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Spring Thoroughbred Sale 2008

William Inglis & Son website
 42 C - Posterity
  ex Slice of Paradise
B: International Equities Holding
 43 C - Rumbler
  ex Luanda
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
 121 G - Redoute's Gold
  ex Golden
B: L Krstevski NSW 
 86 F - Tresor
  ex My Mo Rally
B: P Collier NSW 
 17 F - The Lot
  ex Cashing In
V: PRINCES FARM, Castlereagh
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
 131 C - Sharjim
  ex Starts With a Kiss
B: M Teale NSW 
(+) Viscount5$81,000$16,200Full Sale Details
 102 F - Tiptoe
  ex Traipse
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 
 94 F - Censorious
  ex Critical
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 
 58 F - Duvivier
  ex Carnet du Bal
B: C Barnes NSW 
 146 G - Viscount Express
  ex Emerald Green
B: Gray, P D & P M QLD 
 64 F - Emarelda
  ex Graceful Emma
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
(+) Noverre3$46,000$15,333Full Sale Details
 111 G - Djuma
  ex Blucheetah
B: Milton Thoroughbreds NSW 
 71 F - French Penn
  ex Ivy League
B: Terran Investments Pty Ltd SA 
 142 G - Novateur
  ex Sunder
B: Bell Farm NSW 
(+) Catbird3$41,850$13,950Full Sale Details
 18 F - Gretchenella
  ex Kim Sayang
V: PRINCES FARM, Castlereagh
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
 87 F - Catch the Bird
  ex Plash
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
 47 F - Jamins Girl
  ex Smoochin'
B: Doncaster Bloodstock NSW 
 54 F - Smoochum
  ex Fandangles
B: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 
 55 F - The Look of Love
  ex Charming Bird
B: Mane Lodge NSW 
 63 F - Advise
  ex Sweet Please
B: E Green NSW 
(+) Octagonal4$45,750$11,438Full Sale Details
 93 F - Afterwards
  ex Manana
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: N Mitchell NSW 
 103 G - Brahmin
  ex Establishment
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: S Noble VIC 
 98 F - Kalseru
  ex Catriona
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: S Noble VIC 
 19 F - Here's a Honey
  ex Here's the Point
B: R Colquhoun NSW 
(+) Commands4$22,000$5,500Full Sale Details
 74 F - Madame Meilland
  ex Hepburn Rose
B: P Webber NSW 
 100 F - Mimesis
  ex Parody
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: L Krstenski NSW 
 96 F - Extraviadad
  ex Mi Senorita
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
 97 F - Jali
  ex Taj Majalh
V: DARLEY, Aberdeen
B: Milton Thoroughbreds NSW 
(+) Carnegie3$9,750$3,250Full Sale Details
 108 G - Showcasing
  ex Clinique
B: B Rollings NSW 
 91 F - Lady Lockyer
  ex Sierra Susie
B: Doncaster Bloodstock NSW 
 65 F - Von Ryans Express
  ex Nanaimo
B: J Kendall QLD 
More than three sold. Click here for full list
(+) Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 7$184,500$26,357Full Sale Details
 102 F - TiptoeV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$54,000
 46 F - Fancyfree V: OWNERS,$50,000
 54 F - SmoochumV: AMARINA FARM, Denman$24,000
 94 F - CensoriousV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$20,000
 101 F - PlathV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$16,500
 75 F - AppleholicV: OWNERS$15,000
 11 F - Asu ZuV: VINERY STUD, Scone$5,000
(+) William Inglis As Agent NSW 11$93,850$8,532Full Sale Details
 18 F - GretchenellaV: PRINCES FARM, Castlereagh$30,000
 43 C - RumblerV: OWNERS,$12,500
 17 F - The LotV: PRINCES FARM, Castlereagh$12,000
 88 F - Astral StarV: OWNERS,$8,750
 87 F - Catch the BirdV: OWNERS,$8,250
 95 F - EffeminateV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$7,000
 22 F - BrookesV: MORRIS FINANCE LTD, Geelong$6,000
 96 F - ExtraviadadV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$5,000
 45 F - GerardiniV: OWNERS,$1,800
 64 F - EmareldaV: OWNERS,$1,750
 92 F - Flying ShrewV: OWNERS,$800
(+) International Equities Holding1$75,000$75,000Full Sale Details
 42 C - PosterityV: OWNERS,$75,000
