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Australian Breeding Stock Sale 2009

William Inglis & Son website
(+) Success Express3$1,223,750$407,917Full Sale Details
 111 Filly(+ - Polar Success
  ex Patou
V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
B: William Inglis As Agent
 144 Filly(+ - Rainbow Express
  ex Rainbow Bright
V: Classic Park Bloodstock, Lochinvar
B: M Sandblom
 166 Filly(+ - Blahniks
  ex Hayden Clan
V: Emerald Thoroughbreds, Mandalong
B: M Froesch
(+) Octagonal3$217,250$72,417Full Sale Details
 122 Filly(+ - Capto
  ex Khaptivaan
V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
B: Bylong Park
 93 Filly(+ - Cool as Oh
  ex Cold as Christmas
V: Broad Crossing, Scone
B: Bell River Thoroughbreds
 163 Filly(+ - Bakers Lass
  ex Baker's Memory
V: Boomerang Berrima Stud, Berrima
B: T Lichti
(+) King of Kings3$195,000$65,000Full Sale Details
 475 Filly - Queen of Queens
  ex The Kulm
V: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
B: My Boy Charlie Syndicate
 43 Filly(+ - Queen Cleo
  ex Patronella
V: Kulani Park, Willow Tree
B: Eliza Park
 146 Filly(+ - Regal Chatelaine
  ex Discreet Lady
V: Wimmera Park Stud, Young
B: William Inglis As Agent
 62 Filly(+ - Smytzer's Trish
  ex Patronella
V: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic
B: Lindsay Park Stud SA Pty Ltd
 61 Filly(+ - Smytzer's Century
  ex Remember Century
V: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic
B: R Roulston
 129 Filly(+ - Lady of Letters
  ex Bas Bleu
V: Classic Park Bloodstock, Lochinvar
B: B McKnight
 107 Filly - Mica's PrideV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
B: Goodwood Farm
 12 Filly(+ - Individual
  ex Solo Show
V: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic
B: William Inglis As Agent
 486 Filly - Vonzelle
  ex My Sparkling Star
V: Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA
B: Glastonbury Farm
 487 Filly(+ - Asadie
  ex Miss Behave
V: E. & B. Bateman, Sydney
B: Willow Grove Stud
 468 Filly - Las Ventas
  ex Feminine Wiles
V: Amarina Farm, Denman
B: A Schult
(+) Danehill3$56,000$18,667Full Sale Details
 49 Filly(+ - Rose of Dane
  ex Rose Twig
V: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains
B: M Sandblom
 46 Filly(+ - Rising Eagle
  ex Very Droll
V: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
B: William Inglis As Agent
 103 Filly(+ - Fleur des Champs
  ex Atyaaf
V: Broad Crossing, Scone
B: M & V Terry
(+) Canny Lad3$39,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 19 Filly - Letter Loose
  ex Lady of Letters
V: Denns Park, North Richmond
B: A Nutman
 130 Filly - Lassetoile
  ex Zetoile
V: Phalaris Stud, Rylstone
B: M Bray
 488 Filly(+ - Canada
  ex Gancia Lass
V: Patinack Farm, Hunter Valley
B: M & V Terry
(+) Red Ransom4$45,000$11,250Full Sale Details
 476 Filly - Queen Rosso
  ex August Queen
V: Waller Racing, Sydney
B: Sheamus Mills Bloodstock
 112 Filly - Razz and Red
  ex Mythical Play
V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
B: David O'Callaghan Bloodstock
 136 Filly - Naeb
  ex Deputy Nadine
V: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
B: Huntworth Stud
 145 Filly(+ - Ransom Rule
  ex Mina's Sport
V: Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
B: Adam Baker Real Estate
(+) Galileo3$21,750$7,250Full Sale Details
 494 Filly(+ - Katsumi
  ex Kassiyaka
V: C. Maggacis, Upper Mt Gravatt, Qld
B: NZ Bloodstock Ltd
