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Great Southern Bloodstock Sale 2009

William Inglis & Son website
(+) Red Ransom3$153,250$51,083Full Sale Details
 708 Filly - Advance to Go
  ex Miss Minden
V: Fulmen Park, Longwood
B: Optimum Thoroughbreds
 699 Filly - Hoshiko
  ex Evening Star
V: Ballymeath Farm, Swanpool
B: R Trestrail
 723 Filly - Cache of Silver
  ex Silver Atom
V: Owners
B: William Inglis As Agent
 370 Filly(+ - But One Regret
  ex Egrette
V: Makybe, Gnarwarre
B: M Rea
 514 Filly(+ - Miss Josephine
  ex Adraanito
V: M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta
B: Hancock Quality Bloodstock
 387 Filly(+ - Clasp
  ex Miss Behave
V: Eliza Park, Kerrie
B: Valleyview
 654 Filly - Truly Majestic
  ex Crystal Jester
V: Glentree Downs, Modewarre
B: Katandra Agriculture Pty Ltd
 408 Filly(+ - Dream the Dream
  ex Dream of the Dance
V: Yallambee Stud, Romsey
B: Bell View Park Stud Pty Ltd
 580 Filly(+ - Royal Delago
  ex Royal Juanita
V: D. & E. Dance, Ballan
B: William Inglis As Agent
 469 Filly - Jinx Johnson
  ex Halibery
V: Bolinda Thoroughbreds, Melbourne
B: Richmond Hill Farm
 539 Filly(+ - Palace de Lago
  ex Versailles Pike
V: Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
B: B Knight
 383 Filly(+ - Christiana
  ex Christin's Silver
V: Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
B: Eliza Park
 709 Filly - Chicken Counter
  ex Best Offer
V: Fulmen Park, Longwood
B: Fulmen Park Pty Ltd
 704 Filly - Flamenco Miss
  ex Gwalia
V: M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta
B: A Tan
 776 Gelding - Vaingtlago
  ex Vaingt Trois
V: Owners
B: David Noonan Racing
 401 Filly - Delargo Moon
  ex Orbitino
V: C. Psaila, Woodend
B: Illoura Racing Stables
 421 Filly - Fair Fi Fi
  ex Shining Pearl
V: Shamrock Vale Thoroughbreds, Mansfield
B: J Turnbull
(+) Danzero5$91,300$18,260Full Sale Details
 713 Filly - Tizzy May
  ex Miss Minden
V: Fulmen Park, Longwood
B: Hancock Quality Bloodstock
 488 Filly(+ - Lady Melinte
  ex Melinte
V: Everton Thoroughbreds, Moorooduc
B: William Inglis As Agent
 831 Gelding - Pelting Down
  ex Stormy Summers
V: Rosemont Stud, Ceres
B: P Widdup
 608 Filly - Special Touch
  ex Timely Star
V: Tony Noonan Racing, Melbourne
B: M Peters
 399 Filly - Danzietta
  ex Cadwin
V: Chatswood Stud, Seymour
B: P Gray
(+) Westbridge4$64,500$16,125Full Sale Details
 596 Filly(+ - Shine Bridge
  ex Brilliant Crown
V: Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
B: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd
 451 Filly(+ - Grand Coup
  ex Kingston Coup
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: E Catanzariti
 666 Filly(+ - Westminster
  ex Kensington Palace
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: William Inglis As Agent
 416 Filly(+ - Elle Driver
  ex Coupe
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: A Schult
(+) Alannan3$38,000$12,667Full Sale Details
 759 Filly - Swirly Dream
  ex Jon's Pleasure
V: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA
B: Hancock Quality Bloodstock
 794 Filly - Her Alibi
  ex Giftenary
V: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA
B: D Mathews
 414 Filly(+ - Eighth Heaven
  ex Heaven's Edge
V: Summerset Park Stud, Gumeracha, SA
B: T Wills
(+) Testa Rossa3$36,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 673 Colt - Wordsmith
  ex Way with Words
V: Gleneagles Stud Pty. Ltd., Yarra Glen
B: P Geard
 752 Filly - Novelist
  ex Bella Vita
V: Owners
B: B Synnott
 767 Gelding - Gold Sting
  ex Varinia
V: Greenways Stud, Coldstream
B: R Mitchell
 478 Filly(+ - Kensington Palace
  ex Reganza
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: E Trade Consultants Pty Ltd &
 555 Filly(+ - Presidential Suite
  ex Maybelline
V: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
B: S Brem
 583 Filly(+ - Ruling Eyes
  ex Blinkie
V: Makybe, Gnarwarre
B: Burnewang North Pastoral
 508 Filly(+ - Merrijig Miss
  ex Eumeralla
V: Shamrock Vale Thoroughbreds, Mansfield
B: J & M Douglas
(+) Strategic3$32,500$10,833Full Sale Details