(+) C Barnes NSW 12$57,900$4,825Full Sale Details
 141 C - Black Loot V: OWNERS,$14,000
 29 F - Starcraft x Slightly ConceitedV: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS, Mandalong$7,000
 133 G - AdelanteV: OWNERS,$6,500
 23 F - Bold MoverV: ELIZA PARK, Kerrie$6,500
 82 F - Mrs GatesV: OWNERS,$6,000
 58 F - DuvivierV: OWNERS$3,250
 2 F - Shebeen QueenV: RIBBLESDALE STUD, Leopold$3,000
 76 F - Susanna MayV: OWNERS,$3,000
 115 G - How Cannhe V: OWNERS,$2,750
 52 F - Standover LadyV: OWNERS,$2,600
 70 F - Miss Pee KayV: OWNER,$1,800
 67 F - LatviaV: THOMMO'S AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, Sydney$1,500
(+) William Inglis As Agent VIC 1$46,000$46,000Full Sale Details
 135 C - AndrettiV: OWNERS$46,000
(+) P Collier NSW 1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 86 F - TresorV: OWNERS,$40,000
(+) Vinery Stud NSW 1$36,000$36,000Full Sale Details
 12 F - TemeraireV: AMARINA FARM, Denman$36,000
(+) Milton Thoroughbreds NSW 4$32,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 111 G - DjumaV: CORUMBENE STUD, Dunedoo$16,000
 104 G - FishingV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$6,000
 28 F - Oratorio x RouquestV: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS, Mandalong$5,000
 97 F - JaliV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$5,000
(+) N Mitchell NSW 1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 93 F - AfterwardsV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$30,000
(+) William Inglis As Agent QLD 2$29,000$14,500Full Sale Details
 118 G - PrisonsV: OWNERS,$20,000
 124 G - Mystery CityV: OWNERS,$9,000
(+) Bell Farm NSW 2$25,000$12,500Full Sale Details
 142 G - NovateurV: ANGUS COURT FAMILY TRUST, Canungra$15,000
 123 C - StreetonV: OWNERS,$10,000
(+) The No.3 Mitchell Trust NSW 1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 99 F - KusasaV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$20,000
(+) T Karakatsanis NSW 1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 132 G - Le BronV: OWNERS$15,000
(+) Terran Investments Pty Ltd SA 1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 71 F - French PennV: ANGUS COURT FAMILY TRUST, Canungra$15,000
(+) Vin Cox Bloodstock NSW 1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 72 F - WinnowV: ANGUS COURT FAMILY TRUST, Canungra$15,000
(+) L Krstevski NSW 2$13,000$6,500Full Sale Details
 109 G - Celozity V: OWNERS,$9,000
 121 G - Redoute's GoldV: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty$4,000
(+) S Noble VIC 2$12,500$6,250Full Sale Details
 103 G - BrahminV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$7,250
 98 F - KalseruV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$5,250
(+) G Daley NSW 1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 25 C - Not a Single Doubt x BedimpledV: EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS, Mandalong$12,000
(+) A Bailey NSW 1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 56 F - Autumn HeightsV: COOK THOROUGHBREDS, Sydney$10,000
(+) Mane Lodge NSW 1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 55 F - The Look of LoveV: AMARINA FARM, Denman$10,000
(+) OWNERS,48$361,800$7,538Full Sale Details
 42 C - Posterity by Redoute's ChoiceB: International Equities Holding$75,000
 46 F - Fancyfree by DanasingaB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC¬†$50,000
 86 F - Tresor by Belong to MeB: P Collier NSW¬†$40,000
 118 G - Prisons by Secret SavingsB: William Inglis As Agent QLD¬†$20,000
 141 C - Black Loot by Black MinnalousheB: C Barnes NSW¬†$14,000
 43 C - Rumbler by Redoute's ChoiceB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$12,500
 123 C - Streeton by Encosta de LagoB: Bell farm NSW¬†$10,000
 109 G - Celozity by Peintre CelebreB: L Krstevski NSW¬†$9,000
 124 G - Mystery City by LangfuhrB: William Inglis As Agent QLD¬†$9,000
 88 F - Astral Star by GalileoB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$8,750
