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Australian Breeding Stock Sale 2010

William Inglis & Son website
 61 Filly - Back Pass
  ex Skiable (IRE)
V: Bellerive Stud, Scone
B: Dean Hawthorne Bloodstock
 110 Filly(+ - Quest for Cash
  ex Rain Squall
V: Emerald Thoroughbreds, Mandalong
B: S Wong
 153 Filly(+ - Fame Princess
  ex Salimar
V: Attunga Stud, Scone
B: Watershed Farm
 85 Filly(+ - Historic Filly
  ex Passing Hope (IRE)
V: Sledmere Stud, Scone
B: Michael Otto Bloodstock
 30 Filly - Rose of Dane
  ex Rose Twig
V: Hollymount Bloodstock, Kiama
B: Ramsey Pastoral Pty Ltd
 124 Filly(+ - Tamora
  ex Taareck
V: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga
B: S Wong
 40 Filly(+ - Soft Spoken
  ex Scarlet Bisque
V: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
B: K & A Adamson
 42 Filly(+ - Spureline
  ex Zacheline (NZ)
V: Vinery Stud, Scone
B: S Wong
 27 Filly(+ - Reve
  ex Pre Packer's Dream
V: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
B: A Stapleford
 156 Filly - Flying Trismar
  ex Lady Trismar (NZ)
V: Macquarie Stud, Wellington
B: William Inglis As Agent
 111 Filly(+ - Rainbow Express
  ex Rainbow Bright
V: Hollymount Bloodstock, Kiama
B: William Inglis As Agent
 90 Filly(+ - Jonoble
  ex Josephine
V: Chatsworth Park, Scone
B: Ruane
 119 Filly(+ - Set to Love
  ex Second Set (USA)
V: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
B: K Goss
 91 Filly(+ - La Chador
  ex Chador
V: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga
B: M Alcorn
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(+) N Jenkinson5$452,500$90,500Full Sale Details
 16 Filly - Pachanga V: Bellerive Stud, Scone$260,000
 75 Filly(+ - Elevenses V: Bellerive Stud, Scone$120,000
 62 Filly - Belle SoleilV: Torryburn Stud, East Gresford$26,000
 71 Filly - Constant SparkleV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$24,000
 81 Filly(+ - Fusaichi QueenV: Bellerive Stud, Scone$22,500
(+) Newgate Bloodstock2$360,000$180,000Full Sale Details
 84 Filly(+ - HidesV: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains$350,000
 36 Filly - SilversetV: J. Law, Batemans Bay$10,000
(+) Dean Hawthorne Bloodstock1$260,000$260,000Full Sale Details
 61 Filly - Back Pass V: Bellerive Stud, Scone$260,000
(+) T Pike2$71,000$35,500Full Sale Details
 118 Filly(+ - Screen Siren V: Attunga Stud, Scone$55,000
 12 Filly(+ - Miss ElusiveV: Bellerive Stud, Scone$16,000
(+) Nearco Stud Ltd1$70,000$70,000Full Sale Details
 67 Filly - Bubble ActV: Vinery Stud, Scone$70,000
(+) William Inglis As Agent8$57,800$7,225Full Sale Details
 25 Filly(+ - Red IllusionV: Vinery Stud, Scone$28,000
 111 Filly(+ - Rainbow ExpressV: Hollymount Bloodstock, Kiama$16,500
 149 Filly(+ - DixV: Pinewillow Thoroughbreds, Oxley Island$6,500
 107 Filly(+ - Peach Tree RoadV: Attunga Stud, Scone$4,500
 131 Filly(+ - Acapulco QueenV: Sefton Park Stud, Scone$1,100
 125 Filly(+ - Time to BreakV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
 156 Filly - Flying TrismarV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
 148 Filly - Divine DreamsV: H. Haran, Kurmond$200
(+) P Willetts1$55,000$55,000Full Sale Details
 53 Filly(+ - WildcoastV: Vinery Stud, Scone$55,000
(+) Gervase Park Stud1$50,000$50,000Full Sale Details
 39 Filly - Smart LadyV: Ramsey Pastoral Company, Casino$50,000
