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Inglis March Thoroughbred Sale 2012

(+) Alderson Racing, Cranbourne1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 26 Filly(+ - Batik by Encosta de LagoB: Alderson Racing$7,000
(+) Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock Pty, Ballan6$9,500$1,583Full Sale Details
 194 Gelding - Tortured by Refuse to BendB: William Inglis As Agent$3,500
 195 Gelding - Jeune Baby Jeune by JeuneB: A Purcell$3,000
 136 Filly - Martha Rose by KempinskyB: G Hinchcliff$1,000
 134 Filly - Heaven's Bells by God's OwnB: G & S Wells$800
 239 Filly - Sunshine Lady by God's OwnB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 193 Gelding - Fingers of God by God's OwnB: R Mutimer$400
(+) BC3 Thoroughbreds, South Melbourne1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 119 Filly - La Cachette by ChoisirB: M Beer$4,500
(+) Blue Gum Farm, Euroa5$14,950$2,990Full Sale Details
 81 Filly(+ - Lady Dancer by Danehill DancerB: B Savio$5,250
 83 Filly(+ - Play Loud by Canny LadB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 79 Filly - Toy Dancer by Soviet LadB: Highpoint Lodge$2,000
 108 Filly - Elvstroem x Lady DancerB: T White$1,400
 80 Filly(+ - Scelta by ChoisirB: William Inglis As Agent$1,300
(+) Bolinda Thoroughbreds, Melbourne1$800$800Full Sale Details
 241 Filly - Denon Diamond by DenonB: T Kilgower$800
(+) Bombora Downs, Bittern2$4,600$2,300Full Sale Details
 33 Filly(+ - Lady Cathryn by Rory's JesterB: C McGillivray$3,000
 125 Filly - Jungle Pocket x Just HeavenB: M Klein$1,600
(+) Brackley Park, Avenel1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 232 Filly - Goldamp by Made of GoldB: A Elbourne$5,500
(+) C. Pollard, Darwin, NT1$36,000$36,000Full Sale Details
 31 Filly - Miss Secret by SnaadeeB: Marquee Stud Pty Ltd$36,000
(+) Clayden PPU Trust, Virgina, SA1$13,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 12 Filly(+ - Zaan Yana by KeeperB: L Oldcastle$13,000
(+) D. Lawson, Melbourne1$19,000$19,000Full Sale Details
 226 Filly(+ - Blue Fairy Wren by Delago BromB: EBA$19,000
(+) D. Simpson, Sydney, NSW1$500$500Full Sale Details
 113 Filly - Heartmoves by ForeplayB: Equivest$500
(+) E. Poulter, Broadford1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 228 Filly(+ - Hurricane Noraa by Hurricane SkyB: W Stott$1,000
(+) Eliza Park, Kerrie13$105,800$8,138Full Sale Details
 221 Filly(+ - Espuela by Flying SpurB: William Inglis As Agent$35,000
 220 Filly(+ - Afternoon Delight by SlavicB: Clarke & Croft Bloodstock$29,000
 222 Filly(+ - Submit by Encosta de LagoB: P Sutcliffe$14,000
 223 Filly - Verneau by Lion CavernB: Damian White Bloodstock Pty Lt$4,500
 214 Filly - Carrigan by With ClassB: L Treloar$4,000
 213 Filly - Astra by NielloB: R Notman$3,500
 215 Filly(+ - Classyparision by With ClassB: B Davis$3,500
 216 Filly(+ - Sophie Emma by Delago BromB: C McGillivray$3,500
 224 Filly - Bel Jadore by Bel EspritB: B Smith$2,750
 218 Filly - Lady Lucielle by Grand LodgeB: Ridgeview Park$2,250
 28 Filly(+ - Roman Verse by SpartacusB: Clanbrooke Racing$2,000
 27 Filly(+ - Chase the Music by ElvstroemB: William Inglis As Agent$1,300
 217 Filly - Red Silk by Thunder GulchB: P Smith$500
(+) Emirates Park, Diggers Rest13$17,000$1,308Full Sale Details
 63 Filly(+ - King's Belle by King's BestB: B Davis$3,800
 69 Filly(+ - Pocaterra by Wolf PowerB: P Murch$2,200
 58 Filly(+ - Cioccolanio by FappianoB: A Goble$1,500
 73 Filly(+ - Wrought Iron by DayjurB: S Fahy$1,500
 59 Filly(+ - Coppelius by Pleasant ColonyB: R Nicholson$1,200
