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MM National Broodmare General Session 2008

(+) ABC Thoroughbreds1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 1688 Mare - Here's the End by GalileoB: VINCENT O'CONNELL$8,000
(+) Alanbar Lodge7$36,000$5,143Full Sale Details
 1658 Mare - Stirred by LangfuhrB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$28,000
 1517 Mare - Carnation by Canny LadB: PIMPALA PARK THOROUGHBREDS$4,000
 1553 Mare - Fiery Femme by LangfuhrB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
 1682 Mare - Whyte Haze by Oak RidgeB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$1,000
 1606 Mare - Notafullquid by Quest for FameB: VINCENT O'CONNELL$600
 1530 Mare - Claire's Vision by MarwinaB: SYD WATTERS AND KYM NEATE$500
 1670 Mare - Trevigo by Chimes SquareB: BARATON STUD$400
(+) Almavale Bloodstock Pty Ltd1$600$600Full Sale Details
 1548 Mare - Evie Louise by Lion HunterB: MAURICE HULBERT$600
(+) Aspelint Thorougbreds1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1565 Mare - Grace and Courage by LatarmissB: CAMERON BARNES AS AGENT$500
(+) Austin1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 1971 Gelding - Ghost Road by Al AkbarB: PAUL WILLEBRANDS$8,000
(+) Baerami Thoroughbreds3$26,500$8,833Full Sale Details
 1653 Mare - Southern Sal by Stark SouthB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$16,000
 1625 Mare - Regal Chatelaine by King of KingsB: WIMMERA PARK$8,500
 1662 Mare - Supera by Mr HenryseeB: GEOFFREY MCWILLIAM$2,000
(+) Baramul Stud15$86,550$5,770Full Sale Details
 1630 Mare - Respectfully by Honour and GloryB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$32,000
 1539 Mare - Dark Rose by King CugatB: JOHN FOOTE BLOODSTOCK$12,000
 1586 Mare - Leicamore by Nothin' Leica DaneB: HIGHCLERE THOROUGHBREDS$7,250
 1545 Mare - Donna Iris by Sir TristramB: WARAGAP HOLDINGS PTY LTD$5,000
 1573 Mare - Homestead by Rancho RulerB: BARAMUL STUD$5,000
 1660 Mare - Sukayna by Desert PrinceB: CAMERON BARNES AS AGENT$5,000
 1652 Mare - So and So by SnippetsB: SYD WATTERS AND KYM NEATE$4,500
 1532 Mare - Clearly Best by Best WesternB: WARAGAP HOLDINGS PTY LTD$3,500
 1579 Mare - Inventions by Timber CountryB: WARAGAP HOLDINGS PTY LTD$3,000
 1609 Mare - On the Corso by Palace MusicB: BURNS BLOODSTOCK$3,000
 1547 Mare - Evelynton by Rory's JesterB: DARYL WOCKNER$2,500
 1675 Filly - Warm Up by King CugatB: KEITH GOSS$1,700
 1592 Mare - Magic Melody by Best WesternB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,000
 1629 Mare - Reinforce by Bates MotelB: HUGH DUNNE$700
 1649 Filly - Sky Dive by Bite the BulletB: DAVID TODD$400
(+) Baraton Stud1$400$400Full Sale Details
 1561 Mare - Gilesia by IglesiaB: PETER GESLER$400
(+) Benobble Park1$1,600$1,600Full Sale Details
 1604 Mare - Nadana by DanehillB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$1,600
(+) Bridgeview Stud37$66,150$1,788Full Sale Details
 1506 Mare - Bekisharp by ShovhogB: MANEROO THOROUGHBREDS$22,000
 1541 Mare - Diamond Broach by Total LookB: MICHAEL FLANNERY BLOODSTOCK AG$13,000
 1577 Mare - Indris by Kenny's Best PalB: DARRELL IBLE BLOODSTOCK$6,750
 1496 Mare - A Little Dream by ScenicB: VINCENT O'CONNELL$5,500
 1501 Mare - Arwen by MujahidB: PIMPALA PARK THOROUGHBREDS$4,000
 1562 Mare - Glamour Baby by ZeditaveB: GLENN & LISA MORTON$2,000