 633 Filly(+ - Taut
  ex Firm
V: Beachtown Holdings Pty Ltd, Fremantle, WA
B: Eliza Park
 556 Filly(+ - Press the Flesh
  ex Bedimpled
V: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
B: Southern Hemisphere Bloodstock
 805 Filly - In the Attic
  ex Odds and Ends
V: Bolinda Thoroughbreds, Melbourne
B: William Inglis As Agent
 577 Filly(+ - Rose in Flight
  ex Bratenahl
V: D. Cross, Melbourne
B: S Simpson
 510 Filly(+ - Midori Gift
  ex Market Gift
V: Everton Thoroughbreds, Moorooduc
B: Brookland Park Stud
 425 Filly(+ - Fleeting Love
  ex Franssica d'Amour
V: Sutton Grange Stud, Sutton Grange
B: Kevin Dagg Bloodstock Pty Ltd
 795 Filly - Shenzen Frenzy
  ex Beautiful Basic
V: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA
B: D Ryan
 835 Colt - Zupatwo
  ex Cotoletta
V: Owners
B: F Butler
 722 Filly - Baba Yaga
  ex Magic Broom
V: Owners
B: T Mees
 667 Filly(+ - Wild Spur
  ex Stately Dancer
V: E. & R. Shakespeare Pty. Ltd., Gherang
B: T Di Grande
 586 Filly(+ - Saucy Minx
  ex Fine Silk Lady
V: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
B: P Ferne
 736 Filly - Lithe Lady
  ex Amuse
V: D. Watson, Melbourne
B: B Goodwin
 796 Filly - Maratea
  ex Candid Camera
V: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA
B: M Carson
(+) Woodman4$24,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 553 Filly(+ - Portland Park
  ex Spirit of Kingston
V: Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
B: Eliza Park
 441 Filly(+ - Gold Leaf
  ex Star Gold
V: Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
B: T Lichti
 659 Filly(+ - Via Roma
  ex Villandry
V: Bakker Thoroughbreds, Mt Martha
B: R Maher
 498 Filly - Magic Sort
  ex Top Sort
V: Makybe, Gnarwarre
B: William Inglis As Agent
 554 Filly - Predestined
  ex Hard Rider
V: R. Ackland, Watervale, SA
B: DHK Investments
 824 Gelding - Jackie's Paper
  ex Oh So Discreet
V: Owners
B: RWH Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd
 806 Filly - La Cavaliere
  ex Cavallina
V: Kilora Heights, Malvern
B: P Gray
 731 Filly - Pukalee
  ex Tsunami Smytzer
V: Owners
B: M Arfi
 705 Filly - Royal Viva
  ex Viva Miranda
V: Dowling Park, Ballarat
B: A Tan
 787 Filly - Diamond Zara
  ex Deemar
V: Rosemont Stud, Ceres
B: D Reynolds
 542 Filly - Paradise Walk
  ex Arrester Miss
V: Tara Farm, Torquay
B: H Froesch
 637 Filly - Terra Nova
  ex Sister St. Klaire
V: Arundel Farm Estate, Keilor
B: Larneuk Stud Pty Ltd
(+) Bel Esprit5$28,500$5,700Full Sale Details
 817 Gelding - Jaya
  ex My Halo Broke
V: Owners
B: William Inglis As Agent
 764 Gelding - Spirits in the Sky
  ex Cosmic Dust
V: Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne
B: S Beattie
 697 Filly - From the PalaceV: Arundel Farm Estate, Keilor
B: R Wellington
 695 Filly - Beautiful Spirit
  ex Receive
V: Jackson Throughbreds, Strathfieldsaye
B: N Visca
 797 Filly - Khairesprit
  ex Khairatan
V: Owners
B: L Paton
(+) Danasinga3$15,200$5,067Full Sale Details
 430 Filly(+ - Frothy
  ex Shear Froth
V: Yallambee Stud, Romsey
B: P Ferne
 765 Colt - InterbankV: William Inglis & Son Ltd., Melbourne
B: T Lichti
 429 Filly - Frequency
  ex Nantucket Sound
V: North Road Bloodstock, Melbourne
B: Illoura Racing Stables
 642 Filly(+ - Thunderstorms
  ex Who Can Say
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: William Inglis As Agent
 652 Filly(+ - True Charm
  ex Certain Charm
V: Redbank Bloodstock, Euroa
B: F Lacey
 641 Filly(+ - Thunder Hood
  ex My Brilliant Star
V: Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
B: V Nash
 403 Filly(+ - Discriminating
  ex Pals
V: Eliza Park, Kerrie
B: David O'Callaghan Bloodstock P
 453 Filly(+ - Green Mile
  ex Shalbourne
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: Fairways Bloodstock
 493 Filly(+ - Light Up My Life
  ex Starlight Angel
V: Woodside Park Stud, Woodend
B: C Forrest
(+) Snippets3$13,800$4,600Full Sale Details
 657 Filly(+ - Twilight Dance
  ex Empire Dawn
V: Eliza Park, Kerrie
B: Valleyview
 473 Filly(+ - Just Stunning
  ex Lady Nickelii
V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North