(+) S Wong4$45,750$11,438Full Sale Details
 161 Filly(+ - Georgian BelleV: Attunga Stud, Scone$20,000
 42 Filly(+ - SpurelineV: Vinery Stud, Scone$15,000
 110 Filly(+ - Quest for CashV: Emerald Thoroughbreds, Mandalong$6,250
 124 Filly(+ - TamoraV: Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga$4,500
(+) Eliza Park1$30,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 31 Filly(+ - Satin CoversV: Vinery Stud, Scone$30,000
(+) Ruane2$28,500$14,250Full Sale Details
 83 Filly(+ - Gin SlingV: Hollymount Bloodstock, Kiama$24,000
 90 Filly(+ - JonobleV: Chatsworth Park, Scone$4,500
(+) Emerald Thoroughbreds3$26,750$8,917Full Sale Details
 50 Filly(+ - Vatican CityV: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains$20,000
 4 Filly(+ - Lady Cleopatra V: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$4,000
 108 Filly - PosyV: Suntar Holdings Pty Ltd, Sydney$2,750
(+) Michael Otto Bloodstock1$20,000$20,000Full Sale Details
 85 Filly(+ - Historic FillyV: Sledmere Stud, Scone$20,000
(+) K & A Adamson1$16,000$16,000Full Sale Details
 40 Filly(+ - Soft SpokenV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$16,000
(+) Roberts Bloodstock1$11,000$11,000Full Sale Details
 73 Filly - Djel d'AmourV: Vinery Stud, Scone$11,000
(+) K Goss4$10,800$2,700Full Sale Details
 152 Filly(+ - Excellent Song V: Emerald Thoroughbreds, Mandalong$5,500
 119 Filly(+ - Set to LoveV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$2,000
 128 Filly(+ - Vanilla SpiceV: Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley$1,700
 127 Filly(+ - ValderineV: Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley$1,600
(+) T Lichti1$10,500$10,500Full Sale Details
 55 Filly(+ - Young and FreeV: Bellerive Stud, Scone$10,500
(+) Patinack Farm Pty Ltd1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 115 Filly - SaltatorV: Saltator Syndicate, Sydney$10,000
(+) Doncaster Bloodstock Services2$9,200$4,600Full Sale Details
 141 Filly - Celtic CourageV: Hollymount Bloodstock, Kiama$7,000
 93 Filly - Lim's SpecialV: Galadi Holdings Pty. Ltd, St Arnaud, Vic$2,200
(+) Daleigh Park Livestock1$9,000$9,000Full Sale Details
 69 Filly(+ - Cape Croft V: Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone$9,000
(+) Bellerive Stud, Scone6$689,000$114,833Full Sale Details
 16 Filly - Pachanga by Redoute's ChoiceB: N Jenkinson$260,000
 61 Filly - Back Pass by Quest for Fame (GB)B: Dean Hawthorne Bloodstock$260,000
 75 Filly(+ - Elevenses by Star Way (GB)B: N Jenkinson$120,000
 81 Filly(+ - Fusaichi Queen by Fusaichi Pegasus (USA)B: N Jenkinson$22,500
 12 Filly(+ - Miss Elusive by Elusive QualityB: T Pike$16,000
 55 Filly(+ - Young and Free by Kenmare (FR)B: T Lichti$10,500
(+) Vinery Stud, Scone7$210,000$30,000Full Sale Details
 67 Filly - Bubble Act by SnowlandB: Nearco Stud Ltd$70,000
 53 Filly(+ - Wildcoast by Thunder Gulch (USA)B: P Willetts$55,000
 31 Filly(+ - Satin Covers by Dr Grace (NZ)B: Eliza Park$30,000
 25 Filly(+ - Red Illusion by Red Ransom (USA)B: William Inglis As Agent$28,000
 42 Filly(+ - Spureline by Flying SpurB: S Wong$15,000
 73 Filly - Djel d'Amour by Dehere (USA)B: Roberts Bloodstock$11,000
 100 Filly(+ - Morning Dawn by Langfuhr (CAN)B: J & M Douglas$1,000
(+) Attunga Stud, Scone9$107,550$11,950Full Sale Details
 118 Filly(+ - Screen Siren by Montjeu (IRE)B: T Pike$55,000
