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MM National Weanling Sale Select Session 2004

(+) "J M, L T & H J MACDONNELL"4$35,500$8,875Full Sale Details
 593 Filly - Mujahid x Courageous LadyV: Widden Stud$13,000
 571 Filly - Iglesia x Brook RoadV: Oaklands Stud$9,000
 585 Filly - Dracula x ClochardV: Woodlands Stud$8,500
 685 Filly - Bletchingly x Rebecca GayV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,000
(+) ADRIAN MCNAMEE1$6,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 368 Colt - Mr Innocent x Hurry ScurryV: Eleison$6,500
(+) ALAN & SUSAN MACKAY1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 619 Filly - Black Zephyr x Love DuetV: Australian Racing Institute$2,000
(+) AMRAK SUPPORT SERVICES2$4,200$2,100Full Sale Details
 590 Colt - Irish Royal x Corner CafeV: Lyndhurst Stud Farm$2,200
 670 Filly - Racer's Edge x Vaniteux LassV: Australian Racing Institute$2,000
(+) ANDRE RUYTERS2$24,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 488 Colt - Springsteen x Regal SoundV: Royston Stud$14,000
 474 Filly - Dolphin Street x Shy ComposerV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$10,000
(+) ANDREW HAYES4$18,750$4,688Full Sale Details
 553 Colt - Dracula x Any NewsV: Retreat Farm$6,000
 922 Filly - Kris x GallettoV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$5,500
 630 Filly - Encounter x OveraweV: Australian Racing Institute$3,750
 537 Colt - Irgun x Tullamore LadyV: Furlong Stud$3,500
(+) ANNE-MARIE MOLLER1$46,000$46,000Full Sale Details
 833 Filly - Entrepreneur x Our HopeV: Coolmore Stud$46,000
(+) ANTHONY HYDE2$3,900$1,950Full Sale Details
 599 Filly - Avispon x Diamond SeaV: Oaklands Stud$2,000
 595 Filly - Avispon x DanzigahV: Oaklands Stud$1,900
(+) AQUANITA RACING1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 533 Colt - Twining x Token CharmV: Cressfield Stud$16,000
(+) B & D MIDSON1$3,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 550 Colt - Irish Royal x AmbitionsV: Lyndhurst Stud Farm$3,500
(+) B JAQUES1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 850 Filly - Last Tycoon x CentolluaV: Baramul Stud$30,000
(+) BARAMUL STUD3$267,000$89,000Full Sale Details
 728 Filly - Bigstone x Our TristalightV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$150,000
 725 Filly - Royal Academy x Femme AmoureuseV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$85,000
 726 Filly - Dehere x Rhythmic CharmV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$32,000
(+) BARATON STUD1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 403 Colt - Belong to Me x Mirror the MagicV: Yarraman Park Stud$26,000
(+) BAREE STUD4$294,250$73,563Full Sale Details
 942 Filly - Sadler's Wells x TwineV: Coolmore Stud$160,000
 892 Filly - Maroof x HorlicksV: Kia Ora Stud$72,500
 823 Filly - Sovereign Red x Peach SundaeV: Widden Stud$60,000
 687 Filly - Puissance x Whiskey BelleV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$1,750
(+) BARRY MEEKINGS1$3,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 426 Filly - Irish Royal x Play it SafeV: Lyndhurst Stud Farm$3,500
(+) BARRY SCAYSBROOK1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 526 Colt - Irish Royal x Sweet CaressV: Birchgrove Park$5,500
(+) BAXTER BLOODSTOCK3$37,000$12,333Full Sale Details
 464 Filly - Favorite Trick x Imposing AngelV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$18,000
 558 Filly - Twining x BellauraV: Cressfield Stud$10,000
 465 Filly - Langfuhr x Jeune GirlV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$9,000
(+) BELLAGIO LODGE3$292,000$97,333Full Sale Details
 939 Filly - Rory's Jester x Dangerous SeamV: Goodwood Farm$115,000
 604 Filly - Marauding x ShorwonV: Australian Racing Institute$105,000
 914 Filly - Marscay x Sunshine SallyV: Strawberry Hill Stud$72,000
(+) BELMONT BLOODSTOCK AGENCY2$132,000$66,000Full Sale Details
 872 Filly - Fairy King x Haughty MannerV: Coolmore Stud$80,000
 766 Filly - Eagle Eyed x Ring Me SoonV: Murrulla Stud$52,000
(+) BEN CLEARY2$21,000$10,500Full Sale Details
 511 Colt - Last Tycoon x Sobriety GirlV: Oaklands Stud$11,000
 562 Filly - Kaapstad x BlanchetV: Oaklands Stud$10,000
(+) BERNARD & MAUREEN RADEL2$7,500$3,750Full Sale Details
 703 Filly - Brave Warrior x Black LightningV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,000
 713 Filly - Brave Warrior x Eureka DuchessV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$2,500
(+) BEWHILE PTY LTD1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 831 Filly - Flying Spur x Deputy DuchessV: Tighe$25,000
(+) BILL MURRAY1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 505 Colt - Gilded Time x ShadowplayV: Tipuana Park$40,000
(+) BLUE DOG INVESTMENTS1$52,000$52,000Full Sale Details
 445 Colt - Danzero x Note of CautionV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$52,000
(+) BOB SINCLAIR1$75,000$75,000Full Sale Details
 442 Colt - Red Ransom x Mlle ShangV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$75,000
(+) BRIAN AHERN1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 706 Filly - Brave Warrior x Temple TopV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$2,500
(+) BRIAN KEEP1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 645 Filly - One Pound Sterling x PhoenixV: Australian Racing Institute$2,000
(+) BROMELTON HOUSE1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 679 Filly - Raise a Stanza x Just NowV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$4,500
(+) BURWOOD STUD1$4,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 623 Filly - Grosvenor x VarettaV: Australian Racing Institute$4,000
(+) CAMPBELL BLACK1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 357 Colt - Iglesia x FilnovaV: Oaklands Stud$5,000
(+) CARBINE VALE THOROUGHBREDS3$133,500$44,500Full Sale Details
 541 Filly - Show a Heart x Voile au VentV: Bahram Stud Farm$57,500
 540 Filly - Viscount x Verdict DeclaredV: Cressfield Stud$46,000
 427 Colt - Brahms x Prickly ProblemV: Reavill Farm$30,000
(+) CARRINGBUSH STUD6$18,200$3,033Full Sale Details
 849 Filly - Grosvenor x Brechin RookV: Widden Stud$5,000
 875 Filly - Kris x Sailor's MateV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$5,000
 838 Filly - Kris x Greenland ParkV: Coolmore Stud$3,500
 836 Filly - Twig Moss x PacificV: Duncan Bloodstock Pty Ltd$3,000
