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National Weanling Broodmare And Mixed Sale - Mixed 2015

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 357 Filly - Springbank LadyV: Hallmark Stud
B: Kaipira Lodge
 374 Colt - JungletimeV: Hallmark Stud
B: Mr DR Haworth
 361 Colt - Wave DancingV: Hallmark Stud
B: NZB as agent
 370 Filly - Dulacca DiamondV: Hallmark Stud
B: Miss SA McKay
 353 Filly - MossvanaV: Hallmark Stud
B: Stirling Bloodstock
 373 Colt - Jolie DanzerV: Hallmark Stud
B: Hopefields Lodge
(+) Keeper4$9,800$2,450Full Sale Details
 392 Filly - Morena
  ex Zanetta
V: JK Farm
B: Stirling Bloodstock
 394 Filly - Princess Zaria
  ex Zaria
V: The Oaks Stud
B: Hortlinks
 405 Filly - Far Enuff
  ex Madam Twiggy
V: Albizia Lodge
B: Mr AS Browne
 393 Filly - Our Foxy Lady
  ex Foxette
V: Cambridge Stud
B: NZB as agent
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(+) Bruce Perry Bloodstock1$120,000$120,000Full Sale Details
 403 Filly - Dancer's TaleV: Curraghmore Stud$120,000
(+) Mr B Nadir2$26,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 407 Filly - Gold TiaraV: The Oaks Stud$16,000
 390 Filly - Midnight HourV: The Oaks Stud$10,000
(+) Kaipira Lodge1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 357 Filly - Tartan Bearer x Springbank LadyV: Hallmark Stud$15,000
(+) Haunui Bloodstock1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 396 Filly - She's SamashingV: J. P. Wills$9,000
(+) Stirling Bloodstock2$8,700$4,350Full Sale Details
 392 Filly - MorenaV: JK Farm$7,500
 353 Filly - Tartan Bearer x MossvanaV: Hallmark Stud$1,200
(+) Mr PJ Rudkin2$7,500$3,750Full Sale Details
 410 Filly - Honor ThatV: The Oaks Stud$4,000
 597 Filly - Kiss Like ThisV: Curraghmore Stud$3,500
(+) NZB as agent5$6,800$1,360Full Sale Details
 388 Gelding - Iffraaj x EntrancementV: Wentwood Grange$4,500
 361 Colt - Tartan Bearer x Wave DancingV: Hallmark Stud$1,600
 355 Gelding - Pins x Peep ShowV: Waikato Stud Ltd$500
 393 Filly - Our Foxy LadyV: Cambridge Stud$100
 398 Filly - Stella VegaV: Trelawney Stud Ltd$100
(+) Mr DR Haworth1$6,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 374 Colt - Tartan Bearer x JungletimeV: Hallmark Stud$6,500
(+) Mr JK & Mrs TL Riddell1$5,500$5,500Full Sale Details
 397 Gelding - Speech CraftV: Cambridge Stud$5,500
(+) Mr SA Sharrock1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 365 Filly - Bullbars x Belle FemmeV: Trelawney Stud Ltd$5,000
(+) Mr JF & Mrs KG Parsons3$4,700$1,567Full Sale Details
 381 Filly - Tickets x CupcakesV: Regent Farms$2,800
 363 Filly - Guillotine x AssetV: Bluegables Farm$1,200
 359 Filly - Gorky Park x ThimbleV: Curraghmore Stud$700
(+) Mr BB Beatson1$4,250$4,250Full Sale Details
 366 Gelding - O'Reilly x BreezyV: Waikato Stud Ltd$4,250
(+) K & Z Family Trust2$4,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 362 Gelding - Pins x Zoe SpiceV: Waikato Stud Ltd$2,250
 372 Gelding - O'Reilly x HideawayV: Waikato Stud Ltd$1,750
(+) Mr L Hopkins1$4,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 404 Filly - Deesse de la ModeV: Blackbridge$4,000
(+) Miss LM Pickford2$2,700$1,350Full Sale Details
 598 Filly - FrockV: JK Farm$1,500
 406 Filly - Free FlightV: The Oaks Stud$1,200
(+) Mr MP Daly1$2,400$2,400Full Sale Details
 409 Filly - High VizV: Bradbury Park$2,400
(+) DM Logan Racing Stables1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 377 Filly - Tavistock x Pink OpalV: E. Tarrant$2,000
(+) Hortlinks1$1,600$1,600Full Sale Details
 394 Filly - Princess ZariaV: The Oaks Stud$1,600
(+) Mr BD Revell1$1,600$1,600Full Sale Details
 378 Colt - Danroad x Quasi StellarV: Regent Farms$1,600
(+) Mr AJ Dravitzki1$1,400$1,400Full Sale Details
 400 Filly - Tiger MossV: JK Farm$1,400