 161 Filly(+ - Georgian Belle by Hussonet (USA)B: S Wong$20,000
 155 Filly(+ - Final Snip by SnippetsB: Doncsater Bloodstock Services$8,500
 136 Filly(+ - Bethany by Al Hareb (USA)B: N Bazeley & T Lambert$6,000
 153 Filly(+ - Fame Princess by Quest for Fame (GB)B: Watershed Farm$5,500
 107 Filly(+ - Peach Tree Road by Cossack WarriorB: William Inglis As Agent$4,500
 135 Filly - Bastion by Anabaa (USA)B: N Hill$3,250
 137 Filly - Beyond a Doubt by Not a Single DoubtB: G Middleton$3,000
 145 Filly - Dehereafter by Dehere (USA)B: Coronation Park Stud$1,800
(+) Hollymount Bloodstock, Kiama7$60,300$8,614Full Sale Details
 83 Filly(+ - Gin Sling by Western Symphony (USA)B: Ruane$24,000
 111 Filly(+ - Rainbow Express by Success Express (USA)B: William Inglis As Agent$16,500
 30 Filly - Rose of Dane by Danehill (USA)B: Ramsey Pastoral Pty Ltd$9,000
 141 Filly - Celtic Courage by Giant's Causeway (USA)B: Doncaster Bloodstock Services$7,000
 15 Filly - Our Yangtze River by Zabeel (NZ)B: Damian White Bloodstock Pty Ltd$3,000
 29 Filly - Rose Croix by Chief's Crown (USA)B: W Fitzgerald$500
 165 Filly - Hollymount Salute by Marju (IRE)B: Fitzgerald Pastoral$300
(+) Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee7$54,200$7,743Full Sale Details
 71 Filly - Constant Sparkle by Encosta de LagoB: N Jenkinson$24,000
 40 Filly(+ - Soft Spoken by Flying SpurB: K & A Adamson$16,000
 20 Filly(+ - Passerine by MarscayB: Real Time Investments Pty Ltd$6,000
 89 Filly - Jersey City by Encosta de LagoB: D Newberry$5,500
 64 Filly - Best of You by Canny LadB: Watershed Farm$1,400
 51 Filly - Very Last Time by Don Eduardo (NZ)B: W Fitzgerald$800
 48 Filly - Tillakea by Umatilla (NZ)B: Watershed Farm$500
(+) Torryburn Stud, East Gresford4$35,500$8,875Full Sale Details
 62 Filly - Belle Soleil by Redoute's ChoiceB: N Jenkinson$26,000
 32 Filly - Say When by More Than Ready (USA)B: R Mackellar$4,500
 14 Filly - Nickname by Pentire (GB)B: L Jarvis$3,000
 37 Filly - Singing Strings by Danehill DancerB: M Alcorn$2,000
(+) Riverdene Stud, Wagga Wagga14$24,150$1,725Full Sale Details
 124 Filly(+ - Tamora by Danehill (USA)B: S Wong$4,500
 103 Filly(+ - Our Impala by Humam (IRE)B: M Hewitt$4,000
 159 Filly(+ - Gay Designer by High RollingB: Meteor Thoroughbreds$3,000
 171 Filly(+ - Jolly Dolly by Rory's JesterB: L McDonald$3,000
 112 Filly(+ - Restful Place by Polish Precedent (USA)B: A Forth$1,400
 129 Filly(+ - Venus May by Air de France (USA)B: K Parker$1,250
 102 Filly(+ - Octical Sillusion by Octagonal (NZ)B: J & M Douglas$1,000
 104 Filly(+ - Our Surprise by Honor Grades (USA)B: K Lantry$1,000
 142 Filly(+ - Classic Spin by Spinning World (USA)B: P Wells$1,000
 91 Filly(+ - La Chador by Success Express (USA)B: M Alcorn$1,000
 139 Filly(+ - Candelaria by Spectrum (IRE)B: J & M Douglas$900
 126 Filly(+ - Tristabella by Geiger Counter (USA)B: M Gazzoli$800
 113 Filly(+ - Rose of Talaq by At Talaq (USA)B: A Brown$700
 121 Filly(+ - Shining Banquet by Shining Finish (GB)B: P Beauman$600
(+) Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley7$20,200$2,886Full Sale Details
 105 Filly(+ - Partings by SequaloB: Glenrae Thoroughbreds$7,000
 166 Filly(+ - Hot Lips by Military Plume (NZ)B: M Gazzoli$6,000
 169 Filly(+ - It's a Val by Oenjay StarB: Jomar Park Stud $2,200
 128 Filly(+ - Vanilla Spice by Beautiful Crown (USA)B: K Goss$1,700
