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Classic Yearling Sale Autumn Book 2015

William Inglis & Son website
(+) Husson4$50,250$12,563Full Sale Details
8 Colt - Beijing Star
  ex Sunday's Choice
V: Victoria Park, The Oaks
B: Tim Roberts Bloodstock
 48 Colt - Eighty Eighty
  ex Genepi
V: Chatsworth Park, Scone
B: Aquanita Racing Australia Pty Ltd
 46 Filly - Konkota
  ex Fly Like Angels
V: Macquarie Stud, Wellington
B: S Wade
 61 Filly - KlatchV: Ambergate Farm, Scone
B: A Rhoden
58 Filly - Miss Royalty
  ex Keep the Filly
V: Ferndale Farm, Murrurundi
B: U Crosson
 14 Colt - Captain Charlie
  ex To be Loved
V: Chatsworth Park, Scone
B: Carroll Racing
13 Filly - Sacred Peak
  ex Tillakea
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: L Rowan
36 Colt - Court GrinningV: Ferndale Farm, Murrurundi
B: S Glare
(+) Salade3$23,250$7,750Full Sale Details
84 Colt - Nicoise
  ex Celtic Night
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: Gary Mudgway Bloodstock
51 Colt - Hollymount MissV: Bowness Stud, Young
B: G Wilson
85 Colt - Social Pirate
  ex Domargo
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: G Wilson
(+) Time Thief3$16,000$5,333Full Sale Details
56 Colt - Razor Time
  ex Kanalea
V: Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold
B: Gillett Racing
75 Filly - Time For Three
  ex Pegasus
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: L Thomas
6 Filly - Passeri
  ex Songbird
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: K Gibson
(+) Snippetson6$31,250$5,208Full Sale Details
 71 Colt - Sniponet
  ex Missonet
V: Glenferrie Farm, Roslyn
B: W Stevenson
 38 Filly - Sheza Danza
  ex Danzability
V: Macquarie Stud, Wellington
B: T Robinson
 16 Colt - Unique StyleV: Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra
B: S Butcher
72 Filly - Razor Burn
  ex Montreal Gold
V: Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold
B: Gillett Racing
 47 Colt - Fourgrandman
  ex Formermissuniverse
V: Macquarie Stud, Wellington
B: T Rawiller
 29 Filly - Billabong Cindy
  ex Burnley
V: Marrowbone Park Stud, Pokolbin
B: S Farley
 40 Filly - Develop
  ex Dawnie Dancer
V: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
B: K Parsons
 93 Colt - Budawang
  ex Manhattan Project
V: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
B: A Clark
 18 Colt - Way Past MidnightV: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
B: Rapture Farm
 78 Filly - My Little Diva
  ex Pomme de Here
V: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
B: G Morgan
(+) Bon Hoffa3$12,250$4,083Full Sale Details
70 Colt - Mask ChevalV: Bowness Stud, Young
B: Dalyroll Pty Ltd
23 Colt - Be Five Unicorn
  ex Aphrodisiac
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: Dalyroll Pty Ltd
42 Filly - Bonnie Forever
  ex Dragons Forever
V: Bowness Stud, Young
B: A Kehoe
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(+) U Crosson2$43,000$21,500Full Sale Details
26 Filly - Trojan GreyV: Carramar Park, Grose Wold$23,000
58 Filly - Miss RoyaltyV: Ferndale Farm, Murrurundi$20,000
(+) Inglis As Agent2$34,000$17,000Full Sale Details
 10 Filly - High Chaparral x Suzy RocksV: Lomar Park Stud, Werombi$22,000
 41 Colt - ChavoV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$12,000
(+) Tim Roberts Bloodstock1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
8 Colt - Beijing StarV: Victoria Park, The Oaks$26,000
(+) Bjorn Baker Racing1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
62 Colt - LapluckV: Carramar Park, Grose Wold$25,000
(+) Glenwood Farm1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 1 Filly - Satin SilksV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$25,000
