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NZB South Island Sale 2018

(+) Bells Feed & Grain2$23,000$11,500Full Sale Details
 47 C - Sweet Orange x JugadoraV: The Pines Thoroughbreds$13,000
 106 C - Swiss Ace x Tell Me LiesV: Three Valleys$10,000
(+) Champagne Racing1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
113 C - Highly Recommended x TutusaforeV: Pear Tree Farm Agistment Ltd$40,000
(+) Chris Rutten Bloodstock1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
52 C - StatelineV: Hedwood Thoroughbreds Ltd$15,000
(+) Chris Rutten Bloodstock / B Gray1$50,000$50,000Full Sale Details
 108 F - Charm Spirit x The DazzlerV: Ravelston Stud Ltd$50,000
(+) Collett Racing Stables2$18,500$9,250Full Sale Details
 28 C - Jakkalberry x Diamond JulesV: Willow Glen$12,000
72 C - Saperavi x PatientV: Willow Glen$6,500
(+) Donna Logan Racing Stables1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 19 F - Redwood x CattledogV: P. J. Rudkin Racing Stables$5,000
(+) Ellerton Zahra Racing1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
43 C - Brilliant VentureV: White Robe Lodge$22,000
(+) Enigma Farm & Armocroft Stables1$47,000$47,000Full Sale Details
89 G - Reliable Man x Sharp GalV: Berkley Stud$47,000
(+) Hawesome Equine1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
1 G - The Factor x ZagoV: Pear Tree Farm Agistment Ltd$5,000
(+) Hiwi Bloodstock2$116,000$58,000Full Sale Details
 109 C - Per Incanto x The DewdropV: Ravelston Stud Ltd$100,000
25 C - Per Incanto x Dancing MistressV: Ripple Creek$16,000
(+) Hoofbeat Limited1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
65 F - Natural Destiny x Miss San JoseV: Clearview Park Stud$6,000
(+) Horse Feng Bloodstock1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
63 C - Coats Choice x Milk and HoneyV: Berkley Stud$10,000
(+) Miss L Knight1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
45 C - Gallant Guru x JaylahV: White Robe Lodge$6,000
(+) Miss RL Mauger1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 58 F - Rock 'n' Pop x Mamma's LoveV: Willow Glen$2,500
(+) Mr B Brown1$8,500$8,500Full Sale Details
83 F - Ghibellines x Rhone RangerV: Clearview Park Stud$8,500
(+) Mr BW Phillips1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
115 F - Niagara x VaniaV: Long Acres Stud$6,000
(+) Mr DC Ellis2$54,000$27,000Full Sale Details
46 F - HarlowV: Pear Tree Farm Agistment Ltd$41,000
33 C - Ghibellines x EvanchoV: White Robe Lodge$13,000
(+) Mr E Sullivan3$52,000$17,333Full Sale Details
40 C - Ghibellines x HowbaddouneeditV: Three Valleys$19,000
2 G - Showcasing x AlisaraV: Hedwood Thoroughbreds Ltd$18,000
 50 C - Road to Rock x Kathy O'ReillyV: Mansfield Farm$15,000
(+) Mr G Old5$33,500$6,700Full Sale Details
 103 C - Echoes of Heaven x Sylvie's DreamV: Mansfield Farm$10,000
73 C - Ghibellines x Powder CreekV: White Robe Lodge$9,000
31 C - Coats Choice x Elle's AuraV: Berkley Stud$5,500
42 C - Roc de Cambes x IdentityV: Pear Tree Farm Agistment Ltd$4,500
87 C - Nadeem x SantoriniV: Ripple Creek$4,500
(+) Mr GD Smith1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 88 C - Proisir x ScarlettaV: Willow Glen$10,000
(+) Mr HS Chan1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 5 F - Showcasing x AmonmarieV: Ardsley Stud Ltd$5,000
(+) Mr IJ Nichol1$17,000$17,000Full Sale Details
101 C - Ghibellines x SwappingV: White Robe Lodge$17,000
(+) Mr J Foote/Mr D Weir2$37,000$18,500Full Sale Details
76 C - Redwood x PurposeV: Clearview Park Stud$20,000
116 F - Zacinto x VariationV: Inglewood Stud$17,000
(+) Mr JP Shields2$3,750$1,875Full Sale Details
 49 F - Pure Champion x KateroxV: Willow Glen$3,250
 3 F - Super Easy x AlleywayV: Ardsley Stud Ltd$500
(+) Mr LR Beckett2$14,500$7,250Full Sale Details
 9 C - Ocean Park x BeyondV: Mansfield Farm$12,000
75 C - Highly Recommended x Princess HaloV: Three Valleys$2,500
(+) Mr LW Insall1$1,250$1,250Full Sale Details
74 F - Ekraar x Prime SuspectV: Hedwood Thoroughbreds Ltd$1,250
(+) Mr MP Daly1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
18 C - Giant's Steps x Carolina IslandV: Three Valleys$10,000
(+) Mr MR Pitman7$98,500$14,071Full Sale Details
107 C - Love Conquers All x The Black DivaV: Berkley Stud$26,000
23 C - Rock 'n' Pop x Cold SnapV: Berkley Stud$25,000
81 C - Ghibellines x Renee MareeV: White Robe Lodge$20,000
14 F - Highly Recommended x BorntobeirishV: Berkley Stud$11,000
35 C - Super Easy x Fast QuickstepV: Berkley Stud$8,000
30 C - Niagara x DovetailV: A. M. Davies$7,250
 51 F - Proisir x Kendall MarieV: Ardsley Stud Ltd$1,250
(+) Mr MW Donald1$500$500Full Sale Details
82 F - Swiss Ace x RenovatedV: Highfield Grange Thoroughbreds$500
(+) Mr P Rudkin1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
79 G - Highly Recommended x Queens MoveV: Three Valleys$1,000
(+) Mr PA Preusker1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 102 C - Redwood x Sweet CinderellaV: Three Valleys$11,000
(+) Mr PJ Rudkin1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
60 F - My ExcuseV: Berkley Stud$5,000
(+) Mr PM Collins2$23,000$11,500Full Sale Details
78 G - Showcasing x QuedarV: Hedwood Thoroughbreds Ltd$19,000
94 F - Perfectly Ready x Silver ShadowV: Clearview Park Stud$4,000
(+) Mr R Beckett1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
4 C - Highly Recommended x Almost PersuadedV: Kinship Lodge$6,000
(+) Mr WG Coles1$750$750Full Sale Details
 110 F - Ghibellines x The LassV: Ravelston Stud Ltd$750
(+) Mrs BJ Young1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 84 F - Pure Champion x Rosa MundiV: Willow Glen$3,000
(+) Mrs KL Spence1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
100 C - Ghibellines x StructureV: White Robe Lodge$15,000
(+) Ms H Chambers1$500$500Full Sale Details
71 C - Highly Recommended x Our Sassy BrideV: Clearview Park Stud$500
(+) Ms JM Gordon1$500$500Full Sale Details
 16 F - Ferlax x Cahirciveen MarieV: Ardsley Stud Ltd$500
(+) Phill Cataldo Bloodstock1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
70 C - Shocking x OpticV: Pear Tree Farm Agistment Ltd$20,000
(+) Stainley Park1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
80 C - Pure Champion x Red OpalV: Willow Glen$7,000
(+) The No. 8 Syndicate1$8,500$8,500Full Sale Details
91 F - Live DramaV: White Robe Lodge$8,500
(+) The Robt Dawe Agency1$55,000$55,000Full Sale Details
98 C - Ghibellines x Stage FlashV: White Robe Lodge$55,000