 1591 Mare - Madiera by GrosvenorB: HUGH DUNNE$2,000
 1585 Mare - Laurentia by Belong to MeB: AARON TSELEPY$500
 1623 Mare - Queen's Romance by Skilful StarB: SHANE LISTER$500
 1672 Mare - Urania by Skilful StarB: ROBERT & TANYA JARRATT$500
 1552 Mare - Fickle Star by Star WayB: DARYL WOCKNER$500
 1498 Mare - Almaren by Skilful StarB: THERESA WAGNER$400
 1513 Mare - Bonvolonte by KnowledgeB: PAULA-JAN CARTLEDGE$400
 1564 Mare - Golden Braid by LujainB: SHANE LISTER$400
 1582 Mare - Kybamar by MarscayB: PRU & JOHN KENDALL$400
 1583 Mare - La Colline by ShovhogB: GARRY CONDON$400
 1617 Mare - Pom Pom Girl by IrgunB: TONY MCKENNA$400
 1619 Mare - Pratima by Dr FongB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$400
 1622 Mare - Prodigal Miss by High RollingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$400
 1529 Mare - Ci Xi by FilanteB: THERESA WAGNER$400
 1690 Filly - It's a Gas by Skilful StarB: GARRY CONN$400
 1697 Filly - Lizzybelle by SequaloB: PRU & JOHN KENDALL$400
 1500 Mare - Am I Ever by Grand LodgeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1557 Mare - French Miss by GrosvenorB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1580 Mare - Jenny Penny by Sound ReasonB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1614 Mare - Peony Lady by Skilful StarB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1618 Mare - Powder and Paint by Celtic SwingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1632 Mare - Rich in Virtue by McGintyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1648 Mare - Sirona by Celtic SwingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1678 Mare - Wedding Cake by Total LookB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1691 Filly - Jaunting by BianconiB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1692 Filly - Jazzinit by King CugatB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1693 Gelding - Kat Carson by Blu TusmaniB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1694 Filly - Kitty Blu by Blu TusmaniB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1696 Gelding - Little Digger by LujainB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1699 Filly - Peronella by HelissioB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1700 Gelding - Redington by ZeditaveB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Canning Downs1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 1681 Mare - Whats So Funny by Crown JesterB: TREVOR & RHONDA ALEXANDER$9,000
(+) Casey1$300$300Full Sale Details
 1584 Mare - La Sequanna by SequaloB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Cayley Thoroughbreds1$400$400Full Sale Details
 1668 Mare - Tourmaline by Kenny's Best PalB: BARRIE CARMODY$400
(+) Clear Mountain Fairview Pty Ltd1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 1569 Mare - Hayley and Britt by SnippetsB: PIMPALA PARK THOROUGHBREDS$2,000
(+) Coleychelle Farm8$45,550$5,694Full Sale Details
 1492 Mare - Yodelling Dixie by Flying SpurB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$26,000
 1499 Mare - Almuchelle by AlmutawakelB: GARRY BURGESS$6,000
 1671 Mare - Umachelle by UmatillaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$4,750
 1518 Mare - Carnchelle by CarnegieB: MISTY DOWNS$4,500
 1626 Mare - Regal Chelle by ViscountB: THERESA WAGNER$3,000