 162 Filly - Astral Star
  ex So Long Pop
V: Astral Star Syndicate, Sydney
B: Loudoun Park Stud
 484 Filly - Stella Fissare
  ex Benvenuta
V: Proven Thoroughbreds Syndicate, Sydney
B: J Hine
 138 Filly(+ - Paw Prints
  ex Gypsy Ann
V: Wimmera Park Stud, Young
B: Phoenix Broodmare Farm Pty Ltd
 89 Filly(+ - Classy Lioness
  ex Classy Poppy
V: Anthony Cummings Thoroughbreds, Sydney
B: M & J Cesnik
 139 Filly - Persephone
  ex Shyness
V: K. Fields & B. Hyson, Moonbi
B: Rapture Farm
(+) Commands3$3,600$1,200Full Sale Details
 169 Filly(+ - Commands Me
  ex Sable Row
V: Phalaris Stud, Rylstone
B: Adam Baker Real Estate
 147 Filly - Required
  ex Baroness Betty
V: Phalaris Stud, Rylstone
B: T Lichti
 465 Filly - Islay
  ex Dreamland
V: Darley, Hunter Valley
B: A Schult
More than three sold. Click here for full list
(+) William Inglis As Agent13$1,578,000$121,385Full Sale Details
 111 Filly(+ - Polar SuccessV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$1,200,000
 123 Filly(+ - Dancing V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$75,000
 12 Filly(+ - IndividualV: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic$70,000
 24 Filly(+ - MarchionessV: Redman Park, Denman$55,000
 110 Filly(+ - Only Vanda V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$40,000
 118 Filly(+ - Astinella V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$40,000
 104 Filly(+ - Gone on Sheila V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$35,000
 46 Filly(+ - Rising EagleV: Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone$25,000
 116 Filly - Voyage Out V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$20,000
 146 Filly(+ - Regal ChatelaineV: Wimmera Park Stud, Young$6,500
 101 Filly - FalwoodV: Fairhill Farm, Mulbring$6,000
 160 Filly(+ - We Love LucyV: Wimmera Park Stud, Young$4,500
 153 Filly - SplendificoV: The Old Crossing, Singleton$1,000
(+) Kieran Moore Bloodstock2$460,000$230,000Full Sale Details
 106 Filly(+ - Mica's PrideV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$300,000
 109 Filly(+ - Mythical Play V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$160,000
(+) Milburn Creek Thoroughbred Stu1$420,000$420,000Full Sale Details
 119 Filly(+ - Brave and BoldV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$420,000
(+) K Yoshida1$380,000$380,000Full Sale Details
 115 Filly(+ - Trick Taker V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$380,000
(+) P Willetts1$320,000$320,000Full Sale Details
 114 Filly(+ - SegmentsV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$320,000
(+) Michael Wallace Bloodstock1$240,000$240,000Full Sale Details
 120 Filly(+ - Brave ChoiceV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$240,000
(+) Bylong Park1$190,000$190,000Full Sale Details
 122 Filly(+ - CaptoV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$190,000
(+) My Boy Charlie Syndicate1$180,000$180,000Full Sale Details
 475 Filly - Queen of QueensV: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$180,000
(+) Gervase Park Stud1$160,000$160,000Full Sale Details
 72 Filly - Very Grand V: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook$160,000
(+) R Roulston2$160,000$80,000Full Sale Details
 10 Filly - HuamulanV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone $95,000
 61 Filly(+ - Smytzer's CenturyV: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic$65,000
(+) S Englebrecht1$150,000$150,000Full Sale Details