 647 Filly - Strategic x Sovereign HeightsV: Australian Racing Institute$1,200
 662 Filly - Defensive Play x VirokajadeeV: Australian Racing Institute$500
(+) CARRINGTON AUST PTY LTD1$44,000$44,000Full Sale Details
 388 Colt - Royal Academy x LivoniaV: Collingrove Stud$44,000
(+) CAYLEY THOROUGHBREDS1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 378 Colt - Fuji Kiseki x Jewel of the OceanV: Cressfield Stud$9,000
(+) CHRIS STEAR1$44,000$44,000Full Sale Details
 373 Filly - Flying Spur x ImpatientV: Collingrove Stud$44,000
(+) CHRIS T & CHRISTINE Y FITZGERA1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 896 Filly - Mercury x Nautical LassV: Oaklands Stud$6,000
(+) CLEAR MOUNTAIN STUD1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 716 Filly - Esperanto x Calais GirlV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$14,000
(+) COASTAL THOROUGHBREDS4$83,000$20,750Full Sale Details
 767 Filly - Soviet Star x PrunottoV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$33,000
 912 Filly - Northern Baby x Break InV: Highgrove Stud$27,500
 675 Filly - Ashkalani x Lady of DestinyV: Australian Racing Institute$16,000
 667 Filly - Charnwood Forest x High RiverV: Australian Racing Institute$6,500
(+) COCHING BAYANI2$7,500$3,750Full Sale Details
 718 Filly - Great Dane x Brave BrideV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$4,000
 707 Filly - Brave Warrior x Precious PearlV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,500
(+) COLM SANTRY2$31,000$15,500Full Sale Details
 605 Filly - Dowsing x FlorieV: Australian Racing Institute$16,000
 528 Colt - Mull of Kintyre x TalannyaV: Retreat Farm$15,000
(+) COLM SANTRY B/STOCK1$140,000$140,000Full Sale Details
 407 Filly - Anabaa x Nanny MaroonV: Guntawang Stud$140,000
(+) CONWAY CARTER HOLDINGS1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 493 Colt - Scenic x Rosa's WishV: Collingrove Stud$12,000
(+) CORELLA STUD1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 551 Colt - Reenact x AmistosaV: Baramul Stud$10,000
(+) CRESSFIELD STUD1$125,000$125,000Full Sale Details
 738 Filly - Chief's Crown x Bolt of LightningV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$125,000
(+) D M & R D FARQUHAR2$22,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 653 Filly - Woodman x JuanitaV: Australian Racing Institute$14,000
 930 Filly - Timber Country x Blue CafeV: Vinery Stud$8,000
(+) DAMIAN WHITE1$15,500$15,500Full Sale Details
 508 Colt - King of Kings x ShoozV: Strawberry Hill Stud$15,500
(+) DANNY ROSE3$15,500$5,167Full Sale Details
 677 Filly - Semipalatinsk x Hawa BiladiV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$8,000
 632 Filly - Military Plume x Lady EnvoyV: Australian Racing Institute$6,000
 618 Filly - Lake Coniston x Kate's ChoiceV: Australian Racing Institute$1,500
(+) DAVID BOURNE1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 392 Colt - Irish Royal x Magic MomentsV: Lyndhurst Stud Farm$3,000
(+) DAVID MACOUN1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 689 Filly - Voodoo Rhythm x Marine PrincessV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$10,000
(+) DAVID THOMAS1$23,000$23,000Full Sale Details
 592 Colt - Desert Prince x Country StrikeV: Raheen Stud$23,000
(+) DEAN HUGHES1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 362 Filly - Fuji Kiseki x Gumnut FairyV: Cressfield Stud$6,000
(+) DEBBIE BOYCE1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 613 Filly - Carral x GrilleraV: Australian Racing Institute$5,500
(+) DEBORAH HO1$775,000$775,000Full Sale Details
 796 Filly - Westminster x Grey InvaderV: Segenhoe Stud$775,000
(+) DENIS ROBERTS BLOODSTOCK1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 607 Filly - Bletchingly x Gold HopeV: Australian Racing Institute$25,000
(+) DENIS ROBERTS PTY LTD1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 634 Filly - Military Plume x FibreV: Australian Racing Institute$9,000
(+) DENIS WILTON1$13,500$13,500Full Sale Details
 876 Filly - Our Maizcay x Ohau LeicaV: Oakwood Farm$13,500
(+) DENISE BATHO1$1,250$1,250Full Sale Details
 710 Filly - Piccolo x Pearly ShellsV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$1,250
(+) DES HAWKINS1$95,000$95,000Full Sale Details
 739 Filly - CATEQUILV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$95,000
(+) DIANE HILL1$13,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 748 Filly - Spectacular Bid x Gallant PearlV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$13,000
(+) DON MUNRO3$44,000$14,667Full Sale Details
 483 Filly - Indian Danehill x Autumn SceneV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$16,000
 530 Filly - Quest for Fame x Temple BellV: Woodlands Stud$16,000
 467 Filly - Brave Hawk x My SweetieV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$12,000
(+) DONATO S SORDAN1$2,250$2,250Full Sale Details
 538 Filly - Irish Royal x Turkish TrousersV: Lyndhurst Stud Farm$2,250
(+) DONCASTER BLOODSTOCK SERVICES5$105,500$21,100Full Sale Details
 396 Colt - Danehill Dancer x MarillionV: Collingrove Stud$42,000
 436 Filly - Hurricane Sky x Grand UnionV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$28,000
 432 Filly - Honours List x Princess EllaV: Widden Stud$17,000
 439 Colt - Xaar x LessepsV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$12,000
 783 Filly - SHE'S A MODELV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$6,500
(+) DOUG NEWBERRY1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 697 Filly - Puissance x Faithful FriendV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,500
(+) DOWLING PARK5$189,000$37,800Full Sale Details
 731 Filly - Sound Reason x SolventV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$70,000
 620 Filly - Green Line Express x Miss JubileeV: Australian Racing Institute$45,000
 878 Filly - Alzao x OlindaV: Widden Stud$38,000
 916 Filly - Marauding x Premier FlightV: Oakwood Farm$22,000
 764 Filly - Sadler's Wells x CiprianiV: Murrulla Stud$14,000
(+) DREAMBIG RACING1$41,000$41,000Full Sale Details
 510 Colt - Viscount x Snippets' LadyV: Goodwood Farm$41,000
(+) E THOROUGHBRED1$120,000$120,000Full Sale Details
 834 Filly - Sadler's Wells x Or VisionV: Coolmore Stud$120,000