B: K Attard
 651 Filly - Touch Lightly
  ex Apprehensive
V: Bolinda Thoroughbreds, Melbourne
B: William Inglis As Agent
(+) Viscount3$11,550$3,850Full Sale Details
 761 Gelding - Mondera
  ex Diamond Habit
V: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA
B: R Harrison
 390 Filly - Contessa Mia
  ex Jevresa
V: Everton Thoroughbreds, Moorooduc
B: Bell River Thoroughbreds
 735 Filly - Onenightinparis
  ex Wave Runner
V: Zahara Racing Stud, Nagambie
B: William Inglis As Agent
 721 Filly - Tarho
  ex Queen Moranbon
V: Limerick Lane, Mangalore
B: G Middleton
More than three sold. Click here for full list
(+) David O'Callaghan Bloodstock P3$630,250$210,083Full Sale Details
 785 Colt - Written TycoonV: Written Tycoon Stallion Syndicate, Melbourne$625,000
 403 Filly(+ - DiscriminatingV: Eliza Park, Kerrie$4,250
 463 Filly - InasnipV: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$1,000
(+) Hancock Quality Bloodstock9$256,800$28,533Full Sale Details
 713 Filly - Tizzy MayV: Fulmen Park, Longwood$85,000
 568 Filly(+ - Raja LaneV: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie$60,000
 514 Filly(+ - Miss JosephineV: M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta$34,000
 759 Filly - Swirly DreamV: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA$20,000
 461 Filly(+ - Hidden OasisV: Blackwood Lodge, Bunyip$20,000
 440 Filly - Gold DoveV: J. Baker, Somerville$18,000
 517 Filly(+ - Miss ThunderV: Hill Holme Lodge, Boneo$10,000
 357 Filly(+ - Bella RomanceV: Woodside Park Stud, Woodend$9,000
 460 Filly(+ - Heroic DanceV: Eliza Park, Kerrie$800
(+) William Inglis As Agent40$176,700$4,418Full Sale Details
 580 Filly(+ - Royal DelagoV: D. & E. Dance, Ballan$41,000
 828 Colt - SynergistV: Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW$25,000
 662 Filly(+ - Volkiss V: Ealing Park, Euroa$20,000
 719 Filly - Dandy WarholsV: Limerick Lane, Mangalore$14,000
 817 Gelding - JayaV: Owners$12,000
 758 Filly - Sheer OpulenceV: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA$11,500
 642 Filly(+ - ThunderstormsV: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$6,500
 666 Filly(+ - WestminsterV: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$6,000
 622 Filly - Sunbeam SallyV: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Nagambie$5,000
 680 Colt - Keep the Faith x Twisted BlissV: Sutton Grange Stud, Sutton Grange$5,000
 778 Gelding - Rough NightV: Owners$4,250
 488 Filly(+ - Lady MelinteV: Everton Thoroughbreds, Moorooduc$4,000
 558 Filly(+ - Pretty JessicaV: Fulmen Park, Longwood$3,000
 621 Filly(+ - Sugar and SpiteV: Chatswood Stud, Seymour$2,250
 690 Filly - Bianconi x Secret SpeechV: Ballarto Lodge, Pakenham South$2,000
 703 Filly - Exclusive CircleV: M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta$2,000
 483 Filly - KongousekiV: D. & E. Dance, Ballan$2,000
 552 Filly(+ - Portland DivaV: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$2,000
 355 Filly - Bedouin EchoV: Caithness Breeding, Wallan$2,000
 723 Filly - Cache of SilverV: Owners$1,250
 518 Filly(+ - Misty MoonlightV: Helmsley, Kilmore East$400
 384 Filly - Circle of SmilesV: M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta$300
 391 Filly - ConveyancingV: Beachtown Holdings Pty Ltd, Fremantle, WA$300
 467 Filly - Jeune's DynastyV: F. Grabowski, Berwick$300
 486 Filly - Lady AmbassadorV: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie$300
 498 Filly - Magic SortV: Makybe, Gnarwarre$300
 521 Filly - Musical NoiseV: A.J. Overall, Wonga Park$300
 589 Filly(+ - Sedbury V: Galadi Holdings Pty. Ltd, St Arnaud$300
 651 Filly - Touch LightlyV: Bolinda Thoroughbreds, Melbourne$300
 698 Filly - Desert MissV: Ballymeath Farm, Swanpool$300
 701 Filly - SemponaV: Ballymeath Farm, Swanpool$300
 717 Filly - Soups OnV: Helmsley, Kilmore East$300
 729 Filly - Open All Night V: Owners$300
 733 Filly - Till Dark V: Owners$300
 735 Filly - OnenightinparisV: Zahara Racing Stud, Nagambie$300
 793 Filly - TagjaV: Owner$300
 800 Filly - Queen CugatV: Owners$300
