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Inglis Australian Bloodstock Sale-General Weanlings 2013

(+) Aurora Lodge, Cobbitty2$9,000$4,500Full Sale Details
 231 Colt - Getting Leggie by StrategicB: William Inglis As Agent$7,000
 235 Colt - Teranaba x BlankB: TP & LA Treloar$2,000
(+) Bowness Stud, Young7$22,750$3,250Full Sale Details
 214 Filly - Hughes Got It by Henny HughesB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$4,000
 219 Filly - Excellent Art x ShardulB: Luke Oliver Racing$4,000
 186 Colt - The Hofficer by Bon HoffaB: Waylon J Stud$3,500
 207 Colt - Gumball by Bon HoffaB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd$3,000
 238 Filly - Bon Hoffa x Bundles of CashB: Kris Lees$3,000
 240 Colt - Bon Hoffa x CantripB: William Inglis As Agent$3,000
 197 Colt - Henny Hughes x Lago RhythmB: TP & LA Treloar$2,250
(+) Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook3$11,500$3,833Full Sale Details
 210 Filly - Fairy Shadow by Dane ShadowB: N Morgan$6,000
 241 Filly - No Mon No Fun by Ad ValoremB: William Inglis As Agent$3,500
 247 Colt - Tiny Rick by ShaftB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$2,000
(+) Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee6$27,350$4,558Full Sale Details
 208 Colt - Cavalier Kid by DomesdayB: G Swift$11,000
 230 Filly - Dreamscape x Wit Beyond MeasureB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 251 Filly - Haradasun x ElahiB: B English$5,000
 209 Filly - Domesday x Partial EclipseB: William Inglis As Agent$3,000
 244 Filly - Chubnell by DreamscapeB: J Bennett$2,750
 226 Filly - Dreamscape x True ClassB: Baddock Bloodstock$600
(+) K.M. Dulhunty, Sydney1$700$700Full Sale Details
 250 Filly - Beneteau x DrivetimeB: M Hansen$700
(+) Macquarie Stud, Wellington10$22,850$2,285Full Sale Details
 249 Colt - The Delorean by Time ThiefB: Waylon J Stud$4,500
 239 Colt - Tarryhoot by Ad ValoremB: William Inglis As Agent$3,500
 252 Filly - Dream And Journey by StradaB: Toshihero Yano$3,500
 204 Colt - Strada x Miss Moss RoseB: Otway Thoroughbreds$3,250
 201 Colt - Go The Gantry by Henny HughesB: Jazcom Equine Pty Ltd$2,500
 245 Filly - Shee Bee Bossy by Henny HughesB: Jazcom Equine Pty Ltd$2,000
 187 Filly - Nadeem x Fly Like AngelsB: E Sibbald$1,250
 254 Filly - Princeps by Roman EmperorB: D Singleton$1,250
 189 Filly - Strada x GlossB: H Proctor$600
 188 Filly - Culpo by StradaB: G Abbey$500
(+) Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra1$400$400Full Sale Details
 185 Filly - Bon Hoffa x FelicitousB: William Inglis As Agent$400
(+) Randwick Bloodstock, Quorrobolong5$16,700$3,340Full Sale Details
 198 Filly - Manhattan Rain x LocationB: Vincent & Field Bloodstock$8,500
 213 Filly - Littlebitofrespect by Al MaherB: Brisbane Bloodstock As Agent$3,000
 234 Filly - True Justice by All AmericanB: C Mowat$3,000
 212 Filly - Beneteau x Red LightB: M Hansen$1,500
 248 Filly - Sister Hazel by HaradasunB: William Inglis As Agent$700
(+) Shipton Lodge, Cobbitty3$800$267Full Sale Details
 229 Filly - Moonlight Jewel by Bryannbo's GiftB: X Choy$400
 221 Filly - Sparkling Gift by Bryannbo's GiftB: X Choy$200
 242 Filly - Bryannbo's Gift x ChickaboomchickaB: D Singleton$200
(+) Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 194 Filly - Not a Single Doubt x Kimmy PotterB: R McClenahan$10,000
(+) Think Big Stud, Burradoo1$800$800Full Sale Details
 410 Colt - Swooping Magpie by PendragonB: William Inglis As Agent$800
(+) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone6$31,600$5,267Full Sale Details
 192 Filly - Dame Demmi by DenmanB: P Willetts$16,000
 223 Colt - Henny Hughes x TemplateB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$9,000
 215 Filly - Gypsy Rose by Hard SpunB: Larneuk Stud $5,000
 237 Filly - Floral Pegasus x Brazilian ChoiceB: Agstock Pty Ltd$800
 202 Filly - Floral Pegasus x Magic MorningB: E Ruff$500
 224 Filly - Floral Pegasus x TirolizaB: Shiralee Park Pastoral$300
(+) Wexford Farm, Muswellbrook4$30,600$7,650Full Sale Details
 196 Colt - Labels by TicketsB: Ampulla Lodge$19,000
 206 Filly - Flo Jo Snip by SnippetsonB: William Inglis As Agent$9,000
 211 Colt - Uncanny Effort by Reward for EffortB: William Inglis As Agent$2,000
 236 Filly - Rumah Tinggi by HaradasunB: William Inglis As Agent$600
(+) Winning Colours Farm, Rockley1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 228 Filly - Glacial Gold x Waltzing QueenB: Massey Farms$11,000