(+) ELIZA PARK1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 635 Filly - Last Tycoon x Ice TwigV: Australian Racing Institute$11,000
(+) ELLENDALE FARM1$23,000$23,000Full Sale Details
 860 Filly - Haulpak x Silver SmileV: Oakwood Farm$23,000
(+) EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS10$311,750$31,175Full Sale Details
 779 Filly - Lion Cavern x CathedraV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$140,000
 762 Filly - Alleged x Lake CountryV: Murrulla Stud$50,000
 883 Filly - Double Schwartz x CathedraV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$35,000
 608 Filly - Acecay x ShamayilV: Australian Racing Institute$30,000
 730 Filly - Diesis x Silver DollarV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$16,000
 925 Filly - Al Hareb x TanaquilV: Vinery Stud$16,000
 758 Filly - Miswaki x InishdallaV: Murrulla Stud$15,000
 741 Filly - Hurricane Sky x Note of CautionV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$6,000
 636 Filly - Marscay x LakeletV: Australian Racing Institute$2,500
 624 Filly - Palace Music x WolvetteV: Australian Racing Institute$1,250
(+) EQUESTRIAN LIVESTOCK SERVICES3$21,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 366 Colt - High Yield x Hot CopperV: Goodwood Farm$9,500
 422 Filly - Langfuhr x PhosfateV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$7,000
 471 Colt - Spartacus x Right Now PleaseV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$4,500
(+) FLAME TREE STUD PTY LTD1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 772 Filly - Puissance x Scenic BayV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$14,000
(+) FOSTER BLOODSTOCK1$7,500$7,500Full Sale Details
 848 Filly - Star Way x SpatialV: Goodwood Farm$7,500
(+) FRANCISCO PAMINTUAN1$1,500$1,500Full Sale Details
 825 Filly - Snappy Landing x Marie RambertV: Widden Stud$1,500
(+) G & A GARLAND1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 656 Filly - Monongahela x Kate's ChoiceV: Australian Racing Institute$3,000
(+) G & G J MCANTEE3$12,900$4,300Full Sale Details
 813 Filly - Natski x Corinto MaidV: Widden Stud$7,500
 639 Filly - Filante x Byzance StarV: Australian Racing Institute$5,000
 815 Filly - Heart of Darkness x CadinskiV: Widden Stud$400
(+) G & K LANGDON1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 918 Filly - Lord Ballina x Rosies GiftV: Trevannah$22,000
(+) G F & G I STACK2$94,000$47,000Full Sale Details
 763 Filly - Polish Precedent x Always FarV: Murrulla Stud$50,000
 880 Filly - Brocco x Castle PinesV: Goodwood Farm$44,000
(+) G I & K E WARFIELD1$35,000$35,000Full Sale Details
 444 Filly - Grand Lodge x Natural TycoonV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$35,000
(+) GAINSBOROUGH LODGE2$36,000$18,000Full Sale Details
 814 Filly - Ahonoora x KittyhawkV: Widden Stud$20,000
 621 Filly - Kampala x ImposeraV: Australian Racing Institute$16,000
(+) GARRY CONN1$3,250$3,250Full Sale Details
 347 Filly - Langfuhr x ElinorV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$3,250
(+) GARY NIELSEN1$500$500Full Sale Details
 655 Filly - Molokai Prince x TarlinaV: Australian Racing Institute$500
(+) GEOFF SMITH & CHERYL HUGHES6$101,000$16,833Full Sale Details
 602 Filly - Show a Heart x Dutch VisionV: Oaklands Stud$32,000
 509 Filly - Commands x SiteV: Clear Mountain Stud$30,000
 417 Filly - Commands x PapersV: Woodlands Stud$18,000
 921 Filly - Flying Spur x Royal FanfareV: Cressfield Stud$12,000
 898 Filly - Danzero x Durga PrincessV: Oakwood Farm$5,500
 431 Colt - Greenlander x Princess del SoleV: Oaklands Stud$3,500
(+) GEORGE OSBORNE1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 572 Colt - Our Maizcay x Camelot DancerV: Woori Yallock Stud$14,000
(+) GRAEME & G A JENSEN1$3,750$3,750Full Sale Details
 657 Filly - Blue Razor x Gold RaiderV: Australian Racing Institute$3,750
(+) GRAHAM & JUDITH OST1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 478 Filly - Great Dane x Summer AirV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$4,500
(+) GRAHAM DELSAR1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 470 Filly - Perugino x Precious PearlV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$12,000
(+) GRANT PRITCHARD-GORDON2$368,000$184,000Full Sale Details
 734 Filly - Nureyev x CopperamaV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$280,000
 652 Filly - Spectrum x Tears for TristramV: Australian Racing Institute$88,000
(+) GREG YOUNGBERRY1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 490 Filly - King Cugat x ResearchV: Oaklands Stud$8,000
(+) GUY HOLLOWAY1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 702 Filly - Raise a Stanza x Shades of SummerV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,000
(+) HANCOCK QUALITY BLOODSTOCK3$515,000$171,667Full Sale Details
 765 Filly - Game Plan x Commercial VentureV: Murrulla Stud$240,000
 854 Filly - Spinning World x Love DanceV: "Swettenham Stud, Lord Vestey, G Harvey & W Gurney"$140,000
 923 Filly - Kris x DurtalV: Strawberry Hill Stud$135,000
(+) HELEN PAGE1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 491 Filly - Langfuhr x RhonddaV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$6,000
(+) HELLEN SULISTRIO1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 390 Filly - Seven Figures x Love to LeicaV: The Vale Stud$3,000
(+) HOLBROOK THOROUGHBREDS1$13,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 832 Filly - Kenmare x LoyalV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$13,000
(+) I E KEYS1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 855 Filly - Gold and Ivory x Whenever WhereverV: Cressfield Stud$9,000
(+) ISKANDER RACE PTY LTD5$131,000$26,200Full Sale Details
 745 Filly - Clay Hero x Honest and LegalV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$40,000
 771 Filly - Wild Harmony x MakepeaceV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$27,000
 786 Filly - Western Symphony x Cousin BridgetV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$26,000
 805 Filly - Housebuster x Rhapsody RoseV: Torryburn Stud$20,000
 821 Filly - Nediym x HussyV: Widden Stud$18,000
(+) J A & J M ANDERSON1$90,000$90,000Full Sale Details
 792 Filly - Dance Floor x Splash of BeautyV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$90,000
