - Lorrie's Favorite by LatarmissB: RON MAUND$7,000
(+) Kitchwin Hills3$385,000$128,333Full Sale Details
 2769 Filly - Benaura Girl by More Than ReadyB: SERENE LODGE$200,000
 2282 Filly - KARDASHIAN by Dubai DestinationB: SERENE LODGE$130,000
 2310 Colt - Exceed and Excel x Love DanceB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$55,000
(+) Latcham1$33,000$33,000Full Sale Details
 2486 Filly - Show a Heart x Surfie ChickB: MICHAEL FLANNERY BLOODSTOCK AG$33,000
(+) Lyndhurst Stud Farm5$156,000$31,200Full Sale Details
 2535 Colt - Whiskey Blues by SequaloB: EDWARD HARTMAN$37,000
 2189 Colt - Coastal by GalileoB: GRAEME ROGERSON$35,000
 2485 Colt - Sequastaire by SequaloB: BRUCE HILL$32,000
 2122 Filly - Catbird x AnnunakiB: CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK SERVICES$30,000
 2401 Filly - Sistagirl by SequaloB: JOHN BROCKLEBANK AS AGENT$22,000
(+) Makauskas2$39,000$19,500Full Sale Details
 2178 Filly - General Power by General NediymB: CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK SERVICES$20,000
 2482 Filly - Rare Subject by Red RansomB: KIRKHAM BLOODSTOCK$19,000
(+) Millbrook2$67,500$33,750Full Sale Details
 2305 Colt - Lillianne's Choice by ChoisirB: CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK SERVICES$52,500
 2396 Colt - Doubly Clear by DubleoB: SHANE MCLEISH$15,000
(+) Misty Downs Stud1$23,000$23,000Full Sale Details
 2311 Filly - Veiss by ResetB: GRAEME J MCCULLOCH$23,000
(+) Mountain View Park3$51,000$17,000Full Sale Details
 2531 Filly - Danehill Dancer x Whole Lotta RosieB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$21,000
 2431 Filly - Second Attempt by Secret SavingsB: PAT DUFF$20,000
 2285 Filly - Rock of Gibraltar x Kentucky VentureB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
(+) Noralla Stud1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 2170 Filly - Our Rossi by Honours ListB: ROSS STITT$5,000
(+) Oaklands Stud7$57,000$8,143Full Sale Details
 2364 Filly - Surge Draw by CommandsB: LAUREL OAK BLOODSTOCK$36,000
 2196 Colt - So Definite by IglesiaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$11,000
 2309 Colt - Alannan x Love a GrangeB: BAYANI COCHING$2,500
 2493 Colt - Pure Theatre x Tasha's CougarB: FRANK HUTTON$2,000
 2420 Filly - Vaudeville by Pure TheatreB: K & G DOUGHTY$2,000
 2220 Filly - Cuban by IglesiaB: GRAHAM HENDERSON & CO.$2,000
 2307 Colt - Tsuimai x Little Bit NastyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
(+) Oakwood Farm7$182,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 2538 Colt - Awry by DanzeroB: LUKE WILKINSON$50,000
 2441 Colt - Danehill Dancer x Sidereal TimeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$45,000
 2443 Filly - Lightning Jo by JohannesburgB: ROBERT MANWARING$40,000
 2141 Colt - Fusaichi Pegasus x Bit of a RideB: STANLEY TAN$26,000
 2375 Colt - Charge Forward x PennatusB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2207 Colt - Hold That Tiger x EasybeatsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2480 Filly - Pure Theatre x Street SmartB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Old Crossing2$30,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 2129 Filly - Lion Heart x Ayu AlightB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$20,000
 2273 Colt - Dubai Destination x Irish CompanyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
