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Australian Broodmare And Weanling Sale - General Broodmares 2014

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 680 Filly(+ - Expect to Win
  ex Yes I Will
V: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow
B: William Inglis As Agent
 769 Filly - Walklikeanegyptian
  ex Egyptian Ibis
V: Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic
B: A Elbourne
 721 Filly - Mitzi
  ex Desert End
V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
B: Ashleigh Thoroughbreds
 681 Filly(+ - Fairy Rainbeam
  ex Centra Rainbeam
V: Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic
B: William Inglis As Agent
 743 Filly - Senora
  ex Lady Belvedere
V: Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone
B: Byerley Stud
 688 Filly - Fuse Wire
  ex Danebeam
V: Hobartville Stud, Clarendon
B: G Schlink
 684 Filly(+ - Flight Odyssey
  ex Stars in Flight
V: Tanglewood Farm, Kootingal
B: William Inglis As Agent
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(+) William Inglis As Agent21$106,800$5,086Full Sale Details
 764 Filly - TweetV: Huntworth Stud, Coolac$60,000
 680 Filly(+ - Expect to WinV: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow$28,000
 751 Filly(+ - Starry EyedV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$6,000
 747 Filly(+ - Sneaky TsuV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$5,000
 682 Filly - Favorite SpiceV: Glenarvon Park, Lorn$1,800
 681 Filly(+ - Fairy RainbeamV: Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic$800
 767 Filly(+ - Valse des Fleurs V: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga$500
 732 Filly(+ - Prima VeraV: Vinery Stud, Scone$450
 691 Filly - Green Eggs and HamV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$400
 737 Filly(+ - ReownV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$400
 696 Filly - HilliardV: Reavill Farm Management Pty Ltd $350
 697 Filly(+ - Honour FrolicV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$350
 731 Filly(+ - Piccolo PuledraV: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga$350
 657 Filly(+ - Alizarin GemV: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga$300
 660 Filly - Auburn HillsV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$300
 668 Filly(+ - CarmauxV: Tanglewood Farm, Kootingal$300
 684 Filly(+ - Flight OdysseyV: Tanglewood Farm, Kootingal$300
 689 Filly - Ginger MegV: Vincent Park Stud, Alstonville$300
 711 Filly - Little VickiV: S. McLeish, Long Jetty$300
 720 Filly - Miss BakerV: Think Big Stud, Burradoo$300
 758 Filly - Take the ProfitV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$300
(+) C Miles1$40,000$40,000Full Sale Details
 712 Filly(+ - Lone BalladV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$40,000
(+) Randwick Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA)1$27,000$27,000Full Sale Details
 735 Filly(+ - RaqasV: Milton Thoroughbreds, Mudgee$27,000
(+) A Elbourne2$23,000$11,500Full Sale Details
 769 Filly - WalklikeanegyptianV: Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic$21,000
 749 Filly - SopraffinaV: Broadwater Thoroughbreds, Aberdeen$2,000
(+) J Chalmers Bloodstock1$22,000$22,000Full Sale Details
 716 Filly - Melrose Gardens V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$22,000
(+) Ashleigh Thoroughbreds1$18,000$18,000Full Sale Details
 721 Filly - MitziV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$18,000
(+) Neil Jenkinson Pty Ltd1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 698 Filly(+ - Inertia V: Wexford Farm, Muswellbrook$11,000
(+) Belmont Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA)1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 701 Filly - IsisV: Chris Waller Racing, Sydney$10,000
