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Scone Broodmare Sale 2008

William Inglis & Son website
(+) Canny Lad7$56,250$8,036Full Sale Details
 155 F - Blue Bayou
  ex Be in Love
V: RUANE, Menangle
B: B Stark 
 68 F - Partisan
  ex Royal Progeny
V: DARLEY, Denman
B: Amarina Farm WA 
 46 F - Mesh
  ex Stockings
V: DARLEY, Denman
B: Bowness Stud NSW 
 64 F - Our Tilly
  ex Paraparap
V: KULANI PARK, Blandford
B: D Watkins QLD 
 185 F - Dinna Fash
  ex Leetrela
V: DARLEY, Denman
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
 100 F - Staying Home
  ex Irish Cove
V: RUANE, Menangle
B: P Lord NSW 
 27 F - Kareela Cross
  ex Thredbo
V: FERNDALE FARM, Murrurundi
B: B Norbury NSW 
(+) Zeditave3$8,000$2,667Full Sale Details
 90 F - She's No Flirt
  ex Known Flirt
B: T Lichti VIC 
 127 F - Wham Bam
  ex Iminthemoodforlove
V: WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley
B: J Morrissey NSW 
 158 F - Breathe a Sigh
  ex Relief
B: B Joesph NSW 
(+) Spectrum3$5,800$1,933Full Sale Details
 154 F - Bijou
  ex Most Excellent
B: T Lambert NSW 
 88 F - Segova
  ex Sedova
B: C Barnes NSW 
 35 F - Libby's Rainbow
  ex Benares
B: William Inglis As Agent NSW 
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(+) Moffitt Breeding & Racing NSW 3$116,000$38,667Full Sale Details
 78 F - Red TemptationV: WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley$80,000
 54 F - Mollie WillV: RUANE, Menangle$30,000
 79 F - Regal ContessaV: DREW, K$6,000
(+) Kitchwin Hills NSW 2$79,000$39,500Full Sale Details
 8 F - GeishaV: GOOREE PARK STUD, Mudgee$70,000
 67 F - Parisian KissV: BYLONG PARK THOROUGHBREDS, Bylong$9,000
(+) S Reid SA 1$75,000$75,000Full Sale Details
 50 F - Miss Hillary V: DALMORE STUD, Aberdeen$75,000
(+) A Bott NSW 2$45,500$22,750Full Sale Details
 134 F - A la Belle Etoile V: WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley$37,000
 132 F - Z'VinskyV: CORAL VIEW LODGE STUD, Tullimbar$8,500
(+) Murrulla Stud NSW 1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 164 F - Catwalk ModelV: BYLONG PARK THOROUGHBREDS, Bylong$40,000
(+) Middlebrook Valley Lodge NSW 1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 25 F - Jolan's Wish V: RIVERSLEA FARM, Aberdeen$26,000
(+) R Dixon TAS 1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 96 F - Spanish DelightV: TARIQA PARK, Camden$26,000
(+) D Newberry QLD 1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 137 F - Above CelsiusV: DALMORE STUD, Aberdeen$25,000
(+) A & D Koureas NSW 1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 15 F - Heavenly InsightV: SEFTON PARK STUD, Scone$22,000
(+) B Stark 1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 155 F - Blue BayouV: RUANE, Menangle$22,000
(+) T Foster NSW 2$22,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 91 F - Show 'em GirlV: KIRKS BRIDGE FARM, Baerami$16,000
 37 F - LindawahV: CROWNING STONE, Scone$6,000
(+) N Owen QLD 5$21,000$4,200Full Sale Details
 177 F - DashianaV: LIVERPOOL FARM, Blandford$6,500
 76 F - Proud Event V: RYAN, J$6,000