(+) Aquanita Racing Australia Pty Ltd1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 48 Colt - Eighty EightyV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$20,000
(+) Gary Mudgway Bloodstock2$16,500$8,250Full Sale Details
84 Colt - NicoiseV: Bowness Stud, Young$11,000
 69 Colt - Going GagaV: Superhorse Trust, Sydney$5,500
(+) N Mayfield-Smith1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
31 Colt - DenyV: Bowness Stud, Young$16,000
(+) Gillett Racing2$15,000$7,500Full Sale Details
56 Colt - Razor TimeV: Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold$10,000
72 Filly - Razor BurnV: Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold$5,000
(+) Carroll Racing3$13,500$4,500Full Sale Details
35 Filly - StrattarosaV: Bowness Stud, Young$6,500
 14 Colt - Captain CharlieV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$5,500
54 Filly - DanejarV: Cinque Cavalli, Braidwood$1,500
(+) P Afflick1$13,500$13,500Full Sale Details
57 Filly - DeenessV: B. & J. Moore, Oberon$13,500
(+) G Wilson2$12,250$6,125Full Sale Details
51 Colt - Salade x Hollymount MissV: Bowness Stud, Young$6,750
85 Colt - Social PirateV: Bowness Stud, Young$5,500
(+) Dalyroll Pty Ltd2$11,000$5,500Full Sale Details
70 Colt - Bon Hoffa x Mask ChevalV: Bowness Stud, Young$7,000
23 Colt - Be Five UnicornV: Bowness Stud, Young$4,000
(+) F Welk1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
60 Colt - Hidden Dragon x Kids FlightV: Ambergate Farm, Scone$11,000
(+) J Carmody1$10,500$10,500Full Sale Details
33 Colt - HailstormV: Bowness Stud, Young$10,500
(+) R Stitt2$10,500$5,250Full Sale Details
50 Filly - Oh No Not AgainV: Bowness Stud, Young$5,500
22 Colt - Another ProblemV: Ambergate Farm, Scone$5,000
(+) Arexevan Racing2$9,750$4,875Full Sale Details
49 Filly - Petite VoixV: Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks$5,000
39 Filly - Mise En GardeV: Nunski Park, Mandalong$4,750
(+) S Butcher2$9,750$4,875Full Sale Details
 16 Colt - Snippetson x Unique StyleV: Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra$5,750
 83 Colt - Red Dazzler x CabenaV: Reham Park, Greendale$4,000
(+) A Clarke3$9,000$3,000Full Sale Details
 74 Filly - High Chaparral x Our EvaV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$5,000
3 Filly - Romance Can CostaV: Bowness Stud, Young$2,000
28 Filly - Bells CreekV: Bowness Stud, Young$2,000
(+) K Parsons1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 40 Filly - DevelopV: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi$9,000
(+) Bowness Stud, Young19$102,500$5,395Full Sale Details
31 Colt - Deny by AuthorizedB: N Mayfield-Smith$16,000
84 Colt - Nicoise by SaladeB: Gary Mudgway Bloodstock$11,000
33 Colt - Hailstorm by PluckB: J Carmody$10,500
32 Filly - Lonhro x Classic RushB: KRD Racing Pty Ltd$7,000
70 Colt - Bon Hoffa x Mask ChevalB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd$7,000
51 Colt - Salade x Hollymount MissB: G Wilson$6,750
35 Filly - Strattarosa by StrategicB: Carroll Racing$6,500
50 Filly - Oh No Not Again by MosheB: R Stitt$5,500
85 Colt - Social Pirate by SaladeB: G Wilson$5,500
13 Filly - Sacred Peak by MyboycharlieB: L Rowan$4,500
7 Filly - Edea by WantedB: K Gibson$4,250
23 Colt - Be Five Unicorn by Bon HoffaB: Dalyroll Pty Ltd$4,000
75 Filly - Time For Three by Time ThiefB: L Thomas$3,500
6 Filly - Passeri by Time ThiefB: K Gibson$2,500
3 Filly - Romance Can Costa by Von Costa de HeroB: A Clarke$2,000
28 Filly - Bells Creek by HaradasunB: A Clarke$2,000
34 Filly - Sweet Lyrical by Poet's VoiceB: KRD Racing Pty Ltd$1,500
42 Filly - Bonnie Forever by Bon HoffaB: A Kehoe$1,250
55 Filly - Sweet Missile by SidereusB: T Connors$1,250
