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Chairmans Sale - Broodmares 2018

William Inglis & Son website
(+) Zabeel3$1,325,000$441,667Full Sale Details
68 Mare(+) - Gypsy Tucker
  ex Silk Ending
V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa
B: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd
 191 Mare(+) - Dizelle
  ex Danelagh
V: Newgate Farm, Aberdeen
B: N Jenkinson / Element Hill
169 Mare(+) - Zabeel Babe
  ex Honor Babe
V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa
B: Belmont Bloodstock Agency
(+) Fastnet Rock3$1,010,000$336,667Full Sale Details
 137 Filly - Sia
  ex Hips Don't Lie
V: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
B: Aquis Farm
116 Mare(+) - Posh Rock
  ex Harrow
V: Milburn Creek, Wildes Meadow
B: Cornerstone / McKeever Bloodstock
 183 Mare(+) - Chatham House
  ex Discretion
V: Attunga Stud, Scone
B: M & R Services Pty Ltd T/As Middlebrook Valley Lodge
 120 Mare(+) - Prontezza
  ex Rostova
V: Segenhoe Stud Australia Pty Ltd, Scone
B: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd
198 Mare(+) - Ephemera
  ex Fleeting Touch
V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale
B: BBA Ireland Limited
 196 Mare(+) - Dysfunction
  ex Vignor
V: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
B: F W Mitchell Pty Ltd
 178 Mare(+) - Aunt Mimi
  ex Strawberry Field
V: Newgate Farm, Aberdeen
B: Kingstar Farm
(+) Snitzel3$620,000$206,667Full Sale Details
174 Mare(+) - Air Apparent
  ex Elusive Air
V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa
B: Allam Racing / Andrew Williams Bloodstock
 200 Filly - Dinnigan
  ex Fashion Rocks
V: Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
B: Segenhoe Stud
 147 Mare(+) - Sugarparma
  ex Sweet Ransom
V: Segenhoe Stud Australia Pty Ltd, Scone
B: Newhaven Park Stud
194 Mare(+) - Dual Diamond
  ex True Jewels
V: Luskin Park, Luskintyre
B: Rosemont Stud / Peter Moody Racing
2 Mare - Hittite
  ex Hades
V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa
B: Melbourne Bloodstock
 104 Mare(+) - My Conclusion
  ex Clean Sweep
V: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
B: Kingstar Farm
164 Mare(+) - Whoever
  ex Celebration Bell
V: Luskin Park, Luskintyre
B: Diamond Park Breeding & Racing
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(+) Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd7$4,070,000$581,429Full Sale Details
67 Mare(+) - Gypsy DiamondV: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$1,300,000
68 Mare(+) - Gypsy TuckerV: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$800,000
 162 Mare(+) - Veruschka V: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains$500,000
 5 Filly - PageantryV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$410,000
 136 Filly(+ - Shoot the BreezeV: Arrowfield Stud, Scone$410,000
 120 Mare(+) - ProntezzaV: Segenhoe Stud Australia Pty Ltd, Scone$370,000
 59 Mare(+) - Faith's EncoreV: Bhima Thoroughbreds, Scone$280,000
(+) Belmont Bloodstock Agency8$1,805,000$225,625Full Sale Details
129 Mare(+) - Sebring SallyV: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow$400,000
65 Mare(+) - GambaV: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $370,000
 188 Mare(+) - DelphicV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$300,000
113 Mare(+) - Pepiniere V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$200,000
 156 Mare(+) - Tick Tick BloomV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$170,000
169 Mare(+) - Zabeel Babe V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$150,000
145 Mare(+) - Stormy Publisher V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $125,000
 82 Mare(+) - La Bella LuisaV: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains$90,000
(+) Aquis Farm2$1,530,000$765,000Full Sale Details
 137 Filly - SiaV: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains$780,000
171 Filly - AcqumeV: Glastonbury Farms, Scone$750,000
(+) Newgate Farm7$1,210,000$172,857Full Sale Details
88 Mare(+) - LimealiciousV: Eureka Stud, Cambooya, Qld$350,000
 60 Mare(+) - Fine MistV: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$220,000
73 Mare(+) - Honor Net V: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$160,000
66 Mare(+) - GrenadaV: Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre, Vic$150,000
 146 Mare(+) - StroakV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$150,000
202 Mare - SelitaV: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$90,000
 90 Mare(+) - Love's GreatV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$90,000
(+) Bruce Perry Bloodstock1$850,000$850,000Full Sale Details
128 Mare(+) - Savaria V: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow$850,000
(+) James Harron Bloodstock Pty Ltd2$780,000$390,000Full Sale Details
108 Mare(+) - National AnthemV: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic$480,000
 119 Mare(+) - Profound WisdomV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$300,000
(+) Mark Pilkington Management2$730,000$365,000Full Sale Details