 161 F - Cabaret V: MIDDLEBROOK VALLEY LODGE, Scone$5,750
 102 F - Sutton CrownV: SUTTON FARM, Scone$1,750
 122 F - Velvet SandsV: SEFTON PARK STUD, Scone$1,000
(+) Amarina Farm WA 1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 68 F - PartisanV: DARLEY, Denman$20,000
(+) K Moore NSW 2$18,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 16 F - High AchieverV: EDINGLASSIE STUD, Muswellbrook$11,000
 31 F - Lady BrackleyV: CRESSFIELD, Scone$7,000
(+) Patinack Farm QLD 1$17,000$17,000Full Sale Details
 119 F - TomarenaV: MIDDLEBROOK VALLEY LODGE, Scone$17,000
(+) Randwick Bloodstock NSW 1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 19 F - IndezoneV: YARRAMAN PARK STUD, Scone$16,000
(+) William Inglis As Agent NSW 17$14,750$868Full Sale Details
 185 F - Dinna FashV: DARLEY, Denman$3,000
 183 F - DeregulationV: BALFE, J$2,500
 7 F - Fly the SceneV: CROWNING STONE, Scone$2,250
 168 F - Colonial JesterV: DREW, K$1,750
 22 F - IrisvaleV: WARD, MF & DS$1,750
 20 F - IndysV: CROWNING STONE, Scone$500
 6 F - FlightatiousV: SMITH, M$500
 35 F - Libby's RainbowV: SLOANE, J$300
 101 F - Stockholm V: GLASTONBURY FARMS, Scone$300
 146 F - Ayu AlightV: THE OLD CROSSING, Singleton$300
 169 F - Come Up and See MeV: ROBERTS, T$300
 136 F - AbileneV: BROADWATER FARM, Scone$250
 138 F - Adams BabeV: SWANHILL STABLES, Morpeth$250
 11 F - Golden LillyV: GRIESSER, F$200
 65 F - PapatorteV: SMITH, L$200
 123 F - VeronicaV: BETAR, L$200
 160 F - Buffy's SpiritV: GRIESSER, F$200
(+) A Owens WA 1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 81 F - Right on ScheduleV: BYLONG PARK THOROUGHBREDS, Bylong$14,000
(+) Pollack Marketing NSW 1$13,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 176 F - Darling DaneV: WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley$13,000
(+) Manner Lodge VIC 1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 105 F - TambourineV: SOUTHERN CROSS BREEDERS, Hunter Valley$12,000
(+) WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley9$154,109$17,123Full Sale Details
 78 F - Red Temptation by Tayasu TsuyoshiB: Moffitt Breeding & Racing NSW¬†$80,000
 134 F - A la Belle Etoile by ZabeelB: A Bott NSW¬†$37,000
 176 F - Darling Dane by DanehillB: Pollack Marketing NSW¬†$13,000
 18 F - In the Money by SnippetsB: Darrell Ible Bloodstock NSW¬†$10,909
 63 F - Our Matisse by Palace MusicB: T Lichti VIC¬†$6,000
 127 F - Wham Bam by ZeditaveB: J Morrissey NSW¬†$3,000
 179 F - Dawn Queen by CentroB: B Norbury NSW¬†$2,500
 131 F - Zirascible by ZabeelB: Bowness Stud NSW¬†$1,200
 72 F - Petrucci by Honours ListB: Best Western Group NSW¬†$500
(+) GOOREE PARK STUD, Mudgee6$81,450$13,575Full Sale Details
 8 F - Geisha by Fusaichi PegasusB: Kitchwin Hills NSW¬†$70,000
 34 F - Latif by Don EduardoB: S Gleeson NSW¬†$5,500
 112 F - Thunder Beth by Thunder GulchB: D A Bloodstock NSW¬†$3,500
 95 F - Smile Politely by ChoisirB: Tarmac Stud NSW¬†$1,250
 89 F - Shakur by Don EduardoB: E Leigh QLD¬†$800
 98 F - Spirit of Place by DexterB: O Bell NSW¬†$400
(+) BYLONG PARK THOROUGHBREDS, Bylong5$72,750$14,550Full Sale Details