(+) Palmaday Stud4$27,500$6,875Full Sale Details
 2438 Colt - Nail 'em by MedecisB: PAT DUFF$11,000
 2360 Filly - Medecis x ObeliahB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2223 Colt - Lucky Owners x Fashion CourtB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$5,000
 2210 Colt - Iglesia x EmergedB: GRAHAM HENDERSON & CO.$1,500
(+) Panoramic Park2$7,000$3,500Full Sale Details
 2251 Colt - Umatilla x Grande MondeB: JOHN BROCKLEBANK AS AGENT$6,000
 2169 Filly - Okawango x Cheeky LadyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Racetree6$175,500$29,250Full Sale Details
 2491 Colt - Big Cat Drummer by Lion HeartB: F W MITCHELL$80,000
 2449 Colt - Peak Performance by IglesiaB: LAURISTON THOROUGHBRED FARM$36,000
 2429 Colt - Brigadier by General NediymB: ALAN SCORSE$32,500
 2180 Colt - Iglesia x ClosureB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2358 Colt - Make 'n' Model by Testa RossaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2171 Filly - Emeald by Refuse to BendB: GERALD RYAN$7,000
(+) Raheen Stud10$262,000$26,200Full Sale Details
 2233 Filly - Al Maher x FrangipaniB: DYNAMIC SYNDICATIONS$55,000
 2330 Colt - Commands x Mine CounterB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$40,000
 2425 Filly - She's Inspired by Show a HeartB: BRYAN GUY$36,000
 2459 Colt - Canny Lad x Sovereign RoadB: VIN COX BLOODSTOCK PTY LTD$32,000
 2166 Colt - Shovhog x Champagne GoldB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$30,000
 2382 Colt - Zeditave x Point PeleeB: LOU MENETTI$30,000
 2124 Filly - Poised For Success by SequaloB: RAMSEY PASTORAL COMPANY P/L$17,000
 2275 Colt - Shovhog x Jazz LassB: ROSS STITT$10,000
 2260 Colt - Mr Tracey by ShovhogB: WILLIAM BAKER$7,000
 2193 Filly - Daugo Shovhog by ShovhogB: DING PANGILINAN$5,000
(+) Rothwell Park3$81,000$27,000Full Sale Details
 2194 Colt - Villiers by ResetB: GRAEME ROGERSON$61,000
 2144 Colt - Bonset by ResetB: GRAEME ROGERSON$16,000
 2350 Filly - Untouchable x NettedB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$4,000
(+) Sarsfield Thoroughbreds3$13,000$4,333Full Sale Details
 2369 Colt - Belong to Me x Our Royal DaughterB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$6,000
 2341 Filly - Double Honour by Honours ListB: P C & P A RICHARDSON$4,500
 2508 Filly - Intergaze x TurnersvilleB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$2,500
(+) Sefton Park Stud1$200,000$200,000Full Sale Details
 2140 Filly - Escalotte by Encosta de LagoB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$200,000
(+) Segenhoe Stud3$104,500$34,833Full Sale Details
 2321 Colt - Exceed All Limits by Exceed and ExcelB: WARAGAP HOLDINGS PTY LTD$75,000
 2460 Colt - Fusaichi Pegasus x SpecialityB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$23,000
 2276 Filly - Just Gabby by Lucky OwnersB: DAVID WALLACE$6,500
(+) Southern Cross Breeders1$335,000$335,000Full Sale Details
 2497 Filly - Miss Macarthur by Encosta de LagoB: SERENE LODGE$335,000
(+) Stud Consultants Pty Ltd6$359,000$59,833Full Sale Details
 2187 Colt - Fastnet Rock x CurvaceousB: LAIRD RACING STABLE$200,000
 2216 Colt - Itimio by Flying SpurB: OTI RACING$80,000
 2324 Filly - Feel The Venom by HussonetB: CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK SERVICES$41,000
 2313 Filly - Royal Academy x Madame GiovanniB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$18,000
