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Scone Broodmare Sale 2009

William Inglis & Son website
 125 Filly - Enduja
  ex Caraniya
V: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
B: Glastonbury Farm
 163 Filly - Baby Gangster
  ex La Fleur
V: Kitchwin Hills, Scone
B: William Inglis As Agent
 2 Filly - Kinder Surprise
  ex Montessori
V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
B: Bowness Stud
 40 Filly - Rasana
  ex Arrabeea
V: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
B: William Inglis As Agent
 48 Filly - Rukmani
  ex Venetian Lady
V: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
B: William Inglis As Agent
 42 Filly - Renaka
  ex A Real Dool
V: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
B: M Griffith
 39 Filly - Ramani
  ex Parisilton
V: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
B: Adour Stud
 96 Filly - Big Mother
  ex Market Fair
V: Bracken Stud, Grose Wold
B: Bowness Stud
 91 Filly - Beautiful Sally
  ex Bellamia
V: M. Sharpe, Sydney
B: William Inglis As Agent
 131 Filly - Goldie's Prospect
  ex Antonia's Gold
V: Dengari Lodge, Tamworth
B: William Inglis As Agent
 137 Filly - HystericalV: Wexford Farm, Muswellbrook
B: A Morris
 65 Filly - Sutton Honey
  ex Miss Romance
V: Sutton Farm, Scone
B: A Money
 108 Filly - Crown of Lae
  ex So Like Lae
V: M. Sharpe, Sydney
B: C Everett
(+) Diatribe6$8,850$1,475Full Sale Details
 111 Filly - Danelle SmytzerV: Coronet Farm, Wybong
B: S Tubb
 122 Filly - ElanthemV: Coronet Farm, Wybong
B: C Everett
 126 Filly - Enrichment
  ex Jabiluka
V: Coronet Farm, Wybong
B: S Dixon
 105 Filly - Choreography
  ex Hot Legs
V: Coronet Farm, Wybong
B: Peppercorn Park
 117 Filly - DoubtfireV: Coronet Farm, Wybong
B: P Curry
 43 Filly - Riga
  ex Ilze
V: Coronet Farm, Wybong
B: Flint Thoroughbreds
 33 Filly(+ - Pleached
  ex Pleach
V: Benlop Pty Ltd, Salamander Bay
B: David Stonham
 86 Filly - Zanseeboo
  ex Miss Zaboo
V: Zanseeboo Syndicate, Binda
B: William Inglis As Agent
 17 Filly - Miss Gold Digger
  ex River Liffey
V: Dengari Lodge, Tamworth
B: Fitzsimmons Brothers
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(+) William Inglis As Agent33$439,950$13,332Full Sale Details
 151 Filly - Private KissV: G. Dwyer, White Hills, Vic$55,000
 146 Filly(+ - Lorelei Brown V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone $52,000
 63 Filly - SupriyaV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$46,000
 35 Filly - Preview SceneV: Coral View Lodge Stud, Tullimbar$33,000
 51 Filly - SelenaV: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $32,000
 40 Filly - RasanaV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$27,500
 48 Filly - RukmaniV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$27,000
 163 Filly - Baby GangsterV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$25,000
 158 Filly - Silver MoonV: G. Wild, Sydney$23,000
 36 Filly(+ - Pyrrha V: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$18,000
 25 Filly - Nana JeanV: Bracken Stud, Grose Wold$15,000
 77 Filly - TrickspielV: Bracken Stud, Grose Wold$15,000
 49 Filly - RuparaniV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$12,000
 19 Filly - Momentous RideV: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley $7,500
 60 Filly - SteamyV: Dynamic Syndications, Sydney$7,000
 6 Filly(+ - La WillowV: Liverpool Farm, Blandford$5,250
 53 Filly - Shara PrincessV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$5,000
 82 Filly(+ - Vodka and LionV: Murrulla Stud, Wingen$5,000
 119 Filly(+ - Duel With MeV: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong$5,000
 89 Filly - Aurora's HotV: Phalaris Stud, Rylstone$4,500
 91 Filly - Beautiful SallyV: M. Sharpe, Sydney$4,500
 123 Filly - Elegant AngelaV: Kanangra, Scone$4,000
 28 Filly - OpulassV: Hunter Thoroughbred Management, Denman$2,000
 84 Filly - We're LuckyV: Dynamic Syndications, Sydney$2,000
 68 Filly - Sweet Child O'MineV: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook$1,800
