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Australian Bloodstock Sale - Gen Broodmares 2012

William Inglis & Son website
 692 Filly(+ - Carnebelle
  ex Happiness
V: Sledmere Stud, Scone
B: M Terry
 469 Filly(+ - Fool's Ride
  ex Miss Gold Digger
V: Meringo Stud, Meringo
B: Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd
 509 Filly - Tessa Bianca
  ex Oh Sister
V: Berkeley Park Stud, Scone
B: B & C Andersen
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(+) William Inglis As Agent21$56,500$2,690Full Sale Details
 504 Filly(+ - Soothe V: Widden Stud, Widden Valley$37,000
 450 Filly(+ - AltamahaV: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone$7,000
 484 Filly(+ - Look and FeelV: Bowness Stud, Young$4,000
 501 Filly(+ - RoralismV: Bowness Stud, Young$1,600
 700 Filly(+ - Fiddle DanceV: Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley$600
 449 Filly(+ - WooroowoolgenV: Meringo Stud, Meringo$500
 458 Filly - Blue Water ClassicV: Muskoka Farm, Gunderman$500
 474 Filly(+ - Hot to TrotskyV: Superhorse Trust, Sydney$500
 693 Filly(+ - Shanghai PussycatV: Anthony Cummings Thoroughbreds, Sydney$450
 461 Filly(+ - CesiumV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$450
 451 Filly(+ - Arabian BelleV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$400
 454 Filly - BasarabV: The Old Crossing, Singleton$400
 492 Filly(+ - Our Surprise V: Wang Chung Investments, Surfers Paradise, Qld$400
 499 Filly(+ - Ride With the WindV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$400
 699 Filly(+ - Touch of SpiceV: Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley$400
 464 Filly(+ - Delightfully SweetV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$400
 462 Filly - CoppertoneV: Coolmore Stud, Jerry's Plains$300
 481 Filly - Lady TaraV: Jay-R Stud, Tahmoor $300
 485 Filly - MaatadauV: The Old Crossing, Singleton$300
 496 Filly - Princess GreyV: Muskoka Farm, Gunderman$300
 513 Filly - Under the LanternV: Jay-R Stud, Tahmoor $300
(+) Hencorp Pty Ltd1$26,000$26,000Full Sale Details
 694 Filly - Lavish MissV: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn$26,000
(+) Collins Equine Air Trans Ltd1$13,000$13,000Full Sale Details
 452 Filly(+ - Asian WindV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$13,000
(+) Highpoint Lodge1$10,000$10,000Full Sale Details
 456 Filly(+ - BedeliaV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$10,000
(+) M Hudson2$7,000$3,500Full Sale Details
 488 Filly(+ - Mo CuishleV: Carramar Park, Grose Wold$5,000
 463 Filly(+ - Davone WaltzV: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone$2,000
(+) C Clark1$6,500$6,500Full Sale Details
 508 Filly(+ - TemairV: Classic Park Bloodstock, Lochinvar$6,500
(+) Watershed Partnership3$6,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 698 Filly(+ - Miss PickfordV: Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley$5,000
 455 Filly(+ - BayleafV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
 466 Filly(+ - Fire and SpiceV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
(+) M Dulhunty1$5,000$5,000Full Sale Details
 465 Filly(+ - DrivetimeV: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong$5,000
(+) T Hedley1$2,500$2,500Full Sale Details
 479 Filly(+ - KouklamouV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$2,500
(+) Souza Investment1$2,100$2,100Full Sale Details
 490 Filly - Northern EmeraldV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$2,100
(+) Baddock Bloodstock1$2,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 511 Filly - TuksoV: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee$2,000
(+) J Scott4$1,800$450Full Sale Details
 457 Filly(+ - BelleoftheballetV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
 459 Filly(+ - Bondi BelleV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
 460 Filly(+ - CandyscapeV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$400
 473 Filly(+ - Hot FrockV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$400
(+) Equivest Pty Ltd1$1,700$1,700Full Sale Details
 500 Filly(+ - RiffV: Bowness Stud, Young$1,700
(+) L Masnyj1$1,600$1,600Full Sale Details
 482 Filly - Leap to Freedom V: L. Macri, Sydney$1,600
(+) M Mulholland2$1,500$750Full Sale Details
 475 Filly(+ - I PresumeV: Bowness Stud, Young$1,000
 471 Filly(+ - HannahharryV: Meringo Stud, Meringo$500
(+) P Cradock1$1,500$1,500Full Sale Details
 507 Filly(+ - SveltaV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$1,500
(+) J W Ramsey Pty Ltd2$1,200$600Full Sale Details
 495 Filly(+ - PorizkovaV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$700