 2117 Colt - Charge Forward x AmaroccoB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2404 Colt - Troop by Flying SpurB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
(+) Summerset Park Stud3$86,000$28,667Full Sale Details
 2267 Filly - Pika by Rock of GibraltarB: MCLACHLAN PLACE RACING STABLES$60,000
 2444 Colt - Highly Explosive by DelzaoB: CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK SERVICES$14,000
 2532 Filly - Not a Single Doubt x Who's That GirlB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
(+) Swettenham Stud8$229,000$28,625Full Sale Details
 2367 Colt - Casamiro by Encosta de LagoB: TRENT BUSUTTIN$54,000
 2150 Filly - Sheisamadoozy by CommandsB: BRUCE HILL$52,500
 2118 Filly - Nymphe by Fusaichi PegasusB: NORTHWOOD PARK$27,500
 2474 Colt - Auzonnet by Tale of the CatB: PAT CAREY$25,000
 2250 Colt - Fastnet Rock x Gourmet de MarsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$24,000
 2496 Filly - Princess Elkie by Royal AcademyB: MANE LODGE$20,000
 2204 Colt - Elusive Quality x Drama of LifeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$17,000
 2231 Colt - Shamardal x For Ever a DayB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$9,000
(+) Tamac Stud Farm1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 2236 Colt - Kingcup by FalvelonB: ROGER DAVIS & SUSIE YIP$30,000
(+) Trevannah3$51,000$17,000Full Sale Details
 2353 Colt - Pound Foolish by GalileoB: PAUL WILLETTS$31,000
 2359 Colt - Halo Homewrecker x Oamaru TownB: MAGUS EQUINE LIMITED$15,000
 2283 Filly - Halo Homewrecker x Karla KeysB: SERENE LODGE$5,000
(+) Turangga Farm5$61,500$12,300Full Sale Details
 2295 Colt - Man Of Oar by OarsmanB: ALAN BAILEY$25,000
 2312 Filly - Bianconi x LyoniaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$17,000
 2368 Filly - Miss Rio by Charge ForwardB: ACTION THOROUGHBREDS PTY LTD$15,000
 2411 Colt - Intergaze x RollinthedoughB: WILLIAM KAJEWSKI$3,000
 2284 Filly - Halo Ren by Halo HomewreckerB: GEOFFREY ALLIS$1,500
(+) Warrandale Stud2$14,500$7,250Full Sale Details
 2771 Colt - Choisir x Momentous RideB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 2770 Filly - Cadillac Queen by FalvelonB: PAUL JOHN & JENNIFER MAREE O'L$2,500
(+) Wattle Brae Stud7$54,000$7,714Full Sale Details
 2297 Filly - Totally Resolved by Not a Single DoubtB: REBECCA NAIRN$25,000
 2523 Colt - Taimazov x WatchB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 2398 Filly - SINERJI by Cape CrossB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 2158 Colt - Royal Academy x CambiataB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$2,500
 2492 Filly - Disco Reveller by Easy RockingB: MICHAEL INGRAM$2,000
 2286 Filly - Viscount x KhaliliaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
 2173 Filly - Joyeux Danseur x Christmas LadyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Waylon J Stud1$24,000$24,000Full Sale Details
 2450 Colt - Esprit Soleil by Bel EspritB: M J & D J EVANS$24,000
(+) Widden Stud9$336,500$37,389Full Sale Details
 2104 Colt - More Than Ready x ZedagalB: LAIRD RACING STABLE$120,000
 2244 Colt - Sonofthewest by Invincible SpiritB: JOHN FOOTE BLOODSTOCK$75,000
 2192 Colt - Dab Touch by UntouchableB: HEINRICH CONSTRUCTION$36,000
 2490 Colt - Peter's Prospect by Halo HomewreckerB: BEDE MURRAY$34,000