(+) Bowness Stud3$9,600$3,200Full Sale Details
 714 Filly(+ - Lucys LootV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$8,000
 740 Filly - Ruby RansomV: Hobartville Stud, Clarendon$1,200
 718 Filly - Mercy's ChoiceV: Milton Thoroughbreds, Mudgee$400
(+) Yambuna Pastoral Company Pty Ltd1$7,500$7,500Full Sale Details
 703 Filly(+ - Kazak V: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$7,500
(+) Brisbane Bloodstock Pty Ltd1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 674 Filly(+ - DeltararaV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$6,000
(+) Rutledge Pastoral Company Pty Ltd1$6,000$6,000Full Sale Details
 667 Filly(+ - Carefully ChosenV: Kitchwin Hills, Scone$6,000
(+) Holbrook Thoroughbreds1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 736 Filly(+ - Regal Girl V: Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone$5,000
(+) Ken King Thoroughbreds1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 770 Filly(+ - ZedregoV: Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic$5,000
(+) Ramsays Horse Transport1$4,500$4,500Full Sale Details
 677 Filly(+ - Elite DancerV: Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone$4,500
(+) Scenic Lodge1$4,000$4,000Full Sale Details
 746 Filly(+ - Simply WickedV: Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone$4,000
(+) Byerley Stud1$3,200$3,200Full Sale Details
 743 Filly - SenoraV: Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone$3,200
(+) Argyle Thoroughbreds1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 686 Filly(+ - ForestressV: Southern Cross Breeders $2,500
(+) R Douglas1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 742 Filly(+ - ScienceV: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow$2,500
(+) Temerity Park Pty Ltd3$2,300$767Full Sale Details
 752 Filly - StatementV: Reavill Farm Management Pty Ltd $1,100
 748 Filly(+ - Someday SomehowV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$700
 734 Filly(+ - Rainbow Roll V: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga$500
(+) Yarraman Park Stud, Scone5$55,800$11,160Full Sale Details
 716 Filly - Melrose Gardens by MarjuB: J Chalmers Bloodstock$22,000
 721 Filly - Mitzi by Encosta de LagoB: Ashleigh Thoroughbreds$18,000
 714 Filly(+ - Lucys Loot by Star of the MagiB: Bowness Stud$8,000
 703 Filly(+ - Kazak by ZabeelB: Yambuna Pastoral Company Pty Ltd$7,500
 758 Filly - Take the Profit by StrategicB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee4$42,800$10,700Full Sale Details
 712 Filly(+ - Lone Ballad by Holy Roman EmperorB: C Miles$40,000
 763 Filly - True Class by Don EduardoB: C Kent$1,800
 748 Filly(+ - Someday Somehow by Statue of LibertyB: Temerity Park Pty Ltd$700
 660 Filly - Auburn Hills by DanehillB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow3$31,100$10,367Full Sale Details
 680 Filly(+ - Expect to Win by Encosta de LagoB: William Inglis As Agent$28,000
 742 Filly(+ - Science by Red RansomB: R Douglas$2,500
 672 Filly - Coustellet by Flying SpurB: M Sandblom$600
(+) Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic5$27,700$5,540Full Sale Details
 769 Filly - Walklikeanegyptian by Encosta de LagoB: A Elbourne$21,000
 770 Filly(+ - Zedrego by ZeditaveB: Ken King Thoroughbreds$5,000
 681 Filly(+ - Fairy Rainbeam by Encosta de LagoB: William Inglis As Agent$800
 753 Filly - Storm of Fire by Ne Coupez PasB: Foote Street Investments Pty Ltd$500
 664 Filly(+ - Bollywood Babe by Danehill DancerB: Dunmanway Holdings$400
(+) Kitchwin Hills, Scone4$23,000$5,750Full Sale Details
 667 Filly(+ - Carefully Chosen by ChoisirB: Rutledge Pastoral Company Pty Ltd$6,000