160 Mare(+) - Veloce ForteV: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$450,000
 135 Mare(+) - She Chose MeV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$280,000
(+) Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy2$725,000$362,500Full Sale Details
 140 Mare(+) - Solar Moon V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$625,000
 63 Mare(+) - Full Sun V: Rothwell Park, Blandford$100,000
(+) Boomer Bloodstock Pty Ltd3$610,000$203,333Full Sale Details
163 Mare(+) - Whisper BayV: Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks$280,000
3 Mare - Jalan JalanV: Colin Little Racing, Melbourne, Vic$200,000
1 Mare - GeneteauV: Attunga Stud, Scone$130,000
(+) Andrew Williams Bloodstock1$600,000$600,000Full Sale Details
 102 Mare - MoqueenV: Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld$600,000
(+) D Farrington / Makin Stallions1$600,000$600,000Full Sale Details
106 Mare(+) - My Sanctuary V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $600,000
(+) Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd3$590,000$196,667Full Sale Details
71 Filly(+ - Here Comes GypsyV: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$260,000
201 Mare - GigV: Newhaven Park, Boorowa$190,000
 153 Mare(+) - ThorsborneV: Newgate Farm, Aberdeen$140,000
(+) Fernrigg Farm2$545,000$272,500Full Sale Details
92 Mare(+) - Marcia ProbaV: Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre, Vic$325,000
 157 Mare - Travesura V: Rothwell Park, Blandford$220,000
(+) Woppitt Bloodstock Pty Ltd1$500,000$500,000Full Sale Details
 117 Mare(+) - Posing V: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains$500,000
(+) Segenhoe Stud3$490,000$163,333Full Sale Details
 200 Filly - DinniganV: Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld$240,000
138 Mare(+) - Siren's Song V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $150,000
 132 Mare(+) - Senorita de VegaV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$100,000
(+) Belmont Bloodstock Agency / Woodside Park Stud2$470,000$235,000Full Sale Details
152 Mare(+) - Tennessee V: Willow Park Stud, Scone$260,000
 100 Mare - Miss StrathallanV: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains$210,000
(+) Karl Brown Bloodstock2$460,000$230,000Full Sale Details
95 Mare(+) - Mezulla V: Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre, Vic$230,000
101 Mare(+) - Miss World V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $230,000
(+) Kingstar Farm7$450,000$64,286Full Sale Details
 110 Mare(+) - Nothin Leica StormV: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$90,000
 131 Mare(+) - Seeking SusanV: Rothwell Park, Blandford$80,000
79 Mare(+) - Jemsa V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $75,000
 182 Mare(+) - CeleritasV: Newgate Farm, Aberdeen$75,000
 104 Mare(+) - My ConclusionV: Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic$50,000
 178 Mare(+) - Aunt MimiV: Newgate Farm, Aberdeen$45,000
195 Mare(+) - Dynesque V: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale $35,000
(+) Rosemont Stud / Peter Moody Racing2$420,000$210,000Full Sale Details
69 Mare(+) - HeadwayV: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic$220,000
194 Mare(+) - Dual DiamondV: Luskin Park, Luskintyre$200,000
(+) F W Mitchell Pty Ltd2$375,000$187,500Full Sale Details
 196 Mare(+) - DysfunctionV: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$240,000
 139 Mare - Snow Secret V: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$135,000
(+) Newhaven Park, Boorowa12$4,030,000$335,833Full Sale Details
67 Mare(+) - Gypsy Diamond by Not a Single DoubtB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$1,300,000
68 Mare(+) - Gypsy Tucker by ZabeelB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$800,000
160 Mare(+) - Veloce Forte by High ChaparralB: Mark Pilkington Management$450,000
71 Filly(+ - Here Comes Gypsy by High ChaparralB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$260,000
174 Mare(+) - Air Apparent by SnitzelB: Allam Racing / Andrew Williams Bloodstock$250,000
113 Mare(+) - Pepiniere by Sadler's WellsB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$200,000
201 Mare - Gig by CommandsB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$190,000
73 Mare(+) - Honor Net by HussonetB: Newgate Farm$160,000
169 Mare(+) - Zabeel Babe by ZabeelB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$150,000
2 Mare - Hittite by Redoute's ChoiceB: Melbourne Bloodstock$100,000
193 Mare(+) - Drinks All Round by O'ReillyB: Melbourne Bloodstock$90,000
96 Mare - Military Reign by Universal RulerB: Group 1 Bloodstock/Merricks Station$80,000
(+) Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale9$2,135,000$237,222Full Sale Details
106 Mare(+) - My Sanctuary by Oasis DreamB: D Farrington / Makin Stallions$600,000
65 Mare(+) - Gamba by Elusive QualityB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$370,000
198 Mare(+) - Ephemera by More Than ReadyB: BBA Ireland Limited$330,000
101 Mare(+) - Miss World by BernsteinB: Karl Brown Bloodstock$230,000
