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Classic Yearling Sale Book 2 2016

William Inglis & Son website
37 Colt - Highton
  ex Girls Go Racing
V: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
B: G Hickman
67 Colt - Apache Junction
  ex My Little Girl
V: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
B: Inglis As Agent
10 Filly - High Beauty
  ex Beauty Watch
V: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
B: A Clarke
 65 Colt - Britannicus
  ex Miss Meliss
V: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
B: Inglis As Agent
27 Colt - Roman Typhoon
  ex Elle
V: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
B: J Bowen
 42 Filly - Lady Loft
  ex Grecian Melody
V: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
B: Paul Moroney Bloodstock
49 Colt - Jaraman RoseV: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
B: D Williams
(+) Trusting4$34,500$8,625Full Sale Details
69 Colt - Contest
  ex O Ren Ishii
V: Clover Hill Farm, Kerrie, Vic.
B: Inglis As Agent
43 Filly - Trust In Luck
  ex Haughty
V: Roma Lodge, Boggabri
B: K Turner
83 Filly - Nicoya
  ex Rica Picante
V: Roma Lodge, Boggabri
B: J Coyle
 84 Filly - One Sunday
  ex Rink
V: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: R Milligan
(+) Big Brown3$15,000$5,000Full Sale Details
24 Filly - Lots Of Diamonds
  ex Diamond Cove
V: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: R Milligan
 89 Filly - Moscow Mistress
  ex Russky Hustler
V: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: B Wintle
93 Filly - All Brown
  ex Suream
V: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: SX Racing
(+) Arlington4$16,000$4,000Full Sale Details
20 Colt - Hoy Bud
  ex Cloudscape
V: Tamalee Farm, Tamworth
B: G Morgan
88 Filly - Posh Arli
  ex Royal Poser
V: Tamalee Farm, Tamworth
B: Jazcom Thoroughbreds
55 Colt - Blinkin Excel
  ex Lightning Lady
V: Tamalee Farm, Tamworth
B: E French
23 Colt - Danzing ShadowV: Tamalee Farm, Tamworth
B: Jazcom Thoroughbreds
(+) Pendragon5$17,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 29 Filly - Fantasy LightV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: SX Racing
 87 Filly - Odds Or Evens
  ex Roulette Wheel
V: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: Prosser Brothers Racing
 82 Filly - Pennywhistle
  ex Resonance
V: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: Prosser Brothers Racing
 12 Filly - BrioletteV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: Inglis As Agent
 36 Filly - GarryurraV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: M Thwaites
 19 Filly - CleobelleV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: G Morgan
 7 Filly - Ares de LagoV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: M Thwaites
 97 Filly - That's KarmaV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: J Gorman
(+) Dreamscape4$11,500$2,875Full Sale Details
100 Filly - Juliet's Dream
  ex Ulap
V: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
B: L & N Jarvis
 45 Filly - Settle Then Lift
  ex Honorary Degree
V: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
B: Inglis As Agent
 28 Filly - Sunset Ruby
  ex Empire Express
V: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
B: C Rode
85 Filly - Rockatoo
  ex Rock of Kimberlite
V: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
B: H Thompson
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(+) Inglis As Agent13$135,500$10,423Full Sale Details
 65 Colt - BritannicusV: Princes Farm, Castlereagh$42,000
67 Colt - Apache JunctionV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$30,000
91 Colt - Royal SwaggerV: Carramar Park, Grose Wold$15,000
 71 Filly - Value AbbeyV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$12,000
69 Colt - ContestV: Clover Hill Farm, Kerrie, Vic.$10,000
80 Colt - Sioux ChiefV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$9,000
95 Colt - Let's Go ChampV: Clover Hill Farm, Kerrie, Vic.$5,000
 12 Filly - Pendragon x BrioletteV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$3,000
 45 Filly - Settle Then LiftV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$3,000
 32 Filly - ManhattaniteV: Evergreen Stud Farm, Heatherbrae$2,500
33 Colt - Dixie Prospect x FlugelV: Tanglewood Farm, Kootingal$1,500
52 Filly - Casino EmpressV: Vinery Stud, Scone$1,500
 26 Filly - Ebony RoyalV: Jarrara Park, East Kurrajong$1,000
(+) P Perry3$85,000$28,333Full Sale Details
