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Australian Weanling Sale Select Session 2016

William Inglis & Son website
 161 Colt - Chamberlain
  ex Rosecutter
V: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
B: Kennewell Racing
 887 Filly - Now Or Never
  ex Milanesa
V: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
B: Inglis As Agent
 125 Colt - Assaad
  ex Vicereine
V: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
B: Grandview Lodge Pty Ltd
(+) Eurozone3$46,500$15,500Full Sale Details
 131 Filly - Blitzem BelleV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
B: Stonehouse Thoroughbreds
 138 Filly - Sassyzone
  ex Davilora Dane
V: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
B: J Kelly
 136 Filly - CoustelletV: Redman Park, Denman
B: T Howlett
 127 Colt - Up To Something
  ex Amphritite
V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
B: Rushton Park
 144 Filly - Magic Condor
  ex Grand Bird
V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
B: Inglis As Agent
 163 Filly - Set to UnleashV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
B: Inglis As Agent
 129 Colt - Mach
  ex Black Eye
V: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
B: Ampulla Lodge / Ascot Farm
 134 Colt - Call CollectV: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: Jorson Farm
 139 Filly - Diana CazadoraV: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: T Evans
 157 Colt - Ready My SiennaV: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: J Mintoff
 155 Filly - Maisie LouV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
B: G Mudgeway
 132 Filly - Charlie's Garter
  ex Blue Garter
V: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
B: B Muscat
 154 Filly - Molywil
  ex Madam Nash
V: Amarina Farm, Denman
B: D Findlay
 883 Filly - When You Wish
  ex Vela
V: Berkeley Park Stud, Blandford
B: P Farrell
 143 Colt - GiacintaV: Amarina Farm, Denman
B: J & K Sheather
(+) Duporth3$10,000$3,333Full Sale Details
 153 Filly - Love Generation
  ex Love the Feeling
V: Kitchwin Hills, Scone
B: K Naughtin
 165 Filly - Again Can She
  ex She Can Again
V: Kitchwin Hills, Scone
B: Altena Lodge
 160 Filly - RelishingV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone
B: T Howlett
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(+) Wattle Grove Thoroughbreds2$93,000$46,500Full Sale Details
 135 Filly - OnarollV: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook$53,000
 147 Filly - Lil' BeautyV: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$40,000
(+) Aquis Farm2$80,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 137 Colt - DaladaneV: Amarina Farm, Denman$46,000
 152 Colt - PsicopaticoV: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook$34,000
(+) Kennewell Racing1$65,000$65,000Full Sale Details
 161 Colt - ChamberlainV: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$65,000
(+) Inglis As Agent5$51,500$10,300Full Sale Details
 144 Filly - Magic CondorV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$15,000
 148 Filly - So You Think x Kentucky BelleV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$15,000
 140 Filly - Choisir x EchoesV: Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre$8,500
 887 Filly - Now Or NeverV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$8,000
 163 Filly - Magic Albert x Set to UnleashV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$5,000
(+) Stonehouse Thoroughbreds1$35,000$35,000Full Sale Details
 131 Filly - Eurozone x Blitzem BelleV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$35,000
(+) Rushton Park2$34,000$17,000Full Sale Details
 127 Colt - Up To SomethingV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$18,000
 146 Colt - Ancient AztecV: Riverslea Farm, Denman$16,000
(+) Colm Santry Bloodstock1$32,000$32,000Full Sale Details
 130 Colt - Uncle Mo x Blenheim BelleV: Segenhoe Stud Australia Pty Ltd, Scone$32,000
(+) Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy1$25,000$25,000Full Sale Details
 149 Colt - Dream Ahead x KlairessadaneV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$25,000
(+) T Howlett3$23,500$7,833Full Sale Details
 167 Filly - Break The BankV: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook$15,000
 136 Filly - Eurozone x CoustelletV: Redman Park, Denman$5,500
 160 Filly - Duporth x RelishingV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$3,000
(+) Mooeookyle Park Thoroughbreds1$23,000$23,000Full Sale Details
 158 Colt - Shanghai RuskyV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$23,000
(+) Chevaux Bloodstock1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 166 Colt - StarismoV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$22,000
(+) G Mudgeway2$22,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 150 Filly - AustralienV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$15,000
 155 Filly - Myboycharlie x Maisie LouV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$7,000