64 Mare(+) - Galaya by GalileoB: Rick Wylie Bloodstock$220,000
138 Mare(+) - Siren's Song by AzamourB: Segenhoe Stud$150,000
145 Mare(+) - Stormy Publisher by BernsteinB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$125,000
79 Mare(+) - Jemsa by Street CryB: Kingstar Farm$75,000
195 Mare(+) - Dynesque by DynaformerB: Kingstar Farm$35,000
(+) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains5$2,080,000$416,000Full Sale Details
 137 Filly - Sia by Fastnet RockB: Aquis Farm$780,000
 117 Mare(+) - Posing by MediceanB: Woppitt Bloodstock Pty Ltd$500,000
 162 Mare(+) - Veruschka by DubawiB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$500,000
 100 Mare - Miss Strathallan by SebringB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency / Woodside Park Stud$210,000
 82 Mare(+) - La Bella Luisa by ClangB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$90,000
(+) Rothwell Park, Blandford11$1,990,000$180,909Full Sale Details
 119 Mare(+) - Profound Wisdom by Al SamerB: James Harron Bloodstock Pty Ltd$300,000
 188 Mare(+) - Delphic by Street CryB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$300,000
 135 Mare(+) - She Chose Me by FoxwedgeB: Mark Pilkington Management$280,000
 157 Mare - Travesura by LimehouseB: Fernrigg Farm$220,000
 161 Mare(+) - Vernal by BernardiniB: Koru Thoroughbreds$200,000
 156 Mare(+) - Tick Tick Bloom by ViscountB: Belmont Bloodstock Agency$170,000
 146 Mare(+) - Stroak by Real SagaB: Newgate Farm$150,000
 63 Mare(+) - Full Sun by CaciqueB: Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy$100,000
 132 Mare(+) - Senorita de Vega by Lope de VegaB: Segenhoe Stud$100,000
 90 Mare(+) - Love's Great by ChoisirB: Newgate Farm$90,000
 131 Mare(+) - Seeking Susan by Flying SpurB: Kingstar Farm$80,000
(+) Yarraman Park Stud, Scone3$1,185,000$395,000Full Sale Details
 140 Mare(+) - Solar Moon by PivotalB: Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy$625,000
 5 Filly - Pageantry by I Am InvincibleB: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd$410,000
 184 Mare(+) - City of Song by Bel EspritB: Harry McAlpine Bloodstock$150,000
(+) Widden Stud, Widden Valley6$855,000$142,500Full Sale Details
 196 Mare(+) - Dysfunction by More Than ReadyB: F W Mitchell Pty Ltd$240,000
 179 Mare - Banda Spice by Show a HeartB: Steve Morley Bloodstock / Glenlogan Park$160,000
 122 Mare - Rare Occurrence by Star WitnessB: Red Oak Farm$145,000
 86 Mare(+) - Leny's Here by HussonB: Musk Creek Farm Pty Ltd$130,000
 110 Mare(+) - Nothin Leica Storm by AnabaaB: Kingstar Farm$90,000
202 Mare - Selita by ShaftB: Newgate Farm$90,000
(+) Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre, Vic3$705,000$235,000Full Sale Details
92 Mare(+) - Marcia Proba by FalbravB: Fernrigg Farm$325,000
95 Mare(+) - Mezulla by ShamardalB: Karl Brown Bloodstock$230,000
66 Mare(+) - Grenada by Dolphin StreetB: Newgate Farm$150,000
(+) Newgate Farm, Aberdeen4$635,000$158,750Full Sale Details
 191 Mare(+) - Dizelle by ZabeelB: N Jenkinson / Element Hill$375,000
 153 Mare(+) - Thorsborne by HinchinbrookB: Sun Bloodstock Pty Ltd$140,000
 182 Mare(+) - Celeritas by Rock of GibraltarB: Kingstar Farm$75,000
 178 Mare(+) - Aunt Mimi by More Than ReadyB: Kingstar Farm$45,000
(+) Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone3$455,000$151,667Full Sale Details
 60 Mare(+) - Fine Mist by Good JourneyB: Newgate Farm$220,000
 139 Mare - Snow Secret by Sakhee's SecretB: F W Mitchell Pty Ltd$135,000
87 Mare - Let Her Rip by Rip Van WinkleB: China Horse Club Racing Pty Ltd$100,000
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Gypsy Diamond 67 MARE(+) - Not a Single Doubt x Gypsy Tucker
Vendor: Newhaven Park, Boorowa
Buyer: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd
Savaria 128 MARE(+) - Savabeel x Amathea
Vendor: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow
Buyer: Bruce Perry Bloodstock
Gypsy Tucker 68 MARE(+) - Zabeel x Silk Ending
Vendor: Newhaven Park, Boorowa
Buyer: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd
Sia 137 FILLY - Fastnet Rock x Hips Don't Lie
Vendor: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
Buyer: Aquis Farm
Acqume 171 FILLY - Sepoy x Acquired
Vendor: Glastonbury Farms, Scone
Buyer: Aquis Farm
Solar Moon 140 MARE(+) - Pivotal x Dubai Sunrise
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy
My Sanctuary 106 MARE(+) - Oasis Dream x Albanova
Vendor: Waratah Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale
Buyer: D Farrington / Makin Stallions
Moqueen 102 MARE - Uncle Mo x Money Begets Money
Vendor: Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
Buyer: Andrew Williams Bloodstock
Veruschka 162 MARE(+) - Dubawi x Loveisallyouneed
Vendor: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
Buyer: Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd
Posing 117 MARE(+) - Medicean x Distinctive Look
Vendor: Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
Buyer: Woppitt Bloodstock Pty Ltd
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