 127 Filly(+ - Valderine by Dr Fong (USA)B: K Goss$1,600
 120 Filly(+ - She's All Show by Show a HeartB: J & M Douglas$1,300
 97 Filly(+ - Madam Pompadour by Proud KnightB: M Alcorn$400
(+) Emerald Thoroughbreds, Mandalong4$15,150$3,788Full Sale Details
 110 Filly(+ - Quest for Cash by Quest for Fame (GB)B: S Wong$6,250
 152 Filly(+ - Excellent Song by Suave Dancer (USA)B: K Goss$5,500
 95 Filly(+ - Luna Romantica by Silver PistolB: M Alcorn$2,000
 173 Filly - Kissed by a King by Desert KingB: M & L Owens$1,400
(+) Widden Stud, Widden Valley3$10,500$3,500Full Sale Details
 27 Filly(+ - Reve by Flying SpurB: A Stapleford$6,000
 4 Filly(+ - Lady Cleopatra by Sadler's Wells (USA)B: Emerald Thoroughbreds$4,000
 79 Filly - Fluster by ChoisirB: Revelwood Stud$500
(+) Rheinwood Pastoral Co., Mittagong3$7,250$2,417Full Sale Details
 122 Filly(+ - Silent Tribute by Forest Glow (USA)B: A Forth$6,250
 70 Filly(+ - Conjugality by Groom Dancer (USA)B: Revelwood Stud$700
 96 Filly - Lurelin by Lure (USA)B: Revelwood Stud$300
(+) Chatsworth Park, Scone3$5,100$1,700Full Sale Details
 90 Filly(+ - Jonoble by Success Express (USA)B: Ruane$4,500
 41 Filly - Souffle by At Talaq (USA)B: Watershed Farm$300
 133 Filly - Arisen by King of Kings (IRE)B: Fitzgerald Pastoral$300
(+) Macquarie Stud, Wellington3$4,500$1,500Full Sale Details
 170 Filly(+ - Jacquinella by ZeditaveB: Highpoint Lodge$3,500
 125 Filly(+ - Time to Break by LetdownB: William Inglis As Agent$500
 156 Filly - Flying Trismar by Flying SpurB: William Inglis As Agent$500
(+) Suntar Holdings Pty Ltd, Sydney3$4,050$1,350Full Sale Details
 108 Filly - Posy by Marauding (NZ)B: Emerald Thoroughbreds$2,750
 98 Filly - Molten Silver by Mister C (USA)B: Revelwood Stud$1,000
 160 Filly - Gentle Nymph by Mister C (USA)B: Fitzgerald Pastoral$300
(+) Meringo Stud, Meringo4$3,200$800Full Sale Details
 151 Filly(+ - Enteric by Xaar (GB)B: L McDonald$1,200
 138 Filly(+ - Cambridge Fair by Mr Henrysee (USA)B: S Davis$1,000
 163 Filly(+ - Golden Flight by Danehill DancerB: J & M Douglas$700
 162 Filly(+ - Gneiss by MossmanB: J & M Douglas$300
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Hides 84 FILLY(+ - Giant's Causeway (USA) x Subterfuge (GB)
Vendor: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains
Buyer: Newgate Bloodstock
Back Pass 61 FILLY - Quest for Fame (GB) x Skiable (IRE)
Vendor: Bellerive Stud, Scone
Buyer: Dean Hawthorne Bloodstock
Pachanga 16 FILLY - Redoute's Choice x Foxtrot
Vendor: Bellerive Stud, Scone
Buyer: N Jenkinson
Elevenses 75 FILLY(+ - Star Way (GB) x Celtic Joy (NZ)
Vendor: Bellerive Stud, Scone
Buyer: N Jenkinson
Bubble Act 67 FILLY - Snowland x South Sea Pearl
Vendor: Vinery Stud, Scone
Buyer: Nearco Stud Ltd
Screen Siren 118 FILLY(+ - Montjeu (IRE) x Florinda (NZ)
Vendor: Attunga Stud, Scone
Buyer: T Pike
Wildcoast 53 FILLY(+ - Thunder Gulch (USA) x Queensgate
Vendor: Vinery Stud, Scone
Buyer: P Willetts
Smart Lady 39 FILLY - Catbird x Lady Elaine (NZ)
Vendor: Ramsey Pastoral Company, Casino
Buyer: Gervase Park Stud
Satin Covers 31 FILLY(+ - Dr Grace (NZ) x Satin Sand
Vendor: Vinery Stud, Scone
Buyer: Eliza Park
Red Illusion 25 FILLY(+ - Red Ransom (USA) x Danglissa
Vendor: Vinery Stud, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
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