 1563 Mare - Glowing Praise by Silver PistolB: CAMERON BARNES AS AGENT$500
 1558 Mare - Full Alert by Fairy KingB: MARK CASSELL$400
 1605 Mare - Nipper Habit by Sir DapperB: SIMON HUNTER$400
(+) Corella Stud3$2,950$983Full Sale Details
 1638 Mare - Ruby Friday by RubianoB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$2,250
 1655 Mare - Special Geiger by Geiger CounterB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$400
 1560 Mare - Giaconda by HennessyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Cosgrove2$11,000$5,500Full Sale Details
 1730 Mare - Command and Hope by CommandsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$8,000
 1789 Mare - Little Miss Daisy by Great DaneB: BRISBANE BLOODSTOCK$3,000
(+) DLB Racing2$10,500$5,250Full Sale Details
 1938 Mare - Exclusive Bid by SnippetsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$9,000
 1746 Mare - Fantabulous by SnippetsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
(+) Durham4$2,800$700Full Sale Details
 1860 Mare - Sensonomie by Send a SignB: KENNETH PEARCE$800
 1875 Mare - Sweeping Angel by End SweepB: KENNETH PEARCE$800
 1868 Mare - Sorrel by Grand LodgeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$600
 1839 Mare - Pointedly by Fairy KingB: ROBERT GIBBS$600
(+) Egmont Park Stud3$3,600$1,200Full Sale Details
 1791 Mare - Live in Hope by Bay of HopeB: THERESA WAGNER$2,500
 1844 Mare - Quick Sally by CatbirdB: JOHN TROY$600
 1778 Mare - Key Orator by Success ExpressB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Emerald Thoroughbreds8$32,450$4,056Full Sale Details
 1742 Mare - Enfante by Red RansomB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$14,000
 1713 Mare - Ballyhaze by AnabaaB: WILLOWBEND STUD$8,500
 1798 Mare - Maroon Roses by High YieldB: LAURELVALE FARMS$3,000
 1888 Mare - Where's Dolly by IgnatiusB: KENNETH PEARCE$2,750
 1771 Mare - Jewel of Ireland by NassipourB: CAMERON BARNES$1,500
 1780 Mare - Kind by St HilarionB: BRUCE AND DENISE FRY$1,000
 1842 Mare - Preponderate by Mighty AvalancheB: THERESA WAGNER$1,000
 1721 Mare - Burnham Wood by Timber CountryB: WILLOW PARK LTD$700
(+) Emirates Park Pty Ltd5$58,000$11,600Full Sale Details
 2006 Gelding - Sweed by OctagonalB: LES & TRACEY GREEN$27,000
 2002 Gelding - Anwaar by Secret SavingsB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$17,000
 2001 Gelding - Al Wafi by DanewinB: CHRIS HYLAND$11,000
 2005 Gelding - Grand Turk by Wily TraderB: WILLIAM PARKER$2,000
 2004 Filly - El Foxie Miss by El MoxieB: WILLIAM PARKER$1,000
(+) Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd8$15,050$1,881Full Sale Details
 1831 Mare - Our Fiction by ZoffanyB: BURNS BLOODSTOCK$7,000
 1772 Mare - Jewel of the East by Mighty AvalancheB: PAUL KIRKWOOD$2,500
 1805 Mare - Miss Machine by NaturalismB: BRIAN ROBERT MULLINEAUX$1,500
 1769 Mare - It's a Babe by Sir LaurenceB: JOHANNA ANDERSON$1,250
 1854 Mare - Roman Princess by Defecting DancerB: BRIAN ROBERT MULLINEAUX$800
 1739 Mare - Drives Me Crazy by Mighty AvalancheB: GR & EB STURGISS$750
 1832 Mare - Outclass by HuntingdaleB: BRIAN ROBERT MULLINEAUX$750
 1864 Mare - Small Companion by Imperial BaronB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Flatfields Stud2$1,500$750Full Sale Details
 1866 Mare - Song Bird by Song of TaraB: THERESA WAGNER$1,000
