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Scone Broodmare Sale 2012

William Inglis & Son website
(+) Benicio3$6,200$2,067Full Sale Details
 32 Filly - Donna RicaV: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee
B: MacCallum Inglis As Agent
 74 Filly - Royal Poser
  ex Royal Portrait
V: Midlands, Scone
B: Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd
 8 Filly - AmorosoV: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee
B: Kankool
 92 Filly(+ - Trialling
  ex Formative
V: Sutton Farm, Scone
B: E French
 58 Filly(+ - Konin
  ex Our Indian Ruby
V: Sutton Farm, Scone
B: S Gelder
 102 Filly - Dee Why Joyce
  ex Atadblue
V: M. Conners Racing, Sydney
B: Fitzsimmons Brothers
(+) Catbird3$4,250$1,417Full Sale Details
 19 Filly(+ - Cielo Gold
  ex Gipaldi
V: Downfield Syndicate, Tamworth
B: S Behn
 106 Filly - Pacific Swirl
  ex Days Like This
V: M. Coombs, Wyongah
B: Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd
 15 Filly - Catlike
  ex Play it Safe
V: Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone
B: Viva Thoroughbreds
 98 Filly(+ - Wagtail
  ex Grey Plover
V: Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone
B: C Bentata
 82 Filly - Square Leg
  ex Dollies
V: Downfield Syndicate, Tamworth
B: G Pretsel
 14 Filly - Can She Sing
  ex Singadonna
V: Jomar Park Stud, Glossodia
B: S Dixon
 21 Filly - Comanti
  ex Tiresias
V: B. Smith, Broadmeadow
B: S Gelder
 29 Filly(+ - Deaden
  ex Expozay
V: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee
B: R & J Harris
 38 Filly - Fancy Yellow
  ex Cuff
V: Middlebrook Station, Scone
B: R & J Harris
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(+) William Inglis As Agent6$63,100$10,517Full Sale Details
 87 Filly - Swiss VaultV: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$18,000
 110 Filly - Sister Earth V: Lees Racing, Newcastle$17,000
 24 Filly(+ - CraveV: Jomar Park Stud, Glossodia$14,000
 97 Filly(+ - Volcanic SceneV: Dartbrook Downs Thoroughbreds, Scone$6,000
 20 Filly(+ - Coldstream Lass V: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $4,500
 96 Filly - Visual DisplaysV: Trevannah, Blandford$3,600
(+) Dartbrook Downs Thoroughbreds1$36,000$36,000Full Sale Details
 65 Filly - North Pole DancerV: Champion Thoroughbreds, Sydney$36,000
(+) Darby Bloodstock Pty Ltd1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 50 Filly(+ - IsadoraV: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $20,000
(+) Kensaw Pty Ltd1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 63 Filly(+ - Miss UltimateV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$14,000
(+) Dalama Investments Pty Ltd1$13,500$13,500Full Sale Details
 36 Filly(+ - Ela Cassini V: Rothwell Park Thoroughbreds, Blandford$13,500
(+) New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd As Agent2$11,500$5,750Full Sale Details
 79 Filly(+ - Sly RhythmV: Attunga Stud, Scone$11,000
 43 Filly - Goodeve V: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$500
(+) Riverdene Stud Pty Ltd2$6,950$3,475Full Sale Details
 10 Filly - Beauty KitV: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$6,250
 22 Filly - Country DriveV: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $700
(+) Timberland Park2$6,800$3,400Full Sale Details
 35 Filly(+ - Eight LivesV: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi$4,000
 30 Filly - Devi DevilV: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $2,800
(+) Watershed Farm4$6,800$1,700Full Sale Details
 88 Filly(+ - Sylph LadyV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$4,500