 805 Filly - In the AtticV: Bolinda Thoroughbreds, Melbourne$300
 599 Filly - Show FidelityV: J. Hirsch, Melbourne$250
 766 Gelding - The SizzlerV: Helmsley, Kilmore East$200
(+) Optimum Thoroughbreds1$150,000$150,000Full Sale Details
 708 Filly - Advance to GoV: Fulmen Park, Longwood$150,000
(+) Bell View Park Stud Pty Ltd1$100,000$100,000Full Sale Details
 408 Filly(+ - Dream the DreamV: Yallambee Stud, Romsey$100,000
(+) Eliza Park5$72,000$14,400Full Sale Details
 633 Filly(+ - TautV: Beachtown Holdings Pty Ltd, Fremantle, WA$30,000
 553 Filly(+ - Portland ParkV: Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester$16,000
 383 Filly(+ - ChristianaV: Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella$10,000
 468 Filly(+ - JezeeraV: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$10,000
 620 Filly(+ - Strops MagicV: Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip$6,000
(+) S Brem2$61,000$30,500Full Sale Details
 346 Filly(+ - ApologiesV: Limerick Lane, Mangalore$46,000
 555 Filly(+ - Presidential SuiteV: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Nagambie$15,000
(+) Turangga Farm2$38,000$19,000Full Sale Details
 548 Filly(+ - Pinoshea V: Makybe, Gnarwarre$30,000
 435 Filly(+ - Girl TatumV: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Nagambie$8,000
(+) M Rea1$37,500$37,500Full Sale Details
 370 Filly(+ - But One RegretV: Makybe, Gnarwarre$37,500
(+) Patinack Farm Pty Ltd1$36,000$36,000Full Sale Details
 596 Filly(+ - Shine Bridge V: Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester$36,000
(+) Valleyview2$33,000$16,500Full Sale Details
 387 Filly(+ - ClaspV: Eliza Park, Kerrie$25,000
 657 Filly(+ - Twilight DanceV: Eliza Park, Kerrie$8,000
(+) Bridsan Bloodstock1$31,000$31,000Full Sale Details
 756 Filly - Seattle LassV: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA$31,000
(+) Furlong Stud Partnership1$31,000$31,000Full Sale Details
 603 Filly(+ - Smart ArchV: Blackwood Lodge, Bunyip$31,000
(+) P Ryan1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 819 Gelding - Mojo PinV: Fulmen Park, Moorooduc$30,000
(+) H Froesch21$29,300$1,395Full Sale Details
 353 Filly(+ - BarabellaV: Tara Farm, Torquay$3,250
 474 Filly(+ - Kahuna PrincessV: Tara Farm, Torquay$3,250
 482 Filly(+ - Kiwi PlayerV: Eliza Park, Kerrie$2,250
 502 Filly - MajalisV: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$2,250
 515 Filly(+ - Miss NasdaqV: Woodside Park Stud, Woodend$2,250
 526 Filly - Nijinsky's GiftV: Beachtown Holdings Pty Ltd, Fremantle, WA$2,000
 563 Filly(+ - Qahira GirlV: Tara Farm, Torquay$1,750
 458 Filly - Heaven WaitsV: Tara Farm, Torquay$1,250
 359 Filly(+ - Berkeley SpringsV: Chatswood Stud, Seymour$1,250
 361 Filly(+ - Bin End V: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie$1,250
 475 Filly(+ - KalahaloV: R. B. & D. B. Sims, Melbourne$1,200
 542 Filly - Paradise WalkV: Tara Farm, Torquay$1,200
 386 Filly(+ - Civil ActionV: Tara Farm, Torquay$1,100
 505 Filly(+ - Marie Rambert V: Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella$1,000
 566 Filly(+ - RacerV: Chatswood Stud, Seymour$1,000
 445 Filly(+ - Golden GalV: Little Plains Stud, Wangaratta$750
 487 Filly(+ - Lady AristocatV: Independent Stallions Victoria, Nagambie$700
 395 Filly(+ - Cuff LynxV: Paltarra Thoroughbreds, Flinders Island, Tas$500
 520 Filly(+ - Mrs. Falwell V: Paltarra Thoroughbreds, Flinders Island, Tas$400
 410 Filly(+ - DuendeeV: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Nagambie$400
 524 Filly - Never Ever AgainV: W. Such, Wycheproof$300
(+) L Eales1$28,000$28,000Full Sale Details
 561 Filly(+ - Pure ImageV: Bombora Downs, Bittern$28,000
(+) Lemrac Lodge1$28,000$28,000Full Sale Details
 523 Filly(+ - NashitaV: Eliza Park, Kerrie$28,000
(+) Noor Elaine Farm Pty Ltd2$26,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 601 Filly(+ - Silver Locket V: Ballymeath Farm, Swanpool$22,000
 490 Filly(+ - Lady Persephone V: Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North$4,000
(+) P Ferne3$26,000$8,667Full Sale Details
