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May Thoroughbred Sale 2007

William Inglis & Son website
 146 F - Libellous
  ex Trials
B: S Miller NSW
 144 F - Kagami
  ex Umaris
B: Sefton Park NSW
 151 F - Figurate
  ex Sandy's Hill
B: G Popp QLD
 163 G - Chiller Man
  ex Chere Vitesse
B: Englebrecht Bloodstock NSW
 38 F - Pescorati
  ex Petula
B: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW
 5 M - Nuclear Charm
  ex Magic Charm
V: P ATKINS, Gulgong
B: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW
 158 C - Romany GuineaV: FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale
B: J Shoard NSW
 71 C - Si PetraV: FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale
B: L Wright NSW
 74 C - Palace NightV: FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale
B: L Wright NSW
 143 F - Do You DanceV: FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale
B: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW
 52 F - Ci XIV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley
B: B Lawrence NSW
 54 C - Rich In VirtueV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley
B: Northwest Bloodstock NSW
 55 F - UraniaV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley
B: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW
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(+) Belmont Bloodstock WA1$66,000$66,000Full Sale Details
 107 G - Watsons BayV: OWNERS$66,000
(+) James Bester Bloodstock NSW1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 123 G - Flashing EagleV: OWNER$40,000
(+) M Jacobs QLD1$37,000$37,000Full Sale Details
 110 G - MaharishiV: DARLEY, Aberdeen$37,000
(+) New Zealand Bloodstock NSW1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 34 M - Boots 'n' BlueV: ALANBRIDGE STUD, Aberdeen$26,000
(+) Northwest Bloodstock NSW4$22,700$5,675Full Sale Details
 124 G - HindmarshV: OWNER$12,000
 8 M - A Star Is BornV: W MILES, West Hoxton$6,000
 148 F - Pretty RoseV: OWNER$4,500
 54 C - Techrico x Rich In VirtueV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$200
(+) William Inglis As Agent QLD1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 102 C - Al ReemV: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty$16,000
(+) M Ayoub QLD1$15,000$15,000Full Sale Details
 103 C - Kanetoshi KingV: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty$15,000
(+) B Buckley NSW1$13,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 104 C - LattamV: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty$13,000
(+) M Ayoub WA5$12,000$2,400Full Sale Details
 108 C - Fusaichi Pegasus x StorminwinterV: OWNERS$6,000
 42 M - Dear SwaneeV: JAY-R STUD, Tahmoor$2,600
 65 C - Reset x Tully LawV: BOWNESS STUD, Murringo$2,500
 37 M - Scared StiffV: C GADSBY, Eucharena$500
 33 M - Academy StyleV: MANX PARK, Moss Vale$400
(+) T Catip QLD2$9,500$4,750Full Sale Details
 17 M - Gold DateV: GOODWOOD FARM, Murrurundi$6,000
 22 M - Shogun LadyV: KILLALOE PASTORAL CO PTY LTD, Sydney$3,500
(+) S Miller NSW3$9,150$3,050Full Sale Details
 146 F - LibellousV: OWNERS$7,000
 48 M - Noble ProwessV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$1,400
 51 M - WinceV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$750
(+) F Leverink ACT1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 97 F - Here'n'nowV: OWNERS$9,000