 62 Filly(+ - Miss StoneV: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee$1,200
 108 Filly - SanpanV: Bell River Thoroughbreds, Wellington$600
 114 Filly - Henny Hughes x VerboseV: Bowness Stud, Young$500
(+) Winflora Lodge1$6,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 49 Filly(+ - InsensitiveV: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee$6,500
(+) Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd4$6,200$1,550Full Sale Details
 17 Filly - Chain of StarsV: S. Kelly, West Tamworth$2,000
 74 Filly - Royal PoserV: Midlands, Scone$2,000
 106 Filly - Pacific SwirlV: M. Coombs, Wyongah$1,200
 33 Filly(+ - DuberryV: Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone$1,000
(+) B Ritson & J Crawford1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 105 Filly(+ - La Dame RougeV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$6,000
(+) Clarke & Croft Bloodstock1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 61 Filly - Miss ElectraV: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$5,500
(+) E French2$5,500$2,750Full Sale Details
 92 Filly(+ - TriallingV: Sutton Farm, Scone$3,500
 26 Filly(+ - Cumulous V: K. Hall, Beerwah, Qld$2,000
(+) K Stephens1$4,800$4,800Full Sale Details
 45 Filly(+ - Grand AlignmentV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$4,800
(+) S Gelder3$4,300$1,433Full Sale Details
 64 Filly(+ - MyluckismanyV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$2,200
 21 Filly - ComantiV: B. Smith, Broadmeadow$1,100
 58 Filly(+ - KoninV: Sutton Farm, Scone$1,000
(+) MacCallum Inglis As Agent1$4,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 32 Filly - Benicio x Donna RicaV: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee$4,000
(+) Hunter Nursing Nannies5$3,450$690Full Sale Details
 31 Filly(+ - Dior MeV: Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone$1,800
 46 Filly - HogwashV: Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone$450
 69 Filly - PluvialV: Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone$450
 90 Filly - Trade DepotV: Trevannah, Blandford$400
 47 Filly - HurilouV: Brooklyn Lodge, Aberdeen$350
(+) Helden Park Stud1$3,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 37 Filly - Every DreamV: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $3,000
(+) S Behn1$2,600$2,600Full Sale Details
 19 Filly(+ - Cielo GoldV: Downfield Syndicate, Tamworth$2,600
(+) Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley8$32,650$4,081Full Sale Details
 50 Filly(+ - Isadora by Gold FeverB: Darby Bloodstock Pty Ltd$20,000
 20 Filly(+ - Coldstream Lass by FrimaireB: William Inglis As Agent$4,500
 37 Filly - Every Dream by SnippetsB: Helden Park Stud$3,000
 30 Filly - Devi Devil by Sir LaurenceB: Timberland Park$2,800
 111 Filly - Sparkling Lily by JohannesburgB: J Pratt$800
 22 Filly - Country Drive by MossmanB: Riverdene Stud Pty Ltd$700
 95 Filly(+ - Viscount Song by ViscountB: B Peters$500
 53 Filly - Jewel Purpose by Flying SpurB: Fitzsimmons Brothers$350
(+) Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone7$27,600$3,943Full Sale Details
 87 Filly - Swiss Vault by Secret SavingsB: William Inglis As Agent$18,000
 61 Filly - Miss Electra by ZeditaveB: Clarke & Croft Bloodstock$5,500
 103 Filly(+ - Fairy Moon by Fairy KingB: S Coe$1,300
 113 Filly - Sunsation by Desert SunB: J Green$1,000
 34 Filly - Duel With Me by Nine CaratB: Phalaris Stud$700
 48 Filly - Infringe by WarningB: J Unwala$600
 43 Filly - Goodeve by Pleasant ColonyB: New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd As Agent$500