 9 Filly(+ - Hot 'n' ReadyV: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains$150,000
(+) Segenhoe Stud Pty Ltd1$135,000$135,000Full Sale Details
 113 Filly(+ - Salty SalV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$135,000
(+) T Bott2$124,500$62,250Full Sale Details
 117 Filly(+ - Ain't She a Daisy V: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$120,000
 69 Filly - Ultimate IncaV: Poletti Corporation Pty Ltd, Sydney$4,500
(+) Arrowfield Pastoral Pty Limite1$120,000$120,000Full Sale Details
 175 Filly(+ - Forest City Girl V: Town & Country Farms, Corp., USA$120,000
(+) M Sandblom3$86,500$28,833Full Sale Details
 2 Filly(+ - Gin SlingV: Bellerive Stud, Scone$37,500
 49 Filly(+ - Rose of DaneV: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains$30,000
 144 Filly(+ - Rainbow ExpressV: Classic Park Bloodstock, Lochinvar$19,000
(+) Goodwood Farm2$81,000$40,500Full Sale Details
 107 Filly - Redoute's Choice x Mica's PrideV: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar$80,000
 157 Filly - Te Runga V: Phalaris Stud, Rylstone$1,000
(+) Lindsay Park Stud SA Pty Ltd1$75,000$75,000Full Sale Details
 62 Filly(+ - Smytzer's TrishV: Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic$75,000
(+) Heritage Bloodstock3$71,000$23,667Full Sale Details
 7 Filly - Himalayan QueenV: Kulani Park, Willow Tree$43,000
 74 Filly - Woodstock InnV: Fairhill Farm, Mulbring$20,000
 472 Filly(+ - PlathV: Patinack Farm, Hunter Valley$8,000
(+) Sheamus Mills Bloodstock3$62,000$20,667Full Sale Details
 476 Filly - Queen RossoV: Waller Racing, Sydney$22,000
 3 Filly - Grand BirdV: Denns Park, North Richmond$20,000
 40 Filly(+ - Princess CarolinaV: Vinery Stud, Scone$20,000
(+) C Santry1$60,000$60,000Full Sale Details
 4 Filly(+ - HarmoniaV: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains$60,000
(+) Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar20$3,825,500$191,275Full Sale Details
 111 Filly(+ - Polar Success by Success ExpressB: William Inglis As Agent$1,200,000
 119 Filly(+ - Brave and Bold by Timber CountryB: Milburn Creek Thoroughbred Stu$420,000
 115 Filly(+ - Trick Taker by CapoteB: K Yoshida$380,000
 114 Filly(+ - Segments by MossmanB: P Willetts$320,000
 106 Filly(+ - Mica's Pride by Bite the BulletB: Kieran Moore Bloodstock$300,000
 120 Filly(+ - Brave Choice by Dr FongB: Michael Wallace Bloodstock$240,000
 122 Filly(+ - Capto by OctagonalB: Bylong Park$190,000
 109 Filly(+ - Mythical Play by Defensive PlayB: Kieran Moore Bloodstock$160,000
 113 Filly(+ - Salty Sal by Salt LakeB: Segenhoe Stud Pty Ltd$135,000
 117 Filly(+ - Ain't She a Daisy by SabonaB: T Bott$120,000
 107 Filly - Redoute's Choice x Mica's PrideB: Goodwood Farm$80,000
 123 Filly(+ - Dancing by SpectrumB: William Inglis As Agent$75,000
 110 Filly(+ - Only Vanda by LinamixB: William Inglis As Agent$40,000
 118 Filly(+ - Astinella by AldebaranB: William Inglis As Agent$40,000
 104 Filly(+ - Gone on Sheila by Gone WestB: William Inglis As Agent$35,000
 108 Filly(+ - Miss Apps by MaraudingB: J & J Anderson$30,000
 112 Filly - Razz and Red by Red RansomB: David O'Callaghan Bloodstock$20,000
 116 Filly - Voyage Out by Cherokee RunB: William Inglis As Agent$20,000
 121 Filly - Falbrav x Buckle My ShoeB: Luskin Park$20,000
 105 Filly - Ivory Slew by Slew City SlewB: J & P Kendall$500
(+) Makybe, Gnarwarre, Vic6$268,000$44,667Full Sale Details