 81 Filly - Henson Park BlubagV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$40,000
61 Colt - San FranciscoV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$25,000
60 Filly - Phantom BabyV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$20,000
(+) K Darley2$46,000$23,000Full Sale Details
17 Filly - MontpensierV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$28,000
74 Filly - Speed CameraV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$18,000
(+) S Douglas2$36,000$18,000Full Sale Details
13 Colt - Finucane MissileV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$26,000
3 Colt - The MontV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$10,000
(+) G Hickman1$35,000$35,000Full Sale Details
37 Colt - HightonV: Princes Farm, Castlereagh$35,000
(+) P Farrell1$28,000$28,000Full Sale Details
94 Filly - My MaggieV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$28,000
(+) Epsom Downs1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
16 Colt - Carnegie's MonacoV: Glenrae Thoroughbreds, Lower Belford$25,000
(+) J Bowen1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
27 Colt - Roman TyphoonV: Princes Farm, Castlereagh$22,000
(+) R Milligan3$19,000$6,333Full Sale Details
24 Filly - Lots Of DiamondsV: Vinery Stud, Scone$11,000
 84 Filly - One SundayV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$6,500
46 Filly - October OmenV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$1,500
(+) T Croft1$18,000$18,000Full Sale Details
 14 Filly - Calaway DancerV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$18,000
(+) T Robinson2$18,000$9,000Full Sale Details
25 Filly - SestinaV: Vinery Stud, Scone$12,000
6 Filly - Black FernV: Carramar Park, Grose Wold$6,000
(+) A Clarke3$16,500$5,500Full Sale Details
10 Filly - High BeautyV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$11,000
 53 Filly - Laguna SunV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$4,000
 21 Colt - BumbungaV: Ambergate Farm, Scone$1,500
(+) S Snow2$14,500$7,250Full Sale Details
98 Colt - Tipsy ChoiceV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$13,000
 99 Filly - NayvadiusV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$1,500
(+) Todd Smart Horse Racing1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
48 Filly - Your Song x JamilV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$14,000
(+) Flying Start Syndications1$12,000$12,000Full Sale Details
66 Colt - Indian StarV: Clover Hill Farm, Kerrie, Vic.$12,000
(+) C Chadwick1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 58 Filly - Cyclone CharliV: Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra$11,000
(+) K Turner2$11,000$5,500Full Sale Details
43 Filly - Trust In LuckV: Roma Lodge, Boggabri$9,000
68 Filly - Caribbean BeautyV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$2,000
(+) G Leafe1$10,500$10,500Full Sale Details
2 Filly - Eyes To HeavenV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$10,500
(+) J Lynch1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
54 Filly - Eavesdropper x LatinV: B. & J. Moore, Oberon$10,000
(+) E French2$9,000$4,500Full Sale Details
70 Colt - Blinkin ArtieV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$5,000
55 Colt - Blinkin ExcelV: Tamalee Farm, Tamworth$4,000
(+) Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee14$142,500$10,179Full Sale Details
67 Colt - Apache Junction by High ChaparralB: Inglis As Agent$30,000
13 Colt - Finucane Missile by Smart MissileB: S Douglas$26,000
74 Filly - Speed Camera by Smart MissileB: K Darley$18,000
48 Filly - Your Song x JamilB: Todd Smart Horse Racing$14,000
10 Filly - High Beauty by High ChaparralB: A Clarke$11,000
2 Filly - Eyes To Heaven by Bel EspritB: G Leafe$10,500
3 Colt - The Mont by Exceed and ExcelB: S Douglas$10,000
76 Colt - The Don by Don EduardoB: Shaky Bloodstock$6,000
100 Filly - Juliet's Dream by DreamscapeB: L & N Jarvis$5,000
70 Colt - Blinkin Artie by Artie SchillerB: E French$5,000
38 Filly - Pulla Swifty by Swift AllianceB: L & N Jarvis$2,500
39 Colt - Haradasun x Gold FindB: T Karakatsanis$1,500
46 Filly - October Omen by Don EduardoB: R Milligan$1,500
85 Filly - Rockatoo by DreamscapeB: H Thompson$1,500
(+) Princes Farm, Castlereagh6$118,000$19,667Full Sale Details
 65 Colt - Britannicus by Roman EmperorB: Inglis As Agent$42,000
37 Colt - Highton by High ChaparralB: G Hickman$35,000
27 Colt - Roman Typhoon by Roman EmperorB: J Bowen$22,000
 42 Filly - Lady Loft by Roman EmperorB: Paul Moroney Bloodstock$8,000