(+) Chatsworth Park, Scone4$39,500$9,875Full Sale Details
 48 Colt - Eighty Eighty by HussonB: Aquanita Racing Australia Pty Ltd$20,000
 41 Colt - Chavo by Lope de VegaB: Inglis As Agent$12,000
 14 Colt - Captain Charlie by MyboycharlieB: Carroll Racing$5,500
 80 Filly - Henrythenavigator x Star AcclaimedB: T McIntosh Racing$2,000
(+) Think Big Stud, Burradoo4$32,500$8,125Full Sale Details
 1 Filly - Satin Silks by ZoffanyB: Glenwood Farm$25,000
 74 Filly - High Chaparral x Our EvaB: A Clarke$5,000
 73 Colt - Pendragon x Mystery GirlB: S Singleton$1,500
 17 Filly - Moshe x Vo VixenB: G Allard$1,000
(+) Ambergate Farm, Scone6$30,250$5,042Full Sale Details
60 Colt - Hidden Dragon x Kids FlightB: F Welk$11,000
 89 Filly - Murrmaid by PurrealistB: Hammock Racing / J Thompson$8,000
22 Colt - Another Problem by Al MaherB: R Stitt$5,000
 24 Filly - Dolly's Due by DuporthB: P Murray$3,000
 61 Filly - Husson x KlatchB: A Rhoden$2,000
 64 Filly - She's A Mitzy by Dream AheadB: T McIntosh Racing$1,250
(+) Ferndale Farm, Murrurundi3$30,000$10,000Full Sale Details
58 Filly - Miss Royalty by MyboycharlieB: U Crosson$20,000
9 Filly - Pepita by Star WitnessB: M Petrovic$7,000
36 Colt - Myboycharlie x Court GrinningB: S Glare$3,000
(+) Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold3$22,000$7,333Full Sale Details
56 Colt - Razor Time by Time ThiefB: Gillett Racing$10,000
63 Colt - Our Celtic Star by Star WitnessB: J Terlich$7,000
72 Filly - Razor Burn by SnippetsonB: Gillett Racing$5,000
(+) Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi5$19,250$3,850Full Sale Details
 40 Filly - Develop by Ready's ImageB: K Parsons$9,000
 93 Colt - Budawang by Ready's ImageB: A Clark$4,500
 18 Colt - Ready's Image x Way Past MidnightB: Rapture Farm$2,500
 78 Filly - My Little Diva by Ready's ImageB: G Morgan$1,750
 79 Filly - Tylers Mistake by DomesdayB: T Connors$1,500
(+) Macquarie Stud, Wellington6$19,250$3,208Full Sale Details
 38 Filly - Sheza Danza by SnippetsonB: T Robinson$6,250
 47 Colt - Fourgrandman by SnippetsonB: T Rawiller$4,000
 15 Filly - Madam Bountiful by OnemorenomoreB: K Baker$3,000
 66 Filly - Ad Valorem x LumarlynB: A Kehoe$2,750
 46 Filly - Konkota by HussonB: S Wade$2,250
 44 Colt - Onemorenomore x EloisaB: G Morgan$1,000
(+) Superhorse Trust, Sydney4$16,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 69 Colt - Going Gaga by Street BossB: Gary Mudgway Bloodstock$5,500
 43 Filly - Stryking Fire by StrykerB: P Farrell$5,000
 19 Filly - Winterconi by NicconiB: D Mirfin$3,000
 20 Filly - Tickets On Herself by TicketsB: L Jarvis$2,500
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Beijing Star 8 COLT - Husson x Sunday's Choice
Vendor: Victoria Park, The Oaks
Buyer: Tim Roberts Bloodstock
Lapluck 62 COLT - Pluck x Lady Min
Vendor: Carramar Park, Grose Wold
Buyer: Bjorn Baker Racing
Satin Silks 1 FILLY - Zoffany x Red's Moxie
Vendor: Think Big Stud, Burradoo
Buyer: Glenwood Farm
Trojan Grey 26 FILLY - Bradbury's Luck x Belle Asteri
Vendor: Carramar Park, Grose Wold
Buyer: U Crosson
10 FILLY - High Chaparral x Suzy Rocks
Vendor: Lomar Park Stud, Werombi
Buyer: Inglis As Agent
Miss Royalty 58 FILLY - Myboycharlie x Keep the Filly
Vendor: Ferndale Farm, Murrurundi
Buyer: U Crosson
Eighty Eighty 48 COLT - Husson x Genepi
Vendor: Chatsworth Park, Scone
Buyer: Aquanita Racing Australia Pty Ltd
Deny 31 COLT - Authorized x Choisique
Vendor: Bowness Stud, Young
Buyer: N Mayfield-Smith
Deeness 57 FILLY - Eavesdropper x Katie Kerfuffle
Vendor: B. & J. Moore, Oberon
Buyer: P Afflick
Chavo 41 COLT - Lope de Vega x Different Approach
Vendor: Chatsworth Park, Scone
Buyer: Inglis As Agent
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