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Ready To Run Sale results for Keeper


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17 Colt Girl of Value Vendor: Royal Oak Lodge
Buyer: Psd$40,000 Res$60,000
29 Gelding Heartache Vendor: Bradbury Park
Buyer: Ellerslie Lodge BN Heys
33 Colt Highrank Vendor: Diamond Lodge
Buyer: Mr DC Ellis
42 Gelding I'ma Turner Vendor: R. S. Manning & L. K. Durrant
Buyer: Withdrawn
43 Gelding Impulsive Vendor: Westbury Stud
Buyer: Psd$28,000 Res$30,000
53 Gelding Join the Fun Vendor: Beatson Stables Ltd
Buyer: Psd$55,000 Res$80,000
60 Gelding Katie's Girl Vendor: Venture Thoroughbreds Ltd
Buyer: Psd$25,000 Res$30,000
66 Gelding Kirin Belle Vendor: Kilgravin Lodge
Buyer: Mr KN Chong
75 Colt Laezeel Vendor: Oxford Thoroughbreds
Buyer: Psd$31,000 Res$40,000
82 Colt La Tebaldi Vendor: The Oaks Stud
Buyer: Psd$45,000 Res$50,000
102 Gelding Magravine Vendor: Beatson Stables Ltd
Buyer: Withdrawn
110 Gelding Maria's Story Vendor: Beatson Stables Ltd
Buyer: Mr NC Chan
115 Colt Merry Diamond Vendor: Regal Farm
Buyer: Psd$22,500 Res$25,000
116 Filly Mezel Vendor: Paxton Park
Buyer: Withdrawn
137 Colt Montdeux Vendor: Dormello Stud
Buyer: Psd$12,000 Res$20,000
188 Colt Queen's Colours Vendor: Te Runga Stud Ltd
Buyer: Withdrawn
198 Gelding Rosabelle Vendor: Oaklands Thoroughbreds
Buyer: Withdrawn
204 Gelding Saint Iris Vendor: Bradbury Park
Buyer: Psd$18,000 Res$25,000
208 Colt Seishona Vendor: Curraghmore Stud
Buyer: David M Hill Racing Stables
212 Colt She's Got Spunk Vendor: Mana Park
Buyer: Psd$55,000 Res$60,000
259 Gelding Tears We Cry Vendor: Pertab Bloodstock
Buyer: Psd$17,000 Res$20,000
353 Gelding Blueberry Hill Vendor: Mangatiti Bloodstock
Buyer: Psd$22,000 Res$25,000
358 Colt Bye Bye Affair Vendor: Highfields Bloodstock
Buyer: NZB as agent
433 Colt Ever Revie Vendor: Kilgravin Lodge
Buyer: Psd$27,500 Res$30,000