(+) J DREWS2$8,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 654 Filly - Lunchtime x BlainV: Australian Racing Institute$6,000
 603 Filly - Zip Home x Jazz GirlV: Australian Racing Institute$2,000
(+) J H WOOD6$13,050$2,175Full Sale Details
 529 Filly - Greenlander x Tasha's CougarV: Oaklands Stud$3,750
 534 Colt - Great Dane x To Love AgainV: Sakzewski$3,500
 430 Filly - Avispon x Princess CarmenV: Oaklands Stud$2,000
 616 Filly - Arctic Tern x Top TwigV: Australian Racing Institute$1,700
 648 Filly - Granacus x Tandra GeeV: Australian Racing Institute$1,500
 625 Filly - Pre Catelan x Star MorinV: Australian Racing Institute$600
(+) J P & C A BRADY1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 724 Filly - Ferdinand x FaenzaV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$20,000
(+) J R IRELAND1$5,250$5,250Full Sale Details
 715 Filly - Semipalatinsk x Cabin LightV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,250
(+) JAMES BESTER BLOODSTOCK2$120,000$60,000Full Sale Details
 475 Colt - Galileo x Sister ScarletV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$85,000
 473 Colt - Perugino x Scenic BayV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$35,000
(+) JAMIE WALTER3$223,000$74,333Full Sale Details
 729 Filly - Monde Bleu x Beautiful CenturyV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$200,000
 804 Filly - Hula Chief x Spoil the PartyV: Torryburn Stud$16,000
 681 Filly - Puissance x Imposing AngelV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$7,000
(+) JEFF COOK1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 596 Colt - Dodge x Debutante's ChoiceV: Whitten$1,000
(+) JEFF KLEMENTSEN1$38,000$38,000Full Sale Details
 698 Filly - Alannon x Una VoltaV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$38,000
(+) JEFFREY CHARLES HAWKINS3$80,000$26,667Full Sale Details
 888 Filly - Marscay x Beach GownV: Strawberry Hill Stud$46,000
 909 Filly - Bellypha x Oak HillV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$25,000
 933 Filly - Hula Chief x Diamonds for RosieV: Oakwood Farm$9,000
(+) JIM BUCHANAN2$7,500$3,750Full Sale Details
 678 Filly - Semipalatinsk x BellflowerV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,000
 629 Filly - Mighty Avalanche x Plum PieV: Australian Racing Institute$2,500
(+) JOANNA BAILLIEU1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 929 Filly - Prized x DashedV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$3,000
(+) JOANNE WATERHOUSE1$500$500Full Sale Details
 907 Filly - Appleby Fair x DivisibleV: Wadham Park Pty Ltd$500
(+) JOHN A C MCMILLAN1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 597 Colt - Honours List x DeganaV: Widden Stud$11,000
(+) JOHN BAXTER1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 661 Filly - Alquoz x RuvetteV: Australian Racing Institute$7,000
(+) JOHN CHALMERS BLOODSTOCK4$77,000$19,250Full Sale Details
 672 Filly - Woodman x South Sea ColonyV: Australian Racing Institute$30,000
 803 Filly - Citidancer x Great VerdictV: Torryburn Stud$20,000
 827 Filly - Kenmare x Ease on DownV: Bahram Stud$18,000
 819 Filly - Nediym x Belle ChicV: Widden Stud$9,000
(+) JOHN FOOTE BLOODSTOCK2$248,000$124,000Full Sale Details
 754 Filly - Kenmare x My MarseillaiseV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$200,000
 447 Colt - Royal Academy x SharkV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$48,000
(+) JOHN GREEN1$1,500$1,500Full Sale Details
 695 Filly - Grand Chaudiere x Paola PisaniV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$1,500
(+) JOHN H WOOD1$1,750$1,750Full Sale Details
 579 Filly - Pierce Arrow x Charger BelleV: Pakis$1,750
(+) JOHN JOHNSTONE1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 744 Filly - Vain x ScalaV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$15,000
(+) JOHN JOYCE1$3,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 600 Filly - Irish Royal x DonnaV: Lyndhurst Stud Farm$3,500
(+) JOHN SMITH1$85,000$85,000Full Sale Details
 423 Colt - Fantastic Light x Pine BabyV: Pine Lodge Throughbreds$85,000
(+) JOHN SOMERVILLE1$700$700Full Sale Details
 699 Filly - Raise a Cup x Blithe SpiritV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$700
(+) JOHN TALBOT1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 545 Filly - Sequalo x YakeemaV: Clear Mountain Stud$7,000
(+) JOHN W GORDON1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 565 Filly - Mull of Kintyre x Blue SetV: Eleison$3,000
(+) JOSE ALEXANDER R CARANDANG1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 708 Filly - Success Express x GhislaineV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$2,500
(+) JOSEPH S C LOONG1$23,500$23,500Full Sale Details
 365 Colt - Loup Sauvage x Heavenly StrollerV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$23,500
(+) JUDY MARHEINE1$3,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 709 Filly - Semipalatinsk x Time to SwitchV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,500
(+) K W & P J SAMS1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 782 Filly - End Sweep x Rory's SongV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$2,000
(+) KARAKA DOWNS1$47,000$47,000Full Sale Details
 446 Colt - Viscount x Roberts PrideV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$47,000
(+) KARL BELZNER1$1,100$1,100Full Sale Details
 567 Filly - Avispon x BraceletsV: Oaklands Stud$1,100
(+) KARREMAN RACING1$90,000$90,000Full Sale Details
 940 Filly - Irish River x Vivre en PaixV: Coolmore Stud$90,000
(+) KEVIN DIXON1$230,000$230,000Full Sale Details
 917 Filly - Royal Academy x Delightful BelleV: Glastonbury Farms$230,000
(+) KINGS BLOODSTOCK1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 886 Filly - Luskin Star x Ksar MissV: Baramul Stud$12,000
(+) KIRK JOHN ELLIOT1$4,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 356 Filly - Telesto x FawayedV: Royston Stud$4,000
(+) LAKEWOOD STUD2$75,000$37,500Full Sale Details
 826 Filly - Whiskey Road x Not EnoughV: Widden Stud$57,500
 750 Filly - Bletchingly x TipheredV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$17,500
(+) LAURISTON THOROUGHBRED FARM3$83,500$27,833Full Sale Details
 818 Filly - Common Grounds x Ninette de ValoisV: Widden Stud$43,000
 686 Filly - Zephyr Bay x Misty VainV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$28,000