 1867 Mare - Sonic Sal by TodonicB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) French Swan Racing1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1759 Mare - Hilda Street Girl by Frisco ViewB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Furlong Stud3$43,500$14,500Full Sale Details
 1935 Filly - Satin Bird by Success ExpressB: MAKYBE$32,000
 1765 Mare - Insinuates by Quest for FameB: HELEN REEVES$9,500
 1717 Mare - Boxwood by WoodmanB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$2,000
(+) Garland1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 1804 Mare - Miss Goody Goody by El MoxieB: GR & EB STURGISS$1,000
(+) Glenlogan Park6$34,600$5,767Full Sale Details
 1882 Mare - Troubeaut by Beautiful CrownB: BARRY BUTLER$14,000
 1802 Mare - Millibaci by DantibesB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$7,000
 1890 Mare - Xhiggy Zora by ZabeelB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$5,000
 1776 Filly - Just Show Up by Show a HeartB: HAVEN LODGE STUD PTY LTD$4,000
 1813 Mare - Money Money Money by Secret SavingsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$4,000
 1797 Mare - Marcat by CatrailB: EDMUND R LEIGH$600
(+) Gray9$15,900$1,767Full Sale Details
 1979 Mare - Maarruu by CatbirdB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$7,000
 1965 Filly - Effpeevee by Beautiful CrownB: PRU & JOHN KENDALL$1,500
 1969 Mare - Flash Bite by DraculaB: JOY CONGDON$1,400
 1960 Filly - Dame Sybil by Pure TheatreB: WARAGAP HOLDINGS PTY LTD$1,100
 1995 Mare - Sanctuary Red by RubitonB: EQUINE EDGE BOWEN$1,100
 1994 Filly - Galileo x Sabre DanceB: DAVID KELLY$1,000
 1968 Filly - First Prize Dash by Dash for CashB: ROBYN MAREE COY$1,000
 1976 Filly - Lilyvale Lady by IntergazeB: JOHN STUBBS$1,000
 1957 Mare - Courageous Heart by JugahB: GARRY CONN$800
(+) Greendale Lodge1$21,000$21,000Full Sale Details
 1775 Mare - Just Music by PiccoloB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$21,000
(+) Haven Lodge Stud3$3,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 1725 Mare - Certain Edition by Kaaptive EditionB: GR & EB STURGISS$1,000
 1753 Mare - Gold Crest Girl by Gold CrestB: JOHANNA ANDERSON$1,000
 1755 Mare - Goldpic by PiccoloB: GR & EB STURGISS$1,000
(+) Heinrich Racing Stables22$189,450$8,611Full Sale Details
 1983 Gelding - Mr Bachelor by Our MaizcayB: FORWARD RACING & BREEDING$40,000
 1967 Gelding - Firedrake by CatbirdB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$30,000
 1974 Gelding - In Bar Go by High RollingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$20,000
 2000 Mare - Wide Open by Danehill DancerB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$20,000
 1956 Filly - Clear Conscience by King CugatB: KENDRICK RACING STABLES$17,000
 1964 Gelding - Ebor by Giant's CausewayB: KENDRICK RACING STABLES$9,500
 1987 Gelding - Option One by AnabaaB: BLUE SKY THOROUGHBREDS$8,250
 1981 Filly - Madame Frost by SnowlandB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$8,000
 1992 Filly - Relic Bay by Canny LadB: RAHEEN THOROUGHBREDS$6,500
 1959 Gelding - Daily Issue by SnippetsB: KENNETH PEARCE$6,250
 1955 Gelding - Chicago Boy by JeuneB: D BOTTRELL$5,000
 1990 Filly - Pleasure Doll by BureaucracyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$2,750