(+) Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee7$15,350$2,193Full Sale Details
 49 Filly(+ - Insensitive by General NediymB: Winflora Lodge$6,500
 32 Filly - Benicio x Donna RicaB: MacCallum Inglis As Agent$4,000
 99 Filly(+ - You Asleep by SpectrumB: Mount Hallowell Stud$2,400
 62 Filly(+ - Miss Stone by Rory's JesterB: Watershed Farm$1,200
 29 Filly(+ - Deaden by CommandsB: R & J Harris$750
 78 Filly - Sly One by O'ReillyB: Kankool$300
 8 Filly - Benicio x AmorosoB: Kankool$200
(+) Sutton Farm, Scone5$8,200$1,640Full Sale Details
 92 Filly(+ - Trialling by Beautiful CrownB: E French$3,500
 85 Filly(+ - Sutton Gamble by Dubai DestinationB: D Timbrell$1,800
 86 Filly - Sutton York by Youthful LegsB: Phalaris Stud$1,200
 58 Filly(+ - Konin by Beautiful CrownB: S Gelder$1,000
 84 Filly - Sutton Destiny by Fusaichi PegasusB: J Green$700
(+) Invermien Pty Ltd, Scone6$6,350$1,058Full Sale Details
 98 Filly(+ - Wagtail by Canny LadB: C Bentata$2,200
 31 Filly(+ - Dior Me by StrategicB: Hunter Nursing Nannies$1,800
 33 Filly(+ - Duberry by DubawiB: Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd$1,000
 15 Filly - Catlike by CatbirdB: Viva Thoroughbreds$450
 46 Filly - Hogwash by DomesdayB: Hunter Nursing Nannies$450
 69 Filly - Pluvial by TsuimaiB: Hunter Nursing Nannies$450
(+) Trevannah, Blandford5$6,200$1,240Full Sale Details
 96 Filly - Visual Displays by ScenicB: William Inglis As Agent$3,600
 42 Filly(+ - Global Mistress by Modern EraB: S Wilson$1,300
 93 Filly - Valegrette by Val RoyalB: R McClenahan$500
 41 Filly - French Frenzy by VolksraadB: Kankool$400
 90 Filly - Trade Depot by Wily TraderB: Hunter Nursing Nannies$400
(+) Downfield Syndicate, Tamworth3$4,200$1,400Full Sale Details
 19 Filly(+ - Cielo Gold by CatbirdB: S Behn$2,600
 82 Filly - Square Leg by Canny LadB: G Pretsel$1,200
 44 Filly(+ - Gossip Maid by SnippetsB: D Bastable$400
(+) Torryburn Stud, Torryburn3$1,350$450Full Sale Details
 112 Filly - Stoplight by Desert PrinceB: R Boyles$650
 100 Filly - Atadblue by IstidaadB: R Bristow$400
 107 Filly - Political Pet by BureaucracyB: Kankool$300
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North Pole Dancer 65 FILLY - Anabaa x Al Bayan
Vendor: Champion Thoroughbreds, Sydney
Buyer: Dartbrook Downs Thoroughbreds
Isadora 50 FILLY(+ - Gold Fever x Eurythmics
Vendor: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley
Buyer: Darby Bloodstock Pty Ltd
Swiss Vault 87 FILLY - Secret Savings x My Star Katie
Vendor: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Sister Earth 110 FILLY - Galileo x Time Ahead
Vendor: Lees Racing, Newcastle
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Miss Ultimate 63 FILLY(+ - Iglesia x Supermarket
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Kensaw Pty Ltd
Crave 24 FILLY(+ - Grand Lodge x Aspirations
Vendor: Jomar Park Stud, Glossodia
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Ela Cassini 36 FILLY(+ - Ela-Mana-Mou x Sea Port
Vendor: Rothwell Park Thoroughbreds, Blandford
Buyer: Dalama Investments Pty Ltd
Sly Rhythm 79 FILLY(+ - Marauding x Gin Sling
Vendor: Attunga Stud, Scone
Buyer: New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd As Agent
Insensitive 49 FILLY(+ - General Nediym x Narcisse
Vendor: Tareena Bloodstock, Tinonee
Buyer: Winflora Lodge
Beauty Kit 10 FILLY - Tale of the Cat x Zabori
Vendor: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
Buyer: Riverdene Stud Pty Ltd
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