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Inglis Australian Racehorse Sale 2009

(+) Access Thoroughbreds, Cranbourne2$51,500$25,750Full Sale Details
 24 Gelding - Statue of Liberty x MoncadaB: William Inglis As Agent$42,500
 16 Filly - Golden Snake x EspadrillesB: G Maggs$9,000
(+) Arundel Farm Estate, Keilor1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 68 Filly - Pop Music by Bel EspritB: K Ellis$14,000
(+) Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock Pty, Ballan2$7,000$3,500Full Sale Details
 114 Filly - Catwalk Diva by ChoisirB: C Jordan$3,500
 119 Filly - Hysterical Heart by Show a HeartB: N Dickson$3,500
(+) B. Baker, Raywood1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 117 Filly - Fraar Doc by FraarB: P Boag$3,000
(+) Bell River Thoroughbreds, Wellington, NSW1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 19 Gelding - Viscount x FleecingB: M Croston$30,000
(+) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW8$237,000$29,625Full Sale Details
 126 Gelding - Sion Priory by CommandsB: M Poletti$65,000
 147 Gelding - Hustle by OctagonalB: S Kendrick$38,000
 142 Gelding - Craquelure by ViscountB: L Willick$32,000
 178 Gelding - Petrenko by Exceed and ExcelB: C Barnes$30,000
 149 Gelding - Jagged by ViscountB: William Inglis As Agent$25,000
 141 Gelding - Clever Hans by ViscountB: R & M Boljun$21,000
 134 Gelding - Admonition by CommandsB: J Stanton$18,000
 136 Gelding - Basilar by Canny LadB: L Xuereb$8,000
(+) Eliza Park, Kerrie7$142,000$20,286Full Sale Details
 23 Colt - Testa Rossa x MalapertB: L Wilkinson & M Price$75,000
 10 Gelding - Barely a Moment x YahtzeeB: P Burgun$18,000
 25 Filly - Timber Country x MyxaarB: L Wilkinson$18,000
 4 Colt - Undoubtedly x Special LassB: M Ballantine$11,000
 36 Filly - Bianconi x Dancefloor DollB: M Ayoub$8,000
 2 Colt - Undoubtedly x Roaring TwentiesB: William Inglis As Agent$7,000
 6 Colt - Denon x Tara QahiraB: M Ayoub$5,000
(+) Epsom Lodge, Mornington1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 152 Gelding - Mighty Start by Desert PrinceB: K Mayberry & G Dorning$6,000
(+) F. Farrugia, Sale1$750$750Full Sale Details
 183 Gelding - Jet Man by Super JetB: L Schmetzer$750
(+) First Tuesday Racing, Melbourne1$55,000$55,000Full Sale Details
 169 Gelding - Filante x Maria di CastigliaB: T Mullens$55,000
(+) Forest Lodge Racing, Miners Rest2$11,500$5,750Full Sale Details
 158 Gelding - Fuji Fame by Quest for FameB: C Schembri$9,000
 118 Filly - Friskee by Royal AcademyB: Mane Lodge$2,500
(+) Fulmen Park, Longwood1$7,250$7,250Full Sale Details
 154 Colt - Placido by Flying SpurB: C Johnson$7,250
(+) G. & K. Hammond, Melbourne2$34,000$17,000Full Sale Details
 18 Filly - Royal Academy x FantastrickB: R Frenzel$25,000
 87 Gelding - Cruyfforme by Johan CruyffB: D Weir$9,000
(+) G. Johnstone, Bittern1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 113 Filly - Happy Giggle x CarombyB: B Meade$7,000
(+) Glenwood, Modewarre3$13,000$4,333Full Sale Details
 131 Gelding - Danzero x ViewB: B Robertson$7,500
 139 Gelding - Boogie Woogie Boy by ChoisirB: G Maher$3,500
 121 Filly - Perugino x Kingston ToyB: K O'Brien$2,000
(+) Grandlodge Thoroughbreds, Lilydale1$7,500$7,500Full Sale Details
 173 Filly - Bel Esprit x My JaspaB: B McClure$7,500
(+) Harry Lawton Pty Ltd, Melbourne2$17,000$8,500Full Sale Details
 20 Colt - Bureaucracy x Hi ShanghaiB: V Boyd$9,000
 80 Gelding - Ascend by Fastnet RockB: A Ball$8,000
(+) Hill Holme Lodge, Sorrento2$56,000$28,000Full Sale Details
 13 Colt - Oratorio x CoquetryB: M Williams$40,000