 57 Filly(+ - Ambrosine by Unbridled's SongB: S & L Middeldorp$1,000
 64 Filly(+ - Miss Romance by Youthful LegsB: William Inglis As Agent$1,000
 68 Filly(+ - Pearl Mane by NaturalismB: William Inglis As Agent$1,000
 71 Filly(+ - Say Yield by High YieldB: William Inglis As Agent$900
 67 Filly(+ - Pariza by WoodmanB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 72 Filly(+ - Vista Vincere by ScenicB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 62 Filly - Inallherglory by Al MaherB: L Tyzack$700
 166 Gelding - Shams by Al MaherB: D Taylor$600
(+) G. Alati, Tynong2$2,500$1,250Full Sale Details
 3 Filly - Mersenne by CommandsB: Keirabri Stud$1,500
 109 Gelding - Dash for Cash x Desert TigerB: B Marsh$1,000
(+) G. Tobias, Cobden1$300$300Full Sale Details
 123 Filly - Leica Hottie by Nothin' Leica DaneB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) G. Unger, Southern Cross1$600$600Full Sale Details
 246 Filly - Prima Springs by PrimusB: A Wootten$600
(+) G.& M. Shepherd, Bullengarook1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 131 Filly - Arise and Shine by AraziB: G Gascoyne$1,000
(+) Grange Thoroughbreds, Arcadia5$31,650$6,330Full Sale Details
 56 Filly(+ - Desert Passion by Desert SunB: C McGillivray$11,500
 54 Filly(+ - Alteration by PinsB: Mayfield Thoroughbreds$9,000
 55 Filly(+ - Angiogram by Show a HeartB: William Inglis As Agent$7,000
 52 Filly - Charvicky by StarmakerB: Mayford Park$3,250
 53 Filly(+ - Yohoho by Grand LodgeB: William Inglis As Agent$900
(+) GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne3$17,500$5,833Full Sale Details
 263 Gelding - Right Vintage by Flying SpurB: McLaren Racing$10,000
 262 Filly - Ruby Shines by Magic AlbertB: C & A Marshall$5,500
 264 Gelding - Tudorio by PentireB: F O'Connor$2,000
(+) Independent Stallions Victoria, Ruffy2$32,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 20 Filly(+ - Divine Hope by PregoB: M Rose$24,000
 19 Filly(+ - Terre Tale by DangerousB: J Karena$8,000
(+) J. Holden, Oaklands Junction1$400$400Full Sale Details
 261 Filly - Umatilla x Sticky GumB: D Daffy$400
(+) Kaiyu Thoroughbreds, Albury, NSW1$700$700Full Sale Details
 238 Filly - Mashatu by Tayasu TsuyoshiB: Equivest$700
(+) L. Murray, Melbourne1$600$600Full Sale Details
 5 Filly - Regal Christabel by Regal ShotB: K Noble$600
(+) L. Porter, Colac1$400$400Full Sale Details
 227 Filly - Beulah by Brief TruceB: Keirabri Stud$400
(+) LAS Bloodstock, Melbourne1$3,750$3,750Full Sale Details
 243 Filly - Jewel Thief by JoharB: William Inglis As Agent$3,750
(+) Lauriston Park, Euroa1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 104 Filly - Rakti x Took a ChanceB: M & K Townsend$2,500
(+) Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale15$138,100$9,207Full Sale Details
 265 Gelding - Silky Smooth by RubitonB: S Brown$25,000
 144 Filly - Sky Journey by JeuneB: William Inglis As Agent$20,000
 267 Gelding - Wookah by Encosta de LagoB: Poggy Racing$16,000
 156 Gelding - Ebony Rock by Fastnet RockB: S Theodore$15,000
 154 Gelding - Mukarrar by Redoute's ChoiceB: J Easton$10,000
 157 Gelding - Hirafu by Keep the FaithB: McLaren Racing$10,000
 163 Gelding - Here de Siren by DehereB: R Macleod$7,500
 146 Filly - Bay's Edge by AnabaaB: Alderson Racing$7,000
 158 Gelding - Almahaab by Redoute's ChoiceB: VBS$7,000
 151 Gelding - Uzziel by Keep the FaithB: A & J Johnson$6,500
 266 Colt - Magnus x ChinamoraB: William Inglis As Agent$5,500
 153 Gelding - King of Mountains by Fastnet RockB: D Archard$3,600
 147 Filly - Trinity House by Fastnet RockB: Mayford Park$2,000