 62 Filly(+ - Smytzer's Trish by Geiger CounterB: Lindsay Park Stud SA Pty Ltd$75,000
 12 Filly(+ - Individual by Redoute's ChoiceB: William Inglis As Agent$70,000
 61 Filly(+ - Smytzer's Century by Geiger CounterB: R Roulston$65,000
 81 Filly(+ - Be Cool by GrosvenorB: S Fell$35,000
 54 Filly(+ - Set Point by Be My GuestB: L Oldcastle$15,000
 31 Filly(+ - Mutribah by Silver HawkB: Emerald Thoroughbreds As Agent$8,000
(+) Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains4$242,750$60,688Full Sale Details
 9 Filly(+ - Hot 'n' Ready by More Than ReadyB: S Englebrecht$150,000
 4 Filly(+ - Harmonia by Last TycoonB: C Santry$60,000
 49 Filly(+ - Rose of Dane by DanehillB: M Sandblom$30,000
 66 Filly - Stormin' Houston by HoustonB: R Pollock$2,750
(+) Widden Stud, Widden Valley3$220,500$73,500Full Sale Details
 475 Filly - Queen of Queens by King of KingsB: My Boy Charlie Syndicate$180,000
 96 Filly(+ - Deal or No Deal by Encosta de LagoB: A & S De Nooy$40,000
 464 Filly - Inherent by Belong to MeB: Inglis As Agent/Philippines$500
(+) Yarraman Park Stud, Scone6$124,900$20,817Full Sale Details
 10 Filly - Huamulan by LonhroB: R Roulston$95,000
 13 Filly(+ - Kanetoshi Maikosan by King CugatB: Eliza Park$10,000
 52 Filly - Salisbury Street by BlevicB: Doncaster Bloodstock$10,000
 18 Filly - Lajourn by Good JourneyB: PR Hills & RR Burt$5,000
 68 Filly(+ - Theatrical Star by BaratheaB: P Swinton$4,500
 30 Filly - Mosman Park by FalvelonB: W Kajewski$400
(+) Denns Park, North Richmond3$105,000$35,000Full Sale Details
 39 Filly(+ - Posing Zero by DanzeroB: Michael Otto Bloodstock$60,000
 19 Filly - Letter Loose by Canny LadB: A Nutman$25,000
 3 Filly - Grand Bird by CatbirdB: Sheamus Mills Bloodstock$20,000
(+) Kulani Park, Willow Tree4$88,500$22,125Full Sale Details
 7 Filly - Himalayan Queen by Hold That TigerB: Heritage Bloodstock$43,000
 84 Filly(+ - Blumarju by MarjuB: B Chegwidden$20,000
 57 Filly - Sherrin by Court of JewelsB: Bowcock Bloodstock$17,000
 43 Filly(+ - Queen Cleo by King of KingsB: Eliza Park$8,500
(+) Darley, Hunter Valley4$54,750$13,688Full Sale Details
 482 Filly - Siphon by LonhroB: Millenium Thoroughbreds$36,000
 489 Filly - Cascade by ViscountB: J King$14,000
 483 Filly - Stammer by ViscountB: M Froesch$4,250
 465 Filly - Islay by CommandsB: A Schult$500
(+) Broad Crossing, Scone8$39,600$4,950Full Sale Details
 93 Filly(+ - Cool as Oh by OctagonalB: Bell River Thoroughbreds$25,000
 37 Filly(+ - Pantilla by UmatillaB: M & J Cesnik$4,000
 20 Filly - Liberated by Military PlumeB: Eliza Park$3,500
 25 Filly(+ - Mattina by CapoteB: T Lichti$2,500
 141 Filly(+ - Prosperous by GenerousB: K Goss$2,000
 103 Filly(+ - Fleur des Champs by DanehillB: M & V Terry$1,000
 168 Filly(+ - Chloris by ScenicB: Watershed Farm$1,000
 79 Filly(+ - Anytime Tory by BroccoB: M & V Terry$600
(+) Fairhill Farm, Mulbring3$36,000$12,000Full Sale Details
 74 Filly - Woodstock Inn by WoodmanB: Heritage Bloodstock$20,000
 21 Filly(+ - Loisset by LangfuhrB: J Barnes$10,000
 101 Filly - Falwood by FalbravB: William Inglis As Agent$6,000
(+) Wimmera Park Stud, Young3$21,000$7,000Full Sale Details
 138 Filly(+ - Paw Prints by Lion HunterB: Phoenix Broodmare Farm Pty Ltd$10,000
 146 Filly(+ - Regal Chatelaine by King of KingsB: William Inglis As Agent$6,500
 160 Filly(+ - We Love Lucy by ZeditaveB: William Inglis As Agent$4,500
(+) Patinack Farm, Hunter Valley3$17,500$5,833Full Sale Details
 472 Filly(+ - Plath by StrategicB: Heritage Bloodstock$8,000