 1961 Horse - Damnation by Eternity RangeB: D BOTTRELL$2,500
 1962 Gelding - Departure by Saratoga SpringsB: WAYNE PATRICK BAKER$2,500
 1975 Colt - Indoctrinate by SkalatoB: KENDRICK RACING STABLES$2,100
 1963 Gelding - Depends by OctagonalB: GEORGE WARRENER$1,600
 1970 Gelding - Genuity by OctagonalB: SHANNONBOURNE STUD$1,500
 1984 Filly - Nimbin by NaturalismB: DUAN PASTORAL$1,500
 1989 Mare - Perrini by Loup SauvageB: B & L SHEEHAN$1,500
 1985 Colt - Noble Intent by King of DanesB: D BOTTRELL$1,000
 1998 Filly - Vistula Belle by ArenaB: GLEESON BROS. AUCTIONEERS$1,000
 1953 Gelding - Bloodhound by TelestoB: GLEESON BROS. AUCTIONEERS$1,000
(+) Henman1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1710 Mare - Arjumand by Sir TristramB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Hill Haven1$2,200$2,200Full Sale Details
 1836 Mare - Phra Phra by DanehillB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$2,200
(+) Ironbark Ridge3$5,300$1,767Full Sale Details
 1807 Mare - Miss Maizcay by MaizcayB: PETER GESLER$2,250
 1877 Mare - The Tart by ConquistaroseB: JEFFREY MARLOW$1,800
 1716 Mare - Bonelli by MaraudingB: BRIAN ROBERT MULLINEAUX$1,250
(+) Jilba Thoroughbreds1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1782 Mare - Koorda by MaraudingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Kings Bloodstock1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1748 Mare - Fiona's Gift by Classic FameB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Kitchwin Hills3$19,000$6,333Full Sale Details
 1711 Mare - Azure by Kingfisher MillB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$13,000
 1751 Mare - Garden Walk by GrosvenorB: VAJUBE P/L ATF DA BLAIR FAMILY$3,500
 1873 Mare - Sully by Forest GlowB: FIVE STAR PASTORAL COMPANY$2,500
(+) Klemley Park1$800$800Full Sale Details
 1737 Mare - Dizzy Dame by UmatillaB: CAMERON BARNES$800
(+) Lavin1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 1732 Filly - Crosby Connection by Belong to MeB: VERONIKA FRASER$1,000
(+) Lyndhurst Stud Farm22$123,550$5,616Full Sale Details
 1707 Mare - Anaheart by AnabaaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$32,000
 1859 Mare - Secret Polish by Secret SavingsB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 1714 Filly - Bella's Best by King's BestB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$11,000
 1774 Mare - Just Jeddah by DanzeroB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$8,000
 1734 Mare - Degree by Dom CimarosaB: THOMAS WYLD$7,500
 1812 Mare - Moll Flanders by JugahB: BLUE SKY THOROUGHBREDS$7,000
 1745 Mare - Eureka Tiara by SemipalatinskB: PETER GESLER$7,000
 1793 Mare - Magli by StrategicB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$6,000
 1833 Mare - Overawe by MaraudingB: HIGHCLERE THOROUGHBREDS$6,000
 1880 Filly - Thumb by OctagonalB: WATTLE BRAE STUD$4,500
 1883 Mare - Ventured by Pompeii CourtB: GALAXY RACING$4,500
 1741 Mare - Elite by Belong to MeB: TONY TAN$3,750
 1885 Mare - Volkscraft by VolksraadB: WATTERS FAMILY TRUST$2,500
 1821 Mare - Nirez by Sir LaurenceB: GALAXY RACING$2,250
 1848 Mare - Reef Style by VolksraadB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$2,000
 1767 Mare - Irish Kipper by Sir TristramB: K W & P J SAMS$1,500
 1870 Mare - Star Pearl by Deputy GovernorB: KENNETH PEARCE$1,250