 69 Filly - Tatham V: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi$1,200
 131 Filly - Goldie's ProspectV: Dengari Lodge, Tamworth$1,000
 120 Filly - Dunedin FlyerV: Broad Crossing, Scone$1,000
 103 Filly - Cheeky ViewV: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong$800
 171 Filly - JuicyV: Juicy Syndicate, NSW$700
 62 Filly - Sudden BeatV: Coronet Farm, Wybong$500
 86 Filly - ZanseebooV: Zanseeboo Syndicate, Binda$400
 78 Filly - Tricky WooV: Dark Star Lodge, Parkville$300
(+) Michael Wallace Bloodstock1$90,000$90,000Full Sale Details
 8 Filly(+ - L'ArtisteV: Trevannah, Blandford$90,000
(+) Ric Wylie Bloodstock1$60,000$60,000Full Sale Details
 15 Filly - Menaka V: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$60,000
(+) K Moore2$53,500$26,750Full Sale Details
 138 Filly - ImtopsV: Imtops Racing Syndicate, Somersby$52,000
 124 Filly - Empire LadyV: Trevannah, Blandford$1,500
(+) Glastonbury Farm1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 125 Filly - EndujaV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$40,000
(+) B Rogers1$37,500$37,500Full Sale Details
 50 Filly - Salon LumiereV: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong$37,500
(+) N Semple1$32,000$32,000Full Sale Details
 113 Filly(+ - DescribeV: Lincoln Farm, Scone$32,000
(+) Kitchwin Hills2$26,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 169 Filly - Hanging GardenV: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$15,000
 167 Filly(+ - FonnixV: Umavale Stud, Jerrys Plains$11,000
(+) Patinack Farm1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 41 Filly - Related SecretsV: Dynamic Syndications, Sydney$25,000
(+) M Griffith1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 42 Filly - RenakaV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$20,000
(+) Larkin Thoroughbreds1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 3 Filly - KnaptonV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$16,000
(+) C Everett10$13,750$1,375Full Sale Details
 74 Filly(+ - Tis YourselfV: Amarina Farm, Denman$3,250
 122 Filly - Diatribe x ElanthemV: Coronet Farm, Wybong$2,200
 116 Filly(+ - Don't InterruptV: Oxley Island Thoroughbreds, Oxley Island$2,000
 104 Filly(+ - Chieftainess V: Sledmere Stud, Scone$1,750
 150 Filly - PolynesianprincessV: D. Lomas, Lambs Valley$1,600
 100 Filly - Boom Boom GoldV: Retreat Farm, Scone$800
 95 Filly - Bella ExcelsiorV: Trevannah, Blandford$750
 108 Filly - Crown of LaeV: M. Sharpe, Sydney$500
 112 Filly - Deputys PrincessV: Goanna Downs, Scone$500
 144 Filly - Liquid AssetV: Rothwell Park Thoroughbreds, Murrurundi$400
(+) Emerald Thoroughbreds1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 56 Filly - Southern Spain V: Trevannah, Blandford$12,000
(+) Adour Stud2$8,500$4,250Full Sale Details
 39 Filly - RamaniV: Kia Ora Stud, Scone$7,000
 72 Filly - TequilakokoV: Amarina Farm, Denman$1,500
(+) FMC1$8,500$8,500Full Sale Details
 154 Filly(+ - Rare PerformanceV: Serene Lodge, Kendall$8,500
(+) F Timoney1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 16 Filly - MillisecondV: Cressfield, Scone$8,000
(+) S Joseph1$8,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 106 Filly - ColpettyV: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong$8,000
(+) Heinrich Bloodstock1$7,500$7,500Full Sale Details
 11 Filly(+ - Madame GiovanniV: Glastonbury Farms, Scone$7,500
(+) J Gatfield1$7,500$7,500Full Sale Details
 121 Filly(+ - Eimeo BayV: Lincoln Farm, Scone$7,500
(+) Bowness Stud3$7,350$2,450Full Sale Details
 2 Filly - Kinder SurpriseV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$3,500
 96 Filly - Big MotherV: Bracken Stud, Grose Wold$2,750
 118 Filly - Duchess TalariaV: Bracken Stud, Grose Wold$1,100
(+) Kia Ora Stud, Scone9$240,200$26,689Full Sale Details
 15 Filly - Menaka by MontjeuB: Ric Wylie Bloodstock$60,000
 63 Filly - Supriya by Flying SpurB: William Inglis As Agent$46,000
 125 Filly - Enduja by Encosta de LagoB: Glastonbury Farm$40,000
 40 Filly - Rasana by Redoute's ChoiceB: William Inglis As Agent$27,500