49 Colt - Roman Emperor x Jaraman RoseB: D Williams$8,000
50 Colt - Last Cigar by OnemorenomoreB: S Butcher$3,000
(+) Torryburn Stud, Torryburn7$116,000$16,571Full Sale Details
17 Filly - Montpensier by So You ThinkB: K Darley$28,000
94 Filly - My Maggie by I Am InvincibleB: P Farrell$28,000
61 Colt - San Francisco by IlovethiscityB: P Perry$25,000
98 Colt - Tipsy Choice by Testa RossaB: S Snow$13,000
80 Colt - Sioux Chief by All AmericanB: Inglis As Agent$9,000
75 Filly - Snuggle Cuddles by Your SongB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd$8,000
34 Filly - Lass Vegas by All AmericanB: B Rollings$5,000
(+) Think Big Stud, Burradoo11$75,500$6,864Full Sale Details
 81 Filly - Henson Park Blubag by Uncle MoB: P Perry$40,000
 84 Filly - One Sunday by TrustingB: R Milligan$6,500
 87 Filly - Odds Or Evens by PendragonB: Prosser Brothers Racing$4,000
 29 Filly - Pendragon x Fantasy LightB: SX Racing$4,000
 19 Filly - Prince Arthur x CleobelleB: G Morgan$3,500
 82 Filly - Pennywhistle by PendragonB: Prosser Brothers Racing$3,500
 97 Filly - Prince Arthur x That's KarmaB: J Gorman$3,000
 7 Filly - Prince Arthur x Ares de LagoB: M Thwaites$3,000
 12 Filly - Pendragon x BrioletteB: Inglis As Agent$3,000
 36 Filly - Pendragon x GarryurraB: M Thwaites$3,000
 28 Filly - Sunset Ruby by DreamscapeB: C Rode$2,000
(+) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone6$41,500$6,917Full Sale Details
 14 Filly - Calaway Dancer by So You ThinkB: T Croft$18,000
 71 Filly - Value Abbey by Ad ValoremB: Inglis As Agent$12,000
 53 Filly - Laguna Sun by HaradasunB: A Clarke$4,000
 45 Filly - Settle Then Lift by DreamscapeB: Inglis As Agent$3,000
 73 Filly - Revitup Rednut by Magic AlbertB: R Hunt$3,000
 99 Filly - Nayvadius by Ad ValoremB: S Snow$1,500
(+) Vinery Stud, Scone6$31,000$5,167Full Sale Details
25 Filly - Sestina by Poet's VoiceB: T Robinson$12,000
24 Filly - Lots Of Diamonds by Big BrownB: R Milligan$11,000
 8 Colt - Junction Road by MossmanB: C McIntosh$2,500
 89 Filly - Moscow Mistress by Big BrownB: B Wintle$2,000
93 Filly - All Brown by Big BrownB: SX Racing$2,000
52 Filly - Casino Empress by Casino PrinceB: Inglis as Agent$1,500
(+) Clover Hill Farm, Kerrie, Vic.3$27,000$9,000Full Sale Details
66 Colt - Indian Star by Star WitnessB: Flying Start Syndications$12,000
69 Colt - Contest by TrustingB: Inglis As Agent$10,000
95 Colt - Let's Go Champ by Street BossB: Inglis As Agent$5,000
(+) Tamalee Farm, Tamworth4$16,000$4,000Full Sale Details
20 Colt - Hoy Bud by ArlingtonB: G Morgan$5,500
88 Filly - Posh Arli by ArlingtonB: Jazcom Thoroughbreds$5,000
55 Colt - Blinkin Excel by ArlingtonB: E French$4,000
23 Colt - Arlington x Danzing ShadowB: Jazcom Thoroughbreds$1,500
(+) Ambergate Farm, Scone3$6,750$2,250Full Sale Details
 64 Filly - Dream Project by Dream AheadB: Phil Sweeney Racing$4,000
 21 Colt - Bumbunga by MulaazemB: A Clarke$1,500
 47 Filly - Jamazem by MulaazemB: W Slattery$1,250
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Britannicus 65 COLT - Roman Emperor x Miss Meliss
Vendor: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
Buyer: Inglis As Agent
Henson Park Blubag 81 FILLY - Uncle Mo x Red's Moxie
Vendor: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
Buyer: P Perry
Highton 37 COLT - High Chaparral x Girls Go Racing
Vendor: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
Buyer: G Hickman
Apache Junction 67 COLT - High Chaparral x My Little Girl
Vendor: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
Buyer: Inglis As Agent
My Maggie 94 FILLY - I Am Invincible x Sweet Maggie
Vendor: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
Buyer: P Farrell
Montpensier 17 FILLY - So You Think x Caviar Emptor
Vendor: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
Buyer: K Darley
Finucane Missile 13 COLT - Smart Missile x Calamba
Vendor: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
Buyer: S Douglas
San Francisco 61 COLT - Ilovethiscity x Medusa
Vendor: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
Buyer: P Perry
Carnegie's Monaco 16 COLT - Monaco Consul x Carnegie Hikari
Vendor: Glenrae Thoroughbreds, Lower Belford
Buyer: Epsom Downs
Roman Typhoon 27 COLT - Roman Emperor x Elle
Vendor: Princes Farm, Castlereagh
Buyer: J Bowen
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Buyer From Sold Aggregate Average

Sire Sold Avg Fee x Fee $ Profit
Roman Emperor
 Note: A figure of $20,000 has been assumed for costs.