 586 Filly(+ - Saucy MinxV: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie$10,000
 348 Filly(+ - Ardara V: Makybe, Gnarwarre$8,000
 430 Filly(+ - Frothy V: Yallambee Stud, Romsey$8,000
(+) P Geard1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 673 Colt - WordsmithV: Gleneagles Stud Pty. Ltd., Yarra Glen$26,000
(+) Fulmen Park, Longwood9$267,750$29,750Full Sale Details
 708 Filly - Advance to Go by Red RansomB: Optimum Thoroughbreds $150,000
 713 Filly - Tizzy May by DanzeroB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$85,000
 712 Filly - Star Studded by HussonetB: Kevin Dagg Bloodstock Pty Ltd$13,000
 709 Filly - Chicken Counter by Encosta de LagoB: Fulmen Park Pty Ltd$5,500
 710 Filly - Club Fugazi by RubitonB: T Brennan$5,000
 558 Filly(+ - Pretty Jessica by Favorite TrickB: William Inglis As Agent$3,000
 711 Filly - History Book by King CharlemagneB: Horseshoe Lodge$2,250
 343 Filly - Analytical by Honours ListB: S McDonald$2,000
 354 Filly - Beaming Bella by SnowlandB: R Boljun$2,000
(+) Eliza Park, Kerrie17$147,550$8,679Full Sale Details
 523 Filly(+ - Nashita by Spinning WorldB: Lemrac Lodge$28,000
 387 Filly(+ - Clasp by Redoute's ChoiceB: Valleyview$25,000
 656 Filly(+ - Turtle Bay by DanehillB: L Oldcastle$20,000
 462 Filly(+ - In a Teacup by Mystery StormB: D Grant$15,000
 341 Filly(+ - Amoroso by RevoqueB: Five Star Pastoral Company$14,000
 657 Filly(+ - Twilight Dance by SnippetsB: Valleyview$8,000
 450 Filly(+ - Grammy Award by ShalfordB: D & E Ott$7,000
 668 Filly(+ - Winner's Choice by PiccoloB: R Zito$6,000
 532 Filly(+ - Noveliste by RunyonB: Larneuk Stud Pty Ltd$5,000
 403 Filly(+ - Discriminating by Thunder GulchB: David O'Callaghan Bloodstock P$4,250
 426 Filly(+ - Foster's Express by Success ExpressB: M & J Cesnik$3,500
 500 Filly(+ - Maid in Monaco by ScenicB: Larneuk Stud Pty Ltd$3,500
 482 Filly(+ - Kiwi Player by VettoriB: H Froesch$2,250
 538 Filly(+ - Paella Princess by Luskin StarB: S Cobbledeck$2,250
 707 Filly - Impudent by XaarB: Round 2 Pty Ltd$2,250
 460 Filly(+ - Heroic Dance by Roi DanzigB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$800
 533 Filly(+ - Obiqua by High YieldB: Eight Eighty Eight Syndicate$750
(+) Owners41$134,850$3,289Full Sale Details
 731 Filly - Pukalee by Royal AcademyB: M Arfi$21,000
 749 Filly - Rozzies Spirit by Invincible SpiritB: D Rieniets$13,000
 817 Gelding - Jaya by Bel EspritB: William Inglis As Agent$12,000
 803 Filly - Fourth Poodle by Statue of LibertyB: K Rhodes$11,000
 752 Filly - Novelist by Testa RossaB: B Synnott$9,500
 835 Colt - Zupatwo by Flying SpurB: F Butler$5,000
 778 Gelding - Rough Night by Hurricane SkyB: William Inglis As Agent$4,250
 777 Gelding - Gun Eagle by MontjeuB: G Walters$4,200
 772 Gelding - Disco Reveller by Easy RockingB: O Kiddie$4,000
 722 Filly - Baba Yaga by Flying SpurB: T Mees$3,500
 776 Gelding - Vaingtlago by Encosta de LagoB: David Noonan Racing$3,500
 826 Gelding - Tuscademus by TuscanosB: J Stanton$3,500
 824 Gelding - Jackie's Paper by King's BestB: RWH Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd$3,250
 834 Gelding - Limpopo Lad by JohannesburgB: S Laxon$3,000
 833 Gelding - Desert Dynamo by Desert PrinceB: K Parker$2,750
 791 Filly - Tuscan Miss by DehereB: K Affleck$2,500
 816 Gelding - Jababaa by AnabaaB: L Kennedy$2,500
 832 Gelding - Danny's Command by CommandsB: K Mayberry & G Dorning$2,300
 797 Filly - Khairesprit by Bel EspritB: L Paton$2,250
 812 Filly - Shesa Standout by Dubai DestinationB: C McAuliffe$2,000
 813 Filly - Epona Miss by JeuneB: D Saxon$2,000
 790 Filly - Acrux by GalileoB: S Scally$1,600
 728 Filly - Forget Me Forever by Thorn ParkB: P Corrigan$1,500
 810 Filly - Mistrust by UmatillaB: Redbank North Pty Ltd$1,500
 830 Colt - Jeune Baby Jeune by JeuneB: Australian Thoroughbred Bloods$1,500
 799 Filly - She'z Tipsy by Oamaru ForceB: S Hobbins$1,400
 723 Filly - Cache of Silver by Red RansomB: William Inglis As Agent$1,250
 751 Filly - Miss Mallee by Quest for FameB: M Froesch$1,200
 811 Filly - Born to Star by Refuse to BendB: B Goodwin$1,000