(+) D Russo NSW1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 117 C - Redoute's Choice x Flash BashV: OWNERS$7,000
(+) N Niles HONG KONG1$7,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 113 C - Man PyaraV: OWNERS$7,000
(+) P Pengelly QLD1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 101 G - ShowoffV: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty$6,000
(+) Rapture Farm NSW1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 62 F - Untouchable x KhozoffV: GOODWOOD FARM, Murrurundi$6,000
(+) Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW21$5,725$273Full Sale Details
 13 M - Just MariaV: RJ & P WEEKES, Tomakin$350
 29 M - Forest VistaV: KILLALOE PASTORAL CO PTY LTD, Sydney$350
 44 M - EmeliaV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$350
 46 M - Lady LyraV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$350
 47 M - Mamselle StarV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$350
 140 F - MineolaV: O'BRIEN and S ORFORD, Braidwood$350
 14 M - Just MooringsV: RJ & P WEEKES, Tomakin$300
 16 M - Love's EchoV: GOODWOOD FARM, Murrurundi$300
 38 F - PescoratiV: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty$300
 84 M - HumiliateV: OWNERS$300
 139 F - Do You Dance V: FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale$300
 141 F - Show Time WarriorV: O'BRIEN and S ORFORD, Braidwood$300
 3 M - Market LeaderV: P ATKINS, Gulgong$250
 86 M - Anniversary DanceV: OAKLEIGH PARK STUD, Wilberforce$250
 143 F - Shrewdy x Do You DanceV: FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale$200
 161 G - GunstaadV: SHIPTON LODGE THOROUGHBREDS, Cobbitty$200
 55 F - Techrico x UraniaV: BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley$175
 5 M - Nuclear CharmV: P ATKINS, Gulgong$150
 7 M - SuperbabyV: P ATKINS, Gulgong$150
 4 M - Different SongV: P ATKINS, Gulgong$100
(+) P Gray QLD8$5,150$644Full Sale Details
 156 F - Hayley's HunterV: OWNERS$1,600
 145 F - Laura's SpiritV: OWNERS$1,000
 94 M - StatueV: OWNERS$500
 147 F - Miss StradivariusV: SHIPTON LODGE THOROUGHBREDS, Cobbitty$500
 149 F - Big BerthaV: OWNERS$500
 10 F - Crown PromiseV: OAKLEIGH PARK STUD, Wilberforce$400
 30 M - NapoleanaV: KILLALOE PASTORAL CO PTY LTD, Sydney$400
 85 F - Marwina x Blushing BirdV: OWNER$250
(+) N Godbolt NSW1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 152 F - Golden ThunderbirdV: OWNERS$5,000
(+) D Anderson NSW1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 119 G - RathboneV: JAY-R STUD, Tahmoor$4,500
(+) OWNERS27$130,850$4,846Full Sale Details
 107 G - Watsons Bay by Royal AcademyB: Belmont Bloodstock WA$66,000
 97 F - Here'n'now by DehereB: F Leverink ACT$9,000
 113 C - Man Pyara by Encosta de LagoB: N Niles HONG KONG$7,000
 117 C - Redoute's Choice x Flash BashB: D Russo NSW$7,000
 146 F - Libellous by OctagonalB: S Miller NSW$7,000
 108 C - Fusaichi Pegasus x StorminwinterB: M Ayoub WA$6,000
 152 F - Golden Thunderbird by UmatillaB: N Godbolt NSW$5,000
 130 G - Ravisseur by Red RansomB: R Boljun ACT$4,250
 112 C - Postino by Grand LodgeB: W Carrie HONG KONG$2,750
 126 G - Rich Erin by NaturalismB: Englebrecht Bloodstock NSW$1,800
 91 M - Rapley's Loop by Mister CB: Argosy Group Pty Ltd NSW$1,750
 156 F - Hayley's Hunter by Lion HunterB: P Gray QLD$1,600
 144 F - Kagami by OctagonalB: Sefton Park NSW$1,500
 153 F - Beetroot by Nothin' Leica DaneB: L Wright NSW$1,400