 48 Filly - Rukmani by Redoute's ChoiceB: William Inglis As Agent$27,000
 42 Filly - Renaka by Redoute's ChoiceB: M Griffith$20,000
 49 Filly - Ruparani by Red RansomB: William Inglis As Agent$12,000
 39 Filly - Ramani by Redoute's ChoiceB: Adour Stud$7,000
 75 Filly - Tisara by Tiger HillB: K Outtrim$700
(+) Trevannah, Blandford10$114,750$11,475Full Sale Details
 8 Filly(+ - L'Artiste by Peintre CelebreB: Michael Wallace Bloodstock$90,000
 56 Filly - Southern Spain by Southern HaloB: Emerald Thoroughbreds$12,000
 52 Filly(+ - Set Rhythm by RhythmB: O Sames$5,500
 83 Filly - Volta de Pe by Delago BromB: G Powell$2,200
 110 Filly - Dan Beauty by IntergazeB: N Green$1,500
 124 Filly - Empire Lady by TsarbabyB: K Moore$1,500
 95 Filly - Bella Excelsior by Hula ChiefB: C Everett$750
 5 Filly - La Cugina by King's TheatreB: V Cleary$500
 26 Filly - Nordic Whisper by Viking RulerB: M Pearce$500
 1 Filly - Keshiki by ScenicB: Baddock Bloodstock$300
(+) Yarraman Park Stud, Scone6$77,800$12,967Full Sale Details
 146 Filly(+ - Lorelei Brown by Primo DominieB: William Inglis As Agent$52,000
 3 Filly - Knapton by Flying SpurB: Larkin Thoroughbreds$16,000
 53 Filly - Shara Princess by Desert PrinceB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 2 Filly - Kinder Surprise by Encosta de LagoB: Bowness Stud$3,500
 14 Filly - Memorized by ZeditaveB: Watershed Farm$800
 13 Filly - Marlboro Hill by BaratheaB: Watershed Farm$500
(+) Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong6$58,900$9,817Full Sale Details
 50 Filly - Salon Lumiere by Rock of GibraltarB: B Rogers$37,500
 106 Filly - Colpetty by CarnegieB: S Joseph$8,000
 135 Filly - Hot to Trotsky by XaarB: The Superhorse Trust$6,000
 119 Filly(+ - Duel With Me by Nine CaratB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 107 Filly - Comedic by FasliyevB: Wimmera Park Stud$1,600
 103 Filly - Cheeky View by Frisco ViewB: William Inglis As Agent$800
(+) Bracken Stud, Grose Wold7$35,350$5,050Full Sale Details
 25 Filly - Nana Jean by Rock of GibraltarB: William Inglis As Agent$15,000
 77 Filly - Trickspiel by SingspielB: William Inglis As Agent$15,000
 96 Filly - Big Mother by Redoute's ChoiceB: Bowness Stud$2,750
 118 Filly - Duchess Talaria by MarwinaB: Bowness Stud$1,100
 80 Filly - Type to Type by Northern FredB: S McGarrity$800
 132 Filly - Graceline by King of KingsB: Satur Veterinary Clinic$400
 21 Filly - Monrich by MonongahelaB: Fitzsimmons Brothers$300
(+) Widden Stud, Widden Valley5$34,900$6,980Full Sale Details
 36 Filly(+ - Pyrrha by OgygianB: William Inglis As Agent$18,000
 169 Filly - Hanging Garden by WoodmanB: Kitchwin Hills$15,000
 115 Filly - Donna di Mondo by Agnes WorldB: N & C Jones$1,300
 70 Filly - Temple by Shirley HeightsB: L Evans$300
 57 Filly - Spice Market by BaratheaB: Fitzsimmons Brothers$300
(+) Dynamic Syndications, Sydney3$34,000$11,333Full Sale Details
 41 Filly - Related Secrets by Secret SavingsB: Patinack Farm$25,000
 60 Filly - Steamy by Fusaichi PegasusB: William Inglis As Agent$7,000
 84 Filly - We're Lucky by Lucky OwnersB: William Inglis As Agent$2,000
(+) Serene Lodge, Kendall7$19,600$2,800Full Sale Details
 154 Filly(+ - Rare Performance by Military PlumeB: FMC$8,500
 155 Filly(+ - Roisin by ViscountB: S Green$3,500
 156 Filly(+ - Ruby Star by RubitonB: B Kelly$2,800
 161 Filly(+ - Swiss Franc by MukaddamahB: Temerity Park$2,500
 166 Filly - Farinocco by BroccoB: Watershed Farm$1,000
 149 Filly - Orageuse by Hurricane SkyB: J Green$900
 152 Filly - Queen's Sanctuary by NumerousB: P Dingwall$400
(+) Liverpool Farm, Blandford4$18,250$4,563Full Sale Details
 20 Filly(+ - Mondo Rock by Monde BleuB: TLF Pastoral Holdings P/L $6,000
 38 Filly(+ - Raise a Spark by Raise a CupB: P Clementson$6,000
 6 Filly(+ - La Willow by TierceB: William Inglis As Agent$5,250
 46 Filly - Rose of Coniston by Lake ConistonB: Longdale Park$1,000
(+) Coronet Farm, Wybong9$11,650$1,294Full Sale Details
 111 Filly - Diatribe x Danelle SmytzerB: S Tubb$2,600