 143 Filly - Timely Embrace by Barely a MomentB: G Beaton$1,800
 145 Filly - North East by DanzeroB: Equivest$1,200
(+) Macedon Downs, New Gisborne2$1,200$600Full Sale Details
 139 Filly - Macedon Express by ClangalangB: A & C Marshall$800
 11 Filly - Centlee by CentaineB: William Inglis As Agent$400
(+) Mayberry Racing, Pakenham Upper1$300$300Full Sale Details
 281 Gelding - Al Maher x Stand ClearB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Meadow Farm, Bayles3$2,550$850Full Sale Details
 16 Filly(+ - Little Oak by End SweepB: T White$1,600
 17 Filly(+ - Delta Dane by Manner HillB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 234 Gelding - Polish Laughter x Fashion ForecastB: B Hume$150
(+) N. Hobson, Murrabit1$400$400Full Sale Details
 2 Filly - Millow by Monde BleuB: B Smith$400
(+) Oakford Thoroughbred Farm, Maldon2$1,200$600Full Sale Details
 78 Filly - Infatuated by Quest for FameB: D Dicarla$800
 271 Gelding - Toni's Connection by Antonius PiusB: S Stott$400
(+) OTI Racing, Melbourne1$6,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 191 Gelding - Cult Hero by BeckettB: B Anderson$6,500
(+) Owner2$8,800$4,400Full Sale Details
 211 Gelding - Sunday Psalm by Keep the FaithB: G Stewart$7,000
 118 Filly - Commandantree by General NediymB: G Middleton$1,800
(+) Owners66$353,700$5,359Full Sale Details
 250 Filly - Danahere by DehereB: Mileshan Nominees$40,000
 171 Gelding - Cabeza by ZabeelB: Stephen Theodore Racing Pty Ltd$28,000
 169 Gelding - Roman Eye by ElvstroemB: K Harris$26,000
 172 Colt - Robbers Roost by PinsB: William Inglis As Agent$25,000
 203 Gelding - Wilshire Flyer by Hotel GrandB: B Cerchi$17,500
 269 Gelding - Acadie by EconsulB: G Butcher$16,000
 175 Gelding - Higuain by PinsB: D Leech$13,000
 291 Gelding - Hpnotiq Dream by Charge ForwardB: William Inglis As Agent$12,000
 137 Filly - Leg Room by Good JourneyB: R McNulty$10,500
 142 Filly - Bel Shoes by Bel EspritB: Mileshan Nominees$10,500
 177 Gelding - Chivana's Rock by Rock of GibraltarB: Spicer Bloodstock$10,000
 168 Gelding - Muchos Respectos by PinsB: William Inglis As Agent$9,000
 173 Gelding - Just Hustled by HussonetB: William Inglis As Agent$9,000
 204 Gelding - Fancy Pants by LonhroB: W Ponsonby$9,000
 140 Filly - Miss Magic Chine by Magic AlbertB: William Inglis As Agent$8,500
 240 Filly - Secret Destiny by Flying SpurB: D Bowen$7,500
 295 Gelding - Fearless Fly by Flying GulchB: M Cunningham$7,000
 201 Gelding - Love the Dream by Bel EspritB: JVR Syndissolve$6,000
 287 Gelding - Cornish by Danehill DancerB: William Inglis As Agent$6,000
 184 Gelding - Don Jose by ElvstroemB: K Harris$5,000
 244 Filly - Tempest Belle by HussonetB: B & J Mortimer$5,000
 205 Gelding - Madaba Flyer by Flying SpurB: D Hird$4,600
 167 Colt - St Christophe by PinsB: W Pryse$4,000
 251 Filly - Ferocious One by FerocityB: D Archard$4,000
 272 Gelding - Ajhar by DiesisB: D Daffy$4,000
 284 Gelding - Milliondollarmoose by Redoute's ChoiceB: M & K Townsend$3,600
 208 Gelding - Hollywood Hussler by HussonetB: JVR Syndissolve$3,500
 276 Gelding - Top Class by Bradbury's LuckB: J Manzelmann$3,500
 126 Filly - Artie Schiller x Wild EnthusiasmB: J Cumming$3,000
 253 Filly - Snegurochka by NadeemB: D & H Frusher$2,900
 248 Filly - Absolutelystunning by FootstepsinthesandB: A Wootten$2,800
 182 Gelding - Hornets' Nest by High ChaparralB: J McNamara$2,500
 132 Filly - Fille de Choix by ChoisirB: J Paisley$2,200
 122 Filly - Renounceable by DanzeroB: Cornerstone Stud$2,100
 289 Gelding - Pentomic by PentireB: J McMillan$2,000