 165 G - Rich Nite by VitriniteB: D Plumb VIC$1,400
 145 F - Laura's Spirit by Bel EspritB: P Gray QLD$1,000
 166 G - Master Composer by JeuneB: J Balfe NSW$1,000
 163 G - Chiller Man by Nuclear FreezeB: Englebrecht Bloodstock NSW$900
 155 F - Paris Moonlight by Way Of LightB: C Hawes NSW$800
 164 G - Lookin' Flash by Desert PrinceB: L Bryant NSW$800
 138 G - Galactical by ZeditaveB: M Wright NSW$600
 94 M - Statue by Real QuietB: P Gray QLD$500
 149 F - Big Bertha by High RollingB: P Gray QLD$500
 150 F - Geisha Gold by IglesiaB: J Harvey QLD$400
 84 M - Humiliate by High YieldB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$300
 151 F - Figurate by OctagonalB: G Popp QLD$300
 154 F - Arc of a Diver by MarechalB: Argosy Group Pty Ltd NSW$300
(+) OWNER9$68,100$7,567Full Sale Details
 123 G - Flashing Eagle by Fusaichi PegasusB: James Bester Bloodstock NSW$40,000
 124 G - Hindmarsh by UmatillaB: Northwest Bloodstock NSW$12,000
 148 F - Pretty Rose by Testa RossaB: Northwest Bloodstock NSW$4,500
 121 G - Marscay's Image by MarscayB: E Batt VIC$4,000
 128 G - Flying King by Flying SpurB: P Cleal NSW$3,250
 136 G - My Song by Song Of TaraB: T Ball NSW$2,500
 127 G - Carats Abash by StrandsB: R Unicomb NSW$800
 162 G - Phaeton by Ideal PlanetB: Cloud Nine Equine Enterprises $800
 85 F - Marwina x Blushing BirdB: P Gray QLD$250
(+) SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty5$50,300$10,060Full Sale Details
 102 C - Al Reem by Royal AcademyB: William Inglis As Agent QLD$16,000
 103 C - Kanetoshi King by King CharlemagneB: M Ayoub QLD$15,000
 104 C - Lattam by Dolphin StreetB: B Buckley NSW$13,000
 101 G - Showoff by ShovhogB: P Pengelly QLD$6,000
 38 F - Pescorati by Nuclear FreezeB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$300
(+) DARLEY, Aberdeen3$42,750$14,250Full Sale Details
 110 G - Maharishi by Fantastic LightB: M Jacobs QLD$37,000
 109 G - De Mille by Fantastic LightB: B Young NSW$3,000
 111 C - New World Record by Elusive QualityB: William Inglis As Agent NSW$2,750
(+) GOODWOOD FARM, Murrurundi3$12,300$4,100Full Sale Details
 17 M - Gold Date by Gilded TimeB: T Catip QLD$6,000
 62 F - Untouchable x KhozoffB: Rapture Farm NSW$6,000
 16 M - Love's Echo by Prince EchoB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$300
(+) BRIDGEVIEW STUD, Hunter Valley13$11,925$917Full Sale Details
 67 C - Lujain x IndicatorB: R Armstrong QLD$4,000
 48 M - Noble Prowess by MaizcayB: S Miller NSW$1,400
 50 M - Whole Truth by Total LookB: William Inglis As Agent NSW$1,250
 66 F - Tobougg x French MissB: T Gibson NSW$1,200
 57 F - Grandera x Kittkin StarB: Gainsborough Bloodstock NSW$1,000
 51 M - Wince by Skilful StarB: S Miller NSW$750
 45 M - Kuaka Lady by Trigger PointB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd NSW$500
 52 F - Techrico x Ci XIB: B Lawrence NSW$400
 44 M - Emelia by Air de FranceB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$350
 46 M - Lady Lyra by LujainB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$350
 47 M - Mamselle Star by Star WayB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$350
 54 C - Techrico x Rich In VirtueB: Northwest Bloodstock NSW$200
 55 F - Techrico x UraniaB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$175
(+) JAY-R STUD, Tahmoor5$11,350$2,270Full Sale Details
 119 G - Rathbone by Dr FongB: D Anderson NSW$4,500