 122 Filly - Diatribe x ElanthemB: C Everett$2,200
 126 Filly - Enrichment by DiatribeB: S Dixon$1,800
 139 Filly - Indiscrete by GrosvenorB: S McGarrity$1,300
 105 Filly - Choreography by DiatribeB: Peppercorn Park$1,250
 127 Filly - Festive Spirit by Rainbow QuestB: F Bryan$1,000
 62 Filly - Sudden Beat by SerheedB: William Inglis As Agent$500
 117 Filly - Diatribe x DoubtfireB: P Curry$500
 43 Filly - Riga by DiatribeB: Flint Thoroughbreds$500
(+) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone4$8,750$2,188Full Sale Details
 58 Filly(+ - Stalwart Kwila by Our MaizcayB: K Northey$3,500
 44 Filly(+ - Rojah Cavern by Lion CavernB: C Mackender$2,000
 45 Filly(+ - Rojah Sands by SandpitB: Hunter Nursing Nannies$2,000
 59 Filly(+ - Stalwart Queen by King IvorB: Hunter Nursing Nannies$1,250
(+) Kanangra, Scone3$6,400$2,133Full Sale Details
 123 Filly - Elegant Angela by PeruginoB: William Inglis As Agent$4,000
 85 Filly - Whirly Wind by Hurricane SkyB: A Humphries$1,800
 168 Filly - Frantastic by DanzeroB: G Powell$600
(+) Oxley Island Thoroughbreds, Oxley Island3$4,800$1,600Full Sale Details
 116 Filly(+ - Don't Interrupt by Jan MurrayB: C Everett$2,000
 47 Filly(+ - Rose of Ghataas by GhataasB: Flint Thoroughbreds$1,800
 153 Filly - Range Belle by RancherB: D Blair$1,000
(+) Broad Crossing, Scone3$1,800$600Full Sale Details
 120 Filly - Dunedin Flyer by TelestoB: William Inglis As Agent$1,000
 98 Filly - Bojaxhiu by MukaddamahB: G Powell$500
 114 Filly - Diamond Request by Urgent RequestB: J Green$300
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L'Artiste 8 FILLY(+ - Peintre Celebre x Glittering Girl
Vendor: Trevannah, Blandford
Buyer: Michael Wallace Bloodstock
Menaka 15 FILLY - Montjeu x Daralimara
Vendor: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
Buyer: Ric Wylie Bloodstock
Private Kiss 151 FILLY - General Nediym x Honi
Vendor: G. Dwyer, White Hills, Vic
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Lorelei Brown 146 FILLY(+ - Primo Dominie x Martha Stevens
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Imtops 138 FILLY - High Rolling x Evening Line
Vendor: Imtops Racing Syndicate, Somersby
Buyer: K Moore
Supriya 63 FILLY - Flying Spur x Highest Cool
Vendor: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Enduja 125 FILLY - Encosta de Lago x Caraniya
Vendor: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
Buyer: Glastonbury Farm
Salon Lumiere 50 FILLY - Rock of Gibraltar x Enlightenment
Vendor: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong
Buyer: B Rogers
Preview Scene 35 FILLY - Zeditave x Preview
Vendor: Coral View Lodge Stud, Tullimbar
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Describe 113 FILLY(+ - Red Ransom x Desert Orchid
Vendor: Lincoln Farm, Scone
Buyer: N Semple
Selena 51 FILLY - Arena x Electrique
Vendor: Southern Cross Breeders, Hunter Valley
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Rasana 40 FILLY - Redoute's Choice x Arrabeea
Vendor: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Rukmani 48 FILLY - Redoute's Choice x Venetian Lady
Vendor: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Baby Gangster 163 FILLY - Encosta de Lago x La Fleur
Vendor: Kitchwin Hills, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Related Secrets 41 FILLY - Secret Savings x Not Related
Vendor: Dynamic Syndications, Sydney
Buyer: Patinack Farm
Silver Moon 158 FILLY - Platinum Scissors x Midnight Renegade
Vendor: G. Wild, Sydney
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Renaka 42 FILLY - Redoute's Choice x A Real Dool
Vendor: Kia Ora Stud, Scone
Buyer: M Griffith
Pyrrha 36 FILLY(+ - Ogygian x Clabber Girl
Vendor: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Knapton 3 FILLY - Flying Spur x Alle Belle Be
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Larkin Thoroughbreds
Hanging Garden 169 FILLY - Woodman x Restful Place
Vendor: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
Buyer: Kitchwin Hills
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