 164 F - Catwalk Model by Rory's JesterB: Murrulla Stud NSW¬†$40,000
 81 F - Right on Schedule by More Than ReadyB: A Owens WA¬†$14,000
 67 F - Parisian Kiss by Thunder GulchB: Kitchwin Hills NSW¬†$9,000
 23 F - Isle of Skye by Mull of KintyreB: N Semple VIC¬†$8,500
 133 F - A Certain Style by High YieldB: R Willcox NSW¬†$1,250
(+) RUANE, Menangle5$58,650$11,730Full Sale Details
 54 F - Mollie Will by HelissioB: Moffitt Breeding & Racing NSW¬†$30,000
 155 F - Blue Bayou by Canny LadB: B Stark¬†$22,000
 140 F - Agnes Clare by King's BestB: William Inglis As Agent PHILIP$4,500
 100 F - Staying Home by Canny LadB: P Lord NSW¬†$1,750
 159 F - Bree and Me by CovetousB: J Curry NSW¬†$400
(+) MIDDLEBROOK VALLEY LODGE, Scone7$48,000$6,857Full Sale Details
 119 F - Tomarena by ArenaB: Patinack Farm QLD¬†$17,000
 30 F - Kaystar by Spinning WorldB: Norfolk Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$10,000
 128 F - Yama Kumo by Fuji KisekiB: J & M Equine NSW¬†$6,500
 161 F - Cabaret by Star WayB: N Owen QLD¬†$5,750
 41 F - Match Point by Sri PekanB: R Curyer SA¬†$5,000
 53 F - Miss Johansson by OverB: M Brown NSW¬†$2,250
 188 F - El Qashelle by El QahiraB: P Gunter NSW¬†$1,500
(+) DARLEY, Denman4$35,000$8,750Full Sale Details
 68 F - Partisan by Canny LadB: Amarina Farm WA¬†$20,000
 46 F - Mesh by Canny LadB: Bowness Stud NSW¬†$6,000
 189 F - Establishment by Star WatchB: Amarina Farm NSW¬†$6,000
 185 F - Dinna Fash by Canny LadB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$3,000
(+) SOUTHERN CROSS BREEDERS, Hunter Valley8$22,600$2,825Full Sale Details
 105 F - Tambourine by DanzeroB: Manner Lodge VIC¬†$12,000
 36 F - Life's a Rainbow by Rainbows for LifeB: C Mackender NSW¬†$3,250
 85 F - Safe Hit by Straight StrikeB: M Lenaghan NSW¬†$2,500
 114 F - Timber Lass by Timber CountryB: R Stapleford NSW¬†$2,000
 69 F - Paths of Glory by Chief's CrownB: William Inglis As Agent QLD¬†$1,200
 62 F - Our Fair Lady by Nothin' Leica DaneB: Riverdene NSW¬†$750
 4 F - Fatima by RhythmB: R Willcox NSW¬†$500
 148 F - Be Our Honey by Mighty AvalancheB: E Leigh QLD¬†$400
(+) CROWNING STONE, Scone5$15,750$3,150Full Sale Details
 37 F - Lindawah by KenvainB: T Foster NSW¬†$6,000
 74 F - Pride of Africa by Desert SunB: Widden Stud Australia NSW¬†$6,000
 7 F - Fly the Scene by ScenicB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$2,250
 108 F - Testa Wine by Testa RossaB: William Inglis As Agent PHILIP$1,000
 20 F - Indys by Bite the BulletB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$500
(+) KITCHWIN HILLS, Scone5$15,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 144 F - Auspicious Day by Night ShiftB: Bowness Stud NSW¬†$4,250
 14 F - Groundless Threats by Clay HeroB: D Rogers QLD¬†$4,000
 154 F - Bijou by SpectrumB: T Lambert NSW¬†$3,000
 139 M - Aeronic by SimonstadB: O Bell NSW¬†$2,250
 116 F - Timeline by HousebusterB: Pine Lodge Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$1,500
(+) SUTTON FARM, Scone4$14,000$3,500Full Sale Details
 103 F - Sutton Miss by Youthful LegsB: P Farrell NSW¬†$5,750