 130 Filly - Pacific Swirl by CatbirdB: W Ponsonby$2,000
 254 Filly - Choix de Fleur by Al SamerB: J Cumming$1,800
 124 Filly - Regimental Dance by General NediymB: L Treloar$1,800
 190 Gelding - Hammerhead by ElvstroemB: W Ponsonby$1,500
 206 Gelding - Eazy Jim by ElvstroemB: S Theodore$1,500
 188 Gelding - French Secret by French DeputyB: B Hume$1,300
 290 Gelding - Dicko's Dream by PostponedB: MS Racing$1,300
 273 Gelding - Johadina by JohannesburgB: E Ruff$1,250
 242 Filly - Rose Rugosa by Zenno Rob RoyB: VBS$1,200
 127 Filly - Little Lizzy by ElvstroemB: P Gray$1,100
 129 Filly - Our Saint Mary by Keep the FaithB: William Inglis As Agent$1,100
 202 Gelding - Green for Go by California DaneB: J McMillan$1,000
 245 Filly - Very Versace by General NediymB: I Peskett$1,000
 278 Gelding - Change of Face by Dubai DestinationB: D Wilson$1,000
 286 Gelding - Beyond Zero by DanzeroB: G Bath$1,000
 114 Filly - Lady Spitfire by Bel EspritB: M & K Townsend$900
 274 Gelding - Shere Khan by Jungle PocketB: B Dale$900
 256 Filly - Dance Delago by Delago BromB: G Hinchcliff$800
 275 Gelding - Monterey Bay by California DaneB: W Ponsonby$800
 299 Gelding - Tokyo Bob by Tayasu TsuyoshiB: J Melvin$750
 252 Filly - Zaffinsky by StravinskyB: P Gray$600
 247 Filly - Speedo Sal by OratorioB: W & R Meggs$500
 285 Gelding - Indescribable by HelenusB: JVR Syndissolve$500
 115 Filly - Foreigner by Good JourneyB: M & K Townsend$400
 200 Gelding - Powered by ElvstroemB: M & K Townsend$400
 249 Filly - Outta This World by TelestoB: J Bagnato$400
 279 Gelding - Toronto Star by HemingwayB: R Jessup$400
 283 Gelding - The Raw Prawn by DevarajaB: R Mutimer$400
 116 Filly - Miss Redemption by Jeune King PrawnB: William Inglis As Agent$300
 189 Gelding - Tale of the Sea by ElvstroemB: William Inglis As Agent$300
 259 Filly - Perroux by PinsB: Tasmanian Equestrian Services$300
(+) P. Stennett, Warrnambool1$600$600Full Sale Details
 14 Filly - Danseda by DanzeroB: Willow Grove Stud$600
(+) Parwanvale, Bacchus Marsh4$3,200$800Full Sale Details
 7 Filly(+ - Avalon Sunset by Distant MusicB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 8 Filly(+ - Polythene Pam by Distant MusicB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 9 Filly(+ - Be on Me by BrackenburyB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 10 Filly(+ - Kilinski by Western SymphonyB: A Goble$800
(+) R. Dowsett & Partners, Gisborne1$21,000$21,000Full Sale Details
 102 Colt - Zupaone by Flying SpurB: William Inglis As Agent$21,000
(+) R. Stephens, Blind Bight1$1,200$1,200Full Sale Details
 293 Gelding - Desert Aroma by Desert KingB: W Pryse$1,200
(+) Rick Smith Bloodstock, Red Hill South1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 117 Filly - Kentucky Treasure by Churchill DownsB: R Kermond$2,000
(+) Riversdale Stud, Werribee2$650$325Full Sale Details
 298 Gelding - Racin' Leica by Racer's EdgeB: A Bagnato$350
 260 Filly - Obey Her by Dieu d'OrB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Rosemont Stud, Ceres8$16,650$2,081Full Sale Details
 94 Filly - Sensually by FasliyevB: William Inglis As Agent$7,000
 92 Filly - Lucky Chief by Chief's CrownB: Racing Services Pty Ltd$4,500
 96 Filly - Golden Sonnet by Seeking the GoldB: M Viray$2,250
 99 Filly - She Rocks by GrosvenorB: C O'Brien$800
 97 Filly - Belgo by MarscayB: M Dorcich$600
 98 Filly - Bright Time by KashaniB: M Dorcich$600
 100 Filly - Chichi Dancer by Fusaichi PegasusB: Ridgeview Park$500
 231 Filly - Beriosova by Soviet StarB: B Marsh$400
(+) Rushton Park, Tatura1$600$600Full Sale Details