 2217 Colt - Exceed and Excel x ExactB: TRENT BUSUTTIN$26,000
 2378 Colt - Molong Road by MossmanB: DARRELL IBLE BLOODSTOCK & RACI$22,000
 2428 Colt - Danzero x Shady OaksB: PETER STRONG$12,000
 2514 Colt - Invincible Spirit x UlteriorB: SYMPHONY LODGE$10,000
 2200 Filly - Douceur De Vivre by UntouchableB: SHANE MCLEISH$1,500
(+) Willowbend Stud1$1,500$1,500Full Sale Details
 2340 Filly - Monashee Mountain x Mrs. MoppsB: RON MAUND$1,500
(+) Wimmera Park2$30,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 2487 Filly - Choisir x Sweet EmotionB: SERENE LODGE$26,000
 2159 Colt - Street Cry x Can She RuleB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$4,000
(+) Wise21$433,000$20,619Full Sale Details
 2162 Colt - General Purple by General NediymB: DAREN J SMITH$75,000
 2370 Filly - Loistaa by Exceed and ExcelB: GRAEME ROGERSON$51,000
 2477 Colt - Speedometer by ChoisirB: ACTION THOROUGHBREDS PTY LTD$33,000
 2301 Filly - Pins x Laura BakerB: MICHAEL PITMAN$29,000
 2448 Filly - Galileo x SnippenitaB: BARRY CONDON$25,000
 2253 Filly - La Vie Esprit by Bel EspritB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$24,000
 2406 Colt - Spinada by Spinning WorldB: WINGATE ENT. P/L$24,000
 2185 Filly - Sequaboomwa by SequaloB: K M SCHWEIDA$24,000
 2374 Colt - Hawk Wing x Pekan FlightB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$22,000
 2108 Colt - Zulu Ryesing by Catcher in the RyeB: DYNAMIC SYNDICATIONS$22,000
 2262 Colt - Footstepsinthesand x Hit and RunB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$22,000
 2257 Filly - Lion Heart x HaulreneeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$19,500
 2126 Colt - Tiger Hill x Ausbred LassB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$13,000
 2224 Filly - Showreel by Show a HeartB: STARLIGHT THOROUGHBREDS$13,000
 2355 Colt - Kempinsky x No Can BooB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 2327 Colt - Wildcard Billy by RubitonB: K & G DOUGHTY$9,500
 2456 Colt - Iglesia x Southern SalB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$8,000
 2269 Colt - Iglesia x Ideal OptionB: DING PANGILINAN$3,000
 2263 Filly - Yoo Hoo by StrategicB: GEOFFREY ALLIS$1,500
 2397 Colt - Hawksong by Hawk WingB: SHANE MCLEISH$1,500
 2315 Filly - Danasinga x MaflightB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
(+) Woodlands Stud2$49,000$24,500Full Sale Details
 2179 Filly - Our Daughters by CommandsB: SERENE LODGE$35,000
 2489 Filly - Countess Quick by ViscountB: PAT DUFF$14,000
(+) Yarraman Park Stud7$559,000$79,857Full Sale Details
 2509 Filly - Supreme Flight by ZabeelB: SERENE LODGE$150,000
 2197 Colt - Rock of Gibraltar x Desert EndB: DAN O'DONNELL$120,000
 2338 Colt - Banfield by CatbirdB: JOHN FOOTE BLOODSTOCK$95,000
 2462 Filly - Speedy Natalie by Al MaherB: F W MITCHELL$70,000
 2513 Filly - Elusive Quality x TyroleanB: WYLLIE GROUP PTY LTD$70,000
 2343 Filly - Terrified by JohannesburgB: SERENE LODGE$50,000
 2101 Filly - Noverre x YaasahB: TODD THOMAS$4,000
(+) Yhi Park Thoroughbreds5$36,500$7,300Full Sale Details
 2318 Colt - Fantastic Light x Magical WandB: WASHPOOL THOROUGHBREDS PTY LTD$16,000
 2183 Colt - Mr Speedy by Refuse to BendB: PAUL WILLETTS$8,000
 2440 Colt - Nobody's Johnny by GranderaB: CORUBA PTY LTD$6,500
 2268 Filly - Dubai Destination x Hurricane WatchB: JULES DE SMET$4,000
 2147 Colt - Country Reel x BouncedB: DLB RACING$2,000