 827 Gelding - Artefact by GenuineB: A La Grutta$1,000
 726 Filly - Deactivate by No Excuse NeededB: A Purcell$1,000
 836 Gelding - Ponbar Duke by Barton GateB: G Middleton$800
 825 Gelding - General Pompei by General NediymB: J Stanton$700
 802 Filly - Pinot Princess by Dieu d'OrB: P Widdup$600
 809 Filly - Laura's Quest by Hold That TigerB: Export-Ese Pty Ltd$600
 829 Gelding - Overacting by OverB: D Elliot$600
 750 Filly - Primrose Hill by OrientateB: P Gray$400
 800 Filly - Queen Cugat by King CugatB: William Inglis As Agent$300
 804 Filly - Deferred Success by Success ExpressB: P Gray$300
 729 Filly - Open All Night by Viking RulerB: William Inglis As Agent$300
 733 Filly - Till Dark by TraditionallyB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Yallambee Stud, Romsey3$120,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 408 Filly(+ - Dream the Dream by Encosta de LagoB: Bell View Park Stud Pty Ltd$100,000
 340 Filly(+ - Aly's Affair by Colonial AffairB: Lauderdale Lodge$12,000
 430 Filly(+ - Frothy by DanasingaB: P Ferne$8,000
(+) Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North23$118,550$5,154Full Sale Details
 451 Filly(+ - Grand Coup by WestbridgeB: E Catanzariti$21,000
 478 Filly(+ - Kensington Palace by Kingston RuleB: E Trade Consultants Pty Ltd & $20,000
 468 Filly(+ - Jezeera by JetballB: Eliza Park$10,000
 397 Filly(+ - Curvers by MujahidB: W Marshall$7,500
 422 Filly(+ - Fargo by KeltriceB: A & K Smeaton$6,500
 642 Filly(+ - Thunderstorms by Thunder GulchB: William Inglis As Agent$6,500
 666 Filly(+ - Westminster by WestbridgeB: William Inglis As Agent$6,000
 473 Filly(+ - Just Stunning by SnippetsB: K Attard $5,500
 490 Filly(+ - Lady Persephone by StravinskyB: Noor Elaine Farm Pty Ltd$4,000
 453 Filly(+ - Green Mile by Thunder GulchB: Fairways Bloodstock$4,000
 344 Filly(+ - Annie Eightly by OctagonalB: Randwick Bloodstock Agency Pty$3,250
 597 Filly(+ - Shining Rose by King of RosesB: M Peters$3,000
 382 Filly(+ - Chiswell Green by King of RosesB: Five Star Pastoral Company$2,600
 481 Filly(+ - Kitty Cat by Storm CatB: D Chapman$2,500
 350 Filly(+ - Aspendale by BianconiB: Randwick Bloodstock Agency Pty$2,500
 502 Filly - Majalis by King of RosesB: H Froesch$2,250
 614 Filly(+ - Stage Call by Coronation DayB: Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Pt$2,200
 604 Filly(+ - Sorcery by SnaadeeB: Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Pt$2,000
 552 Filly(+ - Portland Diva by Portland PlayerB: William Inglis As Agent$2,000
 588 Filly(+ - Search for a Star by Star WayB: Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Pt$1,750
 416 Filly(+ - Elle Driver by WestbridgeB: A Schult$1,500
 331 Filly(+ - Yeo Miss by Ivory's IrishB: S Andrew$1,000
 463 Filly - Inasnip by MarwinaB: David O'Callaghan Bloodstock P$1,000
(+) Limerick Lane, Mangalore8$113,000$14,125Full Sale Details
 346 Filly(+ - Apologies by Giant's CausewayB: S Brem$46,000
 615 Filly(+ - Stagerush by Giant's CausewayB: Greta West Stud Pty Ltd$22,000
 443 Filly(+ - Gold Quest by Geiger CounterB: S Scott$14,000
 719 Filly - Dandy Warhols by Distant MusicB: William Inglis As Agent$14,000
 721 Filly - Tarho by Danehill DancerB: G Middleton$8,000
 534 Filly(+ - Of the Purple by General NediymB: Mogumber Park$5,000
 718 Filly - Commodity by High YieldB: A Tan$3,500
 720 Filly - Desert Prince x ElaineB: K Bourke$500
(+) Makybe, Gnarwarre7$110,300$15,757Full Sale Details
 370 Filly(+ - But One Regret by Redoute's ChoiceB: M Rea$37,500
 548 Filly(+ - Pinoshea by PinsB: Turangga Farm$30,000
 581 Filly(+ - Royalty Lady by Southern HaloB: Emerald Thoroughbreds$16,000
 583 Filly(+ - Ruling Eyes by Kingston RuleB: Burnewang North Pastoral$10,500
 348 Filly(+ - Ardara by Sadler's WellsB: P Ferne$8,000
 363 Filly(+ - Bloomed by Dr FongB: D Leahy$8,000
 498 Filly - Magic Sort by WoodmanB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Swettenham Stud, Nagambie13$97,550$7,504Full Sale Details
 568 Filly(+ - Raja Lane by DevarajaB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$60,000