 1826 Mare - Oberstaad by VolksraadB: WILLOW PARK LTD$1,200
 1855 Mare - Royal Mission by ChagallB: KENNETH PEARCE$1,000
 1712 Mare - Azzudo by MyocardB: WOODWINDS FARM$1,000
 1770 Mare - Java Belle by ZabeelB: NUGAIA THOROUGHBREDS$1,000
 1817 Mare - Mrs Bouquet by GrosvenorB: WOODWINDS FARM$600
(+) Magic Millions Sales Pty Limited1$50,000$50,000Full Sale Details
 1958 Colt - Galileo x Dancing PagoB: R J & S A WOOD$50,000
(+) Marshall Bloodstock1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1946 Mare - Belle Parez by Mighty AvalancheB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Noralla Stud1$1,500$1,500Full Sale Details
 1794 Mare - Makeni by Desert StyleB: EDMUND R LEIGH$1,500
(+) NOWLAN1$500$500Full Sale Details
 1773 Mare - Jiligan by MaraudingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$500
(+) Oaklands Stud30$133,000$4,433Full Sale Details
 1723 Mare - Cashmere by Sir TristramB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$32,000
 1966 Colt - Feline Hunter by Lion HunterB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 1876 Mare - Swift Sea by Mister CB: PIMPALA PARK THOROUGHBREDS$10,500
 1726 Filly - Chatelle by IglesiaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$10,000
 1991 Filly - Polar Sea by SequaloB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$7,000
 1762 Mare - Hot Hennessy by HennessyB: DUAN PASTORAL$7,000
 1869 Mare - Specious by Night ShiftB: JOHN MORRISEY$6,500
 1722 Mare - Carbery by IglesiaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$6,000
 1704 Mare - Accent on Gold by Deputy MinisterB: JOHN GOODWIN$4,500
 1728 Mare - Classic Steal by HennessyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$4,000
 1834 Mare - Paris Blues by Blues TravellerB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$3,000
 1749 Mare - Folio by Imperial BaronB: WOODWINDS FARM$2,600
 1709 Mare - Ariana by KinjiteB: GALAXY RACING$2,200
 1736 Mare - Diamond Sea by SemipalatinskB: THERESA WAGNER$2,200
 1758 Mare - Hem Line by SpectrumB: THERESA WAGNER$2,000
 1806 Mare - Miss Madang by Mister KwilaB: ROSEMARY HALL$2,000
 1858 Mare - Saharien by Desert PrinceB: GALAXY RACING$2,000
 1978 Gelding - Love That Lion by Lion HunterB: WILLIAM PARKER$1,800
 1799 Mare - Medicon by ChanteclairB: CAMERON BARNES$1,750
 1810 Mare - Miss Zanardi by BluebirdB: MICHAEL FLANNERY BLOODSTOCK AG$1,750
 1851 Mare - Remy Girl by Lion HunterB: THERESA WAGNER$1,500
 1857 Mare - Sacristy by EpidaurusB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
 1931 Filly - Mistress of Dreams by FalvelonB: TONY MCKENNA$1,500
 1729 Mare - Clontarf Beach by Sea RoadB: BRIAN COLIN SMITH$1,400
 1838 Mare - Play House by StraussbrookB: WOODWINDS FARM$1,300
 1735 Mare - Diamond Anchor by Red AnchorB: GR & EB STURGISS$1,250
 1847 Mare - Ratified by SanctionB: JEFFREY MARLOW$1,200
 1786 Mare - La Nice by Fiesta StarB: PETER GESLER$1,000
 1853 Mare - Road Lover by Waterford RoadB: EAN GOLLAN$800
 1845 Mare - Quotidienne by L'IrresponsableB: BRIAN ROBERT MULLINEAUX$750
(+) Oakwood Farm3$31,000$10,333Full Sale Details
 1822 Mare - No Flirting by DanzeroB: STEVE BREM AS AGENT$25,000
 1715 Mare - Blonde Moment by IntergazeB: MISTY DOWNS$5,000
 1763 Mare - In a Whirl by DanzeroB: DONCASTER BLOODSTOCK SERVICES$1,000
(+) Old Crossing1$1,750$1,750Full Sale Details