 903 Filly - Clear Choice x Star BlackV: Starcevic & Anderson$12,500
(+) LEE SMITH1$19,000$19,000Full Sale Details
 523 Filly - Shinko Forest x SungloV: Roverford Pty Ltd$19,000
(+) LEUNG KAI FAI7$828,000$118,286Full Sale Details
 732 Filly - Centaine x Star of the KnightV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$525,000
 586 Filly - Carnegie x CoatV: Reavill Farm$130,000
 722 Filly - Grand Lodge x LessepsV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$47,500
 735 Filly - Snippets x Deep ShowV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$42,500
 644 Filly - Woodman x Pick 'n' ChooseV: Australian Racing Institute$30,000
 517 Filly - Fuji Kiseki x StatementV: Reavill Farm$29,000
 881 Filly - Fuji Kiseki x MaricksV: Strawberry Hill Stud$24,000
(+) LOUISE JOY MARCIC3$8,500$2,833Full Sale Details
 869 Filly - Key to the Mint x Storm the GatesV: Cressfield Stud$4,500
 389 Filly - Reenact x LizbethV: Oaklands Stud$2,500
 557 Filly - Greenlander x BarrelV: Oaklands Stud$1,500
(+) LUSKIN PARK1$110,000$110,000Full Sale Details
 448 Colt - Red Ransom x Tender SaintV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$110,000
(+) LYNDHURST STUD FARM2$4,300$2,150Full Sale Details
 784 Filly - Desert Sun x RapidoV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$3,500
 664 Filly - McGinty x Vicki MiersV: Australian Racing Institute$800
(+) LYNDHURST STUD FARM AS AGENT1$2,750$2,750Full Sale Details
 361 Colt - Dantibes x Greenbrier MissV: Oakwood Farm$2,750
(+) M HEMMINGS1$9,500$9,500Full Sale Details
 906 Filly - Ahonoora x Lyric StarV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$9,500
(+) MADONNA HEDBERG1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 705 Filly - Raise a Stanza x Love to TellV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$2,500
(+) MAGIC MILLI0NS AS AGENT1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 421 Colt - Mull of Kintyre x Penny PregoV: Pine Lodge Throughbreds$6,000
(+) MAGIC MILLION AS AGENT1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 810 Filly - Hula Chief x Manx SymbolV: Torryburn Stud$12,000
(+) MAGIC MILLIONS AS AGENT48$2,808,250$58,505Full Sale Details
 793 Filly - Zabeel x Scarlet RobinV: Segenhoe Stud$380,000
 778 Filly - Barathea x PortviewV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$280,000
 746 Filly - Danzero x Delightful BelleV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$200,000
 742 Filly - Zoffany x AttanaghV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$180,000
 920 Filly - Deputy Governor x Phantom's LadyV: Glastonbury Farms$170,000
 777 Filly - Flying Spur x Game PromiseV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$130,000
 861 Filly - Catrail x LurestinaV: Strawberry Hill Stud$110,000
 753 Filly - Danehill x Martha StevensV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$110,000
 663 Filly - Woodman x Burning EmbersV: Australian Racing Institute$105,000
 443 Colt - Danzero x Money MoverV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$105,000
 512 Colt - Encosta de Lago x Social SceneV: Collingrove Stud$80,000
 532 Filly - Fantastic Light x TiltingV: Guntawang Stud$77,500
 658 Filly - Woodman x Crazy for YouV: Australian Racing Institute$65,000
 507 Colt - King Cugat x She's SweetV: Baramul Stud$58,000
 440 Colt - Strategic x Macedon PrincessV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$57,500
 671 Filly - Royal Academy x The PennyV: Australian Racing Institute$50,000
 749 Filly - End Sweep x CentrofoldV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$50,000
 668 Filly - Grand Lodge x Cherry GardenV: Australian Racing Institute$44,000
 434 Filly - Canny Lad x PyramisaV: Attunga Stud$40,000
 752 Filly - Chief's Crown x Confederate LadyV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$38,000
 743 Filly - Chromite x Honor TricksV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$37,500
 646 Filly - Snippets x PenitaV: Australian Racing Institute$37,000
 395 Colt - High Yield x ManyaraV: Torryburn Stud$35,000
 350 Colt - Grand Lodge x EnniskeV: Woodlands Stud$30,000
 397 Colt - Gilded Time x MarlaV: Palmaday$30,000
 751 Filly - Mighty Kingdom x Denise's JoyV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$25,000
 859 Filly - King of Kings x CherishedV: Duncan Bloodstock Pty Ltd$25,000
 780 Filly - Zabeel x Dancing AuroraV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$23,000
 376 Colt - Commands x Innocent AgeV: Clear Mountain Stud$22,000
 943 Filly - Rubiano x Track AppealV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$22,000
 349 Colt - Desert Prince x EmbassiesV: Woodlands Stud$17,000
 496 Filly - O'Reilly x SacristyV: Oaklands Stud$15,500
 371 Filly - Carnegie x Ida PineV: Reavill Farm$15,000
 402 Colt - Clang x Mighty FlyerV: Oakwood Farm$15,000
 480 Colt - Dexter x Sweet MouzaV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$15,000
 472 Colt - King of Kings x River CafeV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$14,000
 931 Filly - Zeditave x Sandy's HillV: Oakwood Farm$13,000
 591 Colt - Dracula x CountrysideV: Oakwood Farm$12,500
 856 Filly - Hector Protector x Quelle EpoqueV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$12,000
 870 Filly - St Covet x Smart MossV: Starcevic & Anderson$10,000
 569 Filly - Civic Hope x Brave LookV: Gunsynd Lodge$10,000
 622 Filly - Imposing x BlissV: Australian Racing Institute$9,000
 633 Filly - Dahar x Princess JocindaV: Australian Racing Institute$9,000
 737 Filly - Xaar x StifledV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$8,500
 359 Colt - Immovable Option x Glory BoundV: Wattle Brae Stud$7,500
 425 Colt - SHEZA PLANETV: Hyde Horse Breeding & Racing Partnership$5,000
 556 Filly - Civic Hope x Astral JoieV: Gunsynd Lodge$2,000
 374 Filly - Civic Hope x Imperial ZipV: Gunsynd Lodge$1,750
(+) MANUAEL VIRAY2$36,000$18,000Full Sale Details
 787 Filly - Seattle Slew x A Shadeed IndeedV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$26,000
 736 Filly - Zeditave x LakeletV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$10,000
(+) MAR TIRONA1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 756 Filly - Always Fair x American LegacyV: Murrulla Stud$9,000
(+) MARANA PARK THOROUGHBREDS3$41,250$13,750Full Sale Details