 586 Filly(+ - Saucy Minx by Tale of the CatB: P Ferne$10,000
 595 Filly(+ - She's Got Heart by Steel HeartB: W Kajewski$6,000
 356 Filly(+ - Befuddle by CarnegieB: Roycevale Pty Ltd$5,000
 465 Filly(+ - Jacquesson by ZabeelB: Little Plains Stud Pty Ltd$4,500
 741 Filly - Automatic Slim by CarnegieB: W Kajewski$3,500
 556 Filly(+ - Press the Flesh by StrategicB: Southern Hemisphere Bloodstock$2,200
 624 Filly(+ - Super Seren by DanskeB: Helmsley$2,000
 612 Filly - Sprint for Cash by Dash for CashB: M Peters$1,500
 361 Filly(+ - Bin End by Bin AjwaadB: H Froesch$1,250
 688 Filly - Pure Theatre x Maroon RosesB: B Goodwin$800
 689 Filly - Happy Giggle x Rue de CleryB: C Lyons$500
 486 Filly - Lady Ambassador by Twig MossB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA8$96,750$12,094Full Sale Details
 756 Filly - Seattle Lass by FraarB: Bridsan Bloodstock$31,000
 759 Filly - Swirly Dream by AlannanB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$20,000
 758 Filly - Sheer Opulence by Elusive QualityB: William Inglis As Agent$11,500
 794 Filly - Her Alibi by AlannanB: D Mathews$10,000
 761 Gelding - Mondera by ViscountB: R Harrison$9,250
 671 Colt - Muzdaher by StravinskyB: J Manzelmann$6,000
 795 Filly - Shenzen Frenzy by Flying SpurB: D Ryan$6,000
 796 Filly - Maratea by Tale of the CatB: M Carson$3,000
(+) Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester5$61,500$12,300Full Sale Details
 596 Filly(+ - Shine Bridge by WestbridgeB: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd$36,000
 553 Filly(+ - Portland Park by WoodmanB: Eliza Park$16,000
 653 Filly(+ - Truly Aloft by Fusaichi PegasusB: Three Bridges Thoroughbreds Pt$6,750
 616 Filly(+ - Star Design by Grand LodgeB: Randwick Bloodstock Agency Pty$1,750
 489 Filly(+ - Lady Mischief by Rory's JesterB: P Jacobi$1,000
(+) Blackwood Lodge, Bunyip3$52,800$17,600Full Sale Details
 603 Filly(+ - Smart Arch by ArchwayB: Furlong Stud Partnership$31,000
 461 Filly(+ - Hidden Oasis by Secret SavingsB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$20,000
 516 Filly - Miss Stone by Rory's JesterB: Five Star Pastoral Company$1,800
(+) M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta4$41,300$10,325Full Sale Details
 514 Filly(+ - Miss Josephine by Redoute's ChoiceB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$34,000
 704 Filly - Flamenco Miss by Encosta de LagoB: A Tan$5,000
 703 Filly - Exclusive Circle by Beautiful CrownB: William Inglis As Agent$2,000
 384 Filly - Circle of Smiles by Carry a SmileB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella8$40,500$5,063Full Sale Details
 383 Filly(+ - Christiana by Encosta de LagoB: Eliza Park$10,000
 539 Filly(+ - Palace de Lago by Encosta de LagoB: B Knight$10,000
 557 Filly(+ - Pretentious Miss by CommandsB: D Ferrarin$9,000
 441 Filly(+ - Gold Leaf by WoodmanB: T Lichti$7,000
 684 Filly - Danbird x Go MistyB: M Peters$2,000
 505 Filly(+ - Marie Rambert by Common GroundsB: H Froesch$1,000
 522 Filly - Mystical Mover by ChoisirB: W Marshall$1,000
 503 Filly - Mandatory by CommandsB: J Horton$500
(+) Sutton Grange Stud, Sutton Grange6$40,500$6,750Full Sale Details
 779 Gelding - Another Bay by FasliyevB: S Brown$12,500
 781 Gelding - Round Saturn by JohannesburgB: D Brunton$10,000
 425 Filly(+ - Fleeting Love by Flying SpurB: Kevin Dagg Bloodstock Pty Ltd$8,000
 680 Colt - Keep the Faith x Twisted BlissB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 782 Gelding - Untouchable x Save Me the WaltzB: S Scally$4,000
 780 Gelding - Combat Assault by Black HawkB: G Kavanagh$1,000
(+) Beachtown Holdings Pty Ltd, Fremantle, WA7$39,000$5,571Full Sale Details
 633 Filly(+ - Taut by StrategicB: Eliza Park$30,000
 655 Filly - Turnaround by MaraudingB: S White$3,000
 526 Filly - Nijinsky's Gift by ArenaB: H Froesch$2,000
 404 Filly(+ - Divine Saviour by MaroonedB: D & E Ott$1,600
 576 Filly(+ - Rosaglow by PricelesslyB: P Gray$1,600
 647 Filly - Too Many by PeruginoB: P Gray$500