 1878 Mare - The Zealot by BellottoB: K W & P J SAMS$1,750
(+) Palmaday Stud3$15,500$5,167Full Sale Details
 1590 Mare - Lupercal by Loup SauvageB: MICHAEL FLANNERY BLOODSTOCK AG$7,000
 1507 Mare - Beltane Reel by DanzeroB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$6,000
 1540 Mare - Dawn Tryst by EncounterB: MISTY DOWNS$2,500
(+) Plaintree Farms8$22,750$2,844Full Sale Details
 1534 Mare - Cocoons by Desert SunB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$9,000
 1667 Mare - Touch Lightly by SnippetsB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$5,750
 1510 Mare - Blue Wind by Rory's JesterB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$3,200
 1525 Mare - Cheiri by ZabeelB: RACETREE$2,000
 1661 Mare - Sun Empress by HuntingdaleB: WILLIAM KAJEWSKI$1,000
 1511 Mare - Bold Appeal by JetballB: DARREN HUDSON$1,000
 1674 Mare - Velvety by Quest for FameB: A J & M J BELL$400
 1571 Mare - Helen by Quest for FameB: A J & M J BELL$400
(+) Popp2$3,300$1,650Full Sale Details
 1554 Mare - Figurate by OctagonalB: GEOFFREY MCWILLIAM$3,000
 1576 Mare - I'm Screamin by Metal StormB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Popran Park2$900$450Full Sale Details
 1523 Mare - Chamatilla by UmatillaB: THERESA WAGNER$500
 1654 Mare - Spark by KendorB: WARAGAP HOLDINGS PTY LTD$400
(+) Racetree10$65,600$6,560Full Sale Details
 1536 Mare - Comically by Rory's JesterB: MARK OWENS$20,000
 1954 Filly - Casholet by HussonetB: PROPERTY & PROJECT SOLUTIONS P$12,000
 1701 Mare - True Cross by General NediymB: ROSS RAO$10,500
 1689 Filly - Irish Cross by Cape CrossB: ROSS RAO$9,000
 1566 Mare - Gracesea by Dr GraceB: VINCENT O'CONNELL$5,000
 1504 Mare - Backyard Blitz by CryptoclearanceB: LOUISE & MARK RICHARDS$3,500
 2007 Filly - Vestalis by UntouchableB: PROPERTY & PROJECT SOLUTIONS P$3,000
 1988 Filly - Over Priced Lawyer by Legal OpinionB: BARRY BUTLER$1,000
 1698 Filly - Miraposa by Canny LadB: RICHARD FOSTER AND ASSOCIATES$1,000
 1996 Gelding - Sweet Joh by JohannesburgB: DENNIS CLIFFORD$600
(+) Raheen Stud5$26,000$5,200Full Sale Details
 1515 Mare - Breezeway by Brief TruceB: TONY MCKENNA$10,000
 1616 Mare - Polar Crown by Carry the CrownB: WILLOW PARK LTD$9,500
 1589 Mare - Love to Party by NassipourB: CAMERON BARNES AS AGENT$4,200
 1516 Mare - Cardiff Bay by Switch in TimeB: DARYL WOCKNER$2,000
 1544 Mare - Divine Grace by Grand LodgeB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Red Gums Stud1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 1537 Mare - Dance Album by Sword DanceB: DARYL WOCKNER$2,000
(+) Revelstone Stud1$11,500$11,500Full Sale Details
 1679 Mare - We Love Lucy by ZeditaveB: WIMMERA PARK$11,500
(+) River Hill Stud Farm4$24,250$6,063Full Sale Details
 1640 Mare - Sandwalker by Desert KingB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$16,000
 1519 Mare - Carolbelle by Spinning WorldB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$4,500
 1533 Mare - Closure by AlyshebaB: RACING TRADES PTY LTD$2,250
 1666 Mare - The Letter by XaarB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$1,500
(+) Rogers2$7,500$3,750Full Sale Details
 1647 Filly - Silence Please by King of KingsB: RUBEN B LAUREANO$6,500
 1527 Filly - Chills and Thrills by Seven FiguresB: PAULA-JAN CARTLEDGE$1,000
(+) Royston Stud1$400$400Full Sale Details