 674 Filly(+ - Deltarara by DanachenkaB: Brisbane Bloodstock Pty Ltd$6,000
 751 Filly(+ - Starry Eyed by Rock of GibraltarB: William Inglis As Agent$6,000
 747 Filly(+ - Sneaky Tsu by TsuimaiB: William Inglis As Agent$5,000
(+) Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone6$18,100$3,017Full Sale Details
 736 Filly(+ - Regal Girl by ZabeelB: Holbrook Thoroughbreds$5,000
 677 Filly(+ - Elite Dancer by Royal AcademyB: Ramsays Horse Transport$4,500
 746 Filly(+ - Simply Wicked by ScenicB: Scenic Lodge$4,000
 743 Filly - Senora by Fusaichi PegasusB: Byerley Stud$3,200
 726 Filly(+ - Old Magic by Old SpiceB: P Ramsay$1,000
 671 Filly - Clementine by OctagonalB: B Kennedy & K Nott$400
(+) Hobartville Stud, Clarendon3$4,000$1,333Full Sale Details
 693 Filly - Hambleton Hall by GalileoB: C Payne$2,000
 740 Filly - Ruby Ransom by Red RansomB: Bowness Stud$1,200
 688 Filly - Fuse Wire by Fusaichi PegasusB: G Schlink$800
(+) Reavill Farm Management Pty Ltd4$3,650$913Full Sale Details
 745 Filly - Sheerama by CatbirdB: Berwick Stud$1,800
 752 Filly - Statement by Rory's JesterB: Temerity Park Pty Ltd$1,100
 675 Filly - Dressed to Impress by Turtle IslandB: Berwick Stud$400
 696 Filly - Hilliard by DanehillB: William Inglis As Agent$350
(+) Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga5$2,150$430Full Sale Details
 713 Filly(+ - Lucky Jockey by Desert PrinceB: J Thomsen$500
 734 Filly(+ - Rainbow Roll by GulchB: Temerity Park Pty Ltd$500
 767 Filly(+ - Valse des Fleurs by StravinskyB: William Inglis As Agent$500
 731 Filly(+ - Piccolo Puledra by MarwinaB: William Inglis As Agent$350
 657 Filly(+ - Alizarin Gem by ZarizB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Think Big Stud, Burradoo5$2,050$410Full Sale Details
 761 Filly(+ - Thoressa by Hurricane SkyB: Moorookyle Park$500
 741 Filly(+ - Sabra by Daggers DrawnB: Inglis As Agent$500
 737 Filly(+ - Reown by God's OwnB: William Inglis As Agent$400
 697 Filly(+ - Honour Frolic by Honours ListB: William Inglis As Agent$350
 720 Filly - Miss Baker by ResetB: William Inglis As Agent$300
(+) Tanglewood Farm, Kootingal3$1,800$600Full Sale Details
 724 Filly(+ - North East by DanzeroB: N Dawson$1,200
 668 Filly(+ - Carmaux by SnippetsonB: William Inglis As Agent$300
 684 Filly(+ - Flight Odyssey by Fusaichi PegasusB: William Inglis As Agent$300
More than three sold. Click here for full list

Tweet 764 FILLY - Magic Albert x Shaanxi
Vendor: Huntworth Stud, Coolac
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Lone Ballad 712 FILLY(+ - Holy Roman Emperor x Tzu Hsi
Vendor: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
Buyer: C Miles
Expect to Win 680 FILLY(+ - Encosta de Lago x Yes I Will
Vendor: Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Raqas 735 FILLY(+ - Danehill Dancer x Passerine
Vendor: Milton Thoroughbreds, Mudgee
Buyer: Randwick Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA)
Melrose Gardens 716 FILLY - Marju x Grosvenor Gardens
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: J Chalmers Bloodstock
Walklikeanegyptian 769 FILLY - Encosta de Lago x Egyptian Ibis
Vendor: Goulburn Park, Nagambie, Vic
Buyer: A Elbourne
Mitzi 721 FILLY - Encosta de Lago x Desert End
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Ashleigh Thoroughbreds
Inertia 698 FILLY(+ - Danasinga x Upstage
Vendor: Wexford Farm, Muswellbrook
Buyer: Neil Jenkinson Pty Ltd
Isis 701 FILLY - Lonhro x Feelers
Vendor: Chris Waller Racing, Sydney
Buyer: Belmont Bloodstock Agency Pty Ltd (FBAA)
Lucys Loot 714 FILLY(+ - Star of the Magi x Double Creole
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: Bowness Stud
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