 46 Filly - Antonine by Antonius PiusB: G Stevenson$16,000
(+) JSL Racing, Seymour1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 137 Gelding - Bellagio Bel by Bel EspritB: JSL Racing$5,000
(+) K. L. George Racing, Cooranbong, NSW1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 26 Colt - Arena x Opulent StarB: P Geard$25,000
(+) Key Pastoral Pty Ltd, Nedlands, WA1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 185 Colt - Hold That Tiger x Palace NewsB: M Thill$7,000
(+) Kitchwin Hills, Scone, NSW1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 130 Gelding - The Invincible One by Invincible SpiritB: Cavanough Racing$40,000
(+) Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA10$264,000$26,400Full Sale Details
 89 Gelding - Faster Buster by BlevicB: N Connor$80,000
 77 Gelding - Akmal by Flying SpurB: M Poletti$52,000
 79 Gelding - Aqwaal by Dubai DestinationB: V Scott-Mason$26,000
 97 Gelding - Madlool by Elusive QualityB: Trackside Racing$22,000
 33 Colt - Waahej by Redoute's ChoiceB: S Mathrick$20,000
 65 Filly - Optimizing by Exceed and ExcelB: C Barnes$20,000
 32 Gelding - Mossmeister by MossmanB: Dougary Racing$16,000
 34 Gelding - Derbaas by Flying SpurB: M Poletti$11,000
 69 Gelding - Ratafia by BianconiB: C Barnes$11,000
 64 Filly - Nasemah by Exceed and ExcelB: M King$6,000
(+) Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 83 Gelding - Carracci by Al MaherB: N Phillips$20,000
(+) Newlands Thoroughbreds, Seymour1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 120 Filly - Kenny's Girl by KempinskyB: S Hennessy$3,000
(+) Nolen Racing, Benalla2$68,000$34,000Full Sale Details
 38 Gelding - Flying Spur x Erin BeeB: G Vella$48,000
 37 Gelding - Dehere x Emily BlueB: A Yates$20,000
(+) Northern Lodge Stud, Eden Park1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 29 Colt - Flying Spur x PurrfectionB: R Freyer$26,000
(+) Northwood Pastoral, Seymour2$32,500$16,250Full Sale Details
 67 Filly - Persian Palace by Dubai DestinationB: J Croucher$16,500
 44 Filly - Strudel by Bel EspritB: M Ayoub$16,000
(+) Owners37$347,000$9,378Full Sale Details
 133 Gelding - Zealous by ZabeelB: E Musgrove$46,000
 170 Gelding - Old Regret by Testa RossaB: J Stanton$30,000
 62 Filly - Mistry by Magic AlbertB: B & J Purcell$26,000
 132 Gelding - You're On by Exceed and ExcelB: N Penfold$20,000
 164 Gelding - Cashius Pay by Dash for CashB: C Hyland$16,000
 182 Filly - Slew of Roses by Sirius SlewB: G McQueen$14,000
 116 Filly - Mossman x Duchess RedoutesB: B Xantos$12,500
 51 Filly - Murphy's Blu Boy x Delirious DancerB: M Ayoub$12,000
 52 Filly - Dumetella by CatbirdB: L Williams$10,000
 144 Gelding - Epsom Downs by GalileoB: B Young$10,000
 98 Gelding - Maxicat by Tale of the CatB: D Smith$9,000
 129 Gelding - Testexpress by Testa RossaB: W Weeks$8,000
 174 Gelding - Ninety Four by DanzeroB: G Stewart$8,000
 107 Filly - Amalfi x Spring HitB: J Welsh$7,500
 181 Filly - Not So Subtle by Agnes WorldB: A Ball$7,500
 159 Gelding - Umatilla x Burst the BubbleB: J Everson$7,500
 146 Gelding - Form Captain by PupilB: W Clarken$7,000
 161 Gelding - Jeaumont by MontjeuB: K Mayberry & G Dorning$7,000
 176 Gelding - Imafolly by Delago BromB: P Burton$7,000
 179 Gelding - Rocamadour by ShrewdyB: B McClure$7,000
 184 Gelding - Superior Ned by General NediymB: L Schmetzer$7,000
 111 Filly - Vivir by ChoisirB: G Jeffrey$6,250
 175 Gelding - Coco Command by CommandsB: A McCormick$5,750
 122 Filly - Lookwhatifound by EstambulB: C Sanders$5,250
 138 Gelding - Boncoeur by Show a HeartB: J Killeen$5,000
 148 Gelding - It's Elementary by Belong to MeB: W Weeks$5,000