 87 F - Catch the Bird by CatbirdB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$8,250
 40 F - Dehere x SlewnamiB: M Froesch VIC¬†$7,500
 108 G - Showcasing by CarnegieB: B Rollings NSW¬†$7,250
 133 G - Adelante by ChoisirB: C Barnes NSW¬†$6,500
 112 G - Bond Street by Testa RossaB: R Harrison VIC¬†$6,250
 155 G - Beatmore by More Than ReadyB: V McIntyre NSW¬†$6,250
 82 F - Mrs Gates by AucashB: C Barnes NSW¬†$6,000
 149 G - Peyrolles by XaarB: A Olsen NSW¬†$5,500
 134 G - Fiori by Way of LightB: M Killian NSW¬†$5,000
 62 F - Bohemian Dreams by FasliyevB: William Inglis As Agent NT¬†$4,500
 110 G - Mister Nudle by French DeputyB: S Farley NSW¬†$4,000
 116 G - Solid Rock by Rock of GibraltarB: G Middleton NSW¬†$3,750
 63 F - Advise by Danehill DancerB: E Green NSW¬†$3,500
 151 G - Best Advice by Grand LodgeB: Ross Stitt NSW¬†$3,500
 53 F - Mail Order Bride by Giant's CausewayB: D Nott NSW¬†$3,250
 76 F - Susanna May by Quest for FameB: C Barnes NSW¬†$3,000
 41 F - El Moxie x Iwo JimaB: S Wooster NSW¬†$2,800
 115 G - How Cannhe by HowbaddouwantitB: C Barnes NSW¬†$2,750
 52 F - Standover Lady by OverB: C Barnes NSW¬†$2,600
 91 F - Lady Lockyer by CarnegieB: Doncaster Bloodstock NSW¬†$2,000
 45 F - Gerardini by Peintre CelebreB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$1,800
 64 F - Emarelda by ViscountB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$1,750
 77 F - Katkoota by OrpenB: Argosy Group Pty Ltd NSW¬†$1,750
 154 G - Cheapskate by Cape CrossB: N Zbiljic NSW¬†$1,750
 57 F - Esprit d'Amour by Bel EspritB: P Gray QLD¬†$1,600
 147 C - Canny the Greyt by Canny LadB: Gray, P D & P M QLD¬†$1,500
 125 G - Tarakan Island by DanzeroB: M Mulholland NSW¬†$1,500
 84 F - So Different by OrpenB: P Gray QLD¬†$1,100
 127 G - Clarrie All Over by ArenaB: M Mulholland NSW¬†$1,000
 158 G - Nuclear First by Nuclear FreezeB: H Xiong NSW¬†$900
 92 F - Flying Shrew by ShrewdyB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$800
 78 F - Sir Gal by Sir LaurenceB: Argosy Group Pty Ltd NSW¬†$750
 80 F - Windsor Hatful by Beautiful CrownB: K Eveleigh VIC¬†$700
 140 G - Black Cougar by Black MinnalousheB: J Everson NSW¬†$700
 65 F - Von Ryans Express by CarnegieB: J Kendall QLD¬†$500
 107 G - Gallic Treasure by French DeputyB: M Teale NSW¬†$500
 81 F - Just Imogen by BellottoB: D Mullens NSW¬†$400
 106 G - Oscar Rabbit by Half HennessyB: K Eveleigh VIC¬†$400
(+) DARLEY, Aberdeen13$188,000$14,462Full Sale Details
 102 F - Tiptoe by ViscountB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC¬†$54,000
 93 F - Afterwards by OctagonalB: N Mitchell NSW¬†$30,000
 94 F - Censorious by ViscountB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC¬†$20,000
 99 F - Kusasa by LonhroB: The No.3 Mitchell Trust NSW¬†$20,000
 101 F - Plath by StrategicB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC¬†$16,500
 103 G - Brahmin by OctagonalB: S Noble VIC¬†$7,250
 95 F - Effeminate by Desert PrinceB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$7,000
 100 F - Mimesis by CommandsB: L Krstenski NSW¬†$6,000
 104 G - Fishing by Royal AcademyB: Milton Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$6,000
 105 G - Mob Rule by BrahmsB: B Stewart NSW¬†$6,000
 98 F - Kalseru by OctagonalB: S Noble VIC¬†$5,250
 96 F - Extraviadad by CommandsB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$5,000
 97 F - Jali by CommandsB: Milton Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$5,000
(+) OWNERS9$94,250$10,472Full Sale Details
 135 C - Andretti by Exceed and ExcelB: William Inglis As Agent VIC¬†$46,000
 75 F - Appleholic by DehereB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC¬†$15,000
 132 G - Le Bron by BianconiB: T Karakatsanis NSW¬†$15,000
 74 F - Madame Meilland by CommandsB: P Webber NSW¬†$6,000
 58 F - Duvivier by ViscountB: C Barnes NSW¬†$3,250
 145 G - Regal Instinct by King CharlemagneB: T Latta NSW¬†$3,000
 144 G - Acclimatise by SnowlandB: Gray, P D & P M QLD¬†$2,500