 391 Filly - Conveyancing by Sir TristramB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Woodside Park Stud, Woodend9$36,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 357 Filly(+ - Bella Romance by Last TycoonB: Hancock Quality Bloodstock$9,000
 594 Filly(+ - Shell I Swing by Celtic SwingB: Milawa Park$6,000
 420 Filly(+ - Evangeline by MukaddamahB: Mountmellick Stud Pty Ltd$5,500
 567 Filly(+ - Raid the Ark by MaraudingB: Shaemus Mills Bloodstock$3,000
 644 Filly(+ - Tickle the Peter by Senor PeteB: D & E Ott$3,000
 493 Filly(+ - Light Up My Life by Thunder GulchB: C Forrest$2,750
 607 Filly(+ - Southfork by Quest for FameB: S Beattie$2,750
 515 Filly(+ - Miss Nasdaq by Magic AlbertB: H Froesch$2,250
 610 Filly(+ - Spicyness by RahyB: J & M Douglas$1,750
(+) Ballymeath Farm, Swanpool7$35,100$5,014Full Sale Details
 601 Filly(+ - Silver Locket by DiesisB: Noor Elaine Farm Pty Ltd$22,000
 368 Filly - Broad and Mix by LinamixB: Peter Ford Thoroughbreds Pty L$5,000
 702 Filly - Zayinda by Mark of EsteemB: K Affleck$5,000
 699 Filly - Hoshiko by Red RansomB: R Trestrail$2,000
 691 Filly - Untouchable x Mayville's DancerB: D Clarke$500
 698 Filly - Desert Miss by Desert KingB: William Inglis As Agent$300
 701 Filly - Sempona by Second EmpireB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Nagambie5$30,650$6,130Full Sale Details
 555 Filly(+ - Presidential Suite by Kingston RuleB: S Brem$15,000
 435 Filly(+ - Girl Tatum by King of PrussiaB: Turangga Farm$8,000
 622 Filly - Sunbeam Sally by El MoxieB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
 466 Filly(+ - Jayelcee by Monde BleuB: P C & S L Scollard$2,250
 410 Filly(+ - Duendee by JevingtonB: H Froesch$400
(+) Ealing Park, Euroa3$25,250$8,417Full Sale Details
 662 Filly(+ - Volkiss by VolksraadB: William Inglis As Agent$20,000
 706 Filly - Cinnabar by HussonetB: B Lammie$3,250
 374 Filly(+ - Canhill by DangerousB: L Smith$2,000
(+) Chatswood Stud, Seymour13$23,250$1,788Full Sale Details
 670 Filly(+ - Wrigley by Bubble Gum FellowB: G Redman$5,250
 665 Filly(+ - West End Dancer by West PointB: B Lammie$3,000
 406 Filly(+ - Dollies Gem by CommandsB: J Malik$2,750
 621 Filly(+ - Sugar and Spite by General NediymB: William Inglis As Agent$2,250
 394 Filly(+ - Cucurru by MarjuB: D Millard$2,000
 349 Filly - Ashlyn by BaryshnikovB: L & A Colbert$1,750
 545 Filly(+ - Peaceful Scenery by ScenicB: D Millard$1,500
 359 Filly(+ - Berkeley Springs by Saratoga SpringsB: H Froesch$1,250
 400 Filly(+ - Dejeuner by OregonB: G Fagan$1,200
 566 Filly(+ - Racer by Racer's EdgeB: H Froesch$1,000
 372 Filly - Cadwin by NassipourB: W Masters$500
 399 Filly - Danzietta by DanzeroB: P Gray$500
 683 Gelding - Honours List x Dollies GemB: Horseshoe Lodge$300
More than three sold. Click here for full list

Written Tycoon 785 COLT - Iglesia x Party Miss
Vendor: Written Tycoon Stallion Syndicate, Melbourne
Buyer: David O'Callaghan Bloodstock P
Advance to Go 708 FILLY - Red Ransom x Miss Minden
Vendor: Fulmen Park, Longwood
Buyer: Optimum Thoroughbreds
Dream the Dream 408 FILLY(+ - Encosta de Lago x Dream of the Dance
Vendor: Yallambee Stud, Romsey
Buyer: Bell View Park Stud Pty Ltd
Tizzy May 713 FILLY - Danzero x Miss Minden
Vendor: Fulmen Park, Longwood
Buyer: Hancock Quality Bloodstock
Raja Lane 568 FILLY(+ - Devaraja x English Lane
Vendor: Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
Buyer: Hancock Quality Bloodstock
Apologies 346 FILLY(+ - Giant's Causeway x Ain't Misbehavin'
Vendor: Limerick Lane, Mangalore
Buyer: S Brem
Royal Delago 580 FILLY(+ - Encosta de Lago x Royal Juanita
Vendor: D. & E. Dance, Ballan
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
But One Regret 370 FILLY(+ - Redoute's Choice x Egrette
Vendor: Makybe, Gnarwarre
Buyer: M Rea
Shine Bridge 596 FILLY(+ - Westbridge x Brilliant Crown
Vendor: Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
Buyer: Patinack Farm Pty Ltd
Miss Josephine 514 FILLY(+ - Redoute's Choice x Adraanito
Vendor: M. A. Carlile, Wangaratta
Buyer: Hancock Quality Bloodstock
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Buyer From Sold Aggregate Average