 127 Gelding - Southern Dancer by Nothin' Leica DaneB: G Jeffrey$4,750
 162 Gelding - Mortes by ElvstroemB: K Parker$4,500
 167 Gelding - Racy Ash by Racer's EdgeB: G Stewart$4,500
 168 Filly - Our Peruggia by PeruginoB: J Stanton$4,000
 172 Gelding - Prusten by Hold That TigerB: D Glover$4,000
 153 Gelding - No Tax on Cash by Musee d'OrsayB: J Stanton$3,500
 155 Gelding - Court of Jewels x QuillatoB: D Clarken$3,500
 177 Gelding - King Demonic by DurbridgeB: J Melvin$3,500
 180 Colt - Dark Destroyer by BeckettB: J Stanton$3,500
 171 Gelding - Napoleonic by MontjeuB: R Kermond$3,000
 157 Gelding - Doctor Ed by NielloB: E Bromfield$2,000
(+) Rangal Park Stud, Euroa1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 30 Gelding - Street Warrior by KeltriceB: M Ayoub$8,000
(+) Shipton Lodge, Cobbitty, NSW25$817,000$32,680Full Sale Details
 9 Colt - Shamardal x Vee for VictoryB: D Baertschiger$130,000
 14 Filly - Galileo x DarlyaB: R Wylie$80,000
 48 Filly - Baby Boom by Redoute's ChoiceB: Jakisha Lodge Pty Ltd$62,500
 17 Filly - Lonhro x ExhilarateB: P Perry$60,000
 101 Gelding - Mr Vincent by GalileoB: D Baertschiger$60,000
 57 Filly - Kitalpha by Fusaichi PegasusB: William Inglis As Agent$50,000
 27 Filly - Lonhro x Our Lady GraceB: J Walter$45,000
 75 Gelding - Vision of One by Fusaichi PegasusB: D Weir$40,000
 22 Colt - Elusive Quality x Madam DehereosB: D Baertschiger$37,500
 11 Filly - Red Ransom x BleachB: P Perry$35,000
 42 Filly - She's Best by King's BestB: F W Mitchell$31,000
 60 Filly - Madam's Choice by Redoute's ChoiceB: P Sutcliffe$30,000
 15 Filly - Flying Spur x Dutch VisionB: J McPhail$22,000
 73 Gelding - Tromped by Lucky OwnersB: M Poletti$21,000
 3 Colt - Flying Spur x Skoozi's GirlB: N Connor$20,000
 66 Filly - Perfect Days by CatbirdB: J Coyle$17,000
 95 Gelding - Lone Hero by LonhroB: J Walter$15,000
 47 Filly - Aurora Splendour by Fantastic LightB: P Sutcliffe$14,000
 1 Colt - God's Own x Radium SpringsB: D Archard$12,000
 71 Gelding - Spring Honours by Honours ListB: C Barnes$9,000
 91 Gelding - Gaelic Hero by Elusive QualityB: H More$8,000
 93 Gelding - King of the Sun by Desert KingB: G Stewart$6,000
 12 Colt - Falbrav x BoomB: M Ayoub$5,000
 92 Gelding - Garfield by One Cool CatB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 53 Filly - Excitable Angel by FalbravB: A Ball$2,000
(+) Superhorse Trust, Sydney, NSW2$64,000$32,000Full Sale Details
 21 Gelding - Beautiful Crown x Love of GeorgiaB: S Petrevski$50,000
 84 Gelding - Centuron by Belong to MeB: G Richards$14,000
(+) T. & P. Reeve, Tallarook1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 165 Filly - Blackberry Wine by Any Given SundayB: J Stanton$5,000
(+) The Media Banc Pty Ltd, Melbourne2$27,000$13,500Full Sale Details
 112 Filly - Wonderful Time by MarmottanB: R Anderson$21,000
 143 Gelding - Cumuli Nimbus by LegionB: K Beadel$6,000
(+) Ultra Thoroughbred Racing Pty Ltd, Kilmore1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 128 Colt - Oratorio x Te Akau SunB: C Jordan$2,000
(+) Westgate, Bulla2$35,000$17,500Full Sale Details
 31 Filly - Dash for Cash x UmazoomaB: P Geard$27,500
 35 Gelding - Ice Point x CountbackB: S Quigley$7,500
(+) William Inglis & Son Ltd., Sydney, NSW1$280,000$280,000Full Sale Details
 160 Filly - Redoute's Choice x Bella SundayB: Limerick Lane$280,000
(+) Wyllie Group Pty Ltd, Perth, WA3$107,000$35,667Full Sale Details
 56 Filly - Hooness by Exceed and ExcelB: J Petch$42,000
 55 Filly - Happy Snap by ChoisirB: M Ruff$33,000
 59 Filly - Lost Diamond by Elusive QualityB: J A & J M Anderson Pty Ltd$32,000