 42 M - Dear Swanee by CommandsB: M Ayoub WA$2,600
 41 M - Courtly Bride by AzzaamB: Suntar Holdings Pty Ltd NSW$2,000
 118 G - Charming Manners by Manner HillB: T Pike NT$1,750
 43 F - Calling The Tune by High RollingB: P Ball NSW$500
(+) KILLALOE PASTORAL CO PTY LTD, Sydney7$9,850$1,407Full Sale Details
 80 C - Danehill Star x Happy ShoesB: D Callaughan NSW$4,000
 22 M - Shogun Lady by Al JaasiB: T Catip QLD$3,500
 28 M - Silk Angel by NassipourB: W Fenwick NSW$600
 27 M - Shoot 'Em High by High ReserveB: S Fell NSW$500
 31 M - Smouldering Glance by MaraudingB: N Chapman NSW$500
 30 M - Napoleana by HennessyB: P Gray QLD$400
 29 M - Forest Vista by Hurricane SkyB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$350
(+) FOXES HOLLOW STUD, Oakdale9$7,300$811Full Sale Details
 83 F - Testa Rossa x Don't BlasphemeB: C Barnes NSW$3,500
 69 C - Danehill Star x Kateri O'ReillyB: J Horton NSW$1,200
 158 C - Shrewdy x Romany GuineaB: J Shoard NSW$600
 159 C - Adventurous x Spirit of GypsyB: L Wright NSW$600
 71 C - Shrewdy x Si PetraB: L Wright NSW$300
 73 F - Dance Dreamer x FairskyB: T Stakemire VIC$300
 74 C - Shrewdy x Palace NightB: L Wright NSW$300
 139 F - Do You Dance by Dance FloorB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$300
 143 F - Shrewdy x Do You DanceB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$200
(+) P ATKINS, Gulgong7$1,550$221Full Sale Details
 2 M - Annette's Choice by Nine CaratB: S Fell NSW$350
 6 M - Spirited Encounter by EncounterB: B Ball NSW$350
 3 M - Market Leader by Skilful StarB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$250
 1 M - American Patrol by Lough CutraB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd NSW$200
 5 M - Nuclear Charm by Nuclear FreezeB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$150
 7 M - Superbaby by Beautiful CrownB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$150
 4 M - Different Song by SomethingdifferentB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$100
(+) OAKLEIGH PARK STUD, Wilberforce3$1,050$350Full Sale Details
 10 F - Crown Promise by Beautiful CrownB: P Gray QLD$400
 11 M - Pams Joy by Grand LodgeB: S Fell NSW$400
 86 M - Anniversary Dance by Nothin' Leica DaneB: Fitzgerald Pastoral Co NSW$250
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Watsons Bay 107 G - Royal Academy x Sydney's Dream
Vendor: OWNERS
Buyer: Belmont Bloodstock WA
Flashing Eagle 123 G - Fusaichi Pegasus x Dashing Eagle
Vendor: OWNER
Buyer: James Bester Bloodstock NSW
Maharishi 110 G - Fantastic Light x Goddess Of Wisdom
Vendor: DARLEY, Aberdeen
Buyer: M Jacobs QLD
Boots 'n' Blue 34 M - Inflate x Mahlin
Vendor: ALANBRIDGE STUD, Aberdeen
Buyer: New Zealand Bloodstock NSW
Al Reem 102 C - Royal Academy x Marcovette
Vendor: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent QLD
Kanetoshi King 103 C - King Charlemagne x Tre Faccia
Vendor: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty
Buyer: M Ayoub QLD
Lattam 104 C - Dolphin Street x Undercover
Vendor: SHIPTON LODGE, Cobbitty
Buyer: B Buckley NSW
Hindmarsh 124 G - Umatilla x A Class Act
Vendor: OWNER
Buyer: Northwest Bloodstock NSW
Here'n'now 97 F - Dehere x My Amapola
Vendor: OWNERS
Buyer: F Leverink ACT
Libellous 146 F - Octagonal x Trials
Vendor: OWNERS
Buyer: S Miller NSW
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