(+) Curraghmore Stud3$124,200$41,400Full Sale Details
 403 Filly - Dancer's Tale by Tale of the CatB: Bruce Perry Bloodstock$120,000
 597 Filly - Kiss Like This by DenmanB: Mr PJ Rudkin$3,500
 359 Filly - Gorky Park x ThimbleB: Mr JF & Mrs KG Parsons$700
(+) The Oaks Stud5$32,800$6,560Full Sale Details
 407 Filly - Gold Tiara by Darci BrahmaB: Mr B Nadir$16,000
 390 Filly - Midnight Hour by Sakhee's SecretB: Mr B Nadir$10,000
 410 Filly - Honor That by Darci BrahmaB: Mr PJ Rudkin$4,000
 394 Filly - Princess Zaria by KeeperB: Hortlinks$1,600
 406 Filly - Free Flight by Roc de CambesB: Miss LM Pickford$1,200
(+) Hallmark Stud6$26,600$4,433Full Sale Details
 357 Filly - Tartan Bearer x Springbank LadyB: Kaipira Lodge$15,000
 374 Colt - Tartan Bearer x JungletimeB: Mr DR Haworth$6,500
 361 Colt - Tartan Bearer x Wave DancingB: NZB as agent$1,600
 370 Filly - Tartan Bearer x Dulacca DiamondB: Miss SA McKay$1,300
 353 Filly - Tartan Bearer x MossvanaB: Stirling Bloodstock$1,200
 373 Colt - Tartan Bearer x Jolie DanzerB: Hopefields Lodge$1,000
(+) JK Farm4$10,500$2,625Full Sale Details
 392 Filly - Morena by KeeperB: Stirling Bloodstock$7,500
 598 Filly - Frock by Road to RockB: Miss LM Pickford$1,500
 400 Filly - Tiger Moss by MossmanB: Mr AJ Dravitzki$1,400
 389 Filly - Liberty Heights by LibrettistB: AW & TW Wright$100
(+) Waikato Stud Ltd4$8,750$2,188Full Sale Details
 366 Gelding - O'Reilly x BreezyB: Mr BB Beatson$4,250
 362 Gelding - Pins x Zoe SpiceB: K & Z Family Trust$2,250
 372 Gelding - O'Reilly x HideawayB: K & Z Family Trust$1,750
 355 Gelding - Pins x Peep ShowB: NZB as agent$500
(+) Regent Farms4$6,700$1,675Full Sale Details
 381 Filly - Tickets x CupcakesB: Mr JF & Mrs KG Parsons$2,800
 378 Colt - Danroad x Quasi StellarB: Mr BD Revell$1,600
 382 Filly - Jet Spur x Dulacca DiamondB: Mr SJ Woodsford$1,200
 376 Colt - Oratorio x Pinker SeaB: Mrs L Boyd$1,100
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Dancer's Tale 403 FILLY - Tale of the Cat x Pineau
Vendor: Curraghmore Stud
Buyer: Bruce Perry Bloodstock
Gold Tiara 407 FILLY - Darci Brahma x Aztec Queen
Vendor: The Oaks Stud
Buyer: Mr B Nadir
357 FILLY - Tartan Bearer x Springbank Lady
Vendor: Hallmark Stud
Buyer: Kaipira Lodge
Midnight Hour 390 FILLY - Sakhee's Secret x Zaabi
Vendor: The Oaks Stud
Buyer: Mr B Nadir
She's Samashing 396 FILLY - Al Samer x Ashraqat
Vendor: J. P. Wills
Buyer: Haunui Bloodstock
Morena 392 FILLY - Keeper x Zanetta
Vendor: JK Farm
Buyer: Stirling Bloodstock
374 COLT - Tartan Bearer x Jungletime
Vendor: Hallmark Stud
Buyer: Mr DR Haworth
Speech Craft 397 GELDING - Oratorio x Chaleur
Vendor: Cambridge Stud
Buyer: Mr JK & Mrs TL Riddell
365 FILLY - Bullbars x Belle Femme
Vendor: Trelawney Stud Ltd
Buyer: Mr SA Sharrock
388 GELDING - Iffraaj x Entrancement
Vendor: Wentwood Grange
Buyer: NZB as agent
366 GELDING - O'Reilly x Breezy
Vendor: Waikato Stud Ltd
Buyer: Mr BB Beatson
Honor That 410 FILLY - Darci Brahma x Equals That
Vendor: The Oaks Stud
Buyer: Mr PJ Rudkin
Deesse de la Mode 404 FILLY - Savabeel x Sable
Vendor: Blackbridge
Buyer: Mr L Hopkins
Kiss Like This 597 FILLY - Denman x Fairygem
Vendor: Curraghmore Stud
Buyer: Mr PJ Rudkin
381 FILLY - Tickets x Cupcakes
Vendor: Regent Farms
Buyer: Mr JF & Mrs KG Parsons
High Viz 409 FILLY - Perfectly Ready x Bemuze
Vendor: Bradbury Park
Buyer: Mr MP Daly
362 GELDING - Pins x Zoe Spice
Vendor: Waikato Stud Ltd
Buyer: K & Z Family Trust
377 FILLY - Tavistock x Pink Opal
Vendor: E. Tarrant
Buyer: DM Logan Racing Stables
372 GELDING - O'Reilly x Hideaway
Vendor: Waikato Stud Ltd
Buyer: K & Z Family Trust
Princess Zaria 394 FILLY - Keeper x Zaria
Vendor: The Oaks Stud
Buyer: Hortlinks
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