 146 G - Viscount Express by ViscountB: Gray, P D & P M QLD¬†$2,000
 131 C - Sharjim by Belong to MeB: M Teale NSW¬†$1,500
(+) AMARINA FARM, Denman3$70,000$23,333Full Sale Details
 12 F - Temeraire by Flying SpurB: Vinery Stud NSW¬†$36,000
 54 F - Smoochum by Danehill DancerB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC¬†$24,000
 55 F - The Look of Love by Danehill DancerB: Mane Lodge NSW¬†$10,000
(+) ANGUS COURT FAMILY TRUST, Canungra4$46,100$11,525Full Sale Details
 71 F - French Penn by NoverreB: Terran Investments Pty Ltd SA¬†$15,000
 72 F - Winnow by ChoisirB: Vin Cox Bloodstock NSW¬†$15,000
 142 G - Novateur by NoverreB: Bell Farm NSW¬†$15,000
 73 F - Canadian Silver x Kewpie DollB: W Heuston NSW¬†$1,100
(+) EMERALD THOROUGHBREDS, Mandalong5$32,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 25 C - Not a Single Doubt x BedimpledB: G Daley NSW¬†$12,000
 29 F - Starcraft x Slightly ConceitedB: C Barnes NSW¬†$7,000
 30 C - Pure Theatre x Swiss CottonB: F Enriquez NSW¬†$5,500
 28 F - Oratorio x RouquestB: Milton Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$5,000
 27 F - Minardi x Final AnswerB: T Di Grande VIC¬†$3,000
(+) PHALARIS STUD, Rylstone7$21,200$3,029Full Sale Details
 37 C - Falvelon x GarinaB: R Spencer NSW¬†$7,000
 60 F - I Got Rhythm by RhythmB: A Bailey QLD¬†$4,000
 61 F - Never Miss by IntergazeB: Doncaster Bloodstock NSW¬†$3,750
 7 F - True Line by Casual LiesB: M Mulholland NSW¬†$3,000
 38 C - Integra x LeuraB: D Waldron QLD¬†$1,250
 59 F - Poronui by JohannesburgB: P Gray QLD¬†$1,200
 138 C - Grass Wonder x True LineB: Vandisar Investments NSW¬†$1,000
(+) OWNER,10$19,400$1,940Full Sale Details
 48 F - Hussteria by HussonetB: William Inglis As Agent PHILIP$5,500
 139 G - Black Diamond by Western WinterB: Satur Pty Ltd NSW¬†$4,500
 130 C - Dubai Destination x Shakee GroundB: M Fitzgerald QLD¬†$2,000
 68 F - All I Do is Dream by El MoxieB: C Thompson NSW¬†$1,800
 70 F - Miss Pee Kay by ZarizB: C Barnes NSW¬†$1,800
 156 G - Senninha by AraziB: S Evans NSW¬†$1,400
 51 F - Undercovercat by Tale of the CatB: P Gray QLD¬†$1,100
 143 G - Odd Quad by Timber TraderB: M Mulholland NSW¬†$500
 33 F - Tobougg x New Years DayB: T Di Grande VIC¬†$500
 79 F - Arena x Jainie's OperaB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW¬†$300
(+) SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty5$17,000$3,400Full Sale Details
 119 G - Stable Talk by Thunder GulchB: S Beatie NSW¬†$6,500
 121 G - Redoute's Gold by Redoute's ChoiceB: L Krstevski NSW¬†$4,000
 122 G - November Dreaming by ScenicB: T Latta NSW¬†$4,000
 120 G - All Haayil by HaayilB: C Ruttley NSW¬†$1,500
 90 F - Touch the Bride by HelissioB: D Mullens NSW¬†$1,000
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Posterity 42 C - Redoute's Choice x Slice of Paradise
Vendor: OWNERS,
Buyer: International Equities Holding
Tiptoe 102 F - Viscount x Traipse
Vendor: DARLEY, Aberdeen
Buyer: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 
Fancyfree 46 F - Danasinga x Girls Talk
Vendor: OWNERS,
Buyer: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 
Andretti 135 C - Exceed and Excel x Indy Rose
Vendor: OWNERS
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent VIC 
Tresor 86 F - Belong to Me x My Mo Rally
Vendor: OWNERS,
Buyer: P Collier NSW 
Temeraire 12 F - Flying Spur x Celtic Lass
Vendor: AMARINA FARM, Denman
Buyer: Vinery Stud NSW 
Afterwards 93 F - Octagonal x Manana
Vendor: DARLEY, Aberdeen
Buyer: N Mitchell NSW 
Gretchenella 18 F - Catbird x Kim Sayang
Vendor: PRINCES FARM, Castlereagh
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
Smoochum 54 F - Danehill Dancer x Fandangles
Vendor: AMARINA FARM, Denman
Buyer: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd VIC 
Prisons 118 G - Secret Savings x Palace News
Vendor: OWNERS,
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent QLD 
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