 493 Filly(+ - PhosphorousV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
(+) R Hutchison1$1,200$1,200Full Sale Details
 512 Filly(+ - Ultimate IncaV: Evergreen Stud Farm, Heatherbrae$1,200
(+) C Mackender1$1,100$1,100Full Sale Details
 489 Filly(+ - Mrs ShineV: Berkeley Park Stud, Scone$1,100
(+) Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd2$1,000$500Full Sale Details
 469 Filly(+ - Fool's RideV: Meringo Stud, Meringo$500
 505 Filly(+ - Sultry SallyV: Macquarie Stud, Wellington$500
(+) Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee3$17,100$5,700Full Sale Details
 452 Filly(+ - Asian Wind by StratumB: Collins Equine Air Trans Ltd$13,000
 490 Filly - Northern Emerald by Fusaichi PegasusB: Souza Investment$2,100
 511 Filly - Tukso by Don EduardoB: Baddock Bloodstock$2,000
(+) Macquarie Stud, Wellington18$11,600$644Full Sale Details
 479 Filly(+ - Kouklamou by ResetB: T Hedley$2,500
 507 Filly(+ - Svelta by ZeditaveB: P Cradock$1,500
 495 Filly(+ - Porizkova by Canny LadB: J W Ramsey Pty Ltd$700
 506 Filly(+ - Sunnydale by DraculaB: B Nuttall$550
 478 Filly(+ - Juju by Gilded TimeB: G Preston$500
 493 Filly(+ - Phosphorous by CovetousB: J W Ramsey Pty Ltd$500
 505 Filly(+ - Sultry Sally by ShovhogB: Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd$500
 455 Filly(+ - Bayleaf by WoodmanB: Watershed Partnership$500
 457 Filly(+ - Belleoftheballet by NoverreB: J Scott$500
 459 Filly(+ - Bondi Belle by Flying SpurB: J Scott$500
 466 Filly(+ - Fire and Spice by More Than ReadyB: Watershed Partnership$500
 461 Filly(+ - Cesium by WaajibB: William Inglis As Agent$450
 451 Filly(+ - Arabian Belle by Desert PrinceB: William Inglis As Agent$400
 460 Filly(+ - Candyscape by ViscountB: J Scott$400
 464 Filly(+ - Delightfully Sweet by DanasingaB: William Inglis As Agent$400
 470 Filly(+ - Forest Fairy by E DubaiB: S Weir$400
 473 Filly(+ - Hot Frock by IntergazeB: J Scott$400
 499 Filly(+ - Ride With the Wind by WaajibB: William Inglis As Agent$400
(+) Bowness Stud, Young4$8,300$2,075Full Sale Details
 484 Filly(+ - Look and Feel by Belong to MeB: William Inglis As Agent$4,000
 500 Filly(+ - Riff by Red RansomB: Equivest Pty Ltd$1,700
 501 Filly(+ - Roralism by NaturalismB: William Inglis As Agent$1,600
 475 Filly(+ - I Presume by JohannesburgB: M Mulholland$1,000
(+) Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley3$6,000$2,000Full Sale Details
 698 Filly(+ - Miss Pickford by XaarB: Watershed Partnership$5,000
 700 Filly(+ - Fiddle Dance by FalvelonB: William Inglis As Agent$600
 699 Filly(+ - Touch of Spice by UntouchableB: William Inglis As Agent$400
(+) Evergreen Stud Farm, Heatherbrae4$3,600$900Full Sale Details
 512 Filly(+ - Ultimate Inca by Fusaichi PegasusB: R Hutchison$1,200
 468 Filly - Flying Mistress by Flying SpurB: T Bott$1,000
 487 Filly(+ - Malibu Light by CapoteB: R Ramage$700
 498 Filly(+ - Rhominijo by Loup SauvageB: Agstock Pty Ltd$700
(+) Meringo Stud, Meringo5$2,500$500Full Sale Details
 502 Filly(+ - Royal Bowra by Royal AcademyB: L Oldcastle$500
 469 Filly(+ - Fool's Ride by CarnegieB: Doncaster Bloodstock Services Pty Ltd$500
 471 Filly(+ - Hannahharry by BrahmsB: M Mulholland$500
 448 Filly(+ - Wishforadiamond by Mr HenryseeB: S Weir$500
 449 Filly(+ - Wooroowoolgen by El MoxieB: William Inglis As Agent$500
More than three sold. Click here for full list

Soothe 504 FILLY(+ - Coronado's Quest x Slew and Easy
Vendor: Widden Stud, Widden Valley
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Lavish Miss 694 FILLY - Beautiful Crown x Coureuse
Vendor: Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
Buyer: Hencorp Pty Ltd
Asian Wind 452 FILLY(+ - Stratum x Crystal Gauntlet
Vendor: Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee
Buyer: Collins Equine Air Trans Ltd
Bedelia 456 FILLY(+ - Peintre Celebre x Plaisir d'Amour
Vendor: Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
Buyer: Highpoint Lodge
Altamaha 450 FILLY(+ - Lonhro x Savannah Rain
Vendor: Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
Temair 508 FILLY(+ - Song of Tara x Loaheeb
Vendor: Classic Park Bloodstock, Lochinvar
Buyer: C Clark
Miss Pickford 698 FILLY(+ - Xaar x Indicator
Vendor: Bridgeview Stud, Hunter Valley
Buyer: Watershed Partnership
Mo Cuishle 488 FILLY(+ - Galileo x Lurelin
Vendor: Carramar Park, Grose Wold
Buyer: M Hudson
Drivetime 465 FILLY(+ - Scenic x Spring Melody
Vendor: Bylong Park Thoroughbreds, Bylong
Buyer: M Dulhunty
Look and Feel 484 FILLY(+ - Belong to Me x Palm Beach Babe
Vendor: Bowness Stud, Young
Buyer: William Inglis As Agent
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