 482 Filly - Jeune x Autumn MomentsV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$32,000
 459 Filly - Great Dane x Eureka ParadeV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,500
 384 Filly - Iglesia x La CavallinaV: Oaklands Stud$3,750
(+) MARCUS CORBAN1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 693 Filly - Raise a Stanza x SweetieV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$6,000
(+) MARIE LOUISE REED1$20,500$20,500Full Sale Details
 454 Colt - Spectrum x Clifton GardensV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$20,500
(+) MARK PILKINGTON BLOODSTOCK2$510,000$255,000Full Sale Details
 802 Filly - Zoffany x Blazing BagsV: Segenhoe Stud$500,000
 806 Filly - Grand Lodge x World NewsV: Torryburn Stud$10,000
(+) MARKHAM STUD3$96,000$32,000Full Sale Details
 824 Filly - Palace Music x Myra's BestV: Widden Stud$40,000
 701 Filly - Snippets x Mistress MyraV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$30,000
 770 Filly - Danzero x Classic BelleV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$26,000
(+) MARLIN PARK2$4,250$2,125Full Sale Details
 631 Filly - Snippets x Tingo TangoV: Australian Racing Institute$3,000
 617 Filly - Ideal Planet x Morlin MaidV: Australian Racing Institute$1,250
(+) MARLON CUNANAN2$12,500$6,250Full Sale Details
 863 Filly - Honour and Glory x PottingerV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$9,000
 696 Filly - Great Dane x Grosvenor HostessV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,500
(+) MICHAEL LAFFEY1$125,000$125,000Full Sale Details
 727 Filly - Octagonal x Clifton GardensV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$125,000
(+) MICHAEL W OWEN1$15,500$15,500Full Sale Details
 381 Colt - Armidale x Key OratorV: Wattle Brae Stud$15,500
(+) MONOVALE HOLDING LTD1$77,500$77,500Full Sale Details
 894 Filly - Biscay x Heart of MarketV: Strawberry Hill Stud$77,500
(+) MURRAY CHRISTENSEN1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 666 Filly - Semipalatinsk x Kate's ChoiceV: Australian Racing Institute$10,000
(+) N & C JONES1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 424 Filly - Twining x Pine PuppetV: Pine Lodge Throughbreds$10,000
(+) N J DOYLE1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 485 Colt - Great Dane x DietrichV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$7,000
(+) NEVILLE G GRAINGER1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 643 Filly - Scenic x KataifiV: Australian Racing Institute$11,000
(+) NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK1$42,500$42,500Full Sale Details
 382 Colt - Octagonal x KimbaV: Strawberry Hill Stud$42,500
(+) NIGEL LANDERS2$6,250$3,125Full Sale Details
 910 Filly - Famous Star x BaliV: Palmaday$4,000
 938 Filly - Caerleon x PudibundaV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$2,250
(+) NOEL RYAN1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 566 Colt - Dexter x BoxwoodV: Furlong Stud Partnership$2,000
(+) NOEL W WATSON1$1,100$1,100Full Sale Details
 628 Filly - Vain Karioi x Jewel in FlightV: Australian Racing Institute$1,100
(+) NORITAKA TANIKAWA1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 862 Filly - Irish River x Bubble CompanyV: Coolmore Stud$30,000
(+) NZ BLOODSTOCK LTD5$348,000$69,600Full Sale Details
 768 Filly - Fuji Kiseki x Belle DeniseV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$190,000
 899 Filly - Barathea x Royal MagicV: Yarraman Park Stud$60,000
 560 Filly - General Nediym x BirichinoV: Torryburn Stud$37,500
 501 Filly - Strategic x Secret HazeV: Collingrove Stud$32,500
 542 Colt - Lion Hunter x Who's LookingV: Oaklands Stud$28,000
(+) ORANGE GROVE THOROUGHBREDS1$82,500$82,500Full Sale Details
 688 Filly - Jeune x Joker's GirlV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$82,500
(+) ORCHARD HILL CO PTY LTD1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 665 Filly - Clear Choice x FibreV: Australian Racing Institute$30,000
(+) PALM VIEW STUD1$2,250$2,250Full Sale Details
 612 Filly - Spectrum x StitchesV: Australian Racing Institute$2,250
(+) PALMADAY STUD3$129,000$43,000Full Sale Details
 774 Filly - Marscay x Small TimerV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$70,000
 711 Filly - At Talaq x Autumn LeavesV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$38,000
 790 Filly - Filante x Dam BurstV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$21,000
(+) PAT POTTER1$1,200$1,200Full Sale Details
 659 Filly - Godswalk x BalmahalV: Australian Racing Institute$1,200
(+) PAUL WILLETS1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 455 Colt - Scenic x Confederate TradeV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$20,000
(+) PAUL WILLETTS4$127,000$31,750Full Sale Details
 559 Colt - Red Ransom x BellquinV: Guntawang Stud$90,000
 908 Filly - Private Account x Quixotic LadyV: Coolmore Stud$20,000
 577 Colt - Iglesia x Ceptor SmileV: Oaklands Stud$12,000
 351 Colt - Honours List x EstanciaV: Widden Stud$5,000
(+) PAULYN INVESTMENTS P/L1$28,000$28,000Full Sale Details
 547 Filly - Fantastic Light x AdagioV: Collingrove Stud$28,000
(+) PENNY CLIVE1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 865 Filly - Kenmare x Jewel of NightV: Cressfield Stud$2,000
(+) PETER JOHN O'BRIEN1$1,250$1,250Full Sale Details
 393 Colt - Avispon x Maid MillieV: Oaklands Stud$1,250
(+) PHILIP HO9$82,000$9,111Full Sale Details
 759 Filly - Twig Moss x MaddalenaV: Murrulla Stud$15,000
 660 Filly - Woodman x ZdenkaV: Australian Racing Institute$11,000
 844 Filly - Langfuhr x Brave BarronV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$10,000
 760 Filly - Forty Niner x Lyphard's PrincessV: Murrulla Stud$10,000
 820 Filly - Nediym x Honour and GloryV: Widden Stud$9,500
 924 Filly - Magic Ring x Love of WordsV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$8,000
 840 Filly - Don't Forget Me x IrradiateV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$7,500
 904 Filly - Crown Jester x PhanessaV: Goodwood Farm$7,000
 857 Filly - Caerwent x HarissaV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$4,000
(+) PHILLIP KAHAN1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 391 Filly - Langfuhr x LycsisV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$8,000
