Daily Debutants

Runners are sorted by their sire. Click on the dam name for sale details for her progeny or herself. Click on the race number and/or class for full form at Racenet. Only sales where the horse entered the ring are listed, if there is no sale price then it was passed in. Raceday comments are courtesy of Racenet.
Mina Salaam(2f All American x Hallowell Angel)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth
Fine Scent(2f All Too Hard x Patou)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Gold Coast $210,000
Myriads(2f Bernardini x Ekali)Ascot  r2 Open
 Inglis Premier $90,000
Trace Sea(2f Blackfriars x Stormy Gale)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $62,500
Galveston Bay(2c Choisir x Golden Act)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $140,000
Chosen Assassin(2c Choisir x Folk Music)Randwick  r4 Open
 MM Gold Coast Book 2 $80,000
Queen Boudica(2f Commands x Flight Path)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $210,000
Popular(2f Commands x Rosa Raisa)Randwick  r4 Open
Expressella(2f Danehill Express x Cosmetic Offer)Ascot  r2 Open
God Sent(2f Delago Deluxe x Great Joy)Randwick  r4 Open
 Inglis Premier $40,000
Arrum Boy(2g Demerit x Gold Caviar)Ascot  r2 Open
Shania Style(2f Denman x Twain)Ascot  r2 Open
Sakarya(2f Dick Turpin x Secret Empire)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth
Melaforte(2g Discorsi x Apple Crumble)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $16,000
Dream Stream(2g Dream Ahead x Downstream)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Adelaide $12,500
Shumookh(2f Dream Ahead x Shamekha)Randwick  r4 Open
Edition(2f Duporth x Origami)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $30,000
Saint Barts(2c Encosta de Lago x First Look)Randwick  r4 Open
 Inglis Australian Easter $240,000
True Excelsior(2f Exceed And Excel x Special Diamond)Ascot  r2 Open
 NZB Premier $450,000
Merovee(2c Frankel x More Strawberries)Randwick  r4 Open
 Inglis Australian Easter $1,600,000
Athlete(2c Helmet x Burnished)Ascot  r2 Open
 Inglis Classic $22,000
 MM National Weanling Select Session $12,500
Reveille(3f High Chaparral x Europa Point)Ascot  r4 Open
Moet de Vega(2g Lope de Vega x Femme)Ascot  r2 Open
Valore Militare(2c Medaglia D'oro x Danebeela)Ascot  r2 Open
Venori(2c My Atacanta x Vena Amori)Ascot  r2 Open
Everything's Sweet(2f Not a Single Doubt x Sweet Lorraine)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth
Supreme Force(2g Not a Single Doubt x Tiamo Baby)Ascot  r2 Open
 Inglis Premier $230,000
Prince O'lara(2g Ouqba x Princess O'lara)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth
Quirky Girl(2f Ouqba x Stacks On)Ascot  r2 Open
Patrocity(2g Patronize x Havana City)Ascot  r2 Open
Aalto(2f Pierro x Miss Mooney Mooney)Randwick  r4 Open
 MM Gold Coast $340,000
Rojo Calor(2g Red Hot Choice x Tropical Minx)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $62,500
Disruptive(2c Reset x Lady Phoebe)Ascot  r2 Open
 Inglis Premier $80,000
Petite(2f Reset x Laleta)Randwick  r4 Open
Hasahalo(2f Savabeel x Halloween)Randwick  r4 Open
 NZB Premier $110,000
Bringon the Veuve(2f Sebring x Raw Edge)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Gold Coast $80,000
One Final Werd(2f Sebring x Messenger Miss)Ascot  r2 Open
Pure Gem(2g Sebring x Madame Shinko)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $120,000
Alta Sull'amore(2f Sepoy x Hi On Love)Ascot  r2 Open
 Inglis Australian Easter Session 2 $100,000
Aurum Al(2g Slater x Bangles for Bec)Ascot  r2 Open
Wacked Out(2c So Secret x Real Hi)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $42,500
Watto's Fury(2g So Secret x Liberty Isle)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $20,000
Lucky Escape(2g Star Witness x Danecay)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $100,000
Rebellionaire(2c Stratum x Rebel Sister)Ascot  r2 Open
Born to Fight(2g Street Boss x Absorb)Randwick  r4 Open
 Inglis Premier Ses 2 $75,000
Crouching Dragon(2c Street Cry x Moonflute)Randwick  r4 Open
 MM Gold Coast $250,000
Fair Eugenie(2f Trade Fair x Agra)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $11,000
Weapon(2c Written Tycoon x Gather)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Gold Coast 2YOs In Training
Written Law(2g Written Tycoon x Dual Rock)Ascot  r2 Open
 MM Perth $140,000