 225 Filly - Starella by Honours ListB: M Dorcich$600
(+) Salamander Park, Merton6$7,300$1,217Full Sale Details
 110 Filly - Any Given Saturday x RaketaB: A Goble$3,100
 24 Filly - Anndelago by Encosta de LagoB: William Inglis As Agent$1,500
 23 Filly(+ - Majnoonah by HennessyB: Keirabri Stud$1,000
 25 Filly(+ - Prima Model by Royal AcademyB: B & C Roughead$800
 21 Filly(+ - Gospelor by Devil His DueB: William Inglis As Agent$600
 22 Filly - Dostour by DanewinB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Skykrist Lodge Pty Ltd, Mornington1$600$600Full Sale Details
 292 Gelding - Jetrink by DubawiB: A Wootten$600
(+) St Elmo, Melbourne3$2,300$767Full Sale Details
 196 Gelding - Big Ego Roc by Fastnet RockB: J Iuele$1,500
 197 Gelding - Masterofthemanor by Honours ListB: V Poke$400
 198 Gelding - Crash Landing by Good JourneyB: R Mutimer$400
(+) Suntar Holdings Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW14$34,900$2,493Full Sale Details
 43 Filly(+ - Paradise Mill by Horse ChestnutB: E McNulty$11,000
 34 Filly(+ - Silver Vein by ArenaB: Ridgeview Park$6,000
 45 Filly(+ - Shining Bright by ArenaB: T White$3,000
 46 Filly(+ - Timeworthy by Timber CountryB: P Sloane$2,600
 41 Filly(+ - Norton's Pride by OctagonalB: McKellar Racing$1,800
 44 Filly(+ - Romarena by ArenaB: E Ruff$1,800
 38 Filly(+ - Highland Queen by ArenaB: D Mott$1,400
 37 Filly - De la Rose by ArchregentB: P Kelly$1,200
 47 Filly(+ - Viva Arena by ArenaB: D Taylor$1,200
 35 Filly(+ - Arena Seas by ArenaB: William Inglis As Agent$1,100
 42 Filly(+ - October Miss by OctagonalB: William Inglis As Agent$1,100
 36 Filly - Clarrie's Turn by Fair SirB: I Peskett$1,000
 40 Filly - Newgold by MaraudingB: Tasmanian Equestrian Services$900
 39 Filly(+ - Lady of the Sea by Mister CB: William Inglis As Agent$800
(+) Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey3$19,750$6,583Full Sale Details
 50 Filly(+ - Macedon Dancer by Encosta de LagoB: E McNulty$15,000
 48 Filly(+ - Langtryst by LangfuhrB: Eliza Park$2,750
 49 Filly - Graceful Tasarina by BaryshnikovB: M Bracken$2,000
(+) T. Hurford & C. Morey, Bendigo1$400$400Full Sale Details
 4 Filly - Octangle by OctagonalB: Tasmanian Equestrian Services$400
(+) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington3$17,500$5,833Full Sale Details
 128 Filly - Heart of Thrills by Show a HeartB: Stanton Thoroughbreds$9,000
 86 Filly(+ - Carnegie Gal by CarnegieB: Silver Ferns Farm$5,000
 84 Filly(+ - Chapatti by Grand LodgeB: A Elbourne$3,500
(+) Tony Noonan Racing, Melbourne1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 268 Gelding - Padrao by Cape CrossB: R Waymouth$15,000
(+) Ultra Thoroughbreds, Kilmore1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 192 Gelding - Carnegie Rules by CarnegieB: M North$2,000
(+) W. Pelchen, Ballarat1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 229 Filly - Belle of Dubai by Dubai DestinationB: W Pelchen$2,500
(+) Willow Grove Stud, Woodside, SA1$8,500$8,500Full Sale Details
 101 Colt - Mugharreb by Gone WestB: P Kelly$8,500
(+) Wood Nook Farm, Nagambie1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 185 Gelding - Checks by Redoute's ChoiceB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd$4,500
(+) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden3$3,900$1,300Full Sale Details
 235 Filly - Econsul x Eve HoB: B Savio$2,100
 236 Filly - Econsul x Belle de RougeB: D Daffy$1,000
 237 Filly - Spinning World x Raid the ArkB: D Archard$800
(+) Yallambee Stud, Romsey1$800$800Full Sale Details
 76 Filly - Dark Intrigue by Unbridled's SongB: J Pratt$800