 80 F - Regal Walk by GodswalkB: S Fell NSW¬†$5,000
 102 F - Sutton Crown by Beautiful CrownB: N Owen QLD¬†$1,750
 12 F - Golly Miss Mollie by Jackson SquareB: Pine Lodge Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$1,500
(+) EMIRATES PARK PTY LTD, Murrurundi5$12,800$2,560Full Sale Details
 135 F - Abbadee by SnaadeeB: R Manning NSW¬†$7,500
 49 F - Miss Finesse by Twig MossB: T Hamilton NSW¬†$2,500
 158 F - Breathe a Sigh by ZeditaveB: B Joesph NSW¬†$1,000
 87 F - Secretive Princess by Secret SavingsB: A Cutler NSW¬†$1,000
 184 F - Desert Tiger by Green DesertB: Grandview Lodge NSW¬†$800
(+) CHATSWORTH PARK, Scone3$9,250$3,083Full Sale Details
 113 F - Tiara Miss by Beautiful CrownB: P Farrell NSW¬†$4,750
 29 F - Katmandu by CatrailB: T Morton NSW¬†$2,500
 118 F - Tivoli Time by DanehillB: E Leigh QLD¬†$2,000
(+) MATTHEWS, R3$4,000$1,333Full Sale Details
 86 F - Sarah by PeruginoB: Pine Lodge Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$2,000
 2 F - Famous Lady by Quest for FameB: S Drinnan VIC¬†$1,000
 117 F - Tirolconi by BianconiB: Pine Lodge Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$1,000
(+) THOMMOS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, Sydney3$3,600$1,200Full Sale Details
 163 F - Capitalism by Royal AcademyB: Grandview Lodge NSW¬†$2,500
 93 F - Singita by GrosvenorB: C Barnes NSW¬†$700
 75 F - Promissory Note by BaratheaB: C Barnes NSW¬†$400
(+) ROBERTS, T3$3,400$1,133Full Sale Details
 180 F - Day to Day by OctagonalB: Baerami Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$1,600
 167 F - Chador by MarscayB: K Phillips NSW¬†$1,500
 169 F - Come Up and See Me by Last TycoonB: William Inglis As Agent NSW¬†$300
(+) FERNDALE FARM, Murrurundi3$1,600$533Full Sale Details
 186 F - Doubtful Direction by MukddaamB: G & C Thoroughbreds NSW¬†$600
 27 F - Kareela Cross by Canny LadB: B Norbury NSW¬†$500
 58 F - Mrs Walasko by Star WayB: C Barnes NSW¬†$500
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Red Temptation 78 F - Tayasu Tsuyoshi x Top Polish
Vendor: WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley
Buyer: Moffitt Breeding & Racing NSW 
Miss Hillary 50 F - Quest for Fame x Miamore
Vendor: DALMORE STUD, Aberdeen
Buyer: S Reid SA 
Geisha 8 F - Fusaichi Pegasus x Mosi au Tunya
Vendor: GOOREE PARK STUD, Mudgee
Buyer: Kitchwin Hills NSW 
Catwalk Model 164 F - Rory's Jester x Flurry's Gem
Buyer: Murrulla Stud NSW 
A la Belle Etoile 134 F - Zabeel x On Air
Vendor: WIDDEN STUD, Widden Valley
Buyer: A Bott NSW 
Mollie Will 54 F - Helissio x Alerted by Me
Vendor: RUANE, Menangle
Buyer: Moffitt Breeding & Racing NSW 
Spanish Delight 96 F - Royal Academy x Priscilla
Vendor: TARIQA PARK, Camden
Buyer: R Dixon TAS 
Jolan's Wish 25 F - Woodman x Jumilla
Vendor: RIVERSLEA FARM, Aberdeen
Buyer: Middlebrook Valley Lodge NSW 
Above Celsius 137 F - Favorite Trick x Light Me Up
Vendor: DALMORE STUD, Aberdeen
Buyer: D Newberry QLD 
Blue Bayou 155 F - Canny Lad x Be in Love
Vendor: RUANE, Menangle
Buyer: B Stark 
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