(+) Ampulla Lodge / Ascot Farm1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 129 Colt - MachV: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi$20,000
(+) Kilgravin Lodge1$14,000$14,000Full Sale Details
 124 Colt - Mr ZigmundV: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi$14,000
(+) B Rollings1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 141 Colt - CycloniteV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$11,000
(+) Jorson Farm1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 134 Colt - Casino Prince x Call CollectV: Vinery Stud, Scone$11,000
(+) J Mintoff1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 157 Colt - Myboycharlie x Ready My SiennaV: Vinery Stud, Scone$10,000
(+) R & J Hertel1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 126 Colt - Shwanky DooV: Vinery Stud, Scone$10,000
(+) Wicklow Lodge1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 159 Colt - OthersideV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$10,000
(+) Pinhook Bloodstock1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 151 Filly - Poet's Voice x Le SillageV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$9,000
(+) Torryburn Stud, Torryburn11$123,000$11,182Full Sale Details
 131 Filly - Eurozone x Blitzem BelleB: Stonehouse Thoroughbreds$35,000
 148 Filly - So You Think x Kentucky BelleB: Inglis As Agent$15,000
 150 Filly - Australien by AmericainB: G Mudgeway$15,000
 141 Colt - Cyclonite by Charge ForwardB: B Rollings$11,000
 159 Colt - Otherside by Love Conquers AllB: Wicklow Lodge$10,000
 151 Filly - Poet's Voice x Le SillageB: Pinhook Bloodstock$9,000
 125 Colt - Assaad by All AmericanB: Grandview Lodge Pty Ltd$7,000
 155 Filly - Myboycharlie x Maisie LouB: G Mudgeway$7,000
 138 Filly - Sassyzone by EurozoneB: J Kelly$6,000
 145 Colt - Live Like by Your SongB: I Callander$5,500
 884 Colt - Ilovethiscity x CinderelasmotabikeB: Wayne Austin Racing$2,500
(+) Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook4$108,000$27,000Full Sale Details
 135 Filly - Onaroll by HinchinbrookB: Wattle Grove Thoroughbreds$53,000
 152 Colt - Psicopatico by BernardiniB: Aquis Farm$34,000
 167 Filly - Break The Bank by BernardiniB: T Howlett$15,000
 132 Filly - Charlie's Garter by MyboycharlieB: B Muscat$6,000
(+) Yarraman Park Stud, Scone5$86,000$17,200Full Sale Details
 149 Colt - Dream Ahead x KlairessadaneB: Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy$25,000
 158 Colt - Shanghai Rusky by SizzlingB: Mooeookyle Park Thoroughbreds$23,000
 127 Colt - Up To Something by Magic AlbertB: Rushton Park$18,000
 144 Filly - Magic Condor by Magic AlbertB: Inglis As Agent$15,000
 163 Filly - Magic Albert x Set to UnleashB: Inglis As Agent$5,000
(+) Amarina Farm, Denman3$58,000$19,333Full Sale Details
 137 Colt - Daladane by DalakhaniB: Aquis Farm$46,000
 154 Filly - Molywil by Star WitnessB: D Findlay$8,500
 143 Colt - Star Witness x GiacintaB: J & K Sheather$3,500
(+) Vinery Stud, Scone4$36,500$9,125Full Sale Details
 134 Colt - Casino Prince x Call CollectB: Jorson Farm$11,000
 126 Colt - Shwanky Doo by CongratsB: R & J Hertel$10,000
 157 Colt - Myboycharlie x Ready My SiennaB: J Mintoff$10,000
 139 Filly - Casino Prince x Diana CazadoraB: T Evans$5,500
(+) Kitchwin Hills, Scone4$32,000$8,000Full Sale Details
 166 Colt - Starismo by Uncle MoB: Chevaux Bloodstock$22,000
 153 Filly - Love Generation by DuporthB: K Naughtin$3,500
 165 Filly - Again Can She by DuporthB: Altena Lodge$3,500
 160 Filly - Duporth x RelishingB: T Howlett$3,000
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Chamberlain 161 COLT - All American x Rosecutter
Vendor: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
Buyer: Kennewell Racing
Onaroll 135 FILLY - Hinchinbrook x Continuously
Vendor: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
Buyer: Wattle Grove Thoroughbreds
Daladane 137 COLT - Dalakhani x Dane Blazer
Vendor: Amarina Farm, Denman
Buyer: Aquis Farm
Lil' Beauty 147 FILLY - Epaulette x Irgunette
Vendor: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
Buyer: Wattle Grove Thoroughbreds
131 FILLY - Eurozone x Blitzem Belle
Vendor: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
Buyer: Stonehouse Thoroughbreds
Psicopatico 152 COLT - Bernardini x Love Her Madly
Vendor: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
Buyer: Aquis Farm
130 COLT - Uncle Mo x Blenheim Belle
Vendor: Segenhoe Stud Australia Pty Ltd, Scone
Buyer: Colm Santry Bloodstock
149 COLT - Dream Ahead x Klairessadane
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Paul Willetts Bloodstock Consultancy
Shanghai Rusky 158 COLT - Sizzling x Really Flying
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Mooeookyle Park Thoroughbreds
Starismo 166 COLT - Uncle Mo x Star Acclaimed
Vendor: Kitchwin Hills, Scone
Buyer: Chevaux Bloodstock
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