 1526 Filly - Chevalour by SpringsteenB: HELEN PARKEN$400
(+) Running Creek Stud2$11,400$5,700Full Sale Details
 1663 Mare - Sushi Train by Success ExpressB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$11,000
 1493 Mare - Ado Annie by MaraudingB: VINCENT O'CONNELL$400
(+) Superior Thoroughbreds6$14,500$2,417Full Sale Details
 1497 Mare - Allegro Spiritoso by PiccoloB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$9,000
 1940 Filly - Jeublanc by MontjeuB: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS$3,500
 1607 Mare - Ocean Hawk by YachtieB: A J & M J BELL$800
 1559 Mare - Gabbiano by Tuscany FlyerB: PAULA-JAN CARTLEDGE$500
 1685 Filly - General Nediym x BravisaB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$400
 1942 Mare - Night Club by Sir TristramB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Twin Peaks Thoroughbreds2$1,100$550Full Sale Details
 1524 Mare - Chasing Butterflys by Lion HunterB: RACETREE$800
 1581 Mare - Jet Bound by JetballB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Vinery Stud2$64,000$32,000Full Sale Details
 1520 Mare - Cat Royale by Royal AcademyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$38,000
 1603 Mare - Mystery Call by Phone TrickB: RACETREE$26,000
(+) Wattle Brae Stud5$4,050$810Full Sale Details
 1550 Mare - Fashion Cafe by Last TycoonB: THERESA WAGNER$1,750
 1635 Mare - Road to Singapore by BluebirdB: BRENDAN LAWREY$1,000
 1594 Mare - Meadow Soprano by VettoriB: ROBERT GIBBS$600
 1602 Mare - My Felicia by Pirate ArmyB: AARON TSELEPY$400
 1542 Mare - Discreet Lady by RivotiousB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) Waverley Park Lodge1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 1656 Filly - Spinning Genny by Spinning WorldB: BENJAMIN HOLTHAM$3,000
(+) Whitten1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 1494 Mare - Affirmed's Lass by MaraudingB: R & M WHITTEN$16,000
(+) Willowbend Stud10$17,450$1,745Full Sale Details
 1531 Mare - Classic Moonlight by MachiavellianB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$6,000
 1505 Mare - Bearhart Babe by Chief BearhartB: GEOFFREY MCWILLIAM$3,000
 1572 Mare - Henpecked by HennessyB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$3,000
 1596 Mare - Mighty Millie by MaraudingB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$1,500
 1677 Mare - Way of Life by Blue RazorB: DARREN HUDSON$1,250
 1613 Mare - Patrice by RunyonB: SYD WATTERS AND KYM NEATE$1,200
 1595 Mare - Mighty Greenlander by GreenlanderB: DARREN HUDSON$500
 1641 Mare - Sandy's Symphony by SomaliaB: WILLOW PARK LTD$400
 1615 Mare - Phosfate by NaturalismB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
 1600 Mare - M'Lady's Dance by Kala DancerB: MAGIC MILLION AS AGENT$300
(+) Wise5$23,800$4,760Full Sale Details
 1570 Mare - Hearts of Gold by Made of GoldB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$12,000
 1502 Mare - Athene's Star by St CovetB: LINDSAY DE SOUZA AS AGENT$6,000
 1503 Mare - Avenue of Dreams by VolksraadB: MISTY DOWNS$4,500
 1601 Mare - Multicell by Desert KingB: THE SUPERHORSE TRUST$1,000
 1508 Mare - Bird Power by BluebirdB: MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT$300
(+) World Wide Thoroughbreds1$300$300Full Sale Details
 1684 Horse - Count Albrecht by Geiger CounterB: DARREN HUDSON$300