 488 Filly(+ - Canada by Canny LadB: M & V Terry$6,000
 50 Filly(+ - Royal Light by Royal AcademyB: W Kajewski$3,500
(+) Emerald Thoroughbreds, Mandalong6$15,500$2,583Full Sale Details
 166 Filly(+ - Blahniks by Success ExpressB: M Froesch$4,750
 500 Filly(+ - Another Special by Old SpiceB: Eliza Park$4,000
 499 Filly(+ - Treasury Gardens by BellottoB: Eliza Park$3,500
 167 Filly(+ - Bursting by FilanteB: K Goss$2,250
 495 Filly(+ - Nanouche by DayjurB: K Goss$600
 132 Filly(+ - Miss Ruski by Soviet LadB: Adam Baker Real Estate$400
(+) Phalaris Stud, Rylstone4$12,100$3,025Full Sale Details
 130 Filly - Lassetoile by Canny LadB: M Bray$8,000
 169 Filly(+ - Commands Me by CommandsB: Adam Baker Real Estate$2,000
 147 Filly - Required by CommandsB: T Lichti$1,100
 157 Filly - Te Runga by NassipourB: Goodwood Farm$1,000
(+) Boomerang Berrima Stud, Berrima3$8,500$2,833Full Sale Details
 155 Filly(+ - Stringy Bark by Straight StrikeB: S Fell$4,000
 142 Filly(+ - Radio Berrima by Rory's JesterB: Emerald Thoroughbreds As Agent$2,250
 163 Filly(+ - Bakers Lass by OctagonalB: T Lichti$2,250
(+) Rothwell Park Thoroughbreds, Murrurundi4$8,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 473 Filly(+ - Pokemon by KenvainB: D Holz$3,000
 491 Filly(+ - Crystal Moon by DanewinB: Brisbane Bloodstock Pty Ltd$2,250
 480 Filly(+ - Season Ticket by UndercutB: M Froesch$2,000
 478 Filly(+ - Samaranche by Le Grand SeigneurB: Temerity Park Pty Ltd$750
(+) Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee5$7,850$1,570Full Sale Details
 131 Filly - Lyrical Prayer by AnabaaB: G Dean$3,500
 136 Filly - Naeb by Red RansomB: Huntworth Stud$2,000
 143 Filly - Rahim by RubitonB: R Hertel$1,600
 159 Filly - Twilight Encounter by Don EduardoB: Myrock Pastoral Co$400
 134 Filly - Mossie Bite by King of DanesB: M Froesch$350
(+) Arrowfield Stud, Scone3$3,000$1,000Full Sale Details
 87 Filly - Candy Shop by PinsB: D Holz$1,500
 11 Filly - Hussmania by HussonetB: Watershed Farm$1,000
 51 Filly - Not a Single Doubt x Run to the MoonB: Belmont Bloodstock$500
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Polar Success 111 FILLY(+ - Success Express x Patou
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Brave and Bold 119 FILLY(+ - Timber Country x Bravery
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: Milburn Creek Thoroughbred Stu
Trick Taker 115 FILLY(+ - Capote x Whist
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: K Yoshida
Segments 114 FILLY(+ - Mossman x Madam Curie
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: P Willetts
Mica's Pride 106 FILLY(+ - Bite the Bullet x Gainesville
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: Kieran Moore Bloodstock
Brave Choice 120 FILLY(+ - Dr Fong x Bravery
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: Michael Wallace Bloodstock
Capto 122 FILLY(+ - Octagonal x Khaptivaan
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: Bylong Park
Queen of Queens 475 FILLY - King of Kings x The Kulm
Vendor: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
Buyer: My Boy Charlie Syndicate
Mythical Play 109 FILLY(+ - Defensive Play x Kate's Myth
Vendor: Twin Palms Stud, Lochinvar
Buyer: Kieran Moore Bloodstock
Very Grand 72 FILLY - O'Reilly x Snobbish
Vendor: Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
Buyer: Gervase Park Stud
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