(+) R & P WATERSON6$63,500$10,583Full Sale Details
 360 Filly - Dehere x Gold ForeverV: Cressfield Stud$17,000
 400 Colt - Clang x MidwinterV: Palmaday$15,000
 370 Colt - Knowledge x Ice QueenV: Bahram Stud Farm$13,000
 399 Filly - Mull of Kintyre x Matter of HabitV: Pine Lodge Throughbreds$10,000
 458 Filly - Iglesia x Eureka NowV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$4,500
 352 Filly - American Odyssey x EthelV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$4,000
(+) RANDWICK BLOODSTOCK AGENCY2$287,000$143,500Full Sale Details
 794 Filly - Capote x TinnitusV: Segenhoe Stud$275,000
 495 Filly - King of Kings x Royal NativeV: Attunga Stud$12,000
(+) RAY BAKER1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 868 Filly - Kala Dancer x HighdarraV: Oakwood Farm$5,000
(+) RAY DART1$16,500$16,500Full Sale Details
 503 Colt - Shinko Forest x SevilleV: Roverford Pty Ltd$16,500
(+) RAY J NOLAN1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 462 Filly - Great Dane x Grosvenor HostessV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$5,500
(+) REAVILL FARM1$50,000$50,000Full Sale Details
 761 Filly - Alleged x Torrid TangoV: Murrulla Stud$50,000
(+) REDGUM STUD1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 543 Filly - Grand Lodge x Wiggly WooV: Attunga Stud$30,000
(+) RETREAT FARM1$1,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 649 Filly - Tirol x TranquillitaV: Australian Racing Institute$1,000
(+) RHONDA HALL1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 411 Colt - Dane Supreme x Nous DieuV: Hazelwood Stud$5,000
(+) RICHARD JOHNSTON7$294,500$42,071Full Sale Details
 477 Colt - Danehill Dancer x Star MerchantV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$95,000
 515 Colt - Fasliyev x Sovereign ViewV: Canning Downs$42,500
 418 Filly - Thunder Gulch x Paris InterludeV: Reavill Farm$40,000
 486 Filly - Quest for Fame x Rain SquallV: Woodlands Stud$38,000
 476 Filly - Scenic x Spring MelodyV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$33,000
 420 Filly - Canny Lad x PauseV: Woodlands Stud$26,000
 601 Colt - Mull of Kintyre x Double GayV: Retreat Farm$20,000
(+) RILEY COUGHLAN PTY LTD1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 548 Colt - Dracula x AlarmV: Woodlands Stud$16,000
(+) RIVERSDALE FARM1$500$500Full Sale Details
 627 Filly - Military Plume x Regal EmpressV: Australian Racing Institute$500
(+) RIVERSLEA FARM PTY LTD1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 606 Filly - Distinctly North x FaradibaV: Australian Racing Institute$3,000
(+) RIVERSLEA PINHOOK JOINT VENTUR1$67,500$67,500Full Sale Details
 499 Colt - King Cugat x SecretaireV: Baramul Stud$67,500
(+) RODERICK W ROBINSON2$30,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 453 Filly - Xaar x CinquantaV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$16,500
 441 Filly - Scenic x MakeebaV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$13,500
(+) RODNEY JACKSON3$26,000$8,667Full Sale Details
 387 Filly - Shinko Forest x LavenderV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$17,000
 369 Colt - Shinko Forest x Iced LassV: Canning Downs$5,000
 626 Filly - Catrail x NeemarsV: Australian Racing Institute$4,000
(+) RODOLEO MENDOZA1$2,750$2,750Full Sale Details
 720 Filly - Bluebird x ReclusionV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$2,750
(+) RODOLFO MENDOZA1$3,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 717 Filly - Shalford x Shy ComposerV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,500
(+) ROJUL NOMINEES1$2,750$2,750Full Sale Details
 405 Filly - Greenlander x Miss SueV: Oaklands Stud$2,750
(+) ROSS BOUCHER5$274,500$54,900Full Sale Details
 449 Colt - Red Ransom x ThorenaV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$105,000
 911 Filly - St Jude x Lady of HastingsV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$60,000
 822 Filly - Zoffany x Oh So SpecialV: Widden Stud$52,500
 874 Filly - Roman Prince x NickelodeonV: Yarraman Park Stud$40,000
 885 Filly - Luskin Star x Crown HopeV: Attunga Stud$17,000
(+) ROTHWELL PARK1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 610 Filly - College Chapel x EternityV: Australian Racing Institute$12,000
(+) ROTHWELL PARK THOROUGHBREDS1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 781 Filly - Covetous x Top UpV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$15,000
(+) RUSSELL MOLLES1$1,600$1,600Full Sale Details
 570 Filly - Iglesia x Brolga JewelV: Oaklands Stud$1,600
(+) S & D HOLCOMBE1$18,000$18,000Full Sale Details
 835 Filly - Dehere x Park ParadeV: Oakwood Farm$18,000
(+) S & S RANE PTY LTD3$35,000$11,667Full Sale Details
 414 Colt - Zeditave x Our Gaelic LassV: Torryburn Stud$16,000
 524 Colt - Sequalo x Super SonjaV: Tamborine Mountain Thoroughbreds$11,000
 497 Colt - Way of Light x Scenic TwigV: Baramul Stud$8,000
(+) SHAUN C MCKINNON1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 719 Filly - Canadian Silver x Voodoo WarningV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$12,000
(+) SHOWTIME BREEDING1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 747 Filly - Timber Country x BelzeroV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$22,000
(+) SPORTING T AUSTRALIA1$8,500$8,500Full Sale Details
 463 Filly - Semipalatinsk x Hawa BiladiV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$8,500
(+) STARCEVIC & ANDERSON1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 714 Filly - Century x Oh CalcuttaV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$7,000
(+) STARCORP DATA SERVICES PTY LTD2$14,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 494 Colt - Dangerous x Rose TrisanneV: Goodwood Farm$8,000
 456 Colt - Brave Hawk x Eureka ChanelV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$6,000
(+) STEPHEN BRUCE1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 468 Colt - Semipalatinsk x No TossV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$7,000
(+) STEVE ENGLEBRECHT1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 409 Filly - Desert Prince x Night SkiesV: Raheen Stud$4,500
(+) STEWART PARK PTY LTD1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 546 Filly - Telesto x ZoftigV: Royston Stud$2,500
(+) STOKES PASTORAL1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 673 Filly - Affirmed x Imperial SpiritV: Australian Racing Institute$8,000
(+) STRATHEDEN STUD2$250,000$125,000Full Sale Details
 755 Filly - Sir Tristram x CornV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$165,000
 740 Filly - Danewin x NawadderV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$85,000
(+) STRAWBERRY HILL STUD1$810,000$810,000Full Sale Details
 801 Filly - Mr Henrysee x ProtectiveV: Segenhoe Stud$810,000
(+) TARA FARM PTY LTD4$145,000$36,250Full Sale Details
 669 Filly - Rory's Jester x Mythical EchoV: Australian Racing Institute$40,000
 842 Filly - Bluebird x Ranch LassieV: Oakwood Farm$37,500
 692 Filly - Turkoman x Bold 'n DeterminedV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$35,000
 812 Filly - Citidancer x Winning HawkV: Torryburn Stud$32,500
(+) THE OAKS STUD3$322,500$107,500Full Sale Details
 798 Filly - Kingmambo x Only QueensV: Segenhoe Stud$160,000
 788 Filly - Valley Crossing x Miss SibV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$120,000
 776 Filly - Farma Way x Lock's DreamV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$42,500
(+) THOROUGHBRED INTERNATIONAL3$151,000$50,333Full Sale Details
 797 Filly - Gulch x Lady d'AccordV: Segenhoe Stud$100,000
 773 Filly - Geiger Counter x Swahili PrincessV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$26,000
 611 Filly - Rahy x Etoile d'AmoreV: Australian Racing Institute$25,000
(+) TIM STAKEMIRE1$675,000$675,000Full Sale Details
 893 Filly - Fairy King x Prawn CocktailV: Coolmore Stud$675,000
(+) TIPUANA FARMS1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 811 Filly - Carnegie x Rock of GibraltarV: Torryburn Stud$8,000
(+) TOSCA FARM - VABSTON PTY LTD1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 676 Filly - Western Symphony x Pirate's QuillV: Australian Racing Institute$5,500
(+) TRELAWNEY STUD LTD1$60,000$60,000Full Sale Details
 845 Filly - Peintre Celebre x SpyglassV: Glastonbury Farms$60,000
(+) TREVOR PARSONS1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 650 Filly - Palace Music x Fairy ParadeV: Australian Racing Institute$3,000
(+) TRIED & TRUE BLOODSTOCK3$169,000$56,333Full Sale Details
 451 Colt - Red Ransom x Beats CryingV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$80,000
 410 Colt - Spinning World x Northjet StarV: Attunga Stud$62,000
 380 Colt - Mujahid x KeltaehaV: Woodlands Stud$27,000
(+) VICTORIA CAYLEY2$17,000$8,500Full Sale Details
 641 Filly - One Pound Sterling x Sugar PieV: Australian Racing Institute$9,000
 897 Filly - Centaine x ZapV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$8,000
(+) VIN COX BLOODSTOCK7$814,000$116,286Full Sale Details
 769 Filly - Hula Chief x Natural WonderV: Paulyn Investments Pty Ltd$300,000
 932 Filly - Octagonal x BroannV: Strawberry Hill Stud$260,000
 502 Colt - Thunder Gulch x Seventeen SinsV: Reavill Farm$66,000
 864 Filly - Jevington x Lady ResaV: Glenlogan Park Pty Ltd$60,000
 385 Filly - Agnes World x LaffyV: Reavill Farm$55,000
 412 Filly - Zeditave x Oh Blue AngelV: Maund$55,000
 514 Filly - Mujahid x Soul SceneV: Attunga Stud$18,000
(+) VINCENT PARK STUD1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 479 Filly - Semipalatinsk x Sunlight DanceV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$8,000
(+) VINERY AUSTRALIA1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 937 Filly - Dehere x StimulatingV: Oakwood Farm$30,000
(+) W & M ABBEY1$1,250$1,250Full Sale Details
 694 Filly - No Faith x Fearless TossV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$1,250
(+) WASHPOOL THOROUGHBREDS5$193,000$38,600Full Sale Details
 563 Colt - Show a Heart x Blue BootsV: Riversdale Farm$85,000
 398 Filly - Viscount x MathematicalV: Riversdale Farm$61,000
 519 Colt - Beautiful Crown x StimulatingV: Cressfield Stud$20,000
 589 Colt - Clang x CoquitoV: Gunsynd Lodge$15,000
 348 Colt - Gilded Time x ElyriaV: Cressfield Stud$12,000
(+) WATTERS FAMILY TRUST3$18,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 406 Colt - Dodge x Mylora ElopementV: Whitten$9,500
 583 Filly - Arena x ClapperV: Woodlands Stud$6,000
 435 Filly - Avispon x QuotidienneV: Oaklands Stud$2,500
(+) WELLAYON NOMINEES P/L1$7,500$7,500Full Sale Details
 935 Filly - Pre Emptive Strike x BeliefV: Carnation Lodge$7,500
(+) WENTWOOD GRANGE2$181,000$90,500Full Sale Details
 837 Filly - Diesis x Super JamieV: Bahram Stud Farm$165,000
 887 Filly - Final Card x Katie LouiseV: Emerald Thoroughbreds$16,000
(+) WESTLAWN FINANCE LTD1$275,000$275,000Full Sale Details
 873 Filly - Danehill x Priceless JewelV: Glastonbury Farms$275,000
(+) WILFRED KOSTER1$95,000$95,000Full Sale Details
 733 Filly - Green Desert x SigyV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$95,000
(+) WILLIAM KAJEWSKI1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 941 Filly - Celestial Dancer x Arch CommandV: Fairview Thoroughbreds$6,000
(+) WILLIAM ROBERT BOYS5$16,250$3,250Full Sale Details
 516 Colt - Langfuhr x SpotlightV: Cressfield Stud$7,500
 457 Filly - Great Dane x Eureka DuchessV: Eureka Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,500
 367 Filly - Canadian Silver x HulaniV: Eleison$2,250
 428 Colt - Carry the Flag x Prima BallerinaV: Birchgrove Park$2,000
 372 Colt - Avispon x Imitation of LifeV: Oaklands Stud$1,000
(+) WILLOW PARK LTD1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 642 Filly - Shirley Heights x La MerV: Australian Racing Institute$20,000
(+) WINDEMERE STUD1$200,000$200,000Full Sale Details
 871 Filly - Jeune x AsawirV: Widden Stud$200,000
(+) WORLD WIDE BLOODSTOCK5$166,000$33,200Full Sale Details
 723 Filly - Danehill x PaklaniV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$85,000
 433 Colt - Hurricane Sky x ProtegeeV: Attunga Stud$26,000
 404 Filly - Royal Academy x Miss KapiV: Goodwood Farm$21,000
 438 Colt - Xaar x LahillV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$18,000
 757 Filly - Danzig x AghaniV: Murrulla Stud$16,000
(+) YARRADALE STUD4$211,000$52,750Full Sale Details
 598 Filly - Viscount x Diamond JewelV: Widden Stud$140,000
 429 Filly - Canny Lad x PrincessV: Riversdale Farm$32,000
 576 Colt - Fuji Kiseki x CatalunyaV: Reavill Farm$23,000
 452 Filly - Fuji Kiseki x Biscay DancerV